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- ARClilYES 

J^fxti) ^-crtce 







• HARRISnrP.G, PA.: 



OF PENNA., MAY, 1784. 

l-Vol. XIV- 6th St-r. 


Memorandum Book of Jobu Ewing 

May 31st 17S4. 

Mr. Rittenhouse & I agreed to observe the same method 
in fixing our meridian lines at our different stations which 
was by ye Passage of 6 ursa minoris and of a Libra over the 
meridian By his calculation the Difference of Time between 
Their Passages is 12-3S but by mine it is but 12-33. 

This being previously agreed uiion a small error in ye posi- 
tion cf our :Meridian cannot affect our observations as they 
must be pavaliel to each other, should such an error take 
place. We agreed also lo view Sirius passing the m.eridian 
every Day, when ye sky was serene for regulating our clocks 
as well as ye Passage of the Suns Simbo over ye Wires of ye 
Transit Instrument, and also to take equal altitudes of ye Sun 
& Stars, whf":n it could be done, for the same purpose. The 
Difference of our Meridians is to be determined by the 
Eclipses of jupiters }*Ioons and the occulation cf Stars by the 
Moon, which aie therefore to be observed from ye first of 
July till ye 20th of Sept. when the Eastern Observers are to 
set off to come to us with their Observations, for the com- 
pletion cf ye v.'ork. 

N. B. When ye Transit Instrument is to bo used, the 
UDject End is to be pulled cut about half an inch to rectify 
the fJne cf Collemation. 

The view Sirius, it must be elevated to the angle of 33-37-30. 

Sirius passes the meridian en July Ist 17S4 at 11-54-6 M. 

May Slst 17^^4. Began to pack up the Instruments & Bag- 
gage for my expedition to settle the Boundaries of ye State 
cf Pennsylvania. 

June 2d. Set off from Philada. &. proceeded to Ootoraran 
W'here Mr. Hutchins came to me; from thence we passed on to 
York v.'here we arrived on ye 10th at evening, having on tnat 
day fallen in with Cell. Porter our commissry. The roaa 
very good, b.ut ye Land peer and ill tempered, few streams out 

11th. Waited at York to get a new axle in our carnage as 
the former had split in the nave in the second Day's Journev. 
This Day it rained so that wc could make no observations to 


asceilain ye Lalitude cf thii lown, but :Mr. Archd. McClean iu- us that it is 17 Uilies North of the West Liue or soutnern 
L.oundaiy cf ye State ■f.Mch will make the Latitude 39-5S-2. 

i2th. Set forward on our Journey, breakfasted at Woii's 
Tavi'in, five M. from Ycrk Town, & dined at ye Widow Kuhn 
Tavern li miles farther or 19 M. from York. The road level 
& good, but cut iu seise places with waggons. The Land 
rich & fertile & fit for producing good crops of Wheat. The 
Codorus or Pidgeon iiiils lying to ye left cf ye load and 
nearly parallel to its Direction at ye Distance of one two & 
three miles, in sundry pL^ces. These Hiils feem to tevvinate 
here &. ye South TvIouluIu Lcgiub to appear before Ua. which 
lies about 20 miles for«,d. 

The Codorus Creek cresses our Road at York Town & thence 
flows to ye Susquehansa on ye South Side of them. At the 
Distance of 15 miles froaa I'ork we passed this morning, thro 
a small town, named A'&tat's Town containing about 40 Dwell- 
ing Houses, with a church belonging to the German Luth- 
erans & one belonging to ye gn. Calvinists. 

We crossed many streams of water this morning which run 
Northward into Conewsgo Creek. About a mile forward we 
crossed the little Cone^^rago, about a mile above its Junction, 
with the large Branch. 

McCalister's Town iits about South Easterly from ye V.'idow 
Khun's distance G\o rrJles & that lies about 4 miles N. of ye 
Line so that we are no»- about 10 miles due north of the Line 
at this Tavern. Hence the general Direction of our Road from 
York is about W. by S, 

The Read from Widow Kuhn's to Mr. Gettiss lies thro poor 
Laud in general. The Dlst. is 10 miles. About Vi cf a mile 
from hei-e we crossed Rock Creek a Branch of Monockesy 
v/hich talis into PotowKsc. About three miles we pass over 
Marsh Creek and about 7 miles farther we cross Tom's Creek, 
both branches of ye same Monockesy. This lies at the foot 
of ye South Mountain which lies 10 miles from Mr. Geltis's 
Tavern. We now enter good Land ca'.led ye Marsh Creek 
Settlement, which e.xtcri'Is to Carrol's Tract lying between it 
£: ye South mountain. 

13. Sunday; Rested with Coll. McPherson & preached for 
Mr. lilack. 

14. Set off from Coll. McPherson's in the morning. Col. 
McPherson, rvfr. McCoiia?jghy <t Mr. Moses McCIean arcom- 
panied us to Adam Co. sacs on ye South Mountain. Dined there, 
about 12 miles from Call. McPhersous. They dined with us. 


The Land of Mar?h Creok Settlement is very good Sz ye 
crops seem pvcnii;.ing. And there are some Plantations on 
the mountain which at Nicholsons Gap is about 10 miles across 

■ — Abciit: 2 miles crossed the red Run & about 4V2 miles 
crossed it again. About IV2 miles crossed Autietam Creek 
which falls into Potowmack about 2^2 miles fiom ye mouth of 
Connecocheague. It has three Branches, the Middle Branch 
crossed ye Read at A.dam Smith's Tavern. At 2V2 mil^s for- 
ward we cross ye Western Rranch of Autietam. We now 
enter the Valley of Antletam & Connecccheague containing 
Very good Land, fine crops. Five miles farther we come to 
Gordon's Tavern, <t about 10 milts farther we come tc Coll. 
Alison's, Cronpleton's Tov/n is about 7 miles from this 
Tavein. Lodged all night with Coll. Jotinson about a mile 
from Gordon's Tavern. Connegocheague runs down ye North 
Mon. while Autietam runs near to ye South Mountain. They 
are divided by a small Ridge that runs thro ye Valley. Gor- 
don's Tavern is about 4 miles Noith of ye Line of ye State, 
which rrcsjcs ye South IMo. about a mile below ye Roa'l on ye 

15th. Breab fasted with Coll. Johnson and he & Coll. Smith 
accompnriied u:> 10 Coll. Alison's where we overtook the 
Waggons Tind etnyed to dire with him. The Land in this 
valley is e>;o'.^e(Mn';rly rich in general, and from the Quantity 
rf rain tha^ Ins falen tb's Spring the crops look very promis- 
ing. The Land being Limestone, the crops are liab'e to fail 
!in a dry season; but in this season, the people expect 20 
Bushels of v.'heat to ye acre. After Dinner we passed on 
in our Journey &. crossed ye East Branch of Conuegocheague, 
which is about GO yards wide & 2 feet deep. We passed this 
afternoon thro what is more properly called ye Connegocheague 
Settlement, VNiiich is in general a Slaty or Shelly Land not so 
rich as the Antietam Settlem.ent, yet ye crops look very well. 
In the evening we caiiie to ye Rev. Mr. King's with whom we 
lodged that night. He lives on ye West Branch of Conne- 
. gocheague which i.^i nearly as large as the other, at McDowell's 
Mill & close by Parnel's nob v,-hich is on high spur of ye 
North Mountain near to fort Loudon. 

10th. Left Mr. King's and passed up the Path Valley leav- 
ing I'arnel's Nob to the right Hand, Avith the Tuscarora 
Mountn. on cur ieft. .\fteT- proceeding up the valley 10 miles 
we crime to Jami:ton's Tavern, where we dined, Mr. McFarland 
having accompanied us so far. There is but little good land 
yet appearing tho seme few houses are to be found along 


the Road. About 4 miles before we came to tlie Tavern we 
passed Tom's Tavein who also keeps a store (where I bt. a pr. 
grs.) Twelve miles forward we come to Fort Littleton. Sher- 
man's Valley lies northwards of the Path Valley beiween the 
same mountains. About 3 miles from Jamiion's Tuvern we 
passed out of the Path Valley over the Tuscavoroh Hill Into 
Auchwick Vailey having the great Cove Mountain on our 
west and another rising on the East and turning towards ye 
West on our right Hand ended in an high Peak at Fort T..ittle- 
ton -galled the Shade Mountain. 

■ The Land in this Valley is miserably poor & no settlements 
in it except a few Houses built on the Road to accommodate 
Passengers. The Kills are covered with poor Pines and ye 
Land very Stony, not fit to bear any grain of sufficient value 
to pay ye expence of culture. About 8 miles from Fort Little- 
ton we passed little Auchwhick passes by the Fort, ar-d joins 
Sideling Cieek about five miles below the Fort, from thence 
it received the name of big Auchwick and afterwards falls 
. into the Juniata. Lodged at Bird's Tavern at F. Littleton. 
17th. Set off on our Journey towards ye Sidelsng Hill 
which it 10 miles Distant. The Road leads thro a poor 
hilly country covered with Pine-s & Barren Oaks, a sandy soil 
mixed with slate & not fit for cultivations, no Plantations on 
the Road & but a few Huts for the Accomodation of strangers 
at about 5 miles from Litteton we passed over Scrub Ridge, 
which is an irregular congeries of Hills lying in the Direction 
cf North & South a little inclining to the Westward. Dined 
at the Foot of flidlcling Hill at McDonell's Tavern. Wood- 
bridge Creek suns thro the Sidlong Hill, or rather rises near 
the Top of the Hill and runs till it joins Auchwick Creek, a 
Branch of Juniata. At 10 miles from this Tavern v/o come 
to the great Crossings of Juniata, and at ye Distance cf 14 
miles farther we come to Bedford. The Cove Mountains ap- 
pears to the East over the Scruijby Hill from ye Tavern where 
we dined. From McDonnell's Tavern to ye Top of ye Sidlong 
Hill and along the Ridge called Rays Hill we pas.=ed over a 
wretched bail road, for seven miles, full of Stones without any 
repair for many years past, having V/ell's Valley on our right 
hand which contains 4 or 5 thousand acres cf good Land. On 
ye left Hand we had a valley betv.'een ye Sidlong Hill <fi Rays 
Hill called Brush Creek Valley in which Mr. Hunter has a 
Survey of GOO acres. John Crevin.s (2) keeps a Tavern at ye 
Foot of Ray's Hill Sc. from there to Juniata is good I^voad, tho 
hilly, till we come here. 


The Roads ought to be made good at the public charge be- 
cause the People are few chat live near thein <fc it is ye only 
way to preserve the couimunication between Philada, &■ 
the Western End of the State so tliat otherwise ye Trade 
of ye Western Part of ye State must necessarily go to Balti- 
more, as the Inhabitants are endeavoring by the bid of their 
Legislature, to open a Road to Pittsburg That will be so far 
superior to the present Roads as to induce the People to prefer 
that Market. Lodged at Crossings of Juniata at Coll. Martin's 
<t. suppi-'d on a fresh Salmon. 

LS. Proccfded on our Journey towards Bedford, which is 
n miles distant. At seven miles distance we cross a gap of 
Terrace or Tusties Mountain, thro which ye Juniata runs and 
near Bedford we pass thro Dannins or Evits Mountain by a 
Gap, thro which Dennin Creek runs. But before we come to 
this mountain we pas.s thro Aleguippy Ridge, & then come to 
ye Bloody Run & Warriors Mountains, af:er which we come to 
Dunn ins Mountain. On the East of Tusties Mountain lies the 
Warriors Ridge which continues up to ye Standing Stone. The 
Road thro which we came to ye Warior's ISIountain lies thro 
a good Piece of Land, fit for ye cultivation of wheat & rye & 
corn prettj well timbered with White Oaks, Pines, Black Oaks 
St. Hickories. John Paxtou keeps ye Tavern at ye Warrior's 
Mn. or Bloody Run; so called from the murder of a number 
of People sent to escort Provisions to Mr. Buchanan who was 
surveying ye Roads to Bedford in ye year 1755. The road 
pretty good, from Juniata Crossing to this Tavern excepting 
the Descent cf ye Aliguippy Hill which is steep, long &. stony. 
The Road from this Bedford & ye country pretty much ye same 
with what we pass-cd this day. Dined at liedford and after 
Dinner took two Altitudes of ye Sun by Mr. Hutchins little 
Quadrant foi- ascertaining ye Latitude when ye error of ye In- 
strument is ascertained. The observations are: 
F. M. At 4h— 15'— 30" 

4 —30—30 

4 —17—30 

4 —57 —40 

4 —58 —54 

5 — 0—2 
P. M. Alt. 31°— 0—0 
P. :.l. Alt. ?3^— 0-0 

V^aited that afternoon for our Waggons, but they could not 
reach the Town some of their Horses having strayed av,-ay 
on that night, the waggons did not arrive at Bedford until the 
next Day at noon or rather near evening. 


19th. Waited this Day also for our waggcjus, which did 
not arrive till near the evening & could not proceed further. 

20th. Sunday stayed at Bedford. The wagons would h.ave 
proceeded as we now began to be apprehensive from ye Bad- 
iVess of the Heads that we should not be able to reach the 
Station before the storm by which we were to ascertain our 
Meridian would pass it in Day Light; but they were retarded 
by Mr. Dougherty's procuring them to be stopped. 

21st. Set off very early & breakfasted at :^Ir. Todds. Coll. 
Porter having -gone there before us on Saturday night. At 
Mr. Todds we saw the effects of a whirlwind, which extended 
about SO Rads wid which broke & tore up the Trees by the 
Roots many of them not less than three feet In Diameter 
scarcely leaving a t;ce standing whole in its course. Mr. 
Todd's House & Darn were left without their Roofs and he 
being an eye witness of ye Catastrophe tells us that ye Limbs 
of ye Trees of a prodigous Size were whirled thro the air like 
leaves & can led to a great Distance. The effects of this whirl- 
wind have been observed by Travellers to have begun about 
Crooked Ci'eek which empties into ye Allegeny River above 
Fort Pitt, and to have proceeded on to Bedford marking its 

- way with an incredible Destruction of ye Tim.ber. This whirl- 
wind happened about 10 days ago viz on Friday ye 11th June. 
We have no accounts of its proceeding fartlier than Wills 
cr Evits :»Icuntain which lies on ye West of Bedford about 
4 miles. After passing about 4 miles we get on the dry Ridge 
which extends 11 miles and after passing thro a low valley in 
which we find a small .stream of water v,e begin to ascend the 
Allegeny :Mountain at ye Distance of 17 miles from ;Mr. 
Todd's. The Land from Mr. Todd's to ye foot of ye dry 

, Ridge is ^ery good, well timbered & fit for ye Production of 
any grain the wood generally is White Oak <& black oak with 
some Walnut & a fevv' Locusts. The Roads free from Stones 
& pretty level, but cut with Waggons & without Repair. There 
are 3 or 4 Families living en ye Lands who seem to live plenti- 
fully. Before we come to ye Dry Ridge we passed a Brool; 
which seems to be the Bedford P.ranch of ye Juniata after 
which we see no more water till we get off this Ridge. We' 
crossed ye sd. Branch about a mile before we came to Mr. 
Todd's & again two miles after we passed his house. Wills 
Mountain on our left about 1 or 2 miles. The Road lies along 
the top of ye Ridge 5: pretty level, excepting 4 or 5 Descents 
&. Ascent.';. It seems as if it never had bfcn opened by an 
ax, and never repaired. It is so narrow that it is generally 


impossible to avoid ye Ruts which in some phices are deep. 
Vv'iih a very smaii expense it migiit be made very good this 
Ridge is midling good Laud but uninhabited because there is 
no Water for ye Inhabitants. There is a small spring abont 
ye middle of ye Ridge. The Western End of ye Ridge is better 
Laud covered with hirger 'f imber, the Descent is pretty steep 
&. stony. The road along ye Western End is more cut with 
Waggons & very narrow so that ye Ruts cannot be avoided. At 
ye West End there is a spring after which we pass over another 
Ridge called the three Lick Ridge from this number of Salt 
Springs or Licks fouitd in it near to our Road. This Dry 
Ridye divides the Waters of ye Juniata from those uf Wills 
Cteek or ye Potowmack. The Summit of ye Ridge seems gen- 
erally to be no more tiicn 200 yards wide. We stopped 2 miles 
beyond ye spring where there is an Ordinary where they sell 
drink, but no victuals. About half a mile farther after passing 
ak)ng a valley in which a Branch of ye Juniata rises we be- 
gan to ascend a Ridg*; or spur of ye Allegeny Mountain which 
extends Eastward abo'at 3 miles from it. The ascent was very 
steep & stony for abaut 200 yards & afterwards gradual and 
easy to ye Summit & the road on ye Summit good, being 
neither stony nor cut with waggons. The road is nearly made 
and may be greatly miprovod by beginning ye ascent a little 
sooner and raising it gradually along ye side of the Hill. As 
this Road continues along the summit of the spur, til! its 
Junction with the Mcantain, it gives a great advantage in as- 
cending it, as the Sujimit of the Allegeny is not much higher 
and the ascent is ea.<: & long. There is another road, faither 
up the volley before mentioned, which joins with this about 
half a mile from yc- mountain, which is now so stony, miry 
& cut with waggons 2..S to be impossible. On the Eastern side 
of the Allegheny maay streams of excellent water burst out, 
for the Refreshment ef Travellers. 

From the Ordinary on the East Side to Mr. Black's Tavern 
in the glades is about 10 miles, to the Summit of ye moun- 
tain about 4, ncvoss ye summit about 2 miles, the Descent on 
yc Western S'de" about one & from thence, to Black's three mi. 
Near the summit there is a deep jiond of stagnant v/ater, and 
about half a mile to ye Westward of it, ye waters divide which 
flow to the Ohio & ye Chesapeak. Thp Descent on the Western 
Side is by a very Stony & Road which continues to 

hi very bad untill we enter ye gi'eat glades, about tv.o miles 
from Block's Tavern. The .'^oil on ye mountain is rich & 
fertile but so very stony that it can easily t" cultivated. In 


the evening we came to Block Tavern two miles m ye glades, 
and lodged there. 

22d. Waited at Mr. Block's for je Waggons till their arrival 
ill ye evening, which occasioned our tarrying all night. 

23d. Set off from :\Ir. Black's & pi'oceeded to ye Foot of ye 
Laurel Hill IG miles, viz, 3 miles to Gilmore's, 5 to Augony's & 
o to Cooper's where we dined. The road Ihro the glades was 
very level & excepting in a few places very good, whicli 
might be easily mended- (S: with a very small expense. In 
some places ye Land ejcceeding poor & in others tolerably 
good, a few Places are well timbered with white oaks, Black 
Oaks & cher-tnut. From Cooper's to Cairn's across ye Laurel 
Hill is 9 miles of which S miles lie across ye Mn. to Indian 
Creek or Salt Creek & one mile farther to Cairn's. From 
Cairn's to Cherry's Mill S miles. The Land en this Hill is a 
rich deep soil abounding with chestnut. Oaks, Poplars, there 
are some Locust & Papaw Bushes. The stones on this gap 
are all Freestone fit for Grindstones & Building. Altho in 
other Parts of ye Mu. are found Stones for Milstoncs. On ye 
Summit of ye mountain it is too stony to admit of cultiva- 
tion, yet on each side ye Land is rich & arable & well tim- 
bered and most fertile Land lies on ye West side of It. The 
Road across this Part cf ye Mountain is pretty good, ye as- 
cent & descent very easy & not much obstructed with stones. 

With a small expense it may be made ye best way to cross 
ye mountain. The Road across here divides ye counties of 
Fyette & Westmoreland. From Indian creek to Jacob'? 
Creek ye road lies across ye chestnut Ridges where ye Laud 
is thin & stoney, abounding with chestnut & Wh. Ok. 

Lodged at Mr. Cherry's this night. 

24th. Waited for ye arrival of our waggons, which by mistake 
we supposed had taken a Roa<l to ye Right of ours, & crossed 
at William's gap. The waggons did not arrive in the even- 

2oth. Waited for the v,-aggon5 and at 3 o'clock heard nothing 
from ther. At Mr. Cherry's Mill we are about thirty miles 
north of ye Line. 

2G. Heard that ye waggons had not taken ye other Road 
but had been delayed by being broken on ye Laurel Hill, 
upon which we took our horses and returned to look for 
them, & found them about 2 o'clock & not quite repaired. Re- 
turned again in ye evening with ye Light Waggon &. the 
waggon that carried our Instruments to Mr. Cherry. 


27(.b. Being Sunday rested at IMr. Cherry's & ye wagons 

2Sth. Set off from Mr. Cherry's accompanied by Mr. Cherry 
k J.Ir. Bradiy 5 miles. On Sunday Evening our Express re- 
turned from IJeseii's Tavern with a letter from Dr. Madison 
requesting an interview at Mrs. Crawford's at Stewart's cross- 
ings about 2 mile; above ye broad Ford on the Yohiageny. 
This occasicued an alteration in our Rout and the Waggons 
were ordered to proceed to Besen's Town. Y7e met Dr. Madi- 
son at Mrs. Crawford's attended by Coll. McClean & Major 
Douglas of tliat town. From Mr. Cherry's to ye crossings is 
10 miles pretty good Roav! being mostly ye Road opened by 
Genl. Braddcck. 

The land along ye Road is rich & fertile pretty level well 
timbered & watered abounding chiefly with White Oaks, and 
the crops exceeamgly luxuriant. Dined at Mrs. Crawford's the 
widow of Coll, Crawford, who was murderfed by the Indians 
and after Dinner proceeded to Beson's Tavern 12 miles farther 
that Evening where we lodged at Mr. Hasten's Tavern. In 
the afternoon we passed thro richer Land than in the morning, 
where the Improvements were larger, and ye crops more lux- 
uriant. About half way between Mrs. Crawford"£ & Bcsou's 
Town we passed thro Giusts Tract of a thousand Acres, which 
was the best &. largest Plot of Land we had seen on this Side 
of ye Mountains. The Laurel Hill ran nearly parellel to our 
Road. The general IVirection of the Mountain is S 15 W. 
but our Road nearly South. At Beson's Town we crossed 
Redstone Creek where ye, water is brought thro yc Town to 
. Turn a Saw mill. There are near SO Houses in this Place, 
which is now made tlie County Tovrn of Fiatt. 

At half a mile from Mrs. Crawford's there is a most beauti 
ful cascade in Harrison's Run where the water falls perpen- 
dicularly over a broad Limestone Rock about 20 feet. This 
Rock in Front is hollowed into a regular semicircle about 
150 yards in circumference and is about S or 10 inches thick. 
It projects about 10 cr 12 feet over 15 or 20 strata of Stones 
of different Thicknesses regularly disposed, whose Front is also 
liollov,-ed in a. regular curve of a concentric circle, making a 
perpendicular curved wall under the projecting thin Rock, 
as if it had been formed of hewn stones, whose Ranges are 
of different Thicknesses & laid by the Hand of a Ma.son; the 
stones in eadi cf these Ranges are nearly of the same thick- 
ness from one cntl of yc arch to ye other but the upper Plate 
over which ye water falls is one continued stone, under which 


there is a fine semicircular Walk, bctwoen ye falling water 
fc the Front of the dificrerit strata of Stones of about 10 or 
12 feet broad; and the Pavement of this walk is another con- 
tinued broad Stone similar to yt. which lies on the Top, and 
formed into a similar Semicircle and inojectiug to the same 

Tiiis thin Rock is also supported by other similar strata of 
Stones for 5 ov 6 feet deep to ye liottom of ye Run where ye 
water faLs. 

By the assistance of a little Labour in removing some loose 
stones that lye on the Pavement, and also some of ye stones 
of ye strata under the second broad Rock, there may be formed 
a most ample &. grand Amphitheatre with galiery above gallery 
unsupported by pillars. 

29th. ^Yaited for the waggons. Two of them came by noon 
and the other tv.-o in the evening or rather by 5 o'clock. Lodg- 
ed at Mr. Huston's in Beson's Town tha-^ night. - 

30. Waited tor ye Repairing of our Waggons at Union 
Town commonly called Beson's. 

July 1st. Proceeded on our Journey attended by Mr. Alexr. 
]>.IcCiean & ?.Ir. Jacob Beson and after travelling 7^^ miles 
came to Duulap's Creek (at John ^More's) which creek falls 
into ye Monongaheia at ye old Fort. Oley Crawford's Ferry 
on ye Monoiigahela is Distant from us iV^ miles. The Land 
thro which vre passed this morning is rich & fertile producing 
good crops of wheat, rye, corn &c. it is generally covered 
with white fc black Oak. The Land is hilly and ye Valiies 
are very rich abounding with Plumb Trees. At 5 miles from 
ye Feiry we come to Col. McCleary's in Washington county, 
v/here wo lodged that night. The Land on this Side of ye 
River is more fertile &. level than ou ye Eas; the Roads are 
pi-etty good excepting the Descent on ye East side of monon- 
gahela, where we came down to ye Ferry is very steep & not 
yet made fit for a waggon, but might be made very good 
with a little Labour & expense. The streams of water thro 
this country generally fail in ye summer so that ye mills can- 
not go. 

2d. Waited for our Waggons which came up in ye even- 

3rd. The Waggons proceeded in ye morning fc we ftdlow- 
ed in ye afternoon towards Jackson's Fort which is 11 or 12 
ms. di.slant from Col. McCleary's. To dines is 4 miles & from 
thence to Hagan's 4 more at ye coal lick- run & from thence 
to Jackson's Fort 3 miles. From the' Fort tis advised to take 
up Jackson's Cr^.-ck lo the dividing Ridge. 


Angle of ye Line S S9-53' West Mason's & D. last Post 
marked 233— McClean run 23 miles to a marked Poplar with 
12 notches standing on ye N. E. side of a Ridge to ye stream 
Eastward of which is a small stream about 20 or 30 perches — 
the Line having crossed a Ridge & then thro a Valley in which 
ye stream runs northvi-ard for SO perches & ye verges to ye 
West, and then ascends ye same Ridge which makes a ye 
Distance from ye 

233 from Mr. Bryan's Field 11 20 8S 
11 20 SS from Mr. Bryan's Field to Dela- 
ware. . 233 
23 42 72 from 23 

267 63 60 267 20 SS 

1 54 09 266 9 51 

measured back 

266 9 ."l Length of five Degi-ees 

July 14th. Erected cur clock & Transit Instrument and 
adjusted thorn nearly. 

15th. Set ye Transit Instrument to 22 Degrees Alt. and 
took ye Passage of ye Suns Limboo over the Horizontal Wires 
as follows. 

At 6 4S 14 -. 

6 49 19 I - 

6 50 

6 51 

wAlt. 22= 0. 

53 12! 

The Instrument being moved by accident, the corresponding 
observations could not be taken. 

Any two of thc£e Observations that correspond give yo Time 
of ye Passage of the Sun's Center over ye Middle V.'ire at 6h 
50' 43" pr. Clock. 

The Sun's Alt. when corrected for Refraction & Parallax 
is 21°— 57'— 4S" the Refr. being 2'— 20" & Paralla.x +8". 

IS6 .^3 17 Sum. 

n 26 3'=. 5 = ",-. Sum 'Linf^, D. 509. 2:45 

23 24 2i;.i=:i, Siini-Z*n. D !>.i:;ri;;..-o:ti 


Log. los. of 'j the Hour from noon S.SSS.flOl — Z'i^ 20' i'V 

Ap. Time Huur fioiu noon 5h 14' 43" = i 

7S 40 10 
6h 43' IT" Ap. Time A. M. 
+ 5 32 

6 50 49 M. T. pr. Obs'n. 
Time pr. Clork 6 50 43 

6 too slow. 

15th July nS4 took the Altitude of the Sun's Ceuttr which 
when cuneotcd for Refraction & Parallax was 21°— 57'— 4S" at 
Ch— 33'— 43" pr. Clock. 

A. M. and bj- Calculation the Clock was found to be 17' 6" 
too slow, therefore set ye Clock 17' forward. Then took equal 
Altitudes as follow. 

July 15 took a set of Altitudes of ye Sun's center at 6h 34' 20" 
Ant. Meridian, when ye Altitude estimated Nearby without a 
Nonius was 18°--55' uncorrected for Rcfr. & Parallax. 

The Times of ye Sun's passing ye Wires. 

At 6 31 49"! 

32 55 1 
- 34 1\1Z- 55' AU. 

34 39 I 

At ehr. 3V 2V' 

1S° 55' 
Refr. 2 44 

!,« 62 16 . ■ ' 


IS 52 2-1 Alt. 

71 T 36 Zen. Dist. 

50 IS SJ Co. Lat Ar. Tom. S., 0.1^3 K'f.S 

6S 34 31 Co. Decline. Ar. Com. S. , C.031.Cl'S4 

1S9 5S 42 

94 53 21 half sum S., 9.905 S'jlS 

23 51 43 half Euin-Zen. D S., 9.i^'.6.9''^0 


2-17 too fast. 
Thf mean of all the tliree Ol-'-r-rvations is C' too ?Iow. 
lf]th July. Observed yn Sun passing the Hairs of ye Transit. 
Instrument at __ 


P. M. 

2h. 16' 3;" U. 1 
2 14 n g. 



M. Noon 
h. ' " 


2 12 i,-. K. 

2 . 11 ir. g. 



M. N. 



Clock to Slow 1-C5-45 

Set the clock foiward one Minute so that it is now by this 
Obs'n only 5V2 too slow. 

Employed the Evening in observing the Passage of Stars 
over ye Meridoan by the Transit Instrument. 

17th July 17S4. Took Altitudes of the Sun. 

A. M. 
At Sh— 15'— 43" 

8 —49—35 
8 —50 - 40 

Alt. 44°— 13' 

P. M. 


The iMean of all these gives the Appt. noon at 12 — 5— S by 
the Clock. But the Clock pointed out 11—59—24 therefore de- 
ducted from 12 leaves 36" for ye clock to be too show. 

Ihe clock has'Iost 30" seconds in ye last 24 Hours. It loses 
l."2y pr. Hour. 

Antares will pass the Meridian at Sh 30'— 10"m. Time But ye 
Clock being too slow 36" & losing at the rate of 31" or 26" 
pr. Day, that is 9" in 8 & half hours, it must pass the Meridian 
by the Clock at Sh 29'— 25" which is 47" before ye Calculated 
Time is shown by ye clock. 

In the Evening observed the Immersion of ye first S.itelite 
of Jupiter into his Shadow at ye following Times pr. clock. 
At 12h— 13'— 0" pr. Clock by J. Ewing. 
12 —12—37 pr. Clock by :,Ir. Hutchins. 
12 —12 — 3'7 by Mr. Ellicot. 
12 —12—30 by Dr. :Maddison but he thinks at 2" later. 

The Clock was 36" seconds too slow at Xoon by ye equal 
Altitudes taken that Day, having lost 31 Seconds in the pre- 
ceeding 24 But by the Equal Altitudes of ye subsequent Day 
viz ye IS July, she was one minute & two seconds too slow, 
having lost only 2C" in that Day, consequently she lost 13" 
by the 12 at Night, when ye Observations of ye Immersion 


were made. Therefore SC'+IS"— 49" must bo added as follow 
Mean Time. 

At 12h— 13'— 49" by J. Ewing. | 
12 — 13— 2G bv Mr. Hutchins. ] 
10 10 o,- 1 AT TM- f (.."'•lean Time. 
12 — 13 — 2t) by Mr. Llhcot. [ 

12 — 13— 21 by Dr. Maddiion. j 
18th July. Took equal Altitudes of ye Sun pr. Clock. 
At Sh— 29'— r A. M. 3—40—25 S— 29— 1 S— 30— 6 

8 —30— 6 3— 39— IS 3—40—2.5 3— 39- IS 

S —31 — 9 3— 3S— IC 

8 —31 —48 3—37—37 

8 —32 —53 3—36—31 

8 —33—57 3—35—30 

12h— 4'— 42.6" 

+ 4.5 lor 

12 —4—47.1 M. noon pr. Clock. 
12 —5-48.5 M. N. per Calcu. 



7— 9—12 

12— 4—43 

12— 4—42 

8-31— 9 
3— 38— 16 


7— 7—07 
3— 3.3— 38 V2 

7— S— 49 
3— 32— 5IV2 

1—1.5 Clock too slow. 12— 4—421/2 12— 4— 42^7^ 

Set ye Clock forward one minute therefore it is but 1".5 
too slow. The clock has lost 26" in ye last 24 hours. At 6 
Gc.cck P. 'M. shortened ye Pendulum to make her go faster & 
set her forward 9" which Quantity we suppose she has lost 
since Noon, so that we estimate her now to be nearly right, 
but this we verified by the Observations of the succeeding 


























ean pi 






•. C. 

12 + 






1—1.4 too Slow. 


19th July took equal Altitudes of ye Sun. 
A. M. 



The Mc-:in cf 
when corrected 
ye Mea 

Alt. 50°— 15' 



- i 







2— 4S— 
these Observations gives 12h— 5'— 55" & 
by 4" for the Chance of Declination it will give 
Noon by the clock, which should have been 12 — 5 — 52. 
So yt. The Clock is therefore 7" too fast. 

Set the Clock back seven seconds & lengthened ye Pendu- 
lum a small matter. She is therefore nearly right. 
20th. Took equal altitudes of ye Sun as follows — 
A. M. 
At 8h— 2G'— 48" 

8 —27—53 , 

8 —28—54 ' ■ 

8 —29—33 " • 

8 —30-38 
8 —31—41 
The Curiosity of one of the Servants put ye Transit Instru- 
ment out cf Place & prevented cur taking ye Altitudes in ye 

We found by equal Altitudes of ye Sun taken with the Heid- 
ley's Quadrant that our clock was too slow six Seconds & 
tlierefore shortened the Pendulum a little & set her for- 
v/ard 6"— 
21st July took equal Altitudes of the Sun. 

is C", 




-52 1 



-55 I 




-59 ! 


- 0—35 ' 30"- 



- 1- 




- 2- 




ms of the 


w'th ? 


d makes 




5 ye 
















- 9- 



- 8- 


11" Clock too slow. 
2— Vol. XIV— Cth Ser. 



From the Mean of these Observations the Clock is too slow 
—only 11"— i5iu if we coiisidere ye for ye change of 

Declination S" the clock is but 9" too slow. 

Dr. Maddison's clock is 5" seconds before ours so that his 
clock is 4" too slow. Set the clock 9" forward. 

Screv,-ed the Pendulum up to make her go faster so that 
she is 4" before the oUier clock. 

This correction was made about 6 oclock in the evening. 
22d July took equal altitudes of the Suu. 
At 8—6— 9 
S— 7— 12 

8— S— 13 Alt.' 3G^^— 0. 

8— S— 52 ♦ 

8—1 — 
An accident prevented our taking the corresponding obser- 
vations in ye afte'Doon. 

At S o'clock in the morning of 22d our clock was 3" before 
ye other. 

• 23d. At 6 oclock our clook was only one second before the 
other. This morning is cloudy with some rain. 

It cleared up after 9 o'clock when we took altitudes of ° 

Alt. 47' 

3— 0- 

2— 58- 
2— 5G- 

At 9— 9—37 

9—3 2—29 

The Mean of these gives 12 — 5 — 48. 5 which corrected by the 
Equation for equal Altitudes viz 5" 5 makes 12 — 5 — 54 But 
ye Elq. of Time is 6—2.5 therefore the the Diff. is 8.5 Clock 
too Slow. 

She therefore loses S"5 In 48 hours 1" in 6 Hours nearly. 
Dr. I\Iaddison set his Cloek eight seconds before ours at 5 
oclock ye 23d July P. M. 

24th July took equal Altitudes of the Sun as follows: 

At 8—2—17 

e— 9 

8— 7—14 

r4— 9- 


The Mean of these is 12- 
Equal Alt. G".5 gives 12— c 
15.1 Too slow. 

4— G— 19 


4— 4— lid 
•5 — 42 w'ch conected by ye Eq. for 
—48.5. The Eq. of Time is 6—3.6 


Dr. Maddison's Clook ia eight scoonds before ours & there- 
fore is 7° too slow. 
25 — Rainy & Cloudy. 
2G— Took altitudes of ihe Sun. 
At S— 3G— 3 

37— 8 ■ 


39—56 V ■ . 

41°— 14' 
Rain prevented our taking the corresponding Altitudes in 
the afternoon. 

Dr. JJaddison's Clock this Evening at 7 oclock is 4" before 

27. Observed the Passage of ye Sun's Simbo over ye wires 
of ye Equal Altitude Instrument. 
At 7—56—20 



7—59— 8 

8— 0—12 


8— 1—3 5 

Alt. 33°— 30' 

P. A.=3l7.Sl 

ft. in. 


A. B.=195. 

B. C.=r32— 5.4 


B. D.=575.04 

D. E.--.73-6 


E. F.--:rG10. 

I. K.=^ 8-10 

F. G.=2— 18— 59. 


E. L.=::271— 19. 

L. F. E. H.r^2.52".; 

17. C. 255. 



Extracts from Messrs. Mason's & Dixon's L<'tter dated at 
230 Mile Post October 22, 1767 from Bryan's Field. 

Entrance of Lavrrel Hill 210 miles 13 chs. Left of Eawrel 
Hill 217 Miles 13 chs. Crossing of Cheat River 219M; Miles. 


East Bank of Mouoiigahela lu miles South of ye Forks 222 
Miles 24 chs. it aboiu 23 miles South of Red Stone. 

From ye Post in Mr. B.yau's Field to ye Delaware is 11 
m. 20 ch. SS L. 

The Ind'ns refusing to proceed the Survey'rs set up the 
—23.3 ms. 13 clis. GS Links from the Post marked 
West in Mr. Bryau's Field. 

From ye South Point of Philad'a to New Castle Court House 
22 m. 21 ch. 62. .5 links. 

New Castle Court House West of ye Observ'ty Phila. TOllp.o 
South Point of Philad'a East of Observ'ty at Phila... 115 

N. Castle West of South Pt. of Philad'a M. chs. L 712G .5 

Wbich is equal to 22—21—025 

Middle Pa. West of X. Castle 6—73— 05 

Middle Pt. West of Philad'a . . . : 29—14—675 

Obs'ry Fork Brandywine West of Mid. 

Pt 2—5—49 

Obsry. at Fork Brandywine West of 

Phila 31— 20— 16. 5 

Forks Brandywine West of Christiana 

Mouth 11—20—8.8 

Mouth of Christiana West of Philad'a 19—79—18 

19 15 

19 15 

171 75 

19 . 15 ' 

261 225 





. JULY oOtli, 1779. 



June 19th IVTO to July 30th 1779. 

Head Quarters, June 19th 1779. 


Captu. of the clay from the Gem. Regi.. 

S. S. C. D. F. P. 

1 1 2 .... 25 
Orderly sergt. 1. 


R. O. June 19th 1779. 
Captn. Bernard Hublcy of the State of Pennsylvania is to 
lake the command of the compy. late Captn. George Hubley's 
ft Captn. Micliael Boyer of the State of Maryland, is to take 
the commanL'' of that which Captn. ]?er'd Hubley at Present 
^commands, by which they v,i!l command compauys of the 
state they respectively belong. 

R. 0. Wyoming, June 20th '79. 
Lt. John Waidman i? appontr^d adjudeut to the Gem. Regt. 
and it i:s Requested that oil officer.-^ & soldier.s will respect him 
as such. 

Head Quarters. Wyoming June 20th '79. 
Captn. of the day from 
Patrol Casu. 

Detail for Main Guard. 
S. S. C. D. F. P. 

2 2 25 . 

Orderly seijf. from tlie German Regt. 

24 . ■ ORDERLY I'.OOK. 

The General is snrprsed «S: Conser'ed to see the Horses dis- 
tiued fur the expeiulition so miuh abused as tlie are — he caut 
walk oiU. VN-ithcnt seeing Pezeiis ol' them scampering about 
goaded by P^edres equally enhuniane and Thoughtless when 
•the poor anim::!s should be at Rest in the pastures if the 
Horses are net in prcper Order tlie expeflition which has 
already cost su much money, and is so esentially necessuery 
for the quiet of the frontiers will of course Termenate in 
nothing — h? is therefore under the necessity of Ordering that 
rae Ca.'^^manding OClcer of Coips do not suffer the public 
Horses to be made use cf by any person under their respec- 
tive commands except such Officers as are alowed the use of 
Horses by a Genl. Resulation. 

A serjaiit, & 9 Privates to mount tomorrow morn- 
ing at Mill Creek Bridge and continue until further Orders 
this guard is to prevent the Horses put to Pasture a bout the 
Bridge from stiaying dcs-n and also to stop any non-com- 
mis'd officers or soldier from passing up or down with out 
a pass in w.iteing fr-om the commanding officer of the Bri- 
gade or corps he belongs to — no General pass to be allowed 
of the gua-'l in the Redout on the Hill and that near the Hos- 
pital to be discontinued for the present. 

Head Quart^u'S, Wyoming June 2rst '79. 

Capi. of the Day to raorov,- from Armand's. 

S. S. C. il F. Prvats. 

3 2 1 1 25 

Orderly serjt. 1. 

The Baker General having occations for six assistants, is at 
Liberty to thake such as are qruilificd from any corps in Garri- 

Parole: Am.'ens; C. sign Antwerp. 

A Genl. ccnvt Martal of the Line to set Tomorrow morning 
at Ten Oclo^^k at Colo. Butler's Quarters for the Tryal of such 
Prisoners as may bo Brou-^ht before them— A field Officer, 4 
Captns ai:d three suba's from Col. Cortland's Brigade. 


Detale for the Cort Martial. 

Capt. Sub. 

German Regt 1 

1st. Jersey Kegt., 1 1 

Spalding.s 1 

Armands, 1 

Head Quartern, Wyoming. June 22nd 

Parole, Anapolis, Co. sign Aniboy. 

Captn. for the day tomorrow from 1st Jercy. 

Detale of the Guard. 

German R^gt., 











1st Jercv Regt 






Orderly serjt. 2. 

A cort of Enquiry consisting of one mr.ger and 4 Captns to 
Sit Tcmorrcv.- Morning at 9 oclock to examine the State of 
the Beef which the Issuing Comisy. has reported unfit for use, 
if the find it unfit to be issued to the Troops in Garrison they 
are after asertaining the Quantity and enquiring how it be- 
came damaged to order it to be removed from the stors and 
d;.ipo.= ed of for the use of the United States or Destroyed 
according to the quantity of it. 

Contrary if the Ccri find the said Beef fit for men to eat, 
they v.-ill order it to be issued as such— the Issuing Commisy. 
or his assistant will attend at the above enquiry. 

Head Q;:arter, Wyoming June 23rd 1779. 

Brigadp Majer, Rose. 
Parole, Jercey, C. sign York. 

At Culo. Daytons request Alexander Montgomery of the 
i'hird Jercey Regt. sentenced to receive fifty I^K^shes is for 
given & ordered to join his corps. 

26 ORDERLY r,0OK. 


S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Geiinan Regt, 1 1 1 21 

Armands, 5 

1 1 1 20 

Orderly Serjt. 

Head QuaT'lers, Wyoming June 24th '79. 

Officers of the day Tomorrow, Lt. Colo, dearborn. 

Parole, Co. sign Diiblen. 

Brigade IMajor, Marchell. 

The soldiers are strictly forbidden to go into the water to 
jwem or baihe except before Trooi) beating in the morning, of 
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays — OfTicers are derected to 
apprehend such as may be guilty of the Breach of this Order 
in any Instance. 

The aimy and Inhabitants of this Place are cautioned 
against casting the Least reflections upon those Indians who 
have already or may hereafter join us. The undoubted Friend- 
ship & generous conduct of the few and others who are on 
their way to afford us every essentials service merit a very 
opposite treatment. 

The troops are forbid stragling from camp on any pretence 

Detail for Guard. 

S. S. C. P. 

German Regt., 1 IC 

Armands 1 4 

1 1 20 

I/ead Quai ters, Wyoming June 25th '79. 
Parole. Co. Sign. 

Field Ofli((-r for Tornorrov.-— Major Titcomb. 
Brigade l^Iajor — Sproat. 

The Quarter Master is derected to dismiss all the continantal 
and State Waggons taken at f:astin for transporting stores to 
this place. 

A Serjeant &. 12 to be sent to Bottom wood to guard the cattle 
their who are to parade at two Oclk this afternoon and con- 


tinuc for one weekes of the Drovers will attend on the parade 
10 conduct the party — The &erjt guard at the Block house over 
the River to be disfuissed. A Captn. Two subs. Three ser- 
vants Three Corporals & forty Eight privates to be sent to 
that Post to secure the House & Cattle on that side and to 
answer the other purposes for which the guard was stationed 

A return of all the Troops in this Department to be made 
to the Adjutant Genl. by Tomorrow at six oclock in the after- 

The stads of the several staff Departments to make returns 
a.t the same time of every article now under their charges 
Which belongs to the army — The Genl. officers will make a 
ileturn as soon as possible of the number of Horses, which may 
De necessary for themselves and famelies on the expedition. 

All other ofhcers possest of Contl. Horses are to return them 
.{o the Quarter Master Genl. as soon as possible, who is to 
make a proper Return of the whole in order that a committee 
firom the several corps, may arange &. assign them to the 
several corps, at a Genl. Cort Martial held on the Sth June 
v.-hereof Major Fish was president Oliver Arnold of 'the second 
>i. York Regt. was Tried for Desertion and sentenced to be 
shot to Death, the Genl. approves the sentence and order it to 
executed at the Head of the Regt — tomorrow afternoon at 
six oclock Edward Taylor of the same Regt tried by the same 
Cort for Desartion, found Guilty and sentenced to run the 
guantlet through Cortland's Spencer's & Cilley's Regt with 
a sentinel at his Breast to regulete his pace, the Genl. approves 
'tfhe sentence & orders it to be executed at the head of the 
Regt tomorrow at six oclock in the afternoon. 

Lieut. Munday Qr. Mr. to the 2d X. York Reg't tried by the 
same Cort Martial for behaving unbecoming the charecter 
of an Officer & Gentiiman in accusing Capt. Greham, Hallet 
and Wright, & Doct'r Menema, of fraud and partiallity in 
settleing his Rank, after they had been specially appointed 
by him for that parpose, found guilty of the charge and sen- 
tenced to be reprimanded in orders and ask pardon of Capt'n 
Greham, Hallet & Wright & Dr. Menema, waid on the gen- 
tiiman before mentioned to-morrow at 4 o'clock in the after- 
noon at Col. Cortlands Marque, and ask their pardon. 

However mortifying this sentence may be to Dt. Munday 
the Commaiid'r in Chief canot but consider it as a light pun- 
ishment for an Officer who after submting the dexition and 
settlement of his rank to gentlemen of his own choosing will 


accuse tliem of Fraud & pnrtiallity barely because their judg- 
met did not cornpound witli his — it is empossible that the 
jugment of men appointed to settle a controversy can be par--- 
fectly Pleasing to boal.h partys, -and if the party disatisfied 
may with empunity censor those who are appointed to de- 
termine the matter — theie must soon be an end of that use- 
full method of settlcing disputes. Lt. Munday must in this 
view of he Maihcr be conssious of his own errors as well 
as sensible of the Lenity of the Cort Mar'l by which he was 
Tried by a Gen'l Cort. Martial of which Lt. Col. Smith is 
President, the following prisoners were tried & sentenced, 

John Thomas, cf Spencers Regt. charged with stealing 
Hogs & found guilty is sentenced to receive fifty Lashes and 
leturn the money he received for the Hogs to the owner. 
Silas Simmons, Joseph Tucker & Thomas Gobun, of Celley's 
Regt. charged with stiagling,' from carr.p & killing a num- 
ber of hogs the property of the Inhabitence found not guil'ty 
&. sentenced to be released from confinement. 

James Farmer, Charles McLaughlin, John Rush and Enoch 
Leonard, of the 1st Jercy Regt., tried & found guilty of 
stragiing from camp and killing a numljer of hogs the prop- 
erty of the Inhabidonce are sentenced to receive Twenty-five 
leashes each. 

Frances Walker & John Feittlc tried for the same crime 
but found not guilty, are sentenced to lie discharged from 
confinement. David Mamford, James Willhead and Josh 
O.iborn, charged with the same crime and found guilty, are 
sentenced to receive each Twenty five Lashes. The Gen'l 
approve the several sentences and Orders the punishment to 
be enflictcd at the head of the Reg't to whome the belong 
to at Roll Call this Eving, he likewise Orders the prisoner.s 
found not guilty to be emediately discharged from confine- 

The Genl. Cort Martial which of Lt. Colo. Smith is presi- 
dent to set To-m.orrow morning at 9 o'clock for the trial of 
such prisoners as may be braught before them. 

Officers commanding Corps are requested to recommend a. 
non-commisd. Ofiicer as a Clark to the Commisy. at this Poast. 

Doct'r Rebert Llenry of the Gen'l Hospital is appointed to 
do the duty of Regmental surgeon to the 1st Jercy Regt. and 
to be Respected accordingly. 

Guard to parade at 2 o'c'l'k. 

• Sub. Scrjt. C. P. 
Hands Briga'e 1 1 12 


B. Orders. 

Adjutant of the Day to-mol•l•o^v, Lt. Weidman. 
All the Diiinis and Fifes of the Brigade to attend ou the 
Grand parade To-morrow morning at Guard Mounting. 


Sub. Serjt. C. P. Orderly. 
Germ. Regt 1 1 1 14 Serjt. 

Head Quarters, June 26ih, 1770. 

Parole C. sign. 

Field ofTicer for To-morrow, Majr. Norris. 
Brigade I\Iajor, Ross. 

• Detail. 

C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 
Hand's Brigade 1 1 2 2 1 1 20 

Until! the v/hole army are assembled and a more extensive 
and gen'l regulation can take place the following is to be 
observed — 

Gen'l Maxewills Brigade to consist of Day tons, Shecves, 
Ogdons, Spencers Regt's. 

Gen'l Poor's to consist of Cortland's, Scamraels, Celleys, 
Reeds Regts. 

Gen'l Hand's to consist of Arraand's Shott's, Hublcys, Ger- 
man, Independ't & Ranging Com'y Regts. 

Should the weather Permit Gen'l Poor will move with Two 
Regt. of his Brigade To-morrow morning across the rever and 
talie Post as nearly opposite where the othei- two Regts of 
his Brigade are encampt as the ground will allow emcJeately 
upon his ariival there. 

Colo. Spencer will move his Regt. to This Phice and join 
Gen'l Maxewclls Brigade ai which Time the companice of 
Forman's Corps will join Col. Spencer's. 

The Commi.=y on no pretence what so ever is to Issue Bad 
provisions to the Troops he is to cause all the meat to be 
enspected—and make report of what is damaged he will serve 
two days Fieih provisions to the Whole Army, on the next 
drawing -Jay, fj- the future should there be occation of a 
Cort of lr.?pecL'i,n over Provision it to be appointed by the 
Commanding Ofiicer of the Regt. and Report there of to be 
sent to Head Quarters. 

30 • ORDEl^LY BOOK. 

James Farmer, Charles Mclaughlin, John Rosh, Enuh Leon- 
ard, David Munfort, James Whilepard, and Joseph Osburn all 
of the 1st Jersey Regt. sentenced by a Coit Martial, where 
of Col. Smith is president and derected to be punished by 
yesterday's orders are In consideration of their former good 
behavier and the Oplicatioas of their Officers, ordered to be 
released f;om iheir confineiuent without punishment. 

The President of the Cc»rt Martial will please to send for 
those prisoners who yet remain in the Provost Guard chared 
with the same crime but Irave not received their Trial, and 
after giving them an a.dmeaition, order them to be released — 
Tho the Commander in Chief is endused to believe that the 
crime of these persons was in some measure owing to ignor- 
ance yet ignorance of orders and articles of war is in itself 
a crime and such a one too, as the soldiers must not e.xpect 
to have passed over in future with empunity. 

Villiany which appears m the conduct of John Thomas en- 
duces the Genl. to order his punishment to take place agree- 
able to the orders of yesterday. 

Non Comis'd Ofhcers and soldiers are possetively forbid 
going without the Lines of the camp one any pretence what 
ever without a reitten their Commanding Officers — Doer. 
Henry is ap[)ointed to doo ihe diuy of surgeon to the 3d Jer- 
sey Regt. and not the first as was mentioned in yesterday's 
orders this mistake. 

The Troops (Genl. Poor's Brigade excepted) to attend de- 
vine service at Ten oclock tomorrow morning. Geu'l Hajid's 
Brigade and Procters Corps near the Fort. 

Maxwells at their own Camp. 
B. C. 

Adjutant of the Day tomoncw. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. Orderly 
German Regt 1 1 1 1 .. .. 13 serjt. 

Head Qiiarters, Wyoming June 27th, '79. 
Parole Vergenia C. si£,'n, Treutown. 
Field officer for tomorrow, Clo. Shreve. 
Brigade Major— Sproate. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. 
Hand Brigade 1 2 3 3 1 1 

Onr>ERLY BOOK. 31 

Thomas Twedy Gunner & Thomas Ix)gue matross in Colo. 
Proctors Regt. of ArtiU-:-ry trid for Desartion by a Gcn'l Cort 
Martial were of Colo. Smith is President, ^Yere found guilty 
and sentenced as follcws^ — 

Thomas Twedy to receive fifty Lashes, but on account of 
his former good behavior, the good character given him by 
his Officeis, the propritty of this behavior while on trial and 
the appearance of hs being realy sensible of his error, the 
Cort beg leave to recommend him in the strongest tremes 
to the clemency of Ih? Commander in Chief— Thomas Logue 
to receive one hundred Lashes on his bare back. 

The Genl. approves the sentence of the Cort and Orders 
Logues punishment Its take place this Evening at the Park 
of Artillery, but in c-ransequenco of the Request of the Cort 
Martial and the FavoaTable representation of Thomas Twedy.^; 
former behavior his punishment is remitted. 

Brigade Orders. 
Adjutant for the slay Tomorrow — Weidraau. 

C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 
German Regt., 1 1 1 2 1 131 

Head Quarters, Wyoming June 2Sth, '79. 

Parole. C:sign. 

Field officer for Tomorrow — Col. Spencer. 
Brigade Major— Ross. 


Hands Brigade, C. sub. S. C. D. P. 

Mr. Branon is appointed Issueing Comisy. to the Comander 
in Chief, Adjutant Gonl. Qr. :Mr. Genl. and those of his De- 
partment & Col. Proctor's Regt. of ArJlIcry. The Commia'y 
at this place is permitted to employ untill further orders 
James Stuart & Xaih'l Church, both of Coll. Spencer's Regt. 


C. ^ul). S. C. P. 1 orderly 
German Regt 1112 oO serjt. 


Head Quarters Wyoiuiiig Juue 29, 1779. 

Parole Albany— C: sign Ringsiowu. 

Field Officer for the Day Tomorrow— CI. Butler. 

Brigade Major — Sproat. 

Thomas Donaldson, Corpl. and Jno. Allen prvato in Colo. 
Spencer's Regt. tryed by a Geu'l Coart Martial of which Coll. 
Smith is President, for stoping Capiain Hav.'kins, and Captain 
]^t. Chorry on the Road & the atreing their Lives under pre- 
tence of athority, were found guilty of the 'charge and sen- 
tenced as follows to wit: 

Coi-poral Thomas Donaldson to be Reduced to the Ranks 
and receive one Hundred Laihes— John Ailen run the gaunt- 
let twice through Gen'l :\Iaxweirs Brigade — the Gen'l approves 
the sentence and orders them to be e.\ecuted this Evening at 
Roll Call. 

The Sentence of Death passed upon Lawrence ililler and 
Michel Roselerry whereof Genl. T^Iaxwell was President and 
approved off by the Commander in Chief at Easton in the 
Orders of the sixth instant, is derected to be executed upon 
the said Lawrence Miller and ^Michel Rosebury the day aftei- 
tomorrow in the afternoon betv.'een the houis of two and 
four oclock. The Quarter Master Genl. will cause a gallows 
to be erected at a suitable place for the purpose. 

Brigade Orders. 

Adjudent cf the Day Tomorrow — Weidman. 
AH the Drums and fifes of the Brigade to attend on the 
Giand parade at Guard Mounding Tomoirow morning. 

After Orde.s. 

Genl. Hand's Brigade will be mustered the day after to 
morrow at 11 o'clock in the forenccu when the muster 
master is den ctcd to attend ca the Grand pa:ade the place 
anointed for muster. 

By Genl. SulHvans Command. 
June 2yth, '78. F. BARBAR, Adjt. Gen'l. 

Head Quartf IS Wyoming SOth June, 
Parole Nev/jiort — C:sign Boston. 

Field officer for the Day tomorrow Lt. Collo. Dehard. 
Erigade Major — Ross. ^ 



The officer who ordered Andrew Kueiabacker and Henry 
Elliot of the 2nd N. York regt. confmded are desired to send 
their crimes with the names of the evedences in writing to the 
Capt. of Main Guard without senting at the same time his 
crime in writing — the Officei's of the Guard to be very par- 
ticular in furneshing tlie Officer of the day and his re- 
lei ving officer with an Accurate Return of His Prisoners 
their crimes, and hy home confined. 

Colloncl A.rmnnds Corps being derected by his Excelency 
Genl. Washington to Join the Army under his command is 
ordeied to he in Readiness to march tomorrow morning at 
seven cclock. 

Captn. Vananglen late of the 1st Jercy Regt. is appointed 
commlssery to GcnI. Hand's Brig-.".de. 

C. ■ Sub. S. C. D. F. P. orderly 
Guard, 1 2 .. .. 21 serjt. 

Head Quarters, Wyoming July 1st, '79. 

Parole Hartford— C: sign Farcfield. 

Field Officer for tomorrow — Major Conway. 

The Regimental surjeons are in future to make weekly 
returns of their sick, on every Saturday to doc'r Hageu Senr. 
Surgeon to the Flying Hospital. 

The Commissioned Officers of this Department, are to draw- 
as much soap as w't what the are already allowed, will amount 
to four ounces pr. week; Cummand'y Officers of Corps, who 
are not already possest of the Order of Battle, with explana- 
tion anexed will send their adji's to Head Quarter Tomorrow 
at Ten cclock to Take them. 

The Troops at this post will parade at half past Two Oclock 
this after noon to attend the execution of Michal Roseburry 
pnd I^iance Miller. The Field officer of the day will order 
Michal Roseburry to be first executed and Laurence Miller 
to be executed in fifteen minutes after. 

Maxwells B., 





S. C. D. 

5 7 1 
2 2.. 

F. P. 

1 87 

Hands i^, . . 
S— Vol. 


-6th Ser. 

.. 25 


Brigade Orders. 
Gen'l Hand will receive the amies & accrutriments of the 
Brigade himself on Monday morning at 10 oclock. 

Guard. Capt. Sub. Serjts. C. Privates. 

1 1 3 23 

After Orders. 
For other reasons besides that of having the attendance of 
the Band of Musec the Grand parade will here after be before 
the park of artillery. 

F. BARBER, Adjutant Genl. 

Head Quarters, ^Vyoming July 2d, '79. 

Parole Crsign 

Field officer for tomorrow — :Major Piatt. 

Brigade Major-Ross. 

Col. Butler will take charge of all the Boats tliat now are 
or may at this Poast no Boat to be Taken in futuer without 
his Orders, he is derecied to have them collected together a 
proper guard placed over them, and sufficent number of set- 
ting poles made, and put in store to be reaty when required. 

The Brigadeir Gen'l will please to Order small smoak houses 
erected for the purpose of smoaking such damaged meat as 
may be drawn by their Troops lieu of any such damaged 
Beef or pork, the will give an Order upon the Depy. Com- 
misy. of Isues for good meat to whom the Damaged }.Ieat 
when smoaked is to be delivered. 

Colo. Procter's Regnjcnt will for this porpose, be considered 
as conected with Genl. Hand's Brigade. 

When the Horses shall be assiged to the different Brigades 
they are to be distinguished by the follov/ing euitial Letters 

M. B. for Maxwell's Brigade; C. P.. for Clinton's; P. B. for 
Poor's & H. B. for Hand's Brigade. 

The Quarter Master Gen'l is derected to provide the several 
Brands emmedealy Horses Guards are not to suffer any 
Hourses on their costoty to be taken away without a written 
order from a Gen'l Officer the Com'g Officer of a Regt. or the 
Dep'y Qr. Mo. Genl. Captn. Fog is appointed Aid-de-Camp to 


Brigadier Gcnl. Poc.r and is to be resp-octed accordiugly — 
Colo. Proctor is permiiied to fire for experement sake; the 
grass hoper which he has fixed in of the Boats at four oclock 
this afternoon. 

The Genl' Cort :Martial whereof Lt. Colo Smith is President 
is d'solved, and another whereof Col. Ogden is appointed 
president is derected to set at 9 oclock Tomorrow morning at 
Colo. Butler's Quarters. lS2320^l ' 

Mr. Bemberton is appointed. *- 

Judg Advocate — Genl. r^Iaxwells. 

Brigade will furnish three Captains & six subalterns. 

Hands one Captn and Subalterns. 

Captn. Sub. Serjt. C. Df. P. 

1 1 2 2 2 IS 

Brigade Orders. 
All --the Armorers & Carpintcrs of tiic Brigade to attend at 
the Qr. r^Ir. Genl. this afternoon at four ocl'k and take his 
further Direction. 

■■ ■ . ; Head Quarters July 31st, 1779. 

Parole Count. Sign. 

Field officers for the Day tomorrow Colo. Smith. 

Brigade Maj.— Sprout. 

Such of the Troop as indines are permitted to bathe after 
roll call this evening. The Army are directed to attend divine 
service tomorrow at Ten o'clock in the forenoon the are also 
directed for the Future while on this ground to exercise tv/o 
hours in the Day to wit: from five to six in the morning 
and from six to seven in the evening. 

Maj'r Sprout who has hertofore acted as JIager of Brigate 
to Geneial Hand is continiscd in that appointmend for this 
Campaign and Lieut. Snowden, of the first Jersey Regt. is 
appointed Aid-de-Camp to the General during the same term 
the are to be respected and obeyed accordingly. 
Detail Guard. 

Sub. Serjts. Corpls. 

2 • 2 20 



Head Quarters Wyoming 4tli of July. 

Parole. C:sigu. 

Field Officer for the Day Tomorrow— Colo. Shrive. 
Brigade Major— Ross. 


Capt. Sub. Serjt. C. D. F. P. 
German Regt ' 1 3 .. .. 22 

Head Quarters, V\'yomiug July 5th, 1770. 

Parole Winchester. Cisign Frederick. 

Field officer for tomorrow — Colo. Spencer. 
Brigade ]\Iajor — Sprcal. 


C. Sub. Srt. CI. P. 
Germ Regt 1 2 20 

Head Quarters Wyoming July 6tli, '79. 

Parole Williamsburg. C:sign Hampton. 

Held Officer for the Day tomorrow— Lt. Colo. Dchard. 

Brigade Magw — Ross. . 

Notwithstanding the orders of the 24th of June with respect 
to Bathing, which Respeckted the Soldieis to certain hours 
was desined alone to provent those disorders which would 
otherwise insue. 

The Gen'l is astonished to see it broken in such frequent 
enstances, being hov.-ever determined to provent a practice 
so dangerous to the Health of the Trocps all Officers are hereby 
derectd to order and s+e that Twenty Lashes be enflicted 
instantly upon any Soldier that they may find guilty of a 
Breach of it in future. 

The Brigadeirs will please to order a sentinel at the most 
suteble fpots in Order to detect Delenquents of this kind, those 
whose health, may require there Beating oftner than the 
Order prescribed ' may obtaiu'd liberty for that purpose in 
writing from there Regemental Surjion, an ofllcer Command- 
ing the Regt. he belong to. 

The Order forbidding the Troops to straggle from Camp 
being as little attended to as that the same ernediate punish- 
ment to be Inflicted on any soldier found beyond the picket 


v.-itliuut a wiiteu pcrmi^-sion from the Comm'd'g Ofiicer of his 
Regt. and the more eutctuaily to p.ovenL them strag- 
gling and Plundering tLe luhabitantd he derects the Roll to 
be Called at neon as welt as morning and evening. 

Brigade (and not Regmentel) Qr. Mr. are to make Returns 
for stationary and ether articles in there Departments in this 
respect strict attention is to be paid to the allowance of Con- 
gress in the several articles. 

The Brigadier Gen'Is are to make an accurate estimation of 
the number of Horses necessary for their respective Bri- 
gades to answer the acquances and Demands for the Expe- 
dition from Ticga upwards — the are to notice that Thirty 
days Flour and the Tents are to be carried from there on 
horses which are to be encluded in this. Return. 


Ct. Sub. Sert. Ct. D. F. Privt. 

German Rt 1 .. 1 2 .. .. 20 

Fatigue .. .. 5 

Head Quarters, Wyoming July Tth, '79. 

Parole Germ. C:sigu Frank. 

Field officer for the Day tomorrow— ]Major Conway. 

Brigade Major — Sprcat. 

A Cort of enquiry of wliich Captn. Bunner is appointed 
President to set tomorrow morning at 9 o'cl'k at Colo. But- 
ler's Quarters to enqtiire into the complaind exhibited by 
Captn. Spalding against Major Munmond for Beating and 
abusing .Joseph Claj-k a Continental Soldier all witnesses are 
desired to attend. 

By a Gen'l Cort Tuartial whereof Coll. Ogdon is president 
Lieut. Munday of the 2d New York reg't was tried charged 
with behaving in a scandulous infamous maner unbecoming 
the character of an Officer and gentleman in sending insulting 
and abusing note, while under sentence of ^ Cort Martial to 
Capt. Jacob Wright and for leaving his arrest before being 
set at liberty. The Cert are of Opinion the first charge against 
Lieut. Munday is not supported the they conceive his note to 
be ill temed and improper the Cort are also of Opinion that 
Lieut. Munday is Kot guilty of the second charge, and acquit 
him of boath charges and had it not been for his note would 


have acqiiited him Avith honour. The Commander iu Chief 
approves the Sentence and releases him from his arrest. 

Elijah Rippee soldier in Colo. Spencer's Regt. charged wiih 
■Desartion was tried hy the same Coart and heing fotmd guilty 
v."as sentenced to one hundred lashes on his Bare Back. The 
Gen'l approves the sentence, but persuant to the recommenta- 
tion and request of the cort martial his punishment is re- 
mited and he is ordered to join his Regment. 

Andrew Kneckabacker of the 2d New York rog't charged 
with Desartion was trid by the same Cort, who after con- 
sidering the evidences produced by the prisoner in his own 
behalf, are of opinion he is entitled to the benifit of his Ex- 
cellency Genl. Washington's parolamation and should be dis- 
charged from confinement the Gen'l approves the sentence and 
orders him to join his Regmeut. 

Henry Elliott of the 2d New York Reg't charged with Disar- 
tion was twice called before the same court but no evidences 
appearing to support the charge is sentenced to be released 
from his confinement. The gen'l orders him to join his Reg- 

The Cort Martial whereof Col. Ogton is president is Di- 
sci ved. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. orderly 
Guard, 1 1 2 1 1 20 Serjt. 

Adjudant for the day tomorrow — Weidinan. 

Head Quarters "Wyoming July 8th '79. 

Parole C:sign 

Field oGicer for to morrow — Major Piatt. 

Brigade Major — Ross. 

It being beyound a Doubt that parties of Savages are hov- 
ering around Camp, the Troops are reminded of the Order 
against stragling. They are also foibid<len to dischaige their 
Musketto on any protence unless liberty be obtained for thai 
purpose from Head Quarters. 

Those who are deklected in a briach of this Order are to 
Receive Twenty Lashes upon the spot. 

Should the Commanding Officei's of Regriments judge the 


Hour of Exercise in the morning to bo unsuitable on acc't of 
heavy Fogs, they will change it to any other in the Day. 



* Head Quarters Wyoming 

-■ 9th July 1779. 

Parole., C:sign Winser. 

Field Officer for the Day Tomorrow — Colo. Shreve. 

Brigade Majer— Sproat. 

It being impossible that the Troops under their present cir- 
cumstances should be supplied with complete ration as all the 
articles can not be porcured a Board of Ofllcers is directed to 
sit imediately to dermine wath addiliony quantity of such 
articles as can be fuiuishod ought to be issued in lieu of those 
which cannot. 

The members of the Rord are Gcnl. INIaxwell, Poor & Hand, 
Colos. Shreve, Ogtou &. Spencer of the Jercy Brigade and 
Collo. Cortland fz. Ciley of the Newhampshire Brigade. 


Sub. Serjt. Corp. P. G. Fatigue. 
German Regt 1 1 2 20 4 

As it may in some instances be improper for the Troops 
to Bath in the mornings of those days which are pointed 
out in Order on account of unholsom Fogs, they are there- 
fore Permited to Bath either in the morning before Troop 
Beating or evening after Retreat, of Tuesdays, Thirsdays and 

A Regimental Cort Martial held at Wyoming July 10th, 1779, 
by order of Capt. Jacob Bunner Corad't whereof Capt'n P. 
Beyer was President. Members: Lt. Shugart, Lt. Swartz, 
Ensign Diffeuderfer, Ens'n Cierkner. 

Christ'n Castner a soldier in the Germ. Regt. confined tor 
speaking Disrecifull of Lt. Grometh's Carracter pleads not 

Capt'n Myers being Duly sworn before the Cort says that 
Castner cam to him and ask'd him what he should do about 
his sixty Doller Bill that he_ lost' when Lt. Grometh struck 


him he asked him whether he had proper proof that Lt. Gro- 
meth had it, if he had not. He would bether be still about 
the Mather, aud has not heard Castuer say any more about 
the same. 

Lt. Shugart being sworn says that the evening after Cast- 
ner had rec'd his punishment, came to him and Told him 
that he was punished wrongfully whereupon he told him not 
to si>eak in that manne.-, whereupon Castner made answer 
that he ought to be Righted and not to loose the sixty Doll'r 
Bill that Lt. Grcmeth took out of his Hand, he told him to 
go to his tent and he would see farther in the Mather, Cast- 
ner being at the Time a good deal in Liquor some days 
after he asked Castner whether he had Rec'd his money yet, 
his Answer was not, he then asked him whether he was sure 
that Lt. Grometh had it. his answer was he did not know but 
- said he lost it when Lt. Gromeih struck him. 

Serjt. Low being duly sworn Before the Cort says that 
Castner accused Lt. Grometh for Taking a sixty Dollar Bill 
from him but says that he did not see Castner have a bill 
at all in his hand, and further said not. 

Corpl. Burk being duly sworn before the Cort says that 
about half an hour after Lt. Grometh struck Castner that he 
saw Castner have a bill in his hand, but does not know the 
sum, and further says that heard Castner accuse Lt. Grometh 
for Taking a sixty Doll'r Bill from him. 

David Robison a soldier in the Germ. Regt. being duly sworn 
before the Cort he says that Kaufman came to stand guard 
in Castner's Place whereupon Lt. Grometh ordered Kaufman 
to lay down his accutroments and fetch Castner whereupon 
Lt. Grometh struck Castner a few strokes and bid him go in 
the guard liouse, and further says that he saw Castner have 
a bill in his hand when he came in but to the Best of his 
knowledge saw C'c^tnor ptit in his pocked, the Prisoner having 
nothing to say in his defence, the Cort after Maturs, con- 
sideration and hearing the Evidences are of a opinion that 
the Prisoner is guildy of injuring Lt. Grometh character the 
Cort thc-refor Order.-- him to run the Gauntlet once up and once 
down the Regt. 

The above sentence aproved of and Order it to be put in 
execution this evening at Rol Call. 


Head Quarter, Wyoming July luih 1779. 

Parole C:sign. 

Field officer for the day tciuorrow— Colo. Ogton. 

lirigade :\Iajor— Kos;?. 

The Deputy Qr. Mr. Genl. is Derected to make au emediall 
Return of all the Cont'l Kcises at this Place. 
'A Gen'l Cort Martial v.hereof Colo. Dayton is appointed 
president to set at Colo. Butler's Quarters on Monday morn- 
ing at 9 cclock for the Tiiel of INIajor Murnond and such Pris- 
oners as may be Brought before them. 

Lieut. Willard and all the evidences to attend the Cort at 
the time before raentioned—Lleut. Col. P'orrest is permitted 
to fire this afternoon at five ocl'k for the sake of experiment 
the liowitz fixed in one of the Boats. 


Taken up on the 7 Inst, at Bullocks Tavern a Bright Bay 
Mare about 15 hand high Trots and Canters well appears to 
be half Blooded her off hind foot white main and tail latly 
Trimed not branded the proper owner may have her by ap- 
ploying to Lt. Armetage of the Artillery. 


C. Sub. S. C. D. F. P. 
Germ. Regt 1 2 1 19 

Brigade Orders. 

The Brigade to attend Devinc Service Tomorrow morning 
at Ten ccFk at the Usual Place. 

Head Quarters, Wyoming July Uth 1779. 

■ Parole C:sign 

PTeld officer for the day tomorrow— Col. Spencer. 
Brigade Major— Sproat. 

The Commisseries are to Issue Rations of the several specirs 
of provltions hereafter mentioned' in the following quantities 
the additionall quantity being in lieu of such articles as du.iag 
cu)r present setuation cannot be procured to with lU lb. of 
soft Bread or I-^lcuer, or one lb. of hard Bread pr. day, IVt 


lb. of Fresh or sold Beef or one lb. Dried Beef or pork pr. 
day — 16 lb. of hard soap for one hundred men pr. week. 

The Commanding Officers of Corps to make a Return to ihe 
Adjt. Geul. of the names such soldiers under their command 
as doe not belong to the State where the Regment was reased 
in order that some method may be deviced to obtain for them 
the allowance made, either by the State to which they belong 
to, or that to whose Troops they are anexed. 

The commis'y is to take an exact account of all the cattle 
DOW on this ground have them colected and sent to Genl. 
Poor's encampment who will furnish a Capt'a Guard over 
them the commis'y will furnish the Capt. with an exact list 
of the number of cattle take his Receipt for the same when 
any cattle are wanted for use the Commis'y will send an order 
for a particular number to the Captain Commanding the guard, 
■who when his guard is relieved is to deliver to the Releiving 
Officer together with the cattle, the Original List and all such 
Orders as may have been received. The Officer Commanding 
those guards are frequently to have the cattle counted and 
see if any be missing and should there be, to Report it ime- 
diately, he will consider himself answerable for any neglect. 

The Gen'l again calls on the Qr. Mr. Gen'l for a Return of 
the Horses on the Ground. 

The soldiers strictly forbidden to burn the Rails belonging 
to the Inhabitants. Humanity dictates to ever\ solU'r that he 
should not add to their distress being already made miserable 
by a savage enemy. 

( C. S. P. C. D. F. P. 

Guard 2 18 


C. S. P. C. D. F. P. 

Guard 1 5 

Fatigue, 3 

Brigade Orders. 

Wyoming July 12th 1779. 

An officer and fifteen men from the Brigade, with axes to 
parade emediately <fe march to some convenient part of the 
woods in the nighborh(jod for the porpose of cutting about 30 
Sieth Sneeds or handles— The men cf tbis.Cornand to be such 
as are acquainted v.ith this kind of Business. 


'' Head Quarters, Wyoming July 12th, '79. 

Parole Co: sign 

Field Officer for the day tomorrow— Lt. Col. Dehard. 

Brigade Major — Ross. 

The Adjutant Gen'l will furnish the Brigade :Major and they 
the Adjutants, with forms for the Genl. Report of Guards. 
The officers of the day will acquaint themselves with those 
forms, as in future no others will be received. All parties 
who are sent from Camp are to make report to the officer of 
the day of their going- cut, of their Return, and if they may 
have made. 

The Ccmmisscry and Qr. Mr" will also make emmediate 
Report to him, of the arrival of Boats and waggons with 
stores — whatever officer or soldier shall discover any party 
of the Enemy he is to Report emmediately the same to the 
Field Officer of the day who is directed to Take every pos- 
sible method to acquaint himself with every material occur- 
ance in camp or in any part of the army^ by night or day 
and accordingly make Report thereof. 

The Field officer of the day is to give licence for the dis- 
charging of Firelocks that have been long loaded. He is per- 
mitted to charge and augment guaids or centinals, when he 
may judge it necessary as also to alter the counter sign, when 
a centnel discerts his Post by night or on any other suitable 


C. Sub. S. C. D. F. P. 

German Regt 1 1 2 . . . . 17 

Fatigue v 3 

Cort Martial 2 

Brigade Orders. 

One subaltern, one Serjant, one Corperal, and Twenty pri- 
vates to pareade tomorrow' morning at G ocl'k for Command 
to be provided with three days provision this evening. 

AD'M HUBLEY, Lt. Colo. 

Comm'g 3d P. B. 

Head Quarters, Wyoming July 13th, '70. 

Parole C:sign 

Field om<er for the day tomorrow— Major Piiilt. 
Brigade— Ross;; 

44 ORDERLY BOOK. . ' , 

The pickets of the Aimy being piincepally posted for the se- 
curity cf the camp the Com'r in Ciiief aerecls that the cen- 
tinals ba ordered invariable to fare outwards when an Ofncer 
is discovered coming towards ihem, they are emediately to 
halt and come to a proper sholdor faceing outwaids as before 
mentioned in which possiticn he v,-ill remain untill the officer 
passes them— If the officer passes in their Front they are to 
present their arms to him, provided he be entitled to that 
Complem't. But outuot to face to any other derection for that 
porpose. Ofncers commanding Plckits whou they turn out 
their guards are constantly to parade them with their front 
outwards and bring them to_a sholder but are not to pay any 
other compiem't to an Officer unless he passes in his Front, 
thire are to be establislied as envariable Rules to be dispenced 
•^vith in no instance but thai cf Receiving the Rounds at 
night which is to be practiced as usual, when the centinel are 
directed to let no persons .pass beyond their Lines, they are 
to stop immediately upon passing ii hut not before and unless 
they have written authority for passing they are to be com- 
pelled to return within the Line. No Officer on any pretence 
whatever is to take any horse out of the pasture except such 
as has been assined him for his own particular use. Gen'l 
and Field officers are requested to pay particular attention to 
this Order and see that it is nut in any Instance violated. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

Guard 1 .. 1 2 22 

Fatigue 1 .. 2 

Head Quarters, Wyoming .July 1.5th, '79. 

Field officer for the day tomorrow — Col. Dayton. 

IJrigade Major — Syrcat. 

The following particulars are to be observed in relieving 
guard.s, the new guard will march pass the old and form four 
Paces on its Right, both guards fronting the same way, viz: 
Tcv/ards the Enemy when the new guard approaches the left 
of the old one, the latter vv'ill p:es.-'nt arms, the new guard 
is to present their ai'ins immediately upon their taking post 
and halting. 

Officers commanding Guards are up^n no Account whatever 
to leave their Post except for the Puipose of visiting centi- 
nels and examining the ground round their guards. 


All the Tents of ihe Army at this Post are to be struck 
(tomorrow luorning at 9 o'clock the ground on which the> 
stand to be swept sud cleaned in the best manner, the brush 
& other Fiiih burnt, at one in the afternoon the Tents are to 
be pitched regularly. 

The Com'g officer of the first Jersey Regt. will review the 
fron.t of his Encampment. 

As Waggons will not be wanting for this Army the Com'r 
in Chief directs that those which properly belong to the army 
be sent to the fort at Wyoming and left in the care of Col. 

Col. Procter will take the Bodies of the Waggons belonging 
to the Commander in Chief and such other covered ones as 
ho may find necessary for securing the ammunition in its 
Passage up the River. 

The Brigad'rs & officers Com'g Brigade will call upon the 
commissary of Mil. Stores for a sulficient supply of ammuni- 
tion for their respective Brigades, which they will have placed 
in a covered Waggon and conveyed with the Stores of the 
Brigade, the Ilorst.s now annexed to those Waggons will be 
used either as riding or Pack Horses and the iniisted Wag- 
goners employed as Pack Horse men. 

The Qr. Mr. G'l will immediately have all the Horses of 
the Army well shod ami see that every thing in his Depart- 
ment be in perfect readiness for the mo^ ement of the army. 

Officers command'g Corps will see that their men's arms 
are in the best crdc-r & that their cartridge Boxes aie filled 
with ammunition. 

Fred'r Bongbanih, John Smith & Fred Shoemaker Pack 
Horse Drivers tritd by a gen'l Court Martial whereof Col. 
Dayton \sap. President were found guilty of desertion and sen- 
tenced each to receive fifty Lashes on his bare Back and each 
to pay twenty dollar.s as a premium to these who took them 
up. The Gen'l approved the sentence of the court &. orde;s 
it executed this Evening at P.oll C;ill at the Head of the main 


A Roan Horse with a Roman nose & Marked S. B. the pri- 
vate property of one of the Gen'ls Family has been removed 
from the gi-ound on which he was turned to graze & it is 
supposed has been taken by fiome Person on a presumtion of 
his being public property whoever -has Possession cf said 
Horse is hereby desired to retu:-n him (either) to the Place 
from whence he was taken or to Head Quarters &, he may 


rely on a rroseeution who hereafter uses him, wilhoiU tli3 
owners couseut is first obtained. 

B. 0. 

The. several Regts. & Corps of the 3d P. Brigade are imme- 
diately to make Returns to the Major of Brigade of the Quan- 
tity of Ammunition wanting to complete their several Corps 
to 43 Rounds exclusive of which a reserve of ammunition is 
to be drawn by the Com. M. Stores for the Brigade. 

The Brig. Major is to digesi the Returns into a Brig. Return 
and deliver it the Brig'd Com'y who is to loose no time in 
having it executed. 


S. S. C. D. F. P. 

10 2 22 

3 fatigue. 

Hd. Qtrs. Wyoming July 16, '79. 

Field offr. of the Day tomorrow — Colo. Spencer. 
Brig'd Major— Ross. 

Gen'l Poor, Colonel Cilley & Lt. Col. Dearbourne ore ap- 
pointed to settle a matter of claim between Col. Spencer & 
Lt. Col. Hubley to some soldiers who had belonged to late 
Malcolms Regt. 

They are requested to .sit tomorrow morning at ten oclock 
at Col. Spencer's Marquee. ; 

C. S. S. C. DP. Pr. 
2 2 23 

1 3 fatigue. 

Head Quarters, Wyoming 'July IT, '79. 

Field Officers for the day tomorrow— Lt. Col. D. Hart. 

Brigade Majer— Sproat. 

The Drivers furnished at Easton for Col. Procters Artillery 
from the thiid Jersey & second & third New Hampshire Regi- 
ments are ordered foithwith to join their respective Corps. 

Col. Poctor will acquaint the Adjt. Gen'l of the number of 
Drive: s be shaU require during the campaign, who are to be 


selected in duo Proportion from the several corps in the 

Guard Detail. 

C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Ill 14 

- 1 2 

Head Qrs. Wyoming .July IS, 

Field Officer to morrow— I.t. Col. Smith. 
B. M.— Ross. 

Head Qrs. Wyoming July 19, '79. 

Field officer for the day tomorrow— Majr. Piatt. 

B. M.— Sproat. 

Lieut. John Dtnnet of the third New Hampshire Reg't is 
promoted to Captn. Lieut, vice Capt. Lieut. Simpson resigned. 

Majr. Murnand having amicably setled the difference be- 
tween himself & Lieut. Willard is released from his arrest. 

Genl. iNIaxwells Brigade will furnish eight Drivers for the 
Artillery, Genl. Poors eight & Genl. Hands four. 

Lost a few days ago a small polished steel spur, whoever 
has found the same and will deliver it at Head Quarters shall 
be thankfully rewarded. 

C. S. S. C. DF. P. 
1 2 IG 

3 Fatigue. 
2 Waggoners. 

Head Quarteis, Wyoming July 2uth "79. 

Paiole C:sign 

Field Officer for tomorrow— Col. Dayton. 

Brigade Major— Ross. 

Agreeable to the report of Brigadier Genl. Poor Col. Cilley 
and Lt. Colo. Dearbourn appointed to settle a matter of claim 
to some soldiers in dispute betv.-een Cello. Spencer & Lt. Colo. 
Hubley Late Captn. Hentoi's Corap'y formerly belonging to 


Col. Malccmb's Rogt. but sence aanexed to Col. Spencer are 
ordered to be traiisl\r'd to ihe I^egt. novv under tbe cumniand 
of Lt. Col. Hubley. 

Officers Commanding Guards are to be paiticularly atteniivo 
to the Instruccions they may receive from those whome they 
relieve they are to see that their non-commis'd Ofllcers like- 
wise receive their proper order a: e acquainted with the duty 
of Centinals, and possest of the particular Instructions to be 
delivered to them. They are frequently themselves to visit 
their Centinals, and examine them as to their duty in general 
as well as the directions they have received for their particular 
post, in short they are to consider themselves accountable for 
the behavior of their guards and that the character are in 
seme measure ofiected by it. The non-commis'd officers re- 
lieving Centinals are to listen attentively to the Orders de- 
livered to the lelieving Ceutiual and see that they are accurate. 

Officeis are derected to aequaint themselves particularly 
with the mode precribed for receiving the Grand Rounds. 


C. S. S. C. P. 
Guard, 1 1 1 1 16 


s. s. c. p. 

Guard, 1 .. .. 6 

Weeks Command. 

c. s. s. c. p. 

Head Quarters, V/yoming July 21st, '79. 
Parole — Jamaica. Counfrslgn — Prooklin. 

Field Officer for the day Icrncrrow— Col. Shreve.. 
Brigade Major— Spioat. 

The Gen'l congratu'ates the army en the glorious an<] em- 
portant Intelligence leceived his Ex'y Gen'l Wash- 
ingtcn's Head Qrs. by a Letter from one of his Family of 
which the follov.'ing is an extiact — 

Head Qrs. New Vv'indser IC July, 4 ocl'k. 
Permit me to congratulate you on the success of cm army 
in this Qua-tcr cf a most glorious and entoresting nature. 
}3rigadler Genl. Wain with part of the Light Infantry sur- 


prised and took prisoners the whole of the Garreson Stony 
Point Last Night with all there Cannon Stors, Mortars, Ho- 
witz tents Baggage &c. without the toss of more than four or 
five privates— no oITicer killed or badly wounded — Genl. Wain 
received a slight in the Head with a musket Ball. 

The garrison consisted of British and Newlevies, with two 
or three companies of graunadiers besides Ariillery. 

We have been able lo obtain an exact list of the stors or 
prisoners but all account make near six hundred to have com- 
posed the garrison. 

The Commander in Chief acyuainis the Army that had the 
Bord of V\'ar complied with his Request and their own engage- 
ments respecting cloding at this Past would not row be suf- 
fering through want of any article in that way. 

Altho he has been disappointed from time to time and had 
almost dispaired of receding any suitable supplies of the 
kind yet, from late advice he promises himself the satisfac- 
tion of relcivmg at least the absolute neces-uties of the Troops 
before they move from hence. 

The honorable the Ccngiess have been pleased to come to 
following Resolutions: 

In Congress 22d June 1779. 

That majors in consideration of their Extra duty as Brigade 
Ini'pectois and Majors of Brigade receive Forty four Uol'r pr. 
mouth in addition to their Regimental pay. 

That Congress entert-sin a grateful sence of the vertues and 
services of those faithi'ull and zealous soldiers who at an 
early period engaged iai the armies of this State during the 
War, and to encourage a continuence of their exertions; and 
as far as circomstances admit to put them on a footing pe- 
cunary matters with tfcs soldiers, Gen'l Washington be im- 
powcied to Older a grasuety of One Hundred Dollars each to 
be paid to the men so enlisted during the war, this gratuity 
to bo Pai'l only to such soldiers as enlisted before the 23 Day 
of Januury 1779. 

That the Adj't Gen'l for this timn being, be also Asst. In- 
spector Genl. 

The days command. 
C. S. S. C. P. 

4— Vol. XIV-6lh Scr. 


c. s. s. c. p. 


C. Subt. S. C. D. F. I'rivaies. 

•After Order. 

A Special CorL :Martial of which Brigad'r C7enl. Poor is 
appointed president to set tonioi'iov; nuirning at Geul. Hands 
Qrs. to try a party of the German Regt. for Mutiny and de- 

Genl. ilaxweli's Brigade will as members two Field 
Onicers and three Captains — Genl. Poor one Field Officer and 
four Captains Genl. Hands Two Captains. 

The Majors of Brigade will furnish Mr. Pemberton the Judge 
Advocate with the names of their respective members. 

Detail for Cort Martial. 

I Captains. 

German Reg't, 

Mth. P. Regt., 1 


Selins 1 

Head Quarters, Vryoming .July 22d, '79. 

Field off. for the day tomorrow — Col. Ogton. 

Brigade Major — Ross. 

Parole, Stony Point. C:sign Wain. 

In consequence of the grateuty of one Hundred Dollers by 
Congress to each soldier enlisted for the War, before the 23ih 
Last Jf.-nuary — Commanding Officers of Regts. and Corps are 
derocted to make accurate Return or List of the names of 
euch soldiers as enlisted as before discribed distenguishing 
the (omii'y as in other Rcgemental Returns those are to be 
given to the Muster Master Mr. Waid as soon as possible. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

Guard 1 .. 1 1 IC 

Fatlgu.; 3 


Brigade Orders. 

July 22(1, 79. 
Returns to be emmcdeately made out for the Monthly allow- 
ance of writing Paper for each Regt. and Corps in the Brigade 
likewise for the number of orderly Books wanting the same. 
ADM. HUBLKY, J. Lt. Col. 
' Comt. 3rd Pa. Brigade. 

Head Quarteis, Wyoming July 23rd. '79. 

Field ofTicer for tomorrow — I^t. Colo. Smith. 
. Brigade Major — Sproat. 

Parole Newhaven. C:sign Stratford. 

In future no officer or soldier to have Leave of Absence 
except by Special authority from the Commander in Chief. 

Details. ' 


c. s. s. c. p. 

.. 1 1 2 20 ' 

Serjt. C. P. 

Three days ccmmand. 

Head Quaiters, Wyoming July 24th, '73. 

Field officer for the day tomorrow — Colo. Hubley. 

Brigade ?iIajor— Ross. 

Parole Arn — C:sign Morgan. 

The army to be in Readiness to march on Wednesday morn- 
ing. The ConiKisserics & Quarters to have every thing in 
there departmeiuE in perfect readiness as no excuse will be 
admitted for Delay. 

The public Hcirses of the v.hole army within any exception 

to be collected and assembled at the Ferry on the west side 

V the river on Tuesday morning at 9 o'cl'k v.-here an Officer 

with a proper detachment from each Brigade will attend to 

receive the Horses assigned them respectively it is expected 


that all the staff and ail cfTicer of whatever denominanoii 
who have paWic Horses will turn them in, at the time and 
pace hefo.e mentioned those who neglect to do it may expect 
to have theirs taken froja them and be obliged to perform 
their duty on foot during the residue of the Campaign— the 
Oiiicors entitled to horses ai'-e all derected to attend in order 
to receive their horses which are to be taken ouc in the fol- 
lowing manner, viz: 

Two horses to be chosen for the Command'r in Chief— two 
for Gtul. Maxwell— Tvv-o for Genl. Poor— and Two for Hand- 
then Two for Genl. Clinton— one for Col. Proctor- one for the 
Adjt. GcnI.-- one fOi' ;he Q.. Llr. Genl. — ihen one for the secr'y 
& each of the aid-de-Camp, of the Com'd'r in Chief one for 
each of the Aid-de-Camps of the Brigdrs Genl. and Brigade 
i\Iajors, the one for each CcL chosing according to Ptank, then 
one to each Lt. Col. according to Rank and to the Majors 
in the same manner, then one for the Surgeon Genl. then the 
Commis'y Gen'l then the Ad'judants of each Regts. then Cap- 
tains of -the Artillery then me surgeons of the Hospital then 
Brigade Qr. },Irs. and Brigale Commis'ys, then the Surgeons 
and Chaplins of the army, then such others of the staff as 
are entitled to Horses, all Orncers cf the Line except those 
before mentioned are possstively forbidden to ride as there 
place will be constantly witlk their Platoons and Divitions. 

After the above Distrebuilon has Taken Piace and Twenty 
Pack Horses are selected fer the Ccnimander in Chief the 
residue are to be distrilnu'^d accoiding to Quality to Genl. 
Maxwell's, Poor's, Hand's '.nd Col. Procters in the manner 
as following viz: 

To Gen'l Maxwells, 300. 

To Gen'l Poor's, 300. 

To Gen'l Hand's, 200. 

To Collo. Procter's. 100. 

The Rest of the Horses to be eraidoyed in carrying the 
Public stores of the army, the Horses assigned to the Bri- 
gades and Corps to be furnished with Pack Horse men from 
the siveral corps to v/hiclt they are assigned, and as the 
Horses assigned to the seviiral Corps cannot all be employed 
Leteen this and Tioga in C.'srrying stores for there respective 
Corps, they are to be Loaded with the Public stcu'es of the 

'i'he Command iiiK OHIcers will apijcint Ccndurtors to them 
who will' apn[y i-- f-!--^ Cr. Mr. a;; 7'^.\r.r,,'. '■^- f. r ;' in-;-', Sia;).^. 
nnd halter.-, an: .-.zvy clhc Thing iilc:^.-o. y f^.- ih'iir Horses 


and take tlieir Loadiiig on ducsday afternoon, so as to be 
ready to move on Wednesday morning, the Qr. Mr. will see 
that a proper of Puck Iloises Uie assigned to the 
Staff and together Nviib the Commibi'y of Provisions and Mili- 
tary stores v.ili cau:^i- that every thing be properly collected 
and arranged against Wednesday rijornins. 

Col. Band will see ihat all the Horses are eolected by the 
time prefixed for disiribiUion. 

The Commis'y vrill have the Cattle so disposed on Tuesday 
night that the might be ready to move ou Wednesday morn- 
ing the Commissary Qr. Mr. and Commis'y of Millitary stores 
f-vill call upon the Adjt. Genl. for such Parties as may be 
aecesiari to Carry it.y:c orders irto expcntio'i 

Col. Bond will astign the Pack Horses whom he has pro- 
cured & such horses as are not assigned to Corps. 

Gen'l Poor's Brigade will move early on Tuesday morning 
to this Post, after which all the waggons belonging to the 
Army will be send fco the fro't and Left in care of Col. But- 
ler, the v/aggon Horses will be turned in to serve as halt and 
Pack horses and th? waggons are to be Einployed as Pack 
horse men — Tv/o Captns. six subalterns, and one hundred men 
of those Least able to indure a march to be draughted for 
this garrison and pu- under the command of Col. Butler. 

The Commander it Chief returns his thariks to Genl. Hand, 
Major Conway & Capt. Rice & Procter Cummings Sc Meade & 
to the Officers and Sjldieis under their Com'd for their great 
exertion? in bringing forward the stores of the Army with 
such Expedition and thereby giving such striking Evidences 
of their orders in lie cause of their cuntry as well as zeal 
for the present expelition the care and attention and activity 
of Commis"y steel in procuring and forwarding supplies for 
the Army afford the most Fiatring Prospect of what the army 
may expect from a man of his assiduity and at the same Time 
demands the Gen 'Is most gratfuly acknowledgements. 

The Order of r^laroh from hence to Tioga will be in the 
orders to mo;row. 

Gen'l ^Maxwell, Ptor and Hand are appointed to settle the 
Rank of Lt. Mundaj, freily and hardenborg of Col. Corilands 
Regt. they are to uieet for this porpose at Gen'l Poor's Qrs. 
en Monday morning at 9 ocl'k. 

The Comp'y of Ljght Horse of Col. Hubly Reg't to be im- 
mediately dismounl-sd, their arms & accrutramenis to Ije de- 
livered to the Cornxus'\ of Military Stores, and tlipir Horses 
to the Qr. Mr. thty are to join their respective Conn^'ys and 
do duty as Infantrj. 


The Qr. Mr. and others who have iu Possession any Mili- 
tary stores arc to deliver them this day to Captn. Topham 
the Commis'y cf Military Stores who is to make a Return 
of all tba Militery stores to the Com'dr in Chief by 10 ocl'k 
tomorrow morning the officers Commanding Corps to make 
Returns of Armes, Accrutraments and ammunition wanted for 
their Troops against Monday Ten ocl'k forenoon. 

The Party of the German Battalion Tried by a special Cort 
Martial of which Brigadier Gen'l Poor is President for ]Mu- 
tiny and Desertion v,-ere found guilty of the charge and sen- 
tenced as follows viz: 

Joseph Alexander, Fred"k Kerls, Jacob Bottouier, Philip 
Cccrk, and Geuig Ouenberger to be shot to Death. 

Fred'k Mos:=er. I'red'k Sipperil, Corperals to be reduced to 
the Ranks and run the Gauntlopo through Gon'l Maxwells, 
Gen'l Hands Brigade and Col. Proctor's Regi . all the Rest 
to run the guantlope as al-ove. 

The Commander iu Chitf approves the Sentence and orders 
them executed on Monday next at four ocl'k in the afternoon. 

Lieut. Col. Forrist's Camp Equipage to be sold at five ocl'k 
this afternoon in front of the Park. 

Head Quarters, "Wyoming July 25th, '73. 

Parole: France. CrSign Spain. 

• Field officer for the day tomoriow— Major Conway. 

Brigade Major — Sprcat. 

The army will march in ihe following Order for Tioga: 

Geal. Hand's Brigade wh^ch is to be considered as the Light 
Corps of the army will more in 'Three Collums. 

The will keep less than a raile in advance of the main army. 
Genl. Maxwell will advanc-^ by his Left, then Gen'l Poor by 
his right. 

The Flank Guard on the right to consist of a Field Officer 
and two hundrf.d men in two Diviticns. The Flank Guard 
on the I^-ft to consist of 2 Capt. and sixty men in two Di- 

The Pack Horses and Cattle to Follow in their rear of 
Genl. Poor's Brigade. 

The rear Guard is to Consist of a compleat Regt. taken 
alternately from Maxv.-eirs .; '_d Poor's Brigade. 

Those of Col. Procter's Eegt. who are not Required in the 
Artillery in the Boats will March in the rear ^of Maxwell's 


Brigade and Form ou his rigiit. The Main army will keep as 
nearly a Preast cf the Beats as possible, the horns are to be 
frequently sounded in boats lo give notice of their situation. 

A Captn. &. sixty men are tu advance a mile in front of 
the boats, on the west side- of the river to scour the country 
and give notice of Ambuscades in case cf their being attacked 
by Superier number the are to retreat across the rever for 
which purpose Four Light Boats are to be kept advanced of 
the Fleet nearly a breast of the party, to transport them across 
in case of necessity, in their Doats there are to be a Trusty 
officer and Twelve armed soldiers who are to be answerable 
for the ?cnduct cf the Fonts. 

Col. Proctor will Take post with his pieces of artillery 
which will be fixed in the Boats and have the direction of the 
v.-hole Fleet, he will Take such ofTicers and men with him 
as he shall find necessary. 

When a warm firing Commences against the Light party on 
the west side of the rever, the armed Boats will emediately 
proseed to the Place to cover the party by their fire, should a 
Fire begin with the Main Army, Col. Proctor will wait for 
orders, he is also derected to establish signals to notify the 
fleet how to Conduct in case of attack or other Emergency. 
The Brigadiers to see that a covered waggon be filled with 
■ ammunition and put in to proper Beats for their respective 

Doct'r William Kinnersly is appointed surgeon to those 
Corps in Genl. Hands Brigade, not already provided, and is 
to be obeyed accordingly. 

The Commander in Chief upon further consideration is con- 
vinced that the Light Horse comm.anded by Capt'n Carbury 
may be of esential service in the present Exped'u the order 
of yesterday for dismounting that Corps is susspended until" 
further orders they are ■^erected to doe Duty with the Light 
Corps under the commaniii of Genl. Hand. 

The not knowing the Eames of all the Officers who assisted 
in forwarding the stores from Estherton and Sunbury men- 
tioned in the orders of yesterday the names of some and 
omitted others of. Equal and Superier Ranks whome he did 
not then know where coFicerned he therefore esteems it his 
duty to inform such that it was his entention to extendis to 
all the officers and snIdJers who assisted in forwarding the 
stores being convinced of their merrit and exertion, as well 
from Genl. Hand's Ix.tters as the short space of time they 
took tn perform the Arduous and Important Task. He means 


these explanotary;s, as an appolegy to those not men- 
liL-ned yestciday r.nd wC exiircss hi3 ihani-S to ai! concerned. 

Brigade Orders, Wyoming July llolh, 'TO. 

The Commandiug cEceis of Corps are desired to make a 
Return to Genl. Hand as soon as possible of the number of 
men under iheir respective comma:id? unfit to proceed on the 
present Expedition, specifying the complaints which disqualify 
ihtm for immediate service. 

The Brigade Qr. Muster is desired to see a covered v.'aggon 
fixed on a good Boat to carry ammunition for the I5rigads 
agreeable to Genl. Orders of this day. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

Guard, 1 1 1 IS 

Fatigue, 2 

Head Quarters, Wyoming, July 2Gth, '79. 

Parole: Co. Sign. 

Field Officer for the day tornorrow~Maj. Piatt. 

Brigade Major— Ross. 

The several Coips to iiiake a Return of Muskets, Byonets 
Belts, Shot Bags and tther Accutraments which may be 
wanted also the number cf- shoes, blankets and other clothing 
Deficient, in order that aLose Articles on hand may be Dealt 
cut equally and others procured as soon as possible these FlC- 
turns to be sent in by eisht ccl'k tomorrow morning to Head 

A quantity of Buck Sho^t may be had from Captain Topham 
Com'y My. Stores. The conducter of Horses of the several 
Coips arc to apply to the Qr. Mr. emmediately for Pack sad- 
dles, slings &c. for the Hwses assigned to them respectively. 

Agreeable to the order cf the 24th all the Troops at this post 
will perade at four ocl'k this afternoon in order attend the 
execution of the sc.eral jpuuisliments to be enfiicted upon the 
Criminals belonging to tiie German Regt. The Place of Exe- 
cution will be on the rigM of Genl. Maxwells Brigade. 

Co!. AntLs is appoint''-} Conductor of Boats and is to be re- 
spected and obeyed as s-aeh— He is directed to perade all the 
Boatmen under his command this afternoon and Make accur- 
ate return of them to the Commander in Chief. 


He will emm^dir.tely examine the situation of tlie oars and 
setting poles, and make a Return of the deficency to Col. 

Detail for the Garrison to he Left behind. 

C; S. S. C. Df. P. 

Jercey Brigade, -. 1 2 3 2 2 40 

Poor's Brigade 1 2 2 3 2 40 

Hand's Brigade, 2 1 1 . . ~20 

Dtiail for Guard. 

C. S. 8. C. D. P. 

Guard, 1 1 2 .. IS 

Fatigue, 2 

Horse Guard 1 .. 1 •• 8 

Brigade Orders. 

The Brigade Qr. IMr. & Commis'y are desiret to apply to the 
Qr. Mr. Gen'l fur Boats to carry tlie Stores in their several 
Depaitments the Oflicers cf the Brigade entitled to Horses by 
liie Order of the 24ih Isst. are dtsi:ed to attend at the time 
and pla«^e vvhcre menticaed, as will to receive their Horses 
assigned them as to assist the Brigade Qr. Mr. who is to 
attend and see that the Horses delivered to the Brigade are 
equal in quality to thost: assigned other Brigades and to have 
the whole Branded agreeable to Genl. Orders of the 2d Inst. 
A sub'n, a serjt. & corpL and 20 Privates, from the Brigade 
to be berady to tal:e charse of the Horses untill they are dis- 
tributed to the different Corps when tliat is done each Corps 
will tal.e cf and drive t^ielr own. 

Serjt. Thos. Balding of Captn. Spaldings Indept. Comp'y who 
v/ES lately reduced by tfee senetnce cf a Genl. Cort ^Lartial is 
restored by the part'cule? request of Captn. Spalding. 

Return of shoes wanting in the different Corps, in the Bri- 
gade to be given in immiediately the Brigade Quarter Mr. who 
v.ill apply to the Coni'd? in Chief for an order for them with- 
out delay. 

After Orders. 

On account of the unsettled situation of the vreather the 
Execution of the several sentence of the Cort Martial upon 
the crimenals of the German liegt. is postponed untill to- 
morrow afternoon at five oclk. 

F. BARBER, A. Gen. 


Head Quarters, Wyoming July 27tli, '79. 

Parole: King's Brig. Crsign New York. 

Field ofiicer for the day tomorrow — Edwards. 

Brigade Major— Sprcat. 

A. Genl. Cort Martial lo set this morning at 9 ocl'k for the 
tryal of all the prisoners under the Main Guard not sentenced 
already Lt. Col. Hubley is appointed president of the cort who 
are to set at his Quarters. 

Gen'l Maxwell, Poor and Hand have examined the clams of 
rank beteen Lt. Mucday, Fauly and Hardenberg of Cortland's 
Regt.and reported that their Rank had been settled by mutual 
consent upon an arrangement of the Ilegt. was made, and sent 
to the Bord of War, they are therefore of Opinion that any 
alteration would produce confusion and genl. disatisfaction 
the Com'dr in Chief directs that the arrangement made out by 
mutual consent, and in con.siQuence thereof transmitted to 
the war ofiice be established. 

All the men belonging to Capl. Spalding's Compy and Ger- 
man Regt. howsoever they may at present be employed are 
ordered to repair emmediately to their respectiv Corps. 

All officers excep the Field to be supploied with Fuzees, or 
other Firelocks eramediately, such Field Officers as chosse will 
likewise supply thenise'ves. 

The camp Kittles wanted for the several Corps to be Trown 
emmediately the Comma.^ding Officers of Regt, and Corps will 
forthwith draw axes and slings to the rate of two for each 
Comp'y they are also to Furnish their Troops wath Knapsacks 
harversacks and canteeDi. compleat every artticle in every the 
partment that can be lanied on Pack horses is to be for 
that purpose caried in ;hat maner. 

The Cort Martial wha'ccf Lt. Col. Hubley is President is 
to sit all hours when iSte members can possibly alter untill 
all the Prisoners in the Main Guard are Tried. 

Officers Com'dg Regts, will order Regt'l Cort Martials for 
the trial of all Prisoner^ under their Quarter Guards. 

The Pack horse.'^ hav not arriv'd from Carlisle with flower 
and the waggons with j-tors from Easton, the March of the 
army commences tomorrow as Proposed, put as their are 
curly expected the Cfua'Vlr in Chif-f Request the Officers of 
every department to see tnat Every Ting is in tlie most parfect 
state of readiness. 

The horses will be devited and desingned this day when the 
Com'dr in Chief & other Genl. OiTUcis according to Rank will 
first choFo fore them-elV'S and familys then Col. Procter the 

Or.DERLY 130O1C. 59 

Adjt. and Qr. IMi. Genl. Uieu field officers according to Hank, 
tlie Engcueer drau-hig iviih ihe IMujor accoiding to the Rank 
he liokls it is net inieaJcd that Genl. Oliicers should draw 
batt. Bcrtman due- or PacK horses before all officers have their 
rideiug Horses. 

Horses for their own Kideing and that of millitarry assist- 
ance being desired all other officers are to Trow in the Corce 
in the order disciibed in the 24th Emmediatoly upon the 
horses being assigned to the Corps they are to be Branted 

The Troops are to be served with a gill of spirits this after- 

The Com'dr in Chief having received a Petition from the 
Piisoner of the German Batilion now under sentence Mana- 
festing their contiusness of the crimr^s of which they have been 
condemned and prome.sing in case of Pardon to distinguish 
themselves in Futer as Brave and Obadiant Soldiers ^\hich 
Pettetion being layed before a Board of Genl. Officers. 

In hopes that an Act of linety may have a Proper effect 
upon theie Futer condijct as well as that of others, they have 
iinanimausly advised a Pardon of all the offenders without 
Discrimination— 'Ihe Giu'l wishing to extend mercy where it 
can be done without Ingery to the Public Service— Has ac- 
cordingly consented to pardon each and every of the Offenders, 
Tryed and Sentenced by the Genl. Cort Martial whereof Brig. 
Gen'l Poor was President and Directs that they be imme- 
diately released and Restored to there duty, least this unfair 
act of linety should be abused and Soldiers Take the same 
unjustifiable ^Mesuers hereafter. 

The Com'r in Chief aljsolutely Declares He will not in futer 
Pardon a Desarter or cne who thoe his time be expired shall 
Quit his Corps without a proper Discharge from his Com'g 


C. S. S. C. P. 

Guard ] i 15 

Fatigue, 3 

After Orders. 

Many of the I'^ield Officers have represented that they have 
Horses which tboy wLih to ride during the campaign, the 
Com'r in Chief dir.ici:; that they keep such horses as they 
have in pnssission provided they keep each but one ridipf: 


The other Field officei'i to draw acccrdiug to their Rank, 
afier the Gciil. officers have taken out as the may Think neces- 

The Adjutant Gen'l and Qr. Mr. Genh are permitted Like- 
T.ise to retain each one riiiing horse. 

After, After Orders. 

The Conductor of lior-r-i will see all the public Horses of 
the army paraded precisly at 9 ocl"k tomorrow mcrning. Those 
officers who ha've by ilie orders of tiiis day been permitted 
10 keep those they have had are to parade them on the g^and 
Barade at 9 cork in the nicrning. 

A Person from the Qr. Mr. Genh to attend and take the 
Names of all Those ofhcers who keep their horses and return 
a List of them to the Cora'r in Chief.— The Qr. Mr. Genl. 
will attend himself at same time v.iiere the other Horses are 
paraded ai.d tak.e an acc'c of all the Horses delivered out to 
oflicers and Corps, he is to be very particular in charging the 
Horses to the respective Ofiicers and Corps to v/hom they 
are delivered and send a Return thereof to Head Quarters. 
All oflicers who may be possessed of Horses and do not comply 
with these requisions may depend on having them taken away 
and turned into ihe common stock. 

Col. Proctor will have horses of the Artillery paraded before 
the park at yc lirne above jlentioned, these to remain till the 
Division of horses is made. 

The Field officer of th^- day is to be furnished with two 
Captns. two sub"! and eighty men, with whom he is to examine 
the camp & its envi.ons E- to bring in all the horses not upon 
either of the Parades before. 

Those officers who as ye: have not had Horses assigned thera 
are instead of riding them to the Parade return them into the 
Coman Drove uusadled & unbridled, that they may have no 
greater advantage then ofners in the choice of Horses. 

No officers of the Line or staff to be out of Camp tom.orrow 
but by Special Leave from the Ccm'r in Chief. 

All officers intittled to Horses will attend to Morrow morn- 
ing at 9 ocl'k to receive iriem. A detachment from each Bri- 
gade to attend to receive the Horses assigned them.. 

All Public Horses in po--':ession of any onicer not permitted 
by the after orders of this day to retain in them are to bo 
returned into the ccmmnn stock e\cf pt the Horses particu- 
larly assigned to the Artillery. 

ORDEr.Ly BOOK. 61 

The Geii'l ofl'rs will order their Hordes to be itaraded on 
the giand Parade ic itiiiiu au aect. of them to the Qr. Mr. 

Deiail for Horse Guards. 

C. S. S. C. P 

To Take up horses, 1 1 G 

To Take horses in charge, 1 6 

Head Quarters, Wyoming July 2Sth, '79. 

Parole C:sign 

Field officer for the cay toman■o^v— CoL Daytou. 

Brigade Major — Ross. 

Mr. Samuel Read VoMuntier in the llth Pa. Regt, is ap- 
pointed Ensign in the same,- and is to be obayed accordingly. 

A Sufficieni number of Large Boats to be designed for the 
convaycucG of all liqueri belonging to the several state stors. 

At a Genl' Cort Martial whereof Lt. Ccl. r^abley is Prese- 
dent the following Prisoners, vas tried and sentenced, as fol- 
lows, viz: 

John Brayon cliarge-d with relisting and found guilty, was 
sentenced to receive Fiiiy Lashes and go into Detachment of 
Lt. Gore. 

Elijah Egses of the 2(1 New Jercey Regt. charged with De- 
sertion found guilty &. sentenced to Receive one hundred 

Thos. Fitsv.-orih of tLe same Regt. charged with Desertion, 
Found guilty is sentenc-rd to receive one hundred Lashes.- 

Philip Snyder Corpl. In the German regt. Charged vrith in- 
solence and Munity was Sentenced to be reduced to the ranks 
& Receive one hundred Lashes. 

The Ccm'r in Chief approves the sentences and Orders them 
to take place this Evenmg at Role Call before their respective 

The Detachment ordered to remain as a guard to the Garri- 
son at this Post to Parade tomorrow morning at 9 ccl'k on 
the Grand Parade wh-ere Col. Eutler will attend to Receive 
them a the Com'd of t^'.e garrison is committue to Col. Eutler 
he will furnish the mam guard in futner from his com'd vsdiich 
is to consist of a sub'rs and twenty four only. 

The Pif-ent Main GiJard v.ill March off tomorrow morning 
at 10 ocrk the ufiicer psivously to his Departure Notifying Col. 

62 OilDEkLY BOOK. 

Butler that he may imniofleately send ou the New Guard to 
pievenl the escape of prisoners. 

As the army %s-ill move the moment the horses arrive from 
Carlisle with the Kegs of Flour the Officer will see that every 
thing be in a perfect St?.te of for JNlarching. The 
B. Qr. Mr. will make a return to the Qr. Mr. Geul. of the 
number of Boats nessuan- to transport such articles as can 
not possibly bo cairied on horses Back. 

It is Exspcctcu that Every thing v.'ill be cairied on horse 
Back which can tianspoutd that way. 

The Com'r in Chief has not established a guard for himself 
as it would tent to weakJ^Ti the armv. he recommends it there- 
fore to all other oflicer.'-: to make their Guard as small as 

All the Boats & pack horsemen to be furnished with aims 
(£:. accutiainents tlieir cosidactor tu see this order put imme- 
diately in execution. 



Garrison Dctach't, 

3 days Com'd 


S. C. P 

2 1 2 IG 

After Orders 

It having been repieceritcd to tlie Com'd in Chief that John 
Brown of the first .Jtlc^'y Regt. had aljout two years ago 
diserted to the Enemy given them Intiliigence respecting the 
movemeni of the Ameiican a: my remained with them for a 
long Time, and lately leunnet under p.otence of takeiug the 
benefit of Gen'l Vv'ashingfon's Pioclamation, but supposed for 
■ the Porpose of acting a.~ a spy for the Enemy that sends his 
joining the reg't he has sobed and murdered a soldier cf said 
Corps — That upon the wiicle he is too dangerous person either 
to continue with the army or be send to any post of the United 

It is therefore dcrected that a Cort of Enquiry to set tomor- 
row moining at 9 ocl'k at Gen'l Hand's Qrs. composed of all 
the Brigades— Col. Dayion, Col. Ogcon, Lt. Col. Dohart and 
Major Piatt in order to -.x^imine the foundation of those rep- 
rcsentationi. and make report thereof to the Com'r in Chief. 

Allperscns who kiiowj ency thing re-pecting said cha;gus 
are desired lo attent the Cort aud at the Time and Place before 


All Reads detachment to attent as his Quarters tomorrow 
morning at S ocric where the will be served with a gill of rum. 

Ile-Oil Quarters, Wyoming July 29th, '79. 

Parole Leghorn. Crsign Lisbon. 

Brigadier of today tomorrow — Gen'l Maxwell. 

P^ield ofPcers— Colo. Shreve & Major Fish. 

Brigade Major — .^La^chral. 

The Guards and Fatigue party to parade tomorrow at six 
oci k. 

The Fatigue for Loatiiug the Boats and Pack horses is to 
consist of 401} men — one Hundred and seventy men are to be 
Trafted from the Line, who will also parade with the other 
parties— Colo. Proctor and Colo. Amis will arange and as- 
sign them to the several Boats. Col. Proctor will Please to 
examine the canon of the garrisan, and see the suetable quan- 
tity of Amouistion belef-; for them, he will at the same time 
assign such men for therr. as he may Judge necessary. 

The Commissary and Qr. Mr. v.-ill attend to the loating of 
the necessary articles la the Boats and Pack horses. The 
Brigadier and Field OfHctrs of the day, will give every neces- 
sary directions for haviirg Things in proper readiness for the 
army to move early on Saturday morning, they will also give 
directions for such guard as are necessary to secure the Boats 
and their loating. 

All sutlers are derecte^i forwith to quit the army and Colo. 
Butler is positively ordered not to suffer any at his post dur- 
ing the Expedition. 

The Commissary is ordered to receive what I^iquer the 
may have on hand, and Fay them a reasonable price for the 
same. Should any sutler after those Orders oiier to sell, he 
may expect to have his Jjiqiier taken from him without Pay. 
The Qr. Mr. Genl. will attend to the emmediate removeal of 
such as are not Inhabitants of this place. Such Inhabitants 
as hereafter to sell I-iquer may also expect to be removed. 

Col. Cortlandt, Lt. Ccl. Smith and Major Norris, are ap- 
pointed as a Beard cf Officers to enquire into a dispute of 
rank between Lts. Swartz and Cremer of tlie German Battalion, 
and report accordingly— the Eourd v/ill set at Col. Cortlands 
Quarters at 10 ocl'k tomorrow morning. 

The Commissary is derected to Collect from Sutlers and bor- 
row from State Store a ccaisiderable quantity of rum or spirits 


which is to be Issued in proper perportiou to the officers of 
the army previous to their march. 

C. S. S. C. P 

Guard, 1 1 1 10 

P^atigue, 1 1 2 27 

After Oi ders. 

The armes of (he a-iuy to be cleaned in the best manner 
Ivi wiacu purpose permission is given to discharge this Even- 
ing at Roll Call such of them as may be judged nessary by 
the Commanding officers of Corps. 

The Cort Martial whereof Lt. Colo. Hubley is president to 
set tomorrow mo;ning at O.oct'k at his Quarters for the tryal 
of Captn. Lt. PiaU for abusing in a w auton and cruel manner 
John Philips a Solder in Captn. Howldns Compy. third New- 
hampshier Regt. The cvidenees are desired to attend. 

As the Light Coips cf ihe aimy are Excused from furnishing 
a Quota cf Ecatmon, Maxwells Biigade v.-;ii iui\.iih a sub. a 
Serjt. & 19 men <£; Poor's a Sub. a So;jl. & 15 mtju in audition 
to there number ordered this morning. 

Hesd Quarters, Wyoming July 30th, '79. 

Brigadier Boor — 

Field officers for the day tomorrow-Col. Spencer & Major 

Brigade Major— Ross. 

The aimy will march at S ccl'k tomorrow morning in orders 
pointed out in Gcn'l Or-:lers of the 2.5th. 

The whole cf Col. prcetor's regt. will go in the Boats. 

Captn. GifCerd of the 2d Jersey regt. is appointed to 'com- 
mand the party on the West side of the Rever. 

Lieut. Horn cf the same regiment will command the four 
Light Beat-: di.stened to take of the Party in case of necessity. 

The Guard of the C>jramander in Chief will compose the 
armed parly under hLs command, who are to prevent the 
Boats deserting the parly under Captn. Gifford. 

Coll. proctor v,-iil Ik.vo the whole derectiou of the Fleet, 
and is to be otjeyed acccrdingly. 


He may when he Thinks necessary assign any other tower 
of duty to Lt. horn and iiis party, which he may think more 
advantageous to ye service. 

The Qr. Mr. & Commii?ary will apply to Col. Proctor for 
every assistance in the Boat way which they may stant in 
need of, while on the pa^iaj^e this day they will apply to the 
Brigadier &. field otiicers cf the Day for such troops as they 
may stand in nee'd of for leading the stores. 

Maxwells Brigade will furnish a Regiment for the rear 
guard tomorrow morning. 

The Troops will Brei-'k'.ast early in the morning that they 
may not be under the necessity of hailing untill they arrive 
at Lackawanick, the place cf Encampment for tomorrow night. 

The Geu'l will heat ai half past seven for streking Tents, 
the assembly for parading at S ocl'k. 

A Cannon from Col. Proctor's wTU notify w^hen the march 
is to commence. 

All the pioneirs of the army will be formed into a comp'y 
and proceed under cove:' of Genl. Hand's Light Troops to 
clear the road, the will receive and obey such instructions as 
they may receive from item. 

The Com'r in chief rettsrus his sincere thanks to Col. Proc- 
ter & the officers of his Corps, for the attention the have had 
to every order and the very Great assistance they have given 
him in making preparations for the Expedition he also re- 
turns his thanks to L.t. Col. Read the officers & soldiers of his 
detachment for their zeal and activity in forwarding the stores 
from (illegible) . 

He also returns his TLrjiiks to Tt. horn & his party for the 
Expedition with which tl::y took of to garrison & stores from 
fort Jinkins. 

While the Com'r in Chief is expressing his thanks to these 
gentlemen for particular services justice obliges him to doclar- 
ate that the attention an-(? (illegible) aford him the most pleas- 
ing prospecis of a succe?jful campain and he assures them 
he is convinced while he has the happyness to command such 
Troops victory must be certain and opposition can only serve 
to add fresh Laurels to tlie American army. 

The Gen'l Reminds th? officer Commanding Corps that as 
the horses assigned them cannot be all loaded having their 
own Baggage. The Public Stores of the army are to be put 
on such as can be sparV' for that pcrpose. 


Balarice of the book mf.-siug. 

5— Vol. XIV— 6th Str. 





•M 11 245 53 32 172 | : 

O ii "lit h" 1 '. R^T ' SpoTdTa-'s. Shott's" GermarTlReg'tr 

Order of luarcLi fcr the L^^ht Corps from Wyoming to Tioga. 
The nth P. Regt. & Capti-. :^palding'H Comp'y will advauee 
by Platoons from the Lefi and form a Collum to march on 
the Main Road. 

The German Reg't Sc Cajt. Shotts Corps will form a CoIIiim 
to right of the German Rest.— and march a Couveanent Dis- 
tance on the right havirj-^ Its right flank covered by one 
Thirth of the Light Infan-.ry of the 11th P. Regt. & the rif- 
flemen of Captn. Shotts C^orps. Marching in Indian file. 

Two third of the Light Infantry of the 11th P. Regt. & the 
Riflemen of Capt. Spalding's Company will march in Indian 
file on the Left of the Grand Collumn to cover its left flank 
and answer the purpose of a Third Collumn each Collumn and 
flanking party (o advance a party in front porportioned to its 

Head Q-aarters, Lagavany July 31st, 1779. 

Field oflicer of the day tomorrow — Colo. Cortland. 
Field oflicer for the righi Flank — Lt. Colo. Dehard. 
Brigade Major— Marchali. 
For the guard — Colo. Seley's Regt. 

Brigade Orders. 

The Brigade will move in the same order as yesterday — 
should the ad\ance Party be adtacted the flanking Partys on 
the Right and Left are Vsi move on Briskly to there suport, 
and iudavor to gain the enemy's flank, whiles the Collums 
form in order of Paddle in one Line in which Posision they 
are to wate till further Orders should there an attack com- 
mence on the right finTili the Collum on the Right form a 


front to the Enemy the atvance Guard will endavour to gain 
their Hig-ht flank— Tho Light Enfautry commanded by Captn. 
Bush their Left &: the Cender Collum form a line in front, 
and in that Bosision wate for orders. Should the attack 
commence on the Left the advance Guard will Endavour to 
gain the enemys Left Flank & the flanking party on the Right, 
their Right flank whiles the grand Collum forms a line oppoes 
the attack and the Right Collum a line in front. 

In Case of the atvance or flanking partys being repulds in 
any tb.e above Instances the will Take shelder on the flanks 
of the Main Boddy. 

The BrifT^diT Beg^ Leaf to asure the Light Troops that 
Expearence has Taught him that mentaining a good cou- 
dinuance and Little Passiverence (which none vallue he has 
every reason to expect) will ensure sucsess against the kind 
of Enemy the have to oppose — and that Turning their Backs. 
Let them be Brest ever so closely— will End in their Other 

Head Quarters Wijolutimonk 

Augt. 2d 1779. 

As the Gen'l finds that the army cannot move today he di- 
rects the Troops to draw so as to Compleat five days pro- 
visions Exclusive of this day and will if Possible have their 
Bread Bak'd this day and three days meat cooked, the Troops 
to draw one Gill of wisky pr. day untill further Orders, the 
Gill for tomorrow to be drown this Evening. 

The army will hold themselves in readiness tomorrow 
morning at 7 ocl'k the Gen'l to Beat peicisely at 6 ocl'k— Be- 
gining at .Maxwell Brijrade the as:-embly at half past 6 oc'l'k 
and a march to Beai l;y Genl. Maxwell's Bregade at 7 oc'lk 
then the army will imadiately move off. When the assembly 
Beats Colo. Proctor will fire a gun as a signall for the fleet 
to get on their way aBd proseed up the river with all possible 
e.xpedition. Gen'l hand will move off with the Light Troops 
and pioniers— perclsely at 6 ocl'k as the movement of the army 
will in a grait measure depend upon the conduct of the pion- 
eirs. Genl. Hand will furnish them with Trusty Officers to 
superintend and direct their Buissoness a Captn. sub. & fifty 
men to parade. A psrty irnediately sent by Colo. Butler from 
Wyoming for Horses and Cattle for the array. — Brigadeiers and 
O.fficers commanding Legments be very Particular that not 
less then five pack hos<:s be conducted by one man. 


Brigade Orders. 

As the Light Corps are to marcli at 6 ocl'k agreeable to the 
Geul. Orders of this day the Geril. is to B'.at Percisely at 5 
ocl'k and the Tents to be imediately struck and packed up 
and the horses I^oaded so as to be ready to march at the 
Time appointed as tiie Gen"l wishes che Brigad to Encamp 
as soon as the Reach their gTOUud the pack horses carry Bag- 
gage will move on immediately after the Brigade. Every 
Corps will endavor to cut grass as for their horses & have 
Tied up to night that i];e march may not be impeated by 
Looking fur them in morning as it is expected the Pioniers 
will be buissily employed tomorrow the Packs will be carried 
on horse Back if Possible and Corps in the Brigade who have 
horses to spare will Let them have Horses for that purpose. 

After Orders. 

As the Stores of the army will not at present affort a 
sufficient supply to furuish the Boatmen & Artifisers with 
their allowance which has been usely assigned them — The 
Com'r in Chief directs that the draw equil rations wiih the 
Troops till further ordens. 

_ The Qr. Mr. &. Comm'y & Ccmmis'y of :NIiIitary Stores will 
put as many of there respective stores on Boart the Boates 
as the Possitively can and if Possible indeed all that have 
been braught forward on Pack horses this is to be done erae- 
tiately.— Colo. Procter will Please to order Examination unto 
the Number of hands or Passengers on Boart fro-TCi time to 
time and turn on Shore all over the Complament assigned 
them respectively on Less the Show- a Certificate from their 
Comm'g Officer of there being on able to march. 

Comm'g Officers of regts. will Please to order all the 
weomin belonging tho rheir respective Corps who can ride 
emedialely to Quit the E'.oats and proseet by land as they 
will be a Sufficient of Spair horses and as the weomin going 
on on horses Back will <5eminish the Number of Drivers taken 
from the Army. 

The Baggage to be Loated on hoTse back to be fited this 
Eving in the Best mann*r for loading all the Articles of Bag- 
gage ou Boart of the Beats which can Convainiantly carried 
on horse Back will Ije Taken out this day and fixed for that 

The Regimental Qr. M&sters will ],ay particular adtention in 
examining the Boats assigned there respective Regiments. 


Colo. Shreaves reg't to form the rear guard tomorrovr. 
Field officer for the day tumoiro^v— Colo. Ogton. 
Field oiLicer for piocaie- -Major Scot. 
Brigade— Mr. Marshall. 

Head Quarters, Tunkhanunk, 
Augt. 3, '79. 

Field ofTicers for the day tomoirow — Colo. Sely. 

Brigade ISIajor— 

The llevalie to Beat tomoirow at Day Brake, -when the army 
will use Breakfast & fit up theii Packs. The Genl. to heat at 
5 ocl'k the assemble at half past five and the march to begin 
at six precisely. 

Colo. Cortlandts regt. to form the Reare Guards. 

As on a match a signal gun Discharged otigh Si will natur- 
ally Occauseon an alarm fireing at game or for any other por- 
pose except at an Enemy or to Produce a serious alarm is 
Possitively forbitteu. 

Head Quarters Vanterlips, 

Augt. 4th, '79. 

Brigadier for today tomorrow — Maxwell. 

Field oflQcer— Col. Shreve. 

Field officer for the fiLaiking Devision— Major Conway. 

B. liL— Marchall. 

Col. dayton's regiment to form the reare. 

Guard probability of tlie Enemy makeing an attempt upon 
the army beteen this & Wyolusing the Following order of 
March is to take Place tomorrov,-. Flanking division to con- 
sist of 400 men & to be in two devisions, one to cover the 
army on the right the other to cover the Pack horses. 

The Brigadiers are derected to see that their Troops march 
in as cloase order as possible not exceeding PJaiocns. 

The Com'r in Chief will be in front & when he nnds that 
the Collurn may be enlarged he will give the nessusary De- 
rection in front which is to extend to the hole but the Briga- 
diers will take the advantage of every favourable spot to 
enlarge the front of the. Collums. 

The following signals &re to be observed to it, two rofi^ls will 
be a signal for the hole to march in files, one Rofels for to 
inarch in singel Files, three Rofels for to march in secsions 
& four to advance in platoons. The Troop to be Beat upon 


the march is ever a signal to form a close collum. — Beating 
to arms is ever a signal for display except orders be given 
to the contrary at the Time. In order that no mistake in the 
signals may Take Place, an orderly diiim an more is t^o be 
appointed in Each reg't & the Signal is to be taken from the 
front fc repeted Through th whole Line. The Gen'l is scry 
to be compled to Repeat his former orders respecting the 
Horses, he now allows tvro hatt for Each regt. to refreshment 
for the officers of the same. He also derects that 5 of thoes be 
commanded by one Driver only those of Gen'l Hand's will 
follov,' in his rear. 

Ccn!. ]vi?xwp11p in his rear & Gen. Pourh in his rear, the 
Brigadier? m-ay^arranse their own in the order they may Tinlc 

The Brigadeir &. field officer of the day are called upon to 
see that these orders are punctually executed Through the 
whole Line no exception to this or the former or the former 
order of March to be Prvented unless specual reasson Should 
Induce the Com'r in Chief to alter them upon proper applica- 
tions.— The Gen'l to BeTt at hands Brigade at 5 ocl'k his 
March to commence at six in moining procisely — the Genl. 
to Beat with the Main army at six & the march to commence 
at seven ocl'k. 

Head Quarters Wyolusing 
Aug't 5th '79. 
Parole ^Monmuth—Csipn Amboy. 
Field officer cf today— Lt. Colo. Read. 
Brigade ilajor — Ross. 

Head Quarters Wyolusing 

Augt. 6th, "79. 

Brigadier Genl. Poor for today tomorrow. 

Field officers— Colo. Spencer. 

Field officers of the tlanking division— Lt. Colo. Dearborn & 
Major Piatt. 

As the army will not march today they are directed to clean 
themselves and their arms. 

The Com'y is to corapleat the Troops with 3 day flouer & 
2 days Beef Exclusive this day which are to be cooked & 
baked this Eving. 

A pint and a half r;f sold to every hundred Rations the 
Troops is to receive a gill of whisky this eve.iing for tomorrow. 


Geu. Hand's Brigade is to March at 7 ocl'k in the morning. 

The army is to advance in the same order as yesterday. 
The Troop is be Loaded Ready for action Boatmen & soldiers 
on Bort is to be also charged. 

Colo. Procter will load, and every other respect to prepare 
his canon for r mediate aciion. 

Ensign 'McYouen Qr. Master of Spencer's regt. having been 
arreted from a supossion negled of duty but the Geu'l have 
been sence convinced that he was not in the Least cubpeble 
Releases h-lm from his an est and desires him to his duty Colo. 
Sely's regt. to form the rear guard tomorrow. 

Brigade Orders Wyolusing 
Augt. 6th '79. 

The taptco is to Beat at 9 ocl'k this evening after which no 
person to Leave Camp without permission from the Com'g 
officer. The Revalle to beat at the useuel Time Tomorrow 
morning- & the rolls to be called at 7, oclk as to morrow is a 
halting day the genl. request that the Com'g officers of Corps 
will order that their horses Backs that are galled be washed 
with a strong decocktion of a white oake Bark. 

Head Quarters \\ yolusing 

Augt. 7th '79. 

Brigadier of the day — Gen'l Maxwell. 

Field officer of the day — Colo, dayion. 

Field officers of the fianking division — Lt. Colo. Dearborne 
& Major Biatt. 

Brigade }vIajor — Ross. 

The Batness of the T>-f;'ather has prevented the army from 
marching this day, agreeable, to yesterday's orders. 

Gcn'l Hands Brigade \rill march tomorrow morning at five 
ocl'k. The main Boddy to advance at si.K, the Gen'l to Beat 
at five. ^Provited the weather will permit all the muxkettiers 
on boart the fleet, with there respective oSicers are to parade 
pi'ecisely at 4 ocl'k thi.s after noon on -the Beach in front 
of the Boat.s. The will parade with their arms in order to 
make some uecessary dispositions. 

The Infantry who have been draughted as Boatsmen will 
barade on the right, tin- others on the left under their Re- 
spective officers. 


Lt. Colo. Reads Regt. to form the rear giuird tomorrow. 
Was lost ou the 1st Inst upon the lower end of Wgolutainunk 
Bottom seven tents belonging to Captn. Spalding's Ind't Com- 

Brigade Orders. 

In case of any attak on the Light Corps betwixts this and 
Tioga, the Brigade orders of the 1st Inst, to be strictly ad- 
heard to. 

Head Quarters, Standingstone 

Augt. S:h, '79. 
Brigadier of the day— Gen. Poor. 
Field ofTicer— Colo. Cilly. 

Fi'd offr. flanking devision— Lt. Colo. Dehart & Major Fish. 
The army at 6 ocl'k tomorrow morning the Genl. to beat 
at five. 

Colo. Spencer's regt. with a detach't of 50 men from the 
Line to farm the roar guard. 

Head Quarters 
Augt. 9th '79 
Brigadier for tomonow— Gtn'l Maxwell. 
Field offr.— Colo. Shreave. 
B. Major — Ross. 

Head Quarters 
Augt. 10th 1779. 

Brigadier for tomorrow— Gen'l Foor. 

Field offr.- Colo. Ogton. 

B. Major— Marchail. 

The Troops Emediatoly to dravr two days Provision at the 
reat of 1 lb. of Flour & lli lb. of Reef pr. ration. 

The Gen'l is exceedingly sorry h-^: is under the necessity of 
deminishing the Quantity of the rations in anyone article but 
he flatters himself the propiely of the measure will be mene- 
fest to Eve soldier his command upon reflecting that from 
the nature of the Expodition, our whole Magazine of Provi- 
sion must be carried with us, and that the Terra of the cam- 
paign is uncertain. Tiio Genl. at the same Time assures them 
the rations shall be augmented when situation and cercom- 


Stances will euable him to do so & promises in the main 
Time an Equovolent shall be made them for the defiscences. 

When the army move from this ground the Following regu- 
lation are to Take Place. The Qr. Mr. Genl. & Surgeon Genl. 
are to attend the Com'r in Chief on the, march for his direc- 
tions all the Surgeons and mates cf the flying Hospital the 
Depys. & Assts. to the Qur. Master Genl. are to march in the 
rear of the army as a:?o the Com'y Genl. the Com'y of Staff 
their asst. & Depys. assts. the Brigade Chaplains Qr. Mr. & 
Commisy's to march is. the rear of their respective Brigades. 
Regt. Surgeons & Qur. Mr. to raarch in the rear of their re- 
spective Bigades. Rc-gL Siiigeons oi Qr. Mr. to march in the 
rear of their respective regimts. The Genl. & Field officers of 
the day particularly on any other orficer observe ry a breach 
of these orders will emediately Oder the Delenquints in arrest. 

A Regt. of each Brigade to parade persisely at 12 ocl'k to 
day on the Left of GeEl. Hands Brigade, with their arms & 
account'ns, but without Packs or any other L-ogage. 

A Gen'l Cort Martial of which Colo. Shreve is apointed 
president to sit emediarifly for the trial of Capt. Yananglen 
Com'y to Genl. Hand? Brig, for unjustifiabley cruelly abusing 
Scrjant Richly of the Gorman Regt. 

After Orders. 

The Cort Martial w^.ereof Colo. Shreve is prcssideut is 

Fireing at game or s.n any other account whether on a 
march or in quarters is in future forljidcn on pain of emeili- 
ate & examplary punishment. The ^lusketeirs on Boart the 
fleet restricted by the ssiUie order <& penalty. 

Head Quarters Tinga 

Augt. nth '79. 
r^rigadier for the day ioniorrov,- — Geii'l Maxwell. 
Field offr.— Lt. Colo. Flead. 
Brigade Major — Ross. 

Head Quaiters Tioga 

Augt. llHh '79. 
Brigadier for the day 'tonioriow— Gen'l Poor. 
Field offr.— Colo. Rp' 
At a Genl. Cort MartljJ whereof Colo. Shreve was president 


held at Wyohising on ihe Ttli Inst. Capta. Vanauglen Com- 
mis'y lo Geul. iiaiuis Brigade was tried for uujustitiabley and 
equally btting & abuseing serjant Richly of the German Regt. 
found guilty of the cb.'vrge and souteuced to be severaly Rep- 
ramantid in Genl. Order-. 

The Ccm'r in Chief npiiroves the Soutence of the Cort and 
cannot helb observing shat from the hole tenor of the Evi- 
dences recorded in Con, it appears Capt. Wananglen was not 
only guilty of abuse of flower, btit manefested a malevolence 
of temper scarrecJy lo be equalled. Through the Genl. will 
never countenence soMiars in disrespectful! behavour to Off'r 
and "Will a pT.or nninion of an officer that Suffers 
himself to be ensulte^ without emediately chastiseing the 
soldier wlio may attempt it, yet he can never sufer officers to 
beat or abuse soldiers ^rantouly. Blows should never be given 
except they are necessary to the proservation of order and 
discipline, and then uniiccompained with those marks of 
cruelty and manevolence which v.ere apparent in the whole of 
Mr. Vanaugeleu's couditet v.'hat renders his behavior still more 
criminal is t/iat he wa= a non-commiss'd off'r whome he made 
the object of his inhumanity & had it been a private soldier, 
the treatment could noi attmit of the Least Justicatiou. Capt. 
Vanangkn is released from his arrest and cautioned against 
samuler conduct in future. 

A Boit of I'ield offi-rrs whereof Colo. Cortland was Presi- 
dent appointed to Seitie the rank of Lts. Swartz & Greamier 
of the German EatalioB haveing reported that Lt. Gremer ough 
to retain the rank he r.ow holds, the Com'r in chief therefore 
derects that lie holds iis ranks as here to for. 

Commanding officers of Regts. iS: Corps, to have a Through- 
out examination of a:ms & accutraments Sz ammunition in 
there respective comn:;tnds in and see that they be in proper 
readinss for action. 

The army to hold t's.emselves in readiness to move on the 
shortest notice as they will be soon called upon to march 
against an emeny whc3:-.e savage Eabarity to our fellow cettzen 
has rendered them proper object of our resentm_ent. 

The Gen'l assures ihem it empossible to be opposed with 
equal numbers nor he think tliat if ever their number v,-ere 
equal they could not withstand the bravary & decepline of the 
Troops he has the hoQcur to command. 

It ought never ti;(-]ir- -s lo be remembered that they are as- 
suret, disultory, and rapid enemy, siezing every advantage 
and availing themselves of every defeat on our part. Though 


they can never withstand the Sliock of brave and resolute 
Troops yet should v.e le so enattentive to our own safety as 
to give way before them they become the most dangerous 
and destructive enemy that can possible be conceived. The 
Following fugitives witli all the annel & unrelenting hate of 
provailiug cowards and are not satisfied with slaughter untill 
the have Totally distroyed their Oppenets. It there fore be- 
comes every Ofiicer and t^oldier to resolve never to fly before 
such a enemy but determine whein to Conquer or perish, 
which will ever cnshui-e sucess. — The Genl. does not mention 
thoes things under the Least apprehension of whether otiiccrs 
or snldiPrs fealin^ in ery part of thei c; duty but that every 
one may go into action with the same spirit and dermination 
should this happily be the case nothing but an uncoman frown 
of providence can proiint us from obtaining that success 
which will render poas-j and security to our frontiers and 
afford ever lasting honojir to all concerned. 

Head Quarters Tioga 

Aug. 13th '79. 

No orders this day, l.>ut fiding and destroying Shemong. 

Head Quarters Tioga 
Augl. 14th 1779. 

Brigadier for touioiTow— G. Maxwell. 

Field Officer— Lt. Colo. Debar t. 

Field Officer for Fatigus— IM'rs Fish & Piatt. 

Brigade Major — Ross. 

The Com'r in Chief having with great difficulty procured 
Shirts and frocks for thor-e soldiers who are naked. 

Officers Commanding liogt. & Corp^^ are requested to make 
returns cf such as have no frocks or coats, as also of such 
as have no shirts, that the may be supplied. It is expected 
that the Coramandiug ofTn'icrs will be paticularly attentive to 
see that no fraud be permitted in there returns as it would 
be unjust and dishonouij.ble to the Last degree for Officers 
to Claimc in our pr.sent dircurastances of supplies more cloat- 
ing there is absolutely nKessary. 

Though the- Geiil. cannot help expresing the highest appro- 
bation of the resolute ccaduct of Officers & soldiers in yes- 
terday's execution yet he !ianst again remind the troops of the 


necessity of useing those piecauLiou which he has so re- 
peatedly urged uot resoluiion to with stand the onset of such 
determined Troops, yet they are Fraithfull in stratagen secret 
in their designs and capable of taking in every advantage 
which the situation of tiie ground or own Inattention or want 
of caution may given th^m. 

. The proseeding of yesterday must Proof to every thinking 
Person the Propriety of former orders and the necessity of 

The oiucers of roginitnts are possitively ordered not to be 
absent from their own commands v.'hin ever their regiments 
itie urucicJ to the ri;:c: v,-here is a pocibility of Sn attack 
from an enemy i\;: the soldiers are cautioned against wan- 
tonly Throughing there fire when the have no object to Level 
it at. 

How exceedingly Pleasing must it Be to force or fier cow- 
ardly Lurking Savages, to see one fire from thorn produce a 
wanding discharge from all the muskets in a number of regts. 
without any kind of asm meaing or an Order & Levelled at 
no object, but eudaingerilig thire officers who are endavouriug 
to restore them to or-d-er & spreading carnage among them- 
selves. Painful as it is, the Gen'l must say much of the mis-' 
chief done yesterday 5o our own Troops was done by our- 
selves who in every Part of their Cunduct proved that they 
. had suficenent Draveiy to engage & Conqur ten times their 
number of their dastar-:lly foes. 

As it is the Buisne^ss of Officers to derect the fire of their 
Troops it is Possitively ordered that the officers in Future 
draw up their Troops in of an attack & point out the object 
against which their fir« is to be derected and and the soldiers 
are possitively forbidden to Fire without first having received 
those deractions from their officers. 

After Orders. 

Nine hundred men tf the most active Privates, with proper 
number of commissiOLied & non coinis'd officers to bo ome- 
tlJately draughted frora the army & prepare to maich at C 
cork in the morning ef the 3 6th Inst. 

The Brigadiers wiil! see that the men are properly chosen 
& that they are officered v.ith active & aide officers. 

This detachment to Parate tomorrow morning at 8 ocl'k. 

Gen. Poor will Tak^r Commnnd of they Party and give them 
their necessary derectfon v.'hen paraded. tomorrow. — Gen'l Hand 
will also go with the Party. 


The Conimis'y is to Issue the detachment S days flour which 
they will Eal;e cue half tomorrow, the will also see that as 
many cattle as will serve them for S days be prepaved at 6 
ocl'Iv in the moming of the 16th Inst, with Proper Drivers &. 
all the Troops chosen for this Detachment to be eme'diately 
taken off duty. 

The Party will draw two days meet tomorrow & have it 

The Comniis'y of miiiieiy stores v/ill furnish them with ten 
Boxes of arauiuiiition, the Qr. :Mr. will furnish them with 
horses to Carry them, and have them Paraded in season. 

liead Quarters Tioga 

Augt. 15th '79. 

Field ofTicer of the day— :\Iajor Norris. 

Brigade Major — Alarchall. 

One Quart of whisky to be Issued this Eving to each Ofil- 
cer, & a half a pind to non commis'd ofi'r and soldier Ordered 
on the detachment Commanded by Genl. Poor. 

The Brigade Commis'y to call on the Major Brigade for the 
respective Returns — The Ofncers are to see respectively that 
water be emediately mixed with the soldier whisky. 

Major Edwards, Captns. Brocter, Eoyer, & Jackson are ap- 
pointed a Core of inquiry to examine the cause of Complaint 
made by Sevjt. Lopei- & Corporal Boss of the 2d Jersey Regt. 
against Lt. of the 3d Xewhainshire regt. the Cort to 
set at 4 ocl'k this afternoon at Captn. Procter's tent & where 
the Partys and evidences will attend. 

Head Quarters Tioga 
Augt. ICth '79. 

Field officer for the day— Colo. Dayton. 

Brigade Major— lioss. 

The Cnm'r in Chief takes occasion from yesterdays affairs 
to impress on on the mii;d of the soldiers the necessity of 
wliat he has so often urged to add the care & caution 
to avoid giving their Lur];ing adveisary an oppertunity of 
iriumphing at their Imprudence. 

The Ger.l. again repeats that we nothing to Fear from our 
Enemy bu.t their taking Petty advantages which our want of 
caution produces altho tl;e .ravages despicable in action yet 


our yealdins repeateJ opportunitys for taking little advan- 
tage:; may render them formi table in Idea. 

To Prevent which tbe Troops are postitively forbidden on 
any Pretence to go without the Limits of the Camp. 

A Capt'n & fifty men are to Be posted on the West side of 
Cijuga to guard the Harses & Cattle & secure the Camp. 

Gen'I Maxwell will order a s-erjt. with twelve men as a 
guard at the spring opposite his encampment — as the soldiers 
Imitating the Indian wilioop & their frequent iireing tho con- 
trary to lepeated orders evidently prevented timely notice 
being taken yesterday t'ley are for bidden to make those noises 
in fuiure ^ ever.* oilka' is cailtd Upon to apprehend 3U3h as 
are guilty of firing msskeis & have the punished agreeable 
to former orders. 

In future the Discharge of a singel musket or gun must be 
looked upon as a alarsi of which the officers of the day are 
to take Timely noties & repair to the Place in order to learn 
the occasion if they find it proceeded from our own Troops 
Ihey are to order insrj>:nt Punishment to be Inflicted on the 

Officers commanding Brigades to order a sufficiant number 
cf vaults dug and covered by green Bushes, fresh Earth to be 
thrown into them every morning, they v.-ill likewise order a 
party to cut down the shrubs, Bushes & weeds in front of the 
encampment to the liisf.rtnce of one hundred yards as also in 
rear to be collected at tho same time and Burned. 

No cattle to be slaughtered within the chains of Centineks 
& the offals of sucii ns have to be Immediately Buried. 

Brigade Orders. 

Two fatigue Partys will parade immediately vz: one con- 
sisting of 1 Serjt. & 12 men, provided with axes to receive 
orders frpm Capt. Crslg & the other a Sub. 2 Serjts. & 20 
Privates for the Purpc-fse of cleaning the rear of the Encamp- 
ment agreeable to GeEl. Orders of yesterday. 

The Regt'l Qr. Mr. vv-il! emediately cause the camp coulei 
men to cover the vaulit-s & they are desired to have it Done 
Every day. 

Head Quarters Tinga 

Augt. 17th '79. 
Field off'r of thr- dsy- Colo. Shrrve. 
Brigade Major— Marshall. 

The Qr. Mr. Gonl. i.^ p:mediafely to Employ Persons as 
C-Vol. XIV- eth Ser. 


mauy os he Possiljly can in Makeing Bags v.iiich will liold 
a half a Baivl ci Flour eueh he is Every night uutill the 
' BussiuccS is couipleaied lo make report of the number on 

The Com'y is to collect all the empty Caggs & have theme 
compleately lilled up & filled vrith Flour & make report of the 
number without the Loss of time no time is is to be Lost in 
having these matter acco:^ipli£hed rcppeciively. 

Doctor Rogers informs the gentlemen of tlie honorable <?-. 
antient society of free Mr^^ins the he proposes to preach the 
Funeral sermon of Capt. I)avis & Lt. Jones tomorrow morn- 
ing at 11 ccl'k at ihc Block houses wliuie tiiey as akso the 
gentlemen of the army ar-e invited to attend. 


A Pleated Spur with chains & crane Neck v,as Lost the 
night on iho march to S-^emcng, thanks or reward will be 
given to any Person who brings it to Head Quarters. 

Major Scot is appointed Pi'esident of a Genl. Cort Martial 
to set at one ocl'k Percisc-iy at his Quarters for the Triall of 
William Hammon, Boatman, for Embezzling Public Stoeres. 

Gen'ls Maxwells & Poors Brigades will each furnish a Captn. 
& four subs. & Colo. Pi-oci.:is Regt. of Artillery. Two subs, as 

Head Quarters Tioga 

Augt. 18th '79. 

Field officers of the day tomorrow — Lt. Colo. Read. 
Brigade Major — Ross. • ^ 

Head Quarters Tioga 

Augt. 10th 1779. 
Field officers of the day iomorrow— 
Brigade Major— Marchall. 

As the army is suliject Uj frequent real alarms and in order 
may be heaid, tiie soonest possible practiceing on drums is 
in Future strictly Forlddd^n or boating them on any other 
occtions e.\:cept for signals ic dutys of the Camp. 

ArJ'.ertisement. " 

A Square plain silver kn^'j Buckle L-^jst same days ago about 
Head Quaiters who ever L.ts found it & will return it shall 
Receive four times the -ialne of it. 


The Genl. Cort Mnri^al of which Major Scot is President 
is clisolved. 

After Orders. 

A Gcn'l Cort Ma;tial j;, ordered to set tomorrow morning at 
9 ocl'k for the Trial of such Prisoners as cannot be Tried by 
a regimental Cortmartial Lt. Colo, dehardt is appointed Pres- 
ident at v.hose Quarters the Cort will set Maxwells Poor &. 
hands Bis. vviil each Furnish a Captu. &. Subs. 

Head Quarters Tioga 
. ■ 2oth Augt. '79. 

Field off'r for the day tomorrow— Maj. Norris. 
Brigade Major — Ross. 

Head Quarters Tioga 
21st Augt. '79. 
Field ofi'r of the toriiorrow— Colo. Shreve. 
Brigade Major— Marshall. 

.As the Grass now CuUng is Entcnded solely for the use of 
the Garii.-;on to be Left at this Place it is therefore not to be 
Taken off or consumed for the Present on any Protence 

After Orders. 

As a great number of bags will Be vvanding in order to 
carry on Flour for the army and as there is no other way 
Procuring them then l-y cutting up Tents & Makeing them 
into Baggs— it Being absolutely necessary that the Baggs 
should be furnished Immediately the Commander in Chief rc- 
quets that GcnI. Maxwell will derect as many tents cut up & 
hands employed as wi35 compleot 300 Baggs. 

Colo. Peley will furnisii the same number from Poors Bri- 

Colo. Hublc-y will famish in same manner two hundred 
frum hands Brigd. 

The Qr. Master is Directed to furnish them with Patterns 
needles <£: twines &. for the Purpose. 

As the number of Tents would otherwise have been Re- 
tranched Prevens to our Mnrf^h from hence the Present Incon- 
vineance, the Troops in R^^<lucing the Tents can be very trifling 
hut If the Inconvinencf-s where ever so graid it must be sub- 
mitted to necessity. 


The Genl. requests the Favours of all this Du3sness cora- 
pleated iu all concoavab'.e Expedition— the state of our maga- 
zine & other irnportand motive urges us to put a speedy con- 
clusion to ilie Campaign. 

Officers who are possescd of keggs which they are not in 
imediate want of are requested to s£nt thera to the commis- 
sary. Those which are private property shall be paid for — if 
a number of these keggs be not provident will be impossible to 
carry on a sufQeieucy of salt Provitions &z Liquers for the 

Head Quarters, Tioga Aug't 22d '79. 

Field Ofii'r of the Day— Col'o Celly. 

B. Major— Ross. 

Until further Orders the Com'y is derccted to Issue no 
more fresh Reef to the Army—, 

At a Gen'l Cort Martial whereof Lt. CoI'd Dehart is presi- 
dent Serjt. Albey of the 1st Jercy Regt. tried for robbing 
the state Stores of Liquor, found Guilty & sentenced as Fellows 
viz — first to be reduced to the ranks Second to be Stopt of 
one Months share of State rum, and be accountable to the 
State as if he had received it, and Third that the mode of his 
reduction bo that the Guard sliall bring liim on the parade 
at the head of his regt. that Drum Major shall strip of his 
Coat & make him put it on rong side outwards, that a can- 
teen be hung round his neck & then turned into the ranks — . 

Corp'l Wilson of the Same regt. charged with being an ac- 
complice accusary to robing the State stores when Com- 
manding the Guard set over them was found Guilty & sen- 
tenced to be reduced to the ranks, to be stript of one month 
State Stores as in the Case of serjt. Albey & run the Gauntlope 
thro Genl. Ma.wvells Brigade — . 

Tho's Perry Private in the same Regt. was tried for «S: 
fiifund guilty of robing the State stores of rum while a 
sentry over them &. sentenced to be stopt as in the other 
two instances & run the Gantlope Thro Genl. Maxv/ell's ]3ri- 

Wra. Welton & John Flin of the same regt. tried for 
robbing the same stores & found Guilty of only protaking of 
them, and at the same tin e thera to have been Plun- 
dered where sentenced to bo Stopt as before mentioned. 

The Cora'r in Chief approves the sentences and orders the 
punishment to be enflicted this Evening at role call. 


The Cort of enquiry of whicli Major Edwards is appointed 
president to set tomorrcvr morning at 10 ocTk. 

Brigade Orders. Tioga 23d "79. 

The Comg. ofTicers of Corps are di^-sired to pay perticular 
attention to see that tl\eir pacl<; saddlels are examined, and 
those that are bad be r?pared emediatcly that they have a 
suffic-ancy of Lash Rop-i and that their pack horses are col- 

Heid Quarters, Tioga Augt. 23d '79. 

Field off'r— Colo. Ogdon. 

B. Major— Marchall. 

Colo. Cortland's regt. is Enexcd to Gcnl. Clinton's Brigade. 

Colo. Al.ion's to Gonh Poors. 

the 4th Pennsylvani?. Regt. £- Rifle Corps to Genl. Hands 

The Brigade Commis'y to draw thirty days flour and solt 
tomorrow Exclusive (A v/hat may be used by the Troops 
this day & toraorrovr. The are to see that it be but up in 
Baggs &. the B. Qr. M;'s are to have it properly slung to be 
put on horse Back. As the army will move on Wednesday 
morning the Qr. M'r & Commis'y Genl. will have the articles 
in their Departments perfecly readey to be moved off — A 
proper number of axe?, sythes, and fashine hatche'-s to be 
drawn by the several Erigads this day and Ground for Use. 

The pouches & powder hornds which are not absolutely 
necessary for the Trcops who have drawn them are to be 
immediately returned to the commis'y of IVIilit'y stores to 
supply troops who have no catridge Boxes. 

The Troops to drav.- a proper number of flints and a sufisient 
quantity of ammunition to fill their Cartridge Boxes a]?o one 
hundred & fifty rounds each of spare cartridges are to be 
drawn for them the -Artillary to draw the same quantity of 
flour & solt as the o>h'-'r procps. Col'o Procter will have am- 
munition fixed for the : ix thrf^e Pounders, the two hov/itzeurs 
and the Cohains, the six Pounders are to be Loft in this 

Colo. Bond to have all the horses collected this day 
which have 'not bee3 already assigned, that Genl. Clinton's 
Brigade may be sunjiHed — . 


As the troops should move as Light as possible the ofT'rs 
are requesteJ to Leave at the Garri.son all the Baggage they 
can poi-sibly pare . All the women and chiklren to remain 
at this post, and tlie-comraauding offrs. of the Gerrisou will 
have orders respecting them. 

The offr's seivants who conducts Pack hor^-es are Each to 
drive five horses, the field and other ofi'rs. will make this 
arrangement among themselves. 

As this as a Campain where every one mnst expect to 
Encounter difiiculties for surpassing those of Common Com- 
pains, the Offrs. orght not, the Ccni'r in chief trusts they 
will lioL Tiiink of dtminldhliii; ihe sLreught of (.he anu\ by 
a multiplicity cf servants or impade its progress by unnesee- 
sary baggage — . 

The Troops v\-ho v,-ant shoes or overalls are to make re- 
turns this day & draw them. The Comy. & Qr. Master 
Genl. are derected to have all their stores moved to the gar- 
rison this day. 

The troops to draw six days salted provisions tomorrow in 
the forenoon. Two days of vrhich to he cooked in the even- 
ing — . Two hundred &: fifty men properly officed'd, exclusive 
of Boatmen to be Left as a Garrison at " this Post. Colo. 
Chreve to Take Command of it those men to parade tomorrow 
morning at 9 o'cl'k, and Emediately afterwards move up & 
take Post—, the hospita: to be E:TnLdiately removed to the 

A will be Giveii by one Cannon from the Park to- 
morrow at 3 nc'l'k in the afternoon stricking the Encamp- 
(ment when all the troops will move to their respective 
r^leaces with their Eagga.fe Loaded ready for a March every- 
thing is to be in parfect readiness Provisions to this Time, that 
the Euseneis may be conducted with order & Expidision. A 
Second Gun from the Park will notify the Army to Encamp 
again in such order as ro b? able to move Early the next 
moining v.-ithcut Confuiion and agi eeable to the Plan or 
order cf m:arch & tattle delivered to the officers en the 24th 
cf May last . 

The Right fank cf the Army to be composed of 200 choosen 
mea Commanded by Cr.lo. Dubois— the Left to be Com- 
posed r.f 2C0 chcosen men commanded by Colo. Ogton those to 
be selected fro the I,ine ?.nd in adition to them the German 
Pattalion i-' to I.e devi •!•--:! into four equal Corripys. tv.'o of 
iwhich to be on tlie p.n4 the other two on the Left of the 
army annexed to the Flariking flanking devisions. The Com'g 


offr's of the flanks will direct those- devisions to be Corn- 
pleated to fifty men each from the Flanks two of v\-hich are to 
march About Ten rods within the front of the Flanking 
Divisions and two the same distance within the rear of the 
flanks — the Business of th^se divisions is to gain the rear 
of the Enemy wiih't the Loss of Time when the Flank to 
which they are annexed are attacked. 

The German battalion to be replaced by two comp's of 
Light Infantry from Genl. Clintons one from Genl. Maxwell's 
and one from Genl. Poors. Brigade Consisting of fifty non 
Commis'd offr. & Privates each. These to bo chosen troops 
svA a^p.evf'd to Colo. Entipr'< Regt. -. 

The Covering parties for the 1st & 2d Line to be drawn 
out and Officered as also the Flanking divisions at 12 ocTk 
tomorrow that upon the Beating ol the assemble which will 
be in hour after the Gun, the respect Corps & Detachments 
may take their proper Places, the Troops that Compose the 
Covering parties & flanking divisions are to be furnished 
with proper perportion cf Tents that they may Encamp in 
order of march or Baitle as Cercumstances may require the 
porportion of Tents for this Expedition is to be one Tent for 
Every 8 men. 

The Brigadiers will see that no more Tents are Carried on 
for the ofiicers then are absolutely necessary. The Genl. flat- 
ters himself that the ofiicei's will form their zeal to Service 
chearfully assist in retrenching the Baggage of the army 
&; removeing every obstacle to its march. Lt. Colo. Reinix 
is appointed Sub. Inspector in this army & to be respected & 
obey'd accordingly. 

After Orders. 

The different Corps are to Call Emediately upon the Q'r M'r 
Gen'l. for fachiucs knifes, knapsacks, haver sacks and can- 

Tlie Ccmy. to issue to Each field oiRcers as chuse to receive 
it four gallons of whisky each as also to all commis'd and 
warrant Officers two gallons each the Com'y to carry along 
all the salt and liquers that may remain on hand, the corny. 
of Milii'y stores to have all his stores removed tomorrow 
morning to the fort except v/hat are to be delt out to the 
Troops agreeable to the orders of this day as they are four 
companys of Light Jniantry annexed to Colo. Butlers regi- 
ment the Rif^e Corps thngetor with such other Riflemen as 
may be added to them are to be considered as a scpered 


corps, and kept advanced of the Army as Gen!. Hand may 

derect . 

The Cort of enquiry Khoreof Major Edwards is prtsedcnt, 
having reported is as their oppinion that the property uf the 
Cow in dispute beteen Capt. Commings & Lt. Loss is in serjt. 
Loper & Corpi. Ross of the 2d Jercy regi. 

The Geal. orders that ihe Cow be kep't for the use of tlie hos- 
pital at this Place and that the Commis'y at this Place pay 
theL'i a reasonable vitliue for the same and that the man who 
sold her to Lt. Loss refered the money to bim— . 

The number of horses being Ensufficieni of carrying on the 
necessnry siiFplyf: of the army all the Adjts & Qr. :\I'rs & 
Pay-masteis of regts. as also Every officer of the Line under 
the rank of of Field officers are to return their horses to the 
Qr. Mr. Genl. tomorrcv.- morning at G oc'i'k the Genl. & Field 
officers of tlie day will see that no cflicer of the Line under 
the rank of a Field ofHcer be suffered to ride, and order such 
dismounted as may atLempc ii, such olHcers as have the com- 
mand of regis, and not of the rank of a lield Officer are to 
make sepere* application to the Com'r in chief for Liberty to 
ride Capt'n of the 2d Jercy regt. being Lame and 
unable to march owing to this great fatigue in marching 
twice to Shemong Is permitted to ride untill he is able to 
march — . 

One Conducter to ]:ach Brif::adc & no more to be permitted 
'to ride the rest to return ihclr horses tomorrow morning to 
the Qr. Master at G oclk. the supeinumenary Tents are to be 
returnet to ibe Qr. Mi-, tomcrrovv' morning at S o'cl'k. The 
Troops a e to dravr tomorrow niorning two days flour exclu- 
sive cf to morrow's and the thirty days. — Doctor Rodgers 
Chaplain to Genl. hands Brigade is to return to Wyoming 
«6; ofiiciate as chaplain to that garrison ■ — . 

The detachm.cnt cf Light Infantry are ordered to join Colo. 
Butler's regiment to draw Provision from Genl. Hand's Com- 
mis'y E.x;cept v,'hat may be drav/n tomorrow morning all other 
detachments to draw of their own Brigade Corny, respectively. 

The Comr. in Chief rotylice the army that a small number 
of horses will net allcv/ that any state sores to being carryed 
on therefor not a sinkel Article of that kind is to be Brought 

forwa; d . 

Major Conv,-ay is to do duty as Lt. Colo, in the Sd Jercy 
regt. until furf!^-- cvt]ev- £ Capt. boh nghead of the 2d Jercy 
regt. to do the duty cf ^.lajor in tiie 3d Jercy regt. uutill fur- 
ther orders. 

Major Fish of the 2d New York regt. is a]ipa!nt<-'d Brigade 


:Major Jr. Inspector to Gen'l Clintun's Brigade & to be obeyed 

Qr. Master Dow & Comy.Woodman to remain at this Post & 
receive their order from Colo. Sbreve. 

Brigade Orders. 

The Brigade to draw a Fachein ax for Every Eiglit men. 

As their is a Great scarcity of horses the Com'g Officers of 
Corps are requested to see that no greater number then is 
absolutely neccs.'^ary be eriiployed for their carriage of their 
Tents & oift?. Baggage & that the remainder be Loaded with 
iio\ic;oiio d'-.-...ii:ed for the support of the Brigade, on the 
same principal it is hoped that the olTrs. will not Tink of 
Carrying on a Greater number of Tents then is absolutely 
necessaiy to Shelter them from inclemency of the weather. 

As the Light Coips is weaker then was oregenally expected 
all offrs. servants except the number necessary to take care 
of the Baggage agreeable to Genl. orders of yesterday are to 
march in the ranks, armed and accutered as other soldiers — 
hut will be permitted to attend their Masters emediately 
when the Brigade reaching their encamping Ground. 

Head Quarters, Tioga, SnlUvans fort, 

Augt. 24th '79. 

Brigadier for to day, tomorrow — Clinton. 

Field Offr.— Lt. Colo. Smith. 

B. M. Fish 

All the Pioneers of the army to be in one cornpy. to be com- 
manded by a Capt. <fe £. sub. draughted from the Line as it 
vvill be absurd to Thing of Marcliing Artillery with Several 
Collums the are to Parade in the manner Laid down in the 
order of March, the Pioneers to Prosect in front of the Ar- 
tillery to Clear the Read & Remove Flvery obsticles- . 

The two Light Pecies designed for Genl. Hand to advance in 
front. Genl. Poor two to Follow Genl. iNIaxwells next, and 
Genl. Clinton next, in case of an attack the several Peacies 
if the Ground Permits, sre to be imediately forwarded to their 
respective Brigades imless orders be giving to the Contrary 
on the Spot . 

Captns. Shott & Rcsenkrantz commanding Corps are Per- 
mitted to ride. 

Each flank to be form'-'u in to two divi.^ions that in case of 
an attack on its front the rear division may gain the enemys 


The Qr. Mr. & Adjt. of the Artillery to retain their hor.--es. 

A gnu from the Pari; v,-i!l give notice tomorrov moruiug for 
the Genl. to Beat Throughout the whole encampuient upon 
v.-hich the tents to be struck &. the Baggage Leaded— A secern] 
gun will notify the army to march upon the .second gun being 
fired a march will be Beat by the whole army, b-giuning with 
hands Light Corps. 

The Commis'y to Leave fifty good cattle for the use of the 
garrison the rest to be dro% ing on. 

Commisy's Qr. I\Irs. & oiher stores to be send to the Gar- 
rison emediately that no delay may be tomorrow, the cattle 
to be Braugh in this afternonn ,?- the horses of the army to 
be secured to night, thai no Time may be v;asted in the 
moruiug in collecting thcni. 

The Army are again noti.fied that Boating the Troop on the 
March is ever a sigqal for cloasing collumu ready to display, 
& Beating to armes is a signal to form on the Common order — 
Captn. Procter of the Artillery is permitted to ride while his 
Laimness continues. 

The Corps v;hich drov\- two Pr. of shoes yesterday for Each 
cf their soldieis are desired to return one pair from each. 
To the Clcathier as also can spair auy of their shoas are re- 
quested to return them, their being at Prsent several of the 
Troops destituate of that Article. 

Lt. Marchall of Colo. Ccrtlands Regi. & Brigade Major to 
Gcul. Poor's Brigade i~, to be considered as a Captn. in Regt. 
and obeyed accordingly. 

Lt. Colo. Willart is appointed Second in command to the 
Flanking Division Commanded by Colo. Ogton & Lt. Colo. 
Reinneir to the Flanking ;;)ivision Commaudtd by Lt. Colo. 

In consequeuce of a mo^ie of a Rangement Established at 
White Plaine Last sumer for the Present Genl. Poor's Bri- 
gade to Take the Right and Genl. Maxv/ell the Left of the 
first Line, tlus arangemenr to commence tomoirow morning. 
All Officer soldiers & others are arjuainted witli any part of 
this Indian Cuntry to attend at 5 oci'k this afternoon at Head 
Quarters—as the Bugel Homes have not yet arrivd Officers 
commanding Collumns to Provide two Conkshells for their 
respective Collumns in lue of the homes. 

Genl. Maxwells having Lo;-,t a Blue Great Coat will he m-uch 
obliged to the Person v.-ho has it to return it, he has a blue 
Cloth Great Coat vrith a small velved cape for which he sop- 
poses his has has been T&kcn. 


Detail for Pioneers. 

C. S. S. C. Df. P. 
1 1 3 3 .. T5 

Captu. V\'oo] of the Artillery has a fue musl^ets on baud 
which may be Issued. 

After Orders— Tioga, Augt. 24lh '79. 

The Regimental Surgeons to make a return of all the sick 
on the ground all the Medicine Chests to be turned into the 
hospital. The Regimpiuall surgeons after making their re- 
turns to apply to Doctr. McCrea for Proper supplies for the 

nrp<;ent eTpe^iiinn Vll the Rrgt. surgeons to assemble at 

Doctr. Hagants quai'ters this afternoon at four ocl'k. The 
Officers who did not send in their hurses agreeable lo the 
Order of yesterday, arc Positively ordered to send them to 
the Quarter Master Genl. immediately or abide by the conse- 

Colo. Ogfon's Orders. 

The German Companys are to march six rods v.'ithin the 
Collumn & in ca^^e of an attack tiiey emedi'Uely join the 
enemy's flank &. Rear unless the order be countermanded in 
which case they will receive particular orders— one sub. one 
serjt. &. IG Privates to form the Van of the Collumn. 1 sub. 
1 serjt. & 20 Privates to form the fiank guard, keeping a 
proper distance from the Collumn & so far-distant from each 
other as to Compkatly cover it. Captn. Ealtzel to Furnish a 
Corpl. (Sr. eight for the Van v/ho on an attack they will join 
their company, the other details to be furnished equaley. 

Head Quarters Tioga 

25th Augt. '79. 

Brigadier for tomorrow— Maxwell. 

Field Offrs.— Lt. Colo. Read. 

Brigade ?.lajor— Ro.-s. 

The Brigade Comniisy's that have drawn Thirty days Flour 
are to return Three of it to Mr. Vv'oodman Commisy. of the 
Garrison takirjg his rccipt there fore. Those who have not 
drawn the whole are only to draw twenty seven days exclu- 
sive of the tv,-o days Rast drawn of which the are to Issue 
to the Troops im.medial oly four days. The Troops are dr rected 
to cook two days Flour as quick as possible. As this will 
lighten a considerable number of Horses, the spare ones to be 
sent to Head Qrs. immediately in order that they m.ay be dis- 
tributed among the Corps that are not supplyed. 


The Brigadiers will pay particular atrentiou in having this 
doue as quick as possible — & the Brigadiers & Field Otirs 
of the day will also see that other orders are complycd with 
as quick possible. 

The Troops to draw Half a Pint of Whisky this day which 
is to be considered for this day &. tomori'ow. 

As the Army can not be cquiped for marching this day thiy 
are to hold themselves in perfect readiness to move tomorrow 
morning at eight oelcck at all events. 

Head Quarters 4 miles above Tioga 

2Gth Augt. 1779. 

Brigadier of day- -Gen'l Poor. 

Field officer of the day— Colo. Cortland. 
■ Brigade Major — ^Marchell. 

The Genl. to Beat at six ocl'k Persiscly a gun from the 
park will be a signall for the assembly to beat t^- a second 
gun a signal for the march. 

Untill further orders a morning & evening gun to be fired 
from the pari: of artillery. 

The Troops are strictly forbidden to open Indian graves there 
being repeated Instances of the most fatal Disorders being 
occatiou'd by them. 

Head Quarters Near Shemong 

Augt. 27th 1779. 

Brigradier for today— GcnL Clinton. 

Field Officer— Lt. Colo. Dearliorn. 

Brigade Major — Fish. 

It is with Great Greef and astonishment the Commander 
in Chief is informed that some of the soldiers should steal 
the stores of the army and even t:ie Private allowance of 
. their messmats while others are so v.ill as to trow away their 
own provision. The Discovers a unjust and ungenerous Dis- 
poistion as well as an Instention to their own comfort &. 
safely. The genl. Declares that as the army has drawn pro- 
vision to a certain Period he will not suffer the army to 
return through want of provision untill that period be expired. 

The Gen'l also possitiveJy declares that he will order 500 
Lashes to bo Inflicded upon any person Dected in the before 
mentioned offende-s to aa addition thereto to draw only five 
pound of Flour & meat pr. week during the campaign. The 


Genl. be well conviT.coil of the Inattention of same Brigacie 
Comniisy's & conduaers of horses possitively orders that the 
Brigade Com'y be answerable for all the Provisions Delivered 
to them and that tfe^y make the Condiicters accountable to 
them when provision are lost no Excuse will be admitted Ex- 
cept the Brigadier of the day upon having evidences Certifys 
that the Loss was iravitable — All other Losses are to be ac- 
counted for by the fommisy's & Conducters the are to have 
an Intire stoppage ol their wages untill the same be compen- 
sated as the Troops Tsrill have such a Quantity of corn <& beans 
at the place as will be amply sufncient for a days provision 
the flour iliey ha-\ e on hand is to extend one day Longer than 
it was Issued for. 

Commissaries of Bfigades & Corps are particularly to notice 
this order & regulate their issues accordingly — The Troops are 
to hold themselves isi readiness to' march at the shortest notice 
in common order for Shemong— first gun for a signal for the 
Geul. 2d for the assembly & a third for a march to Beat 
one man from Each leyt. to be added to Captn. Selings Corps 
of pioneers. 

Head Quarters Newtown 
Augt. 2Sth 1779 
Brigadier — Gcnl. '-^axwell. 
Field officers toinonov/— Colo. Gansv,-ort. 
Brigade Major— Rsss. 

Head Quarters Newtown 

Augt. 29th '79. 
Officers of today toroo!row 

Brigadier — Poor. 

Major — Piatt. 

Brigade :Major— Juarshall. 

When situation -»-ill admit the army is to encainp in order 
of Battle Genl. ClJaton's Brigade forming their face to the 
rear — & the fiar.I-iKg divisions forming afront the one to the 
right, the other to tie Left flank. 

Whoevor Iids the fi-:'ld nctis of Mr. Lodge, surveyer to this 
departinent is Desi.od to return them to him or leave them 
at Head Quartort^. 


Head Quarters Newtown 

Augt. 30th 1779. 
Officers for the day tomorrow 

Gen'l Clinton. 

Lt. Colo. Wi:;enfells. 

B. M. Fish. 

The Commander in Chief with hij^hest satisfaction returns 
his sinceer thanks to the Olticers &. soldiers of the army for 
their Brave & Soldier lik& conduct yesterday. No Troops 
could have manifested mere eagerness for the combat than 
those who where not immediately engaged and none more 
bravery & coolness then theae who were in action. 

'Ihe Gen'l in a special Esaner returns his Thanks to Geul. 
Poor, the oflicers & soldiers- of his Brigade for the firmness & 
resolution with which ihej" opposed and routed the enemy. 
he also returns his Thank? to Major Parr and the Troops 
under his command for the brave stand ihey made he is sen- 
sible of 'the oblication he is under to every Genl. & com- 
niiss'd Oflieer for the PariBcuIar attention to his Orders and 
chearfulness tlicy shew in Executing every direction, he can- 
not help expres.iing his satisfaction with the conduct of Colo. 
Procter and the ofiicers & aen of the artillery. — Capt. Macken 
Lts. Stephen & Jinkins havi his cordial thanks for their ser- 
vises they rendered the ainrf by their Vigelilence and Execu- 
tions — it is with Pleasure he declares the condtict of the whole 
army as fully convinced tlut Every futer Attempt to oppose 
their pi ogress m.ust be vair,; & fruitless, the same signals as 
yesterday will notify the rmrch of the army. Genl. Clinton 
is appointed president of a Cort rvlaiiial to sit at 3 ocl'k this 
aftei-noon for the Trial of Commisary Sti:^el. Each Brigade to 
furnish one Field offr. & thu^e Captains. Captn. Anderson is 
appointed Judg Advocate l;1o Cort to set at the Presidents 

After Orders. 

Head Qnarteis, New Town 

Augt. 30. 

The Commander in Chief informs the Troops that he used 
every affort to procivre projer supplies for the army and to 
obtain a sufficient number af Horses to Transport them but 
oing to the inattention of I'hose whose business it was to 
make the necessary I'.rovi.sicas he faild of obtaining such an 
ample supply's on hand wi!"l net wirluHit the greatest pru- 
dence euetble him to complele the Business of the Expedition 


he therefore Requests the Several Brigadiers & officers com'g 
Cori)S to Take the minds of the Troop under iheir Respective 
coniDiands whether thoy will while in this corutry which 
abounds in corr.e & evory oter kind of Yegitable be content 
to Draw half a Pound of Flour & a half Pound of meet & 
solt pr. day. 

He desires the Troops to give their opinion upon the pro- 
posal with freedom and as soon as possible should they gen- 
erally fall in with the porposalls, he promises that they shall 
be Paid for that Part c.*: the Rations which is held back at 
the full value in money he flaters himself that the that the 
Troops Y^•ho have discovered so much Bravery and fermness 
will freely consent to a Pleasure so Essentially to accomplish 
the impoitant purposes cE this expedition, and to enable them 
to add to tlie Laurels iLey have already gained. The enemy 
have subsisted a uumbtr of days on corn without either salt, 
Bread meat or flour &: Che Genl. cannot persuade himself that 
Troops who so far surpass them in valour and true Bravery will 
suffer therasf'lves to b-e out done in that fortidute and prese- 
verence which not only distinguishes but dignifies the soldiers 
— The does not moan tT> continue this thro the Campaign but 
only wishes it to be auopted in those places where Vegitables 
may supply the Place cf Part of the common Rations of meat 
& flour & he thinks vrith a plerity of Vcgital)Ies, half of a 
common Ration of meat & Hour will be much better then the 
v/hole v.ithout any. 

The Troops will Pleaic to Consider the matter, and give their 
opinion as soon as possible. 

Head Quarters, Pint Plains 

Augt. 31. 
Field officers of the day tomorrow 

Gen'l — Maxwell. 

Majer— Whiting. ■ -^ 

B. M.— Ross. 

It is with the highf-st sence of gratitude the Genl. Rec'd an 
accont of the cheorfuJ complyance cf the OfTicers and soldiers 
of the army v.-ith th« proposals of yesterday, this pleasing 
proof of vertue fortitude preserverence added to their striking 
eviden the have givcu of their Biavery, gives him the most 
agreeable sensation atitl Demands every Return in hi-; Pov.-cr 
he v.-ill Endeavor to Expedite the Opp^rations of th':- Cam- 
paign as much as pc.-^sibie and lias do Doubt but with tho 


supplies on hand he v,-ill soon be able to Itue full Rations he 
assures them as soon as it can be Reduced to a certainty that 
the provisions will answer he will not loose one moment of 
orderin;; full allowance dealt out. 

Least any doubt should arise in the mind of the Troops 
respecting the mony to be allov.-ed in Lue of provision retained 
the Gonl. as.^ures thorn the shall receive as much as the pro- 
vision would Cost at this time. As he Tinks that Rations of 
salt E.?pecial;y Necessary at this time, the Comy's are derected 
to Isue full allowance til! fuviher orders. 

The Right Flanking Division of the army is to be considered 
under the command of GenT Poor & the Left Flanking Divi- 
sion under the command of Gen'l l\Faxweil who commands ihe 
Right c<c Left wing of the first Line. 

Head Quarters, Caterines town 

Sept. 1st 1779. 
Field officers of today tomorrow 
Gen. Poor. 

M. Cockran. . _ ; 

B. M. Marchall. ■ ■ ^. ■ .-■- 

Jlcad Quarters, Caterines Town 

Sepfr 2d "79. 
P^ield officers for tomorrov; 

Gen'l Clinton. 

Major Scott. 

B. M. Fish. 

The order of the 31 Uliinuj not being sufficiently explicit the 
Gen'l thinks proper to meraion that as the Flanking Division 
most act in conjunction v.-ith the first Line in case of an at- 
tack in front they must b.'r Considered as under the Command 
of the Genl. GITrs. Commanding the Right & Left wing of the 
first Line. — Notvrlthstanding which they are to attend to the 
Genl. Orders given thern iii the order of Battle and act accord- 
ingly unless the OClcer Cer/inianding the wings shouW should 
find it necessary to give Contrary orders should the flanking 
Divisions to obliged to r-rturn to the Releef of the second 
Line, ihey ar; to consider themselves in time of action under 
tlie command of Ctnl. C'inton should find it necessary— to 
give Different Derccticn-— The Gen'l considering the Flanks 
in this Light did not particularly mention the Right Flanking 


Division in the order of the SOth ultimo tho he considered 
them as part of Cenl. Poor's Brigade and meant to Tank them 
for their Bravery on the day of action. 

The Genl. not being Ijtfore nolifyed which of the York Regts. 
ware in the action takes the oppertunity of returning his 
thanks to the ofQcers & soldiers of Colo. Gansworth & Dubois's 
Regts. for their bravery and conduct on that day. 

The Com'r in Chief is truly sensible of Capts. Bellard & 
Selin & Ensn. Dodge with their Corps of pioneers for their 
Great arlartness in forwarding the march of the army yester- 
day et tanks them for their industry. 

rnTnmis'y Steell is Released from his arrest and to Return 
to the duties of his ogice. Captn. Gifferd will still continue 
his charge of the Cattle and Report to Head Quarters once in 
2-1 Hours how many cattle are on hand. 

The Wight of the Cattle delivered to the Brigade Commis'y 
with the No. of Rations issued and to whom to be Reported 
to the Commis'y Genl. Every issueing day, who is to make 
out Early the next Days Gen'l Return to the Com'r in Chief. 

The Com'r in Chief pcssitively for Bids the Soldiers strugling 
from camp on any Protence whatever. 

A Gen'l Cort Martial of which Lt. Colo. Read is appointed 

president to sit immediately for" the Tryal of 

for discharging his fire-lock whereby Captn. Gamble of the 
1st NewllT.mshier Regt. was killed. 

The Troops are imediately to set about cleaning themselves 
in the best manner they can, and be in Readiness to march 
early tomorrow morning. 

Head Quarters 12 m.ilss from Catcrine Town at Borters of 
Kauadesaygo Lake Snpt. Sd 1779. 

Field OlT'r for tomorrov/ 

Gen'l Maxwell. 

Colo. Dayton. 

B. M. Ross. 

The Genl. is Exceedi:ig surprised that his Orders Respecting 
the movement of the Pack Hoses are so little attended to by 
which neglect the army and its Retinue have beet, frequently 
endangered he now pcssitively orders that the following ar- 
rangement of tliem b=' punctually complyed with the pack 
Hoses of Genl. Poor's k Clinton's Brigade to move in three 
files on the L^-ft of poors Collumn the pack Hoses of Hnnds 
& Alaxv.ells Brigade to move in the same manner on the Right 
7— Vol. XlV-Ctli .=^fT. 


of Genl. Maxwell's Collumn the Pack hoses of Colo. Procter's 
Artillery to uicve immediately on tiie Right &. L.':^ of the 
Road on ^vhich the Artillery Passes. The cattle to be driven 
immediately in the Rear of the .Artillery. The front of the 
several files of Pack Hoses to be arranged with Heads of the 
Collumns after passing a defile where the whole are to pro- 
teed on one Path. The hoses are immediately to resume their 
former position. The Genl. & Field officers of the Day as 
also the Q. M. Genl. to see that those who Deviate from this 
arrangement he Properly Punished. — the Troops to draw three 
days half Rations this night & cook one half of that. 

The Genl. to Beat tumoirow morning at o ccl'k at half after 
the assembly & at three quarters after the march v/ithout the 
usual signals. 

Head Quarters 21 :>Iiles from' Cathorcn Town on the Borders 

of Sinikee Lake. Sept. 4th 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Genl. Poor. 

Colo. Spencer. 

B. Ma jr. Marshall. ■; 

Head Quarters, Kendaia or Able Town 
Septr. E-th "79. 
Officers of the Day 
B. Genl. Clindon. 
Lt. Colo. Reid. 
B. M. Fish. 

All the Musriuets in the army which requires Discharging to 
be Discharged at retreat Beating that they may be Put in the 
Best Order. 

Head Quarters, Kenadaia 
Sept. 6th 1779. 
Officers of the Day 
B. G. Maxv,-ell. 
Colo. Coartland. 
B. M. Ross. 

The Com'r in Chipf positively forbids any Ofllcer or Sol- 
diers purchcs foi their own use tho^e horses of the enemy 


■\vhich may be (aken, and he Directs that those %Yhich may 
hear afLer be captured 1 e imediately caried to the Qr. }.Iaster 
Genl. and by him purchesod u>v tlie use of the army— the Qr. 
Master is also Directed lo lalvC all such horses as may hear 
after be found in their poscssiou, allowing the capturs or 
owners a reasonable vallue for the same— He calls upon the 
Officers and more especially the Officers of the Day to see that 
the horses are not loaded with Blunder or any unnecessary 
Baggage burthens which if Eifectually prcveuted will greatly 
injure the army. 

He is sorry to 2\Ienlion that so Little attention is paid to his 
Orders agaiust firing, is too Evident and will at all Times 
enable the enemy to fire upon the army and retire with im- 
punity, it being imposiible to distinguish their and our ov/n 
frequent & Imprudent firing. 

He has with Greaf and cousern observed that by the inat- 
tention of the conducters of Pack Horses the Line of March 
is so Icuthcncd that the several Divisions of the army ai'e 
thrown out of suporting Distance <£: the whole thereby en- 
dangered. He therefore \v the most possitive manner Declare 
he will punish every breach of the orders of march in futher. 
The Genl. cannot help observing that Instect of one Pack 
Horseman only being appropreated to every five horses there 
are a variety of instances ef Officers waiters being employed to 
conduct one horse only vrhich weekens the force of the army 
in a very great measure and Totally unnecessary as one of 
those waiters may with ease lead five horses and at the same 
time keep up with the Oifi.iers to whom they Belong— it would 
ujijurous In a Campaign of a Different nature from this to 
request Ofllcers to comply with those regulations, which are 
essentially necessary on ibis Expition the non observance of 
which probobly produce the most recenous consiqucnces. 

The troops hold themselves in rediness to move in the 
Shortest Notice. 

Head Quarters Kanadesayco 
Sept. 7th 1779 
Ofiicers of the Day 
B. Genl. Poor. 
Colo. Cilly. 
P. Isl. Marchall. 


Head Quarters Kanadesayco 

Sepfr Sth 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Genl. Cliuton. 

Lt. Colo. Dehart. 

B. M. Fish. 

The Commander-in-Chief heing informed that not with 
standing the agreements of the Troops to content themselves 
with half allowance, some of themselves have impudently con- 
sumed iheir full allovraace, he therefore requests thim to Lay 
in as Large a Store of Corne and other vasetables, which this 
place aliords as the march Derected for this army & the 
Buisioness of the Expi-tion must be performed at all events— 
The General Finds that attempts have been made by some of 
the soldiers to kill some of the catties, Destined for the sup- 
port of the army, he therefore Calls upon Officers commanding 
guards particularly and all other officers to use their utmost 
Vigilance, to Detect these unpardonable offenders, as he ranks 
this among the most unjustifyable Declares that when any 
Soldier shall be detected in killing Cattle he v.-ill order him 
punished with instant Death. 

The army will march tomorrow morning at G ocl'k the as- 
sembly will Beat at half after 5. The Assembly at three 
quarters after the march at six — Every collumn will move at 
the sound of the French horn from the Artiliry the pack horses 
&; cattle will move in the common order at the same Time 
without any regard to the Dispossiou made yesterday. 

After Orders. 

A Captain and 50 m-n to parade tomorrow morning at 5 
ocl'k to escort the sick and weak back to Tioga and to peck up 
and carry forward all cattle & horses that may be found on 
the Road. 

OfTicers Command'g Corps will see that all those who are 
unable to go forward fer going off at 5 ocl'k, they will mount 
such as are unable to walk on the weakese Horses. 

Head Quarters, Kanedasayco. 
Sept. 9th '79 

OfTicers of the Day 
B. Gen'l Maxwell. 
B. M. Ross. 


At a Geii'l Court Mariial whereof Brigade'r Gen'l Clinton 
was presid't Colo. Ogdoii was Try'd charged by Genl. i\lax- 
well with marched off the Left flank of the army witliout his 
orders with marching Directly in Front of the Brigade and 
partly intersipting iis march with haveiug some Days ago that 
he would run the risl<; of Disobaying hi? Orders in the fore- 
going Instances. 

The Court after considering the charges and the evidences 
are unanimusly of opinion that Colo. Ogdon was not calpable 
iu roarch'g of his Division without Genl. Maxwell Orders they 
are unanimusly of oppinion that he did not march Directly iu 
front of Genl. Maxwell's Brigade nor intersepted his Line of 
march, they aie also of cppinicn Colo. Osdon was not culpable 
in saying a fieu Days ago that he should have run the risk 
of disobaing Genl. Ma.xwells orders with respect to the flank- 
ing Division before the Genl. Orders of the 31st a. m. The 
Court are of oppinion the several charges are groundless and 
do unimusly acquit him with honor. The Commander in Chief 
aprove.- the sentence of the Court Martial, and ord. Colo. 
Ogdon the resume the command of his Regiment. 

The Court :Martial of which Genl. Clinton is presideni is 

Head Quarters 9 miles from Kanadesaigo 

Sepfr 10th 177S. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Genl. Poor. 

Colo. Ogdon. 

B. M. Marchall. 

The Army to move tomorrow morning at 5 oci'k the Genl. 
to Beat at half after 4. the conducters will see that the horses 
of army are watered t'nis evening supplyed with Forage and 
tied up. Captn. Giffojcd and Commisery Steel, will confine 
the cattle in the best inclosure and the ofTicer commanding 
the cattle G'lart will s'-o that they are kept within the inclo- 
sure so as to be readj to move off with army, artilery and 
riding horses to be als?. confined this night. As Lt. Colo Wil- 
lett has recovered his health he is Derected to take command 
of the Left flanking Division tomorrow morning Maj'r Norris 
of Genl. Poors Brigad.? will join that command Colo. Spencer 
will resume the commtiid of his Regiment for the futher with- 
out a .-iic-ial order no Fvi^iing or Tnoi'ning gun to be fired. 

The pioneers to be imcdiately furnished from the sovaral 


Brigade to which the Celong, with as much flour as will make 
up one lb. pr. Day with what they have on hand in futcr they 
are to Draw one Ih. of meal and one lb. of flour pr. day— 
Gen'l Maxwell's Brigade to furnish the caitlo guard for to- 
morrow night. 

Head Quarters, Hanoyoyc Scpt'r 11th 177S. 

Ofiicers of the Day 

B. G. Clinton. 

Lt. Colo. Dearborn. 

B. Majr. Fish. 

The Oenl. to bent ?.t 5 ocl'l: tomorrow uiuinlug the assembly 
at half after and the march to commence imediately after. 

Head Quarters Youngsough or Adjutse 
Sept'r 12lh '79. 
.Officers of the Day 
B. G. Maxwell. 
Colo. Gansv/ortb. _ 
B. M. Ross. 

The General Assembly & march to be Beat and commence at 
the same hours as yesterday. 

Head Quarters, Kasawailale 

Sept'r 13th '79. 

Oflicers of the Day 

B. Gen'l Poor. 

Lt. Colo. Smith. 

B. M. Marshall. 

The Army to Parade at Gun fireing tomorrow morning which 
will be at half past thi-ee. 

Head Quarters, Chenesee, 
Sept. 14th '79. 
OfTicors of the Day 
B. Genl. Clinton. 
Maj'r Hollinghed. 
B. M. Fish. 

The army to parade tomorrow laorning at C ocl'k for the 
purpose of Distroying Corn one "iiegt. from each Brigade with 


the Riflemeu to be posted as covering Parties. Colo. Prockter 
will Detach one pocti of Artilcry to each Brigade — th()>e who 
may be iniployed in the Fatigue will also take their arms 
"v^'ith tlicm. 

Head Quarters Chencsee 
Sept. 15th 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Genl. Maxwell. 

Lt. Colo. Wiscufeld. 

B. M. Ross. 

Tile Coiiiixic\ridcv in Chief infoy''T= his BroYC and resolute 
army that the imcdiate Object fo this expedition is accom- 
plished vz: 

The total ruin of the Indian Settlements and Destruction 
of their Corps which were Designed for the Support of those 
Inhuman Barbarrans, w'hile desolating the Amarican Frontiers 
— he is by no means insensible of the obligation he is under 
to those Brave officers and Soldiers whose virtue and fortitude 
have enabled him to compleat the important design of the 
expedition <& he assures them that he will not fail to inform 
Amarica at Large hoY\' much they stand indebted to them. 

The army will commence its march this Day for Tioga and 
proseed in the following Ordei— first, an advance guard of 
one hundred men advanced one hundred Rods in front — Sec- 
ondly, Genl. Cliulou Biigadc advancing in four colhimus from 
his front. 

Thirdly, the Pack horses and cattle. 

Fourth, Gen'l Ma\v,-pll & Poor Rotireing in Collumns as the 
■advanced redy to form a front opposct the front of Gen'l 
Clinton's lijie. 

Fifth, Genl. Hand in the same manner as he advanced ready 
to form a front to the lear of the army. 

Sixth, the Riflerntn in the rear of the vrhole retiring in a 
line at Twenty Rods Distant from the Light Corps— two pieces 
of artilery well Loaded as to go Between Gen'l Hand and the 
Rifle Corps one pses to be imediately in the rear of Gen'l Clin- 
ton's center colluni and the small Howbetz to proceed with 
the advance guard these pieces also to be Loaded — The Flank- 
ing Divisions will each be formed into to tvro Division of each 
flanking Collumn. Gen'l Clinton the rear of the other Division 
will be on a Line with the Light Corps— tboir duty will be 
the same as wheri advancing with Difference only that when 
ever a fireing m.?iy commence the Division next the enemy will 
endever to gain their flank. 


■ The other Division by movcing Rapidly in alage circle will 
endeavor to gain their rear. The Diiiy of the Covering pariys 
will be the same as when advancing, the Gen'l iiatters himself 
that no Soldier fron a Desire of Plunder or inattention to his 
order Safely will stragle from the army a loge behind it, there- 
by puting himself in the power of the inhuman savage who 
will be Lurking round the army to prevent this effectually be 
Derects the field officers cf the Day to march constantly in 
the rear of the Light Corps & he is also positively Directed to 
order every soldier who may be found stragliug or lurking 
behind the army 50 Laslics on the Spot. — The officers Com- 
_ manding Corps will be patk-ularly attentive that those soldiers 
vjhn may be taken sick oi lame be carried forward on horses 
for which purpose they will if necessary Dismount such Offi- 
cers of their Corps as can happyly march on foot. 

While the Army is Encamped the soldiers are positively to 
go without the Line of tie Encampment except they obtain 
Leave from their commanling officer a transgressor of order 
to be punished on the spot 30 Lashes & the Commander in 
Ceif calls upon every Officer as they regard the lives of their 
soldiers and the credit of the army to excert themselves in 
producing a street compliasice with those orders. 

Altho' each Flanking Division be formed into seperate Divi- 
sions they are never the Eess to be considered as unter the 
command of Colo. Dubois & Lt. Colo. V.'illett. 

Head Quarters, Chenesee Flats 
Sept'r Ifith 1779. 

Maj'r Cockran is appoinird to command the advance party 
of the army. 

In consiquence of the Drive and Soldierly conduct of Aron 
Brink of Colo. Spencers Reg?, on the 13th Inst, refusing Cchuon 
who was severely woundea. & very Probebly saving Capt'n 
Lodge and his party from tfce savages. 

The Quarter Mas'r Gen'l i- Derected to pay him, 500 Dollars 
as a reward to his services and encorragement to semular 
conduct and merit in othens. 

After Orders, Kanfsgkh.'--as, 

Sept'r lijth '79. 

. The morning gun to be ur^d at Daybreak upon which the 
Troops are to make ready fcr an immediate march. 


Head Quarters, Hauojaye 

Sepfr 17th '79. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Gen'l Maxwell. 

Maj'r Whiting. 

B. M. Ross. 

The Comis'y is to Issue Eight Days flour and a half point 
of salt to each man this afternoon — Gen'I Clinton's Brigade 
with 150 men from each ether of the Brigades to parade this 
afternoon at 5 ocl'k hefore Head Quarters this Detachment to 
le commanded by Genl. Clinton who will ckll at Head Quarters 
for his Instruction— The Commissary to subploy them with 2 
pouiiJ of Uicat pr. man the army <:o h^iyp their cartridge boxes 
filled with ammunition imediately and to hold themselves in 
readiness to march at C ocl'k tomorrow morning the Genl. to 
beat at half an hour before six. 

The Horses to be confined this evening— Gen'l Clinton will 
Leave those of his Brigade behind who are Least able to 
march in order to guard and forward the Baggage of his Eri- 
gade— 200 men Drafted from the other Brigades with the re- 
maining Part of Genl. Clintons will supply the Place of Genl. 
Clinton's Brigade and be commanded by Colo. Dayton. 

The advance guard commanded by Maj'r Cockran with the 
ether Corps of the army to march, in their usual Order. 

The Horses of the army being so weekned & Deminished in 
number as with Dificiuty to carry the necessary Baggage of it. 

The Com'r in Chief requests commanding Officers of Corps 
to examine the Baggage of those under their command and 
see that pUinder and other uslcss Articles Distroyed they will 
also see that all Horses unfit for service be knocked in the 
Head before the march. 

Head Quarters, Kanadaque 

Sept'r 18th 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Genl. Maxwell. 

Ma jr. 

B. M. Ross. 

Commanding Offi.cers of Corps are to procure Hides fr(;m 
the Comis'y to make Moggason for such of their men as a-e 
Diffiruld of Shoes— The will also be furnished with Back by 
the Qr. Mr. Gen'l to make sone kind of covering for such of 
their men as are wiiliotii Overalls or Breeches. 

Untill further orders the troops are allov/ed one pound of 
flour pr. m;in pv. Day. 


Head Quarters, Kauadasayca 

Septr. 20th '79. 
Officers of the Day 

B. Geul. Cliuton. 

Colo. Spencer. 

B. M. Fish. 

The Troops to be Corapleated with 12 pounds of flour each 
and untill further orders they are allowed 1 lb. i/^ lb. of flour 
pr. man pr. Day. 

A Detachment of 500 men Kank & file properly ofhcered with 
iNlaj'r rar]-s Corps of Rifle iJien to parade at 11 ocl'k lo pro- 
seed on a secret Expidition under the Comnuiud of Colo. But- 
ler — Two Captains 4 STiboltprn'^, and ICO men. Drafted from 
the ?d -Ith (S: 5th New Yoik and Gth Masachusetts Regiments 
to parade at 12 ocl'k to proceed on an Expedition commanded 
by Colo. Gansworth. 

The ammunition to be Delivered to the Commissary of Mil- 
litary stores who is Directed to take a paticular account of the 
Quantity received from each Brigade — After issuing the Flour 
meniionde in the foregoing order the resitue together with salt 
to be returned to the Commis'y. 

20 good horses from Genl Maxwell's Brigade and 50 Good 
ones from each of the other Brigades to be Delivered to the 
Qr. Master imediately. 

The army to be ready to march at 2 ocl'k. Parties from each 
Brigade to be .sent out to collect the Horses of the army. 

Head Qurirters three miles of Kondaia 

September 21st 1779. 
Officers of the Day 
B. Gen'l Maxwell. 
Colo. Cortland. 
B. M. Ross. 
The army to march tomorrow morning at sunrise. 

Head Quarteis, Ten miles north of Catharines Town 
September 22d 1779. 
Officers of the Day 
B. G. Poor. 
Colo. Silly. 
B. M. March all. 
The fianking Division to parade tomorrow morning at Day 


Ilrake ready to March on a paticular Command Colo. Dearborn 
will call at Head Quarters for Instruction. 

Head Quarters -1 miles south of Catharins Town 
Septr. 23d ITTU 
Olliccrs of the Day 
B. G. Clinton. 
IJ. Colo. Keid. 
B. IL Fish. 

Head Quarters, Fort Reed, 
Sepfr 24th 1779 
OfTicors of the Day 
B. G. Max^Ye^. 
Lt. Colo. Dehart. 
B. M. Ross. 

Head Quarters, Fort Reed, 
Sepfr 25th 177D. 
Officers of the Day 
B. G. Maxwell. 
Col. — - 

B. I^I. Marchall. 

The Com'r in Chief congradulates the Army accession of the 
King of Spain to the Aranrican Alliance asshurances he has 
given of as?ting and secisring our Independence and Sperited 
Declaration of war he has made against Great Britan to 
answer this important parrpose — He also congradulates the 
army upon the generous proceedings of the present Congress, 
Communicates the following resolutions of that Honorable 
Body— which must ConTince every officer and soldire that 
Difficulties L- dangers wj^ be held in greatfull rememberance 
to every vertuous and gernerous American. 

In Congress, August 17th 1779. 

Whereas the. aimy of the United States of North America 
have by their Patriotism Valour and presiverance in the De- 
fence of the Rights and Liberties of their Cuntry becom in- 
iitled to the :.ii well as the Approbation of their 
fellov,' Citysons. 

Resolved that it be hX'A is hearby recommended to those 


several States that havt- not already adopted Meashures for 
that pu'.pose to mak suih further provL-ioos for. the Oihcers 
aud for the Soldiers insisted for the War to them respectively 
belonging who shall coniinue untill the estapplishiuent of 
pease, as shall be adduquit compensation for the many Dangers 
losses and Hardships 5.hey have suffered and exposed to in 
the coarse of present Contest either by granting to their Offi- 
cers half pay for Life aad proper reward to their soldiers or in 
such other manner as rciay appear most expidieut to the Leg- 
islatiur of the several suites. 

Resolved that it be and it is hereby recommended to the 
several states to make such provisions for the v, idov.'s of such 
of thiii oiTiceis and oi their soldiers iulisted for the war as 
have Died or may Die fn the service as Shall secure to them 
the sweets of that Lib^^rty for the attainment of which their 
Hosbaiids have nobly Laid down their Lives. 

Augt. 18th 1779. 

Resolved that untill further orders of Congress the Officers 
of the Army be intitleil: lo receive monthly for their subsist- 
ance the sums as follows vz: 

Every Colonel & BrigacV Chaplain oOO lbs. 

Each Lieut. Colonel 400 lbs. 

Each Maj'r & Regt. Sirjgeon, 300 lbs. 

Every Captain, 200 lbs. 

Every Lieutenant, & ]^i,:.!gn S; mate, 100 lbs. 

Resolved that untill further orders of Congress the sum of 
Ten Doll'rs be paid to every non-commiss'd officer & soldier 
monthly for their subsis-tance in lieu of those articles of Food 
oregiually intitled for tLem and not furnished. 

The Com'r in Chief is willing to give the Officers and Sol- 
diers an opperdunity of Testifying their Joiy on this occasion, 
Derects that the Ti'oop? be Drovrn out this forenoon <& Dis- 
charge all their loaded musquets, that they clean their arms 
and each be furnished %^,ith one blank cartridge. That the 
whole army army paraie this Evening at 5 ocl'k in such a 
manner the Adjt. Genl. -ball direct in order to fire a fieudojoy 
which is to be procv-eded l-y 13 rounds of Cannon. 

A gill of wisky to be Delivered to each Officer and soldier 
and five gallons of Jlui.\ to eacli Drigade for the use of the 
Officers and a like to the Artiiery and Staff officers 
of the Army, five Extra ©xen of the Best kind to be Delivered 
four to the Officers of uie four Brigades aud the fifth to the 


Artinery and Staff omcerj— the Flanking Divi.^ions to be in- 
cluded in the seveial Corps to which tliey belong and are to 
Draw from them. 

Captain Reed and liis Detachment will iniediately join their 
respective Corps — The Butcher^; in fuUier are not to Kill their 
Cajtle by fireng at them as it is attended v.ith Danger and 
Totally unnecessary. 

The Brigade Qr. Mr. will cause that the Offel of the Cattle 
plautered for their Respecnve }3rigades be iniediately Buried 
— Bieut. Col. Wisenfold's is appointed president of a Gen'l 
Court Martial to set tomraorrow morning at 9 ocl'k for the 
tryal of such prisoners as ma> be Braughl. ueiore them. 

Head Quarters, Fort Reed, Sept'r 2Gth, 1779. 

Officers of the Day 
B. G. Clinton. 
Bt. Colo. Conway. 
B. M. Fish. 

Head Quarters, Fort Reed, Sept'r 27th. 1779. 

Officers of the Day 

B. G. Maxwell. 

Lt. Colo. Willitt. 

B. M. Ross. 

The several Details for Guard to parade on Grand parade at 
troop Beating in the morning of those Days v.'hen the Army 
do not March — 

Saml. Gorden soldier in the 3d New York Regt. was try o by 
a Geu'l Court Maiiial v/hereof Bt. Colo. Reed was aiipointed 
president at Catherine's Town on the 2nd Inst, for carelessly 
fireing of a Gun which Killed Captain Kemble and wounded 
an other man — . The Court ware unnanimusly of oppinion 
(t^iiat the Gun did go off accidentally & adjudged him to be 
Acquitted — . 

TI;e Comr in Chi- f appioves the Sentince and ord.jrs said 
Gorden to his duty . 


Bead Quarters, Fort Heed, Sepfr 2Sth, 1779. 

Officers of the Daj- 

B. G. Poor. 

Colo. Ogden. 

B. M. Marchall. 

The whole army to Draw three Days provision — all the 
Horses unfit to Carry Burthens to he imediately sent to Tioga 
no Soldier to he sent v.'ith those Horses except such as are in- 
capehle of I^larchiii,^:. 

The Brigadeers ar.d Colo. Procter to make a return of the 
number of Horses arid Invnlids enrh are to be sent ofl! before 
they Leave the Groyr^d, the I'esidue of the Horses to be taken 
■up this Day and C&rn or Grass provided for them for this 

The Load for the Horses to be so fixed that no Delay may 
Take place in the movement of the army tomorrow morning. 
All the tpare ammunition to be Sent to jNIaj'r Morrison, Cou- 
ductcr of Boats which is to be Loaded imediately . 

Colo. Procter will ihave all his artilery and ordinance stores, 
put on board as sc-ju as possible, Allowing for each Boat 
one officer and one Artilery man only, the rest of the Artilery 
to march with the army in their usuall place having only the 
small Howebgen witli them. 

Capt'n Topham w:2I attend to receiving and Loading the 
ammunition — The araiy to move tomorrow morning at G 
oc'lk. every thing Y(-;11 therefoie be in perfect Readiness 
Against that Time. 

Head Quarters, Tioga October 1st, 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. G. Poor. . 

Maj'r Whiting. 

B. M. Marchall. 

Commis'y Steel and Tvlr. Pemberton will imediately rcpear for 
Wyoming to make tire necessary iireparations for the Army 
against their arrival!.' 

Mr. Pratt will takf charge of the stores of this post— Qr. 
Master Dow, will malu:- a Retuni of all the Boats at this 
as soon as possible wiih an Estemate of the nombcr of men 
they v.ill Carry . 

Returns of the st.o7r-< in the Comis'y <fi Qr. Marstors De- 
partment as also the Comis'y of Military Stores to be made 


against 9 oclk. tomo-:v-^- morniug. Also a return of all the 
men in each Brigade ard Corps in the whole army at ihis Post 
to be made at the San:e Time . 

A Return of all the Horses in the army private as well as 
public property to be raade against Orderly Time tomorrow.— 

The Brigadiers and sfficers Commanding corps will see that 
those Returns from iheir several commands be Just and 
accurate— Mr. KirkpatJick Assistant Qr. Master will repair to 
Wyoming lo assist Colo. Shirieff — in making the necessary 
Prepritiors for the R-^ception of the army who will Furnish 
him with a Coppy of those orders— Colo. Sherieff will procure 
100 good waggons foir removing the Bagfcagc of the army 
from Wyoming to Eaiton.— He will also apploy to Colo. But- 
ler who will Furnish Two Thirds of the men in Garrison who 
are best able to enoTjre Fatigue to repear the Roads from 
Wyoming to Larne'ds Tavern and put it in the best Order, he 
will also y.-rite to Capt'n Patterson to sent as many men as 
can be spared from hhs post to put the road in the best order 
beteen Briuker's :Mill & Larneu's Tavern. 

All the A-rtificers in the Ground are to take their oiders 
from Q'r M'r Dow te- whom Returns of the stores in the Q'r 
Mr. Department are to be made by Mr. Kirkpatiick before 
he Ix?ave this Grounci— all the Boats to be collected and put 
in pioper repare as soon as possible.— A Board of Genl. 
GfTicers to set tomorncAv morning at 9 oc'l'k. at Gen'l Clinton's 
Marque to settle the Relative Rank of Captu. Proster and 
the officers of Colo. Procter's Regt. 

The Commis'y is tc Issue any Provi.sions to the Artificers 
without an Order fr^m Qr. ?vlr. Fjow— Lieut. Whitlock of the 
first Jercy Regt. is appointed Adjt. to same and is to be re- 
Epecte<l accordingly. 

Head Quarters, Ocfr 2nd 1779, Tioga. 
Officers of the Day 

B. G. Clinton. 

Muj'r Piatt. 

B. M. Fish. 

A Gen'l Court Martial of whir-h Genl. Hand is appointed 
president to set to'jorrow morning at 9 oc'l'l; at a Marque 
near Head Quartern for the trjal of Lt. Colo. Rigmier, and 
such other oRicers i,,; are in arrest, by a Gen'l Court Mar- 
tial whereof Lt. C-j.To. Wisenfelds is President Ensign and 
Qr. Mr. McKendrej of the G Massachusetts Regimt was tryed 


charged with neglect of duty in absenting himself from the 
Keg't Avhen called to action on the Twenty Ninth of Aug't 

The Court after hearing the Evidences are of oppiuion that 
Q'r M'r McKendry is net Guilty of the Charge Exhibited 
against him that il is Molitous and Groundless and Do there- 
fore acquit him honor . 

After Orders. 

The Troops to be served with Six Days flour ?nd Tv.-o Days 
beaf to^ncrrcv.- Evening incI,..o;vc- of uhai ihey may have on 
hand which is to be Cooked tomorrow night— The residue 
of the Comis'y Stores to be Loaded tomorrow on board the 
Boats . 

All the Q'r ^Masters and other public etores to be also Loaded 
tomorrow . 

The Com'r in Chief returns his most sincer Thanks to Colo. 
Shreave and his Garrison for their Industry and attention 
to the safiy and Comfort cf the army while absent, the veiy 
prudent steps he persued to render the situation of the Army 

Comfortable on its Return . the Garrison is dismissed 

and ordered to Evacuate the I-^ort tomorrow morning at 7 oc'l'k 
<t Join their respective Corps. Colo. Procter will withdraw 
the Artilery at the Same Time. 

The Troops anexed to Gen'l Hands Brigade at this place will 
Joint their Respective Corps— The Covering Parties will also 
join their respective Regt's— The Two Flanking Divisions 
will join into one and fiank the Left of the army on its Return. 

500 men to parade tomorrow morning at 8 ocl'k for fatigue— 
the Field Officers of the Day will Call on the Adjt. Genl. for 

Instructions the Army will be in parfect readyness to- 

moirow to move early the next morning, all the Dificencys 
of Cartridges to be made slo and the arins to be put in good 
order, the sick Lame and these wiihcui shoes to go Down in 
tlie Boats. 

The Q'r ^Lister will Cfcli for aditional men to work the 
Boats if Necessary . 

All the Artilery will go io Wyoming in Boat.s . 50 men 

from each Brigode in Two Divisions each v/ill go off early 
in the morning, to Trive hi hU the horses and Cattle that are 
to be found. Th- Bngadi.r of the day will point out their 

The army marches in the folloiiig oidcr (to with) Clintons 


and Poors Brigades, the Pack horse? and Cattle, then Max- 
well and Hand's the rlllemen in rear of General Hand. All 
Colo. Procter's horses ■5\-ill be Delivered to the conducter of 
horses, all the Baggage that can possibleby be Spared on 
the march will be sent by water for which porpose the Q'r 
Mastei will furnish Boats — those Corps which have not a 
suficieucy of Horses to Carry their Tents will apply to the 

Q'r Jilarster tomorrov; afternoon for more— . 

The Condupter of Horses will Collect all the Florses unfit to 
Cafry Burthens tomorrow and have them ty'd up and fei 
tomorrow night— all the Horses and Cattle of the Army will 
be confined and fed tomorrow night — The Army will march 
at 6 oc'l'k. 

Head Quarters, Tioga Ocfr 3'd 1779. 
Officers of the Day 

B. G. Maxwell. 

Majr. Scott. 

B. M. Ross. 

By a Geu'l Court Martial whereof Lt. Colo. Wisenfolds is 
president. Tho's Burns and James Brant Try'd for Stealing 
flour from the public- stoi'e fount Guilty and sentenced to re- 
ceive 100 Lashes each— The Genl. Approves the Sentence and 
orders the punishnicju to be inflicted this Evening at Roll 

A Gill of wiskiy to be Issued (pr. man) to the Troops this 

Evening for tomorrow The Corais'y will also Issue halft 

point of salt pr. maa to the Troops. Every Field Commis- 
sioned Staff and wanant Officer on the Ground to drav,- two 
Quarts of Rum this Evening. 

The German Battalion to join Genl. Hand irnediately. 

After Orders. 
Field officer for Piirquitt— :\Iaj'r Church. The PicQuitt to 
Parade every Day on the Grand parade at the Beating of the 
Genl. and foi-rn the ri'ivnnce Guard. 

HrAd Quarters, Mesauken Oct'r 4th, 1779. 
Offiicers of the Day 
B. G. Poor. 
Lt. Colo. Wisr.nfeld-s. 
B. M. Marchall. 

Un further arili-r oulers a r;iU of wisky pr. man to be 
S-A-nl. XlV-Cih S--r. 


Issued Every Evening to the Troops— All the Backers who 
can be. spared from the several Brigades to be sent to the Q'r 
]\Iaster tomorrow morning at G ocl'k who will order together 
with the Artificers to proceed as speedily as possible to Wy- 
oming, their to receive their Instructions from Cclo. Butler. 
The Army to march at G o'cl'k the usual signals to be given. 

Head Quarters, Wyoming Oct'r Sth, 1779. 

Officers of the Day 

B. Gen'l Clinton, 

Colo. Cortland. 

B. M. Fish. 

Two sub's Four Serjeants and Eight Pioneers to parade at 
12 oc'k precisely and to be Commanded by Capt'n Ballard of 
the G Massachusits Regt. 100 men Commanded by a Field 
Officer to parade 'at the Same Time as a Covering party to the 
Pioneers — The Comis'y will furnish the whole with G Days 
Provision half of their mtat to be salt Beef or pork. The Q'r 
Master will furnish the Pioneers witli such Tools as Capt'n 
l^aliard shall Choss, he will also furnish the Detachment with 
two Waggons, the Tents and arms of the Pioneers. 

The Field Officers Commanding the Detachment will pro- 
ceed on the Bussiness of repairing the Roads from this Place 
to Easton in the best mr.nner possible and as the horses of 
the army are very v/ea!: and the Waggons heavily Loaded 
the most particular altei.lion is requested of him and Captn. 

When the party arives at P^aston they are to wait there 
till the arival of the army. 

The Detachment sent from this Garrison is to return tomor- 
row Evening of this, the- Commanding officers of this De- 
tachment will Inform th--;;!— The German Battalion Shots 
Corps and Captn. Spalding's Company to remain as a Gar- 
rison at this Phicc of wh':ch Colo. Butlor is to have the Com- 

He is to see thnt 200 Rounds of Muskets Chartrages for 
each man and 200 Round.^ for each piece of Artillery be sett 
Aside fur the use of the Garrison. 

The pieces of Art!le:y attending the army to he supplyed 
with rounds eacii, and ti'.o Troops to be Ccrnpleated w't 21 
rounds each— ^ all the residu? of the ammuriition and or- 
dinance stoi-es to lio Loaded in Boat- and Sent Dov;n the 


river to SiinburY of v.iiich Genl. Hand ^vill please to take the 
Charge and Giveing Direciions for its being safely conveyed 
from them to Philadelphia. AH the Boatmen to take their 
Direction from Gen'l Hand. — 

The Q"r Master -will sec ihat all ilic Boats assigned for the 
puipose of Convaying the stores to Suubury be haled upon 
the shore and well Secured. 

All the Cloatbin in the store to Be Divided into four Equil 
parts & and Delivered to the several Brigades. 

No Horses to be Delivered to any person Avhatever, except 
by an order from the Commander in Chief— All the Qr. MaFter 
stores to be seni, Dov/n v.iiti ihe Ordinance stores lo Sunbury — . 

The Directed Genl. of the Hospital v/ill divise as soon as 
possible and report the Best Method of Conveying the sick 
from hence to Eustcn 

A trusty ofucers from each Biigade to go with Genl. Hand to 
Sunbury in order to Collect and Convey to Head Quarters 
the sick and voundcd of their respective Brigades 

The troops to hold themselves in readiness to march on 
the shortest Noticc—No Leave cf absence will be Granted to 
any Officer except he produce a written recommendation from 
his Brigadier or Commandant 

Lt. Colo. Forrest will se that an Officer & proper number of 
Artilery be Left for and imediately asigncd to the garrison. 
Captn. Topham wiJl attend of having the Ammunition in 
proper boats, and will attent Genl. Hand to Sunbury there 
take his Instruction respecting the ordinance stores . 

The Commander in Chief returns his sincere Thanks to 
Capt'n Topham for his Great Attention, Activitj", Fidility in 
the Department of Comis'y of Military Stores and Clothier to 
this arm}-.— The Gen'l with pleasure has ashures him that his 
conduct has not only Afforded pleasure to him But has given 
Universal satisfaction— The Comrnis'y to make an imediate 
return of all the live stocK and other provisions on band . 

After Orders. 

The Com'r in Chia* in Consequence of Dispatches Just re- 
ceived from his Lxotllentcy G-n'l Washinton, is under the 
painfull necessity of Denying leave of Absents to any officer 
or soldier of this army being positively prohibided therefore, 
and the Brigadeers ".-ill please to write to such as have already 
obtained Furlough.^ to Join their respective Corps v/ithout 
I^jss of Time— The- army v/ill move -on Sunday Morning at G 
ocl'k. All thfj Cattle and hoi.'^es to Collected and put to- 


morrow eveuing. 100 Caale to be L-cft at this post, the 
troops to be supplyed with 4 Days Provisions tomorrow Even- 
iDg exclusively — the re.-iduf of the Cattle Driven on with the 


The Court Martial of which Geu'l Hand is president is Dis- 
solved and the tryal of Lt. Colo. Rigneer and other ofacers in 
arrest is postponed till Army arrives at Easton . 

Head Quarters, Wyoming Oct'r 9, ITTii. 
Ofilcers of the Day 

B. G. Maxwell. 

B. M. Ross. 

When the horses are Colbrcted the Q*r M'r will make the Distrebusion of them to Genl. Maxwell's Clinton's 
and Proof's Brigades in Eqviil members. To Hand one half 
the number assigned to each of the others and to be Distre- 
buted in the same proponicn Excep to the Artilery who 
already have their porporticn. 

The Qr. Master will Call on Lt. Colo. Forrest for the \Vag- 
gons which he has been noiifyed are to be Delivered up for 
the Use of the Infantry. 

The Qr. Master will Deliver reasonable and preportionable 
number of horses to the staff — As the Intrest of America 
Loudly Calls for the Army ?A Head Quarters. The Com'r in 
Chief request the Army to be in parfect rediness to march to- 
morrow morning at 6 oc'l'k. 

The Gen'l being under the necessaly of proceeding to Easton 
as spedily as possible . 

Genl. Clinton will Take Command of the army tomorrow 
morning and proceed vrith i: to that Place . 

A Trusty officer from each Brigade with a small party to 
be Left at this post for the porpose of Bringing on the Con- 
velessantb, and sick— Baggai'e as cannot be carried with the 
army waggons will be sent trom Easton for this porpose, and 
those oflicers are requested to Loo.-c no time in forwarding 
the remaining sick and Baggage — As the Distrebution of 
Horses vrill take place this afternoon all oflicers and others 
who have puldic Horses in tiieir posses;;ion are Derected to 
return thorn to the Qr. Maslor imediaiely— The Genl. expects 
a strict complyonce v.ith this order being Detfimined to 
punish a breach of it in any Instance. ■ 


After Orders. 

The Commis'y to deal out to each off'r of the Line and 
staff — 2 Qua''ts of rum to Last them to Easton — the soldiers to 
have one Gill of Wisky this Evening and a sufficient Quantity 
to be given to the Brigade and Staff Commisbaries for three 
Days ]Mcre — One Extra Gill of salt to be Given to every soldier 
this Evening, those Brigadiers who have not been already fur- 
nished wlih Horses for tlieir own Wtiggons are to be suplyed 
by the- Qr. Master first Instance and then the Distreinision 
agreeable to tixe order of this morning to take place— Such 
Brigadiers as are not already supplyed with Wasons for thera- 
selves are to be imediately furnished— In the UisireDution of 

Waggons. The Q'r Master will those in the hand of 

the Officers in F.rigades of the prcpotion of Brigades.— Lt. Colo. 
Butler is appointed to proceed with Genl. Hand to assist in 
forwarding the stores he will receive, his orders from the 
Genl. botli of wliome will please to use all possible Dispatch in 
Joining the ai-m,y on it rout to Head Quarters. 

Head Quarters, Hellers Tavern, Ocfr 14th, '79. 

Ofiicers of the Day 

Lt. Colo. Comway. 

B. M. Marchall. 

If any soldier or Bsgeage should be in the rear of the army 
tommorrow morning al the Beating of the Genl. the same to be 
reported imediately as Plead Quarters . 

The same order of March will be observed tomorrow of 
this Day. The Field Officers of the Day is Desired to pay 
particular attention taereto— the Gen'l reminds the army of 
the orders of Yesterday, respecting the stragling as well of 
Officers as soldiers in front of the Line of March, he requests 
a strict Complyance -a-iih Yesterday's orders as he is Deter- 
mined to make severe exambles of Every Delinquint. The 
troops to put their arms and cloathing in the best possible 
Order this Evening . 

The Gen'l to Beat si at half past 6 oc'l'k. the assembly at 7 
and the March to tai.-e place at the fireing of a cannon from 
the Park of Ariikry -. 


Head Quarters, Easton Oct'r 15th, 17' 

Officers of tl\e Day 
Lt. Colo. Dehart. 
B. M. Ross. 

Head Quarters, Easton, Ocfr ICth, 1779—. 
Oflk'crs of the Day 

Maj'r Whiteirsg. 

B. M. Marchall. 

The Troops to iiold tben'selves in readyiiess for jMiistering 
tomorrow morning at 7 ocTl: for wliich porpose they will put 
their arms and cloathiug U the Best order this Evening. 

The ofhcers wiU prepar* their Rolls this Day— Generals 
Clinton Maxwell and Poor's Brigades will each Furnish a 
sub'ls for Piquet to Parade in front of the Park of Artilery at 
Retreat Beating this Evening the same number of each of 
those Brigades will parade at the same place tomorrow morn- 
ing at Troop Beating. 

Af?er Orders. 

The Com'r in chief Congratulates his brave little Army on 
their arivcl at Easton and their haveing Compleated the Re- 
duction of the Five Indian Nations with much honour to them- 
selves and much satisfaction to him that he takes this oppei 
tunity to return his most sincere & Cordial ihanks for their 
many exortions throughout Jhe whole Campain— Justice obliges 
him to say that OfTicers nc'-er Deserved more Credit and that 
soldiers never had a becter claim to the Opplause of their 
Contrynien, tbe Tioops wHl attent Devine service at the 
' cluii-ch in tliis town tornon\.\v :^,rorning at 11 oc'l'k where a 
.Discourse will he Delivered sutable to the occations by the 
Rev'd Doct'r Evans—. 

Returns to be made iuHdiately of the shoes wanting for 
the Troops that they may ie supplyed without Delay. 

Maj'r Fish to act as Aijudant General in the absents of 
l..ieut. Colo. Barber and is Jo be respected Accordingly. 

A Gen') Court Martial of Gen'l Poor is president to set at the 
presidents Q'r at 5 oc'l'k this afternoon for tlie tryal of Lieut. 
Colo. Rignior one Firld C^^•ccrs and a Captain from each 
Brigade to attent as memters 


Head Quarters, Eastou Oct'r 17th, 1779. 
Officers of tl.u Day 
Maj'r Scott. 
B. M. Ross. 

The Com'r in Chief briS the pleasure of informing the Army 
that the Honorable that ^he Continantal Congress was pleased 
to pass the following resolv on the 1-lth Inst, respecting the 
western Expedition viz: 

In Congress Oct'r 15th, 1779. 

Rcsolv,^d that the Thanhs of Congress be given to Excellency 
Genl. Washinton for his Directing, and to Maj'r Genl. Sullvan 
f'>r and the braA'e Oinrers and Soldiers under his Commond 
for Effectually Executing an Important Expedition against 
six of the Indian ISatioEs as incouraged by the Counsells and 
conducted by the Officers of his Britanic Majesty, had profi- 
diously Waged an unprovoked war against this United States, 
Laid Waste their Defessless Town, and with Savage Cruelty 
slaughtered the Inhabitants their off. 

Extract from the Minics. 

C. THOMSON, Sec-y. 

Head Quarters, Easton Oct'r ISth '79. 

Officers of the Day 
B. M. Marchall. 

Suntry Complains ha^.'e been made to the Commander in 
Chief that the Troops Make Excurtion into the Contry. & 
Rob the Inhabitents of L'^eir property he finds himself under 
the necc.~sityof giveing possitive orders— that no soldier be 

.pennitted to go more tie a half a mile from tov/n without 
a writen pass from tte Off'r Commanding the Corps to 
which he belongs. The S'enl. Liments f^xceedingly that troops 

.that have so Desiridly .acquired such reputation among their 
Countrymen, should sufer Disgrace by the inconsiderable 
conduct of a few Indevefaals and he possitively Declares that 
if those kind do not preve sufficient to provent such enormi- 
ties in future he will jvovcnt the Stragling of Soldiers by 
forming a strong. Piqullt round the whole encampment even 
tho half the Army shryld be Called an duty at the same 

Returns to be mndr-- bjonG oc'l'k this day of all Fifes, Drums, 
Cords, Dium-head;--, SMn-i--', kc. wanting in the siveral Corps- 
All the pablic c! the Army excep those attached to 


public Waggons to be Deiivcicd in to Colo. Hooper D. Q. M. 
Genl. at this p<Ji=t, by G oc'l'k this Evening. The Regimental 
surgeons are Dei'ecled'lo malve imediate Returns of their sick 
to Dccfr Hagan Sen'r Surgeon of the flying Hospital. 

Extract from Geu'l Orders at Head Quarters Mores House, 
Oci'r 2d, 177D. 

The following are the uniforms that have been determined 
for the Troops of these United States Respectively as soon 
as the State of public suplys will permit their being furnished 
,ArTordirg!y — find in ?r'?in Ttmo it is recommentrd to the 
Officers to endeavour to Accomunicate tlieir Uniform to this 
Standard that when the men come to be Supplyed this may 
bo a proper uuiformety: 

(to with) 
Blue, faced with white — 

New Hampshire. , - 


Rhode Island. 


}31ue faced with Ruff, White Liniiing & Buttons- 
New York. 
New Jercy. 

151ue faced with Red Buttons & lining White. 

Blue faced with Blue Button holes edged with white Narrow 
white lace or Tape. Buttons & lining White — 
North Carolina. 
Soutli Carolina. 

Artillery & Artillery Artificers^ 

Blue faced v;iih Sea: iff- Scark-t Lining, Yellow Buttons. 
Coats Edged' v/ilh Narrow T,ace or tape & Button holes 
worked with the same. 

Light Dragoon— 
the whole blue faced vath White. White Buttons fc Lining- 
Extract from Gen'l Orders. 

Wyoming to tioga. 121 


Miles. Total. 

From Eostou to Wyomins, Co G5 

To Lachawauick Creek, 10 75 

To Qiiillutimonk 7 82 

To Tunkhaniink 

To Mesliopping Creek, 

To Vaiidcrlips farm or Plantatiou, 

To Wyolusiiig (Tov.n), 

To Wip?awkin r.vp^k, 

To Tioga 

To Shemang" (Town) 

To Newtown 

To French Catharine (Castle) 

To Kandaia or able Town, . . . .' 

From Able ton to the out let of Cenicee Lake,. 

To Kanatlasayco, 

To Kannadasque, 

To Hannyanyan, 

To Adjusta, 

To Cassavalowghly 

To Chennecee (Castle), 

Round Cyuga Lake Colo. Butler's Expedition. 

From Kanuadasayco To S\vayco, 8 8 

To the out let of Cyuga Laie, ^Va I6V2 

To Cyuga Castle, 10 2GV2 

To Chonadote, 5 3IV2 

To the upper ent of Cyuga Lake 23 54^/^ 

This Valley is called Kajiegadalageayat. 

Total, 331^ 



















27 1--: 


111 2 




12 Vs 










MENT, 17S0. 



Head Quarters, Steonrapia Sept'r L'th, 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

B. Genl., Starks. 

Lt. Coio. Comm'dt, Smith. 

Lt. Colo., Himtiugtou. 

Major, "vvilli'^-. 

Brigade }>Iajur, Vaiilcar. 

Major Ball is appointed Member of the Court of Enquiry, 
Vice Major Reed on Command — 

Brigade Ordeis. 

Capl'u of the Day Tomorrow, Spencer's Regiment Adjv. 


Head Quarters Sieeurapia Sept'r 16tb, 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

B. Gcnl., Ervvin. 

Lt. Colo. Comdt., Siieerman. 

Lt. Colo., Murray. 

Major, Nap. 

B. ]\Lijor, Ro.sengranis. 

Ensign Sauuiel Talniage is appointed Adjt. to the 41h Regt. 

of York, Lieut Elsworth is appointed, Major Moor 

is appointed Brigade Major and Lispector to the first Penn- 
sylvania Brigade, froEi the 22d of July last, A Return is to 
be made By Brigades of Armourers who may remain unem- 
ploy'd to the Adjutant Gen'l Tomorrow Morning at Orderly 
Colo. Spencer's Regiment is to ^March Tomorrow Morning 
and to Join Colo. LiviLgJton's Regt. at Stoney Point, agreeable 
to an order of the fir.?: of last Month— The German Battallion 
is to Join the Jersey Brigade untill further Orders, all the 
Brigade Qr. Maf tei-s T?rith JIaiu Army, v.'ho have not received 
Orders of Payment for their Extra Wages or any other 
Charges they have againrsl the Quarter Master Gen'ls Depart- 
ment, previous; lo the Isi of August last, they are requested to 
render Accounts for Stitlement to the lUth Irist at farthest— 


A Rcturu is to be made of the Regulation Books receive! & 

on hand 

]3rigade Orders. 

Adjt. for Tomorrow, B'oomfiold. ' . ■ 

Head Quarters, Sieenrapia Sept'r nUi, 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

E. Ccirl., Par^cuc. 

Colo., Bailey. 

Lt. Colo., Furnal. " - ., 

Ma=3or, Hamilton. 

B. Major, Smith. 

At a Gen'l Court Martial v.'hereof Colo. Willis was Presi- 
dent. Col'o Ha.ven v/as Try'd on the following charges for 
Disoheying of Orders, and unmilitary Conduct on the March 
from Tapon to the Liheuy Pole in Halting the Brigade under 
his Command without any orders therefor from the General 
Commanding the Division and thereby occasioning a Va- 
cancy of a half mile in the Center of the Icfc Column and for 
un officer &. un Gentleman lilie Behavcur in falsely Asserting 
he hade receiv'd such Orders from Gen'l Starl.s. The Court 
are of Opinion that on the Islarch from Tapen to the Liberty 
Pole, Colo. Ilasen Halted the Brigade under his Command and 
occasion'd a Vacancy in the Left Column But as it appears to 
them that he had Orders from the General Commanding the 
Division to Halt, they do therefore Honourably acquit hirn 
of Disobedience of Orders & unmilitary Conduct in the Instance 
contained in this charge. The Court do also Honourably 
acquit Colo. Haseu of un officer & un Gentlemen like Beha- 
vour In asserting he had Orders from Gen'l Starks to Halt 
which this charge says he liad not 

The Commander in Chl-;'f approves the sentence but as it 
appeal's to- have been a matter of ciuesticn — whether a Briga- 
deer or Officer CommandiLg a Brigade in a Line of March has 
Discresionory power to or^Ier Halts. The Gen'l thinks it nec- 
essary to declare that it is highly Improper for him to do so 
hut in Case of Extreme liecessity when the Halt and Cause 
of it should be Imediately Reported to the Officer Command- 
ing the Division who is at the same moment to Inform the 
Genl. or Conunand'g Officer of the Column that ho may take 
uuasures acordingly to Prevent a .Separation of tlie Column 


and the bad Consequences that may result therefrom, it is 
never the less the diuy of IJrigadeers or Officers Commauding 
Brigades if he finds his ii.:in fatigued <S-, suffering for vrant of 
Water or iu need of a Halt from any other good reason to 
make Imediate reprefeutaiion to the Officer under M-hom ii 
may he Commanded <fc to »he Officer Commanding the Colum.n. 
Colo. Hasoii is released from arest The Court Martial where- 
of Colo. Willis was President is Disolved'. 

Major GiUl. Greens Orders. 

His E-vceliency the Commander in Chief is to be absent from 
the Array for a few day.s, the knowledge of which may possi- 
bly reach the Enemy aitd Encourage them to make some 
movement in Consequence thereof. The Gen'l Desires the Offi- 
cers of all Ranks to be in perfect readiness to meet them on 
t,lie shortest notice & Recommend to the Out Guards to be 
very Vigilant and attentive & the Padrolls active & watchfull. 

Erii;ade Orders. 

Capt'n of the Day from the 2nd Regiment 
Adjutant, Wiedraan. 

Major Gei^'l Greens Orders Sept'r 18th, 1780. 
Officers of the day 

13. Genh, Clinton. 

Lt. Colo.,Couway. 

Major, Edwards. 

M. Brigade, "Woodridge. 

The Gen'l desires the 0]d Officers of the day to favour him 
\sith their Company at Dinner during the absent of the 
Command'r in Chief, At a court of ICnquiry held by the desire 
of Colo. Angel to Enquire into a Report relative to his being 
absent from his Regt. in the Action at Springfield the 23d 
June last, Colo. Nixon Presid't. The Court after having 
and duly Consider'd the Evidences are unamiraously of opinion 
that Colo. Angel was in lie Action at Springfield of the 23d 
June last with his RegiraeiLt and in the Execution of his Duty 
and behaved like a Brave and a Good Officer — 

Major Gen'l Excepts and aiqjrove.s the Report. 

At a Division Court Maitial held the loth Inst. By order of 
Maj'r Gen'l B. De Lafiatte Colo. Swift Pres'dt Lt. Wm. Mills 
of Colo. Jimots (?) Regt, of Light Infantiy was try'd for 
disobedience of Orders ausS Unamiously Acquitted. At same 
Court Ensign Jonathan Tria.-ion of ihe same Regt. Avas try'd 
upon tlio .-ame charge and un-:niu;cii::]y acquitted— 


IMaj'r Gen'l Oieeu aiiiu'cvos Iheir acquittals and Lt. Mills 
and Eosign Kobsou from Aircsl. 

Brigade Orders. 

Adjutant foi- Toniorrcw, Bishop. 

Regimental Orders. 

The CoTo desires the Odicers to attend Roll ChII every 
morning and Evfuing in front of their compani's, and inspect 
into their Mens Arms, Accoutrements & Cloathing that they 
may have them in proper Order. The Regt. is to Parade for 
Exercise Tomorrow afternoon v.iieu the Brigade parades for 
that purpose. The Q"r M'r v.-ill Imediately make application 
for Tents, Expantoons & Bayoricls for the Regt. as it is nec- 
essary to have them Imediately . 

After Orders Sepfr ISth, ITSO. 

The whole Army to March on the Shortest Notice & every- 
thing to be put in mo-st perfect Order & readiness for a move- 
ment 100 Fatague men to be paraded tomoirov/ mo:ning at 
11 Oclock to repair ih:- 'loads. 

Colo, iiaggs Regiment to March very FhrJy Tomonow 
morning for West Paint. The Commanding Oiilcer Vv-;11 call 
on Gen'l Green for O.iiois this Evening. 

Head Quarters Sepl'r 19th, 17S0. 

OiTicers of the Day Tomorrow 
Gen'l, Glover. 
Cole, Cretan. 
Lt. Colo., Peiars. 
Major, .las. More. 
B. Mr., Olliver. 

Gen'l Greens Orders. 

Seven Oclock Tonifcrrow Morning the Ceid. will ho at the 
Assembly at nine ami the Army vrill march at ten, the Bag- 
age pieseet the Army and liegin to defile off precisely at 8 
agreeable to the Ordt-T of !March to be given for the purpose— 

Tho EagagM tjiat is not ready to fall in agreeable to the 
Order will be Thicwii out of the Line and be left in the rear 
cf tho 'Iroops tis Evpcoted therefore the Officers v/ill be 
punctual in having ihct Bagagc ready to rnove ^t the limy 


The Gen'l desires the Mri.rch may be Conducted agreeable 
to the Regulation and wiih the Regularity for this purpose 
every officer is requested '.o attend to his particular Com- 

Before the March Comn>?nces the Soldiers are to fill their 
Canteens with Water and Ciie Roll is to be call'd about one 
Quarter of an hour before the Line of ^March is taken up. 
The Officers who lead the Columns will take care to regulate 
the Motion of the Troops so as not to Injure them by too 
rapid a march and will Order proper Halts at about every 5 
Miles distance and if possiir'e at such places to give the Men 
an opportunity to Replenis?: their Canteens with vspffv. 

The Invalids are to pre-.ect the Bagage and the Officers 
Commanding the Escort will take care to provide for them 
that should fail them on the :Ma!ch. He is to allow no 
Women to ride in the Waggons unless their peculiar circum- 
stances require. The Sick of the Light Infantry and the Right 
wing who are Imable to Mirch are to be collected near Gen'l 
Patterson in the 2d Line ti^ose of the left Wing and park of 
Artillery at the Road leaf^ing to Peramus near Lord Ster- 
lings Quarters the whole is to Collected at 3 Oclock this after- 

Major Talbart is appointed. Member of the Gen'l Court Mar- 
tial whereof Colo. Jackson ii Pres'dt, Vice Major Levinsworth 
Order'd on Command Brigadier Gen'l Glover with the New 
Field Officers of the Day wJ:l Command the Van Guard which 
is to fe formed on the left o: the N: Hampshire Brigade. 

At the Beating of the G':ii'l the Camp Colourmeu arc to 
parade at the same time and place Brig'r Gen'l with the Old 
Field Officers of the day will: command the Rear Guard which 
is to be form'd on the Granii Parade at 10 Oclock. 

Head Q'larters Topon Sept'r 20th, 1780. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
Genl., Patterson. 
Colo., Hoson. 
Lt. Colo., Hull. 
Major, liallet. 
B. M., Ashly. 

P— Vol. XI\'- Cth Sor. 


The Gen'l Court Mxrnal whereol" Colo. Jackson is President 
to -sit Tomorrow Morning- at the Church orderly from the left 
Wing— The Guards to parade near the Church 3 Quarters past 
five O'clock this afteiii-oon, one hundred fatague Men to parade 
Tomorrow morning at Guard IMouniing at the Grand Parade 
with tiieir Aims and cvvo Dajs I'rovi.sions — 

B. Orilers. 
Adjt., Bloomfiold. 

Head Quarters Orange Town Scpt'r V.1, 1780. 

Oflicers of the Day Tcmorrow 

Brigadier, "Wain. 

Colo., Kixon. 

Lt. Colo., Coughraa. 

Major, Alexander. 

B. Maj'r, Darby. 

For Detachment Msj'r Cogswell. 

The Burjiing of Ferces and breaking up Inclosures is so dis- 
tressing to the InhaLetants as well as disgraceful to an Army 
that has the least pretention to Di.sceplien. and order. The 
Geul. earnestly exortf the Officers of all Ranks but more par- 
ticularly the Commai^ding Officers of Regim'ts to take all pos- 
sible care to pre\ei!t it and for this purpose the camp and 
Quarter Guards are to Confine every person Detected in cither 
removing or Burning fencing Stuff and as it freciuently hap- 
pens that there arc a number of Soldiers standing Round the 
Fires made of Fencing, though none will acknowledge or in- 
form who made it suih therefore that are standing by it shall 
be considered as the others unless the Point out the persons 
and shall bo confined and punish'd Accordingly. 

As it is much bct.;er to prevent Crimes than punish them 
the Gen'l desires the- Commanding Officers of Regiments to 
fix proper places foT Citchens. The Cooking of the Reg'ts 
may be done togethej as much as possible and the Police Of^.- 
cers Visit them as v^tll that the Cooking is properly porform'd 
as that the fires are iiv-n made of Fencing Stuff. 

At the Gen'l Court Ilartial whereof Colo. .Jackson was Presi- 
dent Maj'r Murnon'-' of the Core of Injineers was 'J'ry'd for 
UnofTicer and Un Gesii'loman like behaviour in taking posses- 
sion of the Quarters of the Rov'd David Jones in his absence 
and for Similiar behaviour to hi;n in Quarters, the Court are 


of opinion that :*>Iajor Murnong having a Writi to take Pos- 
session of the Quarters wliicli M'r Jones calls his, is not Guilty 
of unofficer and Un Gentleman like Conduct in taking Pos- 
session of them the Court do acquit JIajor Murnong of the 
last, part of the charge alledgcd against him. Maj'r Gen'l 
Green ConiirmM the opinion of the Court Major Murong is 
released from Arresi. 

P.: Orders. 

Capt'u of the Day TomorroAV from the German Hogt. 
Adjutant, Wcidman. 

Kcgimeulal Oideis. 

The C^oio. is sorry to see there is so little care taken of the 
Amunition and Arms in the Regiment. The Adjutant and 
Offtceis of Companys are ihereCure -without Fail to Act at all 
times according to the Barons Instructions. 

Head Quarters Orange Town Sept'r 2-rd, ITSO. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
B, Huntington. 
Colo., Chamhers. 
Lt. Colo., Barber. 
Major, Davhs. 
B: Major, Pettingale. 
Orderly Serjeant from the left ^A'ing. 

B: Orders. 
Adjutant of the Day, Bishop. , 

Head Quarters Orange Town Sept'r 23'd, 17S0. 

Oflicers of the Day 'J'omorrow 
B. Genl., Staiks. 
Colo., Shroeve. 
Lt. Colo., Miller. 
Major. Tuddf r. 
B: Major, Rice. .. ' ' .. 


Major Gen'I Greens Orders. 

The Gen'I Officers of llie heads aud branches of all the 
diffirent Departments in the Array. The Brigades of Infantry 
Corps of Artillery Horse and Foot not Jirigaged and the 
Artificers of the Army are Desired to make Imediate Retnru 
of all Camp Eqtupage. Tools and public property in their 
possession belonging to the Q. M. Gen'I Department, particu- 
larly of public Horses, Saddles, Bridles, Tents and :Marquees 
the whole to ho sigu"d by the principles or the Branches of 
the Staff Department. 

The Gen'I Officers Returns ^vi]l be signed by themselves, 
the Names of the Individuals having Horses Sadies or Bridles 
in the Incorporated Corps are to be raention'd on the back 
of the Returns there made by the Gen'I Staff or others are to 
Specefy the persons names who Iiave any of the aforesaid 
Articles in possession. 

B: Orders. 

Capt'n of the Day from the 2d, Adjutant, Halsey. 

Head Quarters Orange Town Sept'r 24lh, ITSO. 

Officeii of the Day Tomorrow 
B: Con'l, Irv/in. 
Colo., Gansworth. 

Lt. Colo., Bassit. ^ ; 

iSlajor, Wyly. 

B. Maj'r, White. : 

Major Ilalbridgfc for iJCtachment. ' .. 

B: Orders. 

Adjutant of the Day, Bloomfleld. 

After Orders Sept'r 24th, 17S0. 

Such of the Regimental Surgeons as have had not a fresh 
supply of Medecinc-s are Imediately to send their Cbr-sts to 
M'r Cutting Apothkary Gen'I to the Army, at his Store n<'ar 
Paramus Church where they will get a Supply. 

The Inspector and Brit-ade Q'r Ma-ters Excepting thos'- be- 
longing to the Bight Infantry are desir'd to meet the In- 
epector General Tomorrow morning at nine Oclock at the 


Adjt. Geuerals — The whole Army tu be under Arms at 10 
Oclock Tomorrow morning — The Horses belonging to the 
Artillerj- Eoth in the park and in the Line to be in readiness 
to move the Pieces. 

After, After, Orders Sepfr 24th, ITSO. 

The Depossisiou of mauuveriug one Field Piece of the Jer- 
sey Brigade to be placed on the Hill opposite the Bridge near 
the Grand Parade for the purpose of giving the Signals, at 
first Signal from this piece each Regiment forms on their 
own Parr;d2 thocc Rrsimcnts which have i:igl:ty files will form 
Kight Platoons and those that cannot muster that number in 
four Platoons no Soldier is to left in Camp Except the sick 
Camp, and Q'r Guards. The latter Post all their Men or 
Sentinals in Order to take better care of the Tents in the 
absence of the Troops— The Troops will take their Packs v;ith 
thcra, as soon as the Battalions are form'd each Brigade Joins 
together and Grounds their Arms. 

At the second Signal the March Commences in the following 
order vizt. first and second Pennsylv'a Brigades wheels by 
Platoons to the right and marches slow untill the N: York 
Brigade cames up with them as soon as tlie Jersey Brigade 
have placed their right wings, the Penusylvanians wheels by 
I'latoons by the left and form the Line. The N: York and 
Jersey Brigades wheel by Platoons to the left and March by 
the left over the Bridge when the Head of York Brigade 
arives on the Ground marked for tlicm by the Q'r M'r the 
Head Platoon wheels by the Left and the remainder marching 
in the rear of it take their Post leaving allways Tv/enty 
paces between each Regiment Thirty between each Brigade 
First and second Conecticut Brigades March by Platoons by 
the light when they come to their Ground they wheel to the 
left and form the Second Line. The Army will Change their 
front to the right iii the following maniier, the whole right 
wheels by Platt^ons to the left each Brigade forming in close 
Column by themselves. The New York marches the shortest 
way to the Bridge turns the head of the Column in the new 
Direction and Displaying to the right all the other Brigades in 
the right Wing will in marching Gain Ground in proportion 
to the left March in Direction and Display to the right— The 
Conecticut Brigades by Mp.rching to the left turns the right 
Wing and forms the second Line the left Wing Marching by 
Platoons to the right. As soon as Geirl How has pass'd the 
Bridge his first Platoon wheels to the light the other pnsses 


iu the rear and forms— Gen'l Z^IcDuggle begins to foini on the 
left of How, the left wing Geu'l Hows Division Marches by 
Flatoons to the right and follpv.-s the Jersey Brigade over the 
Bridge when the head of this Column comes to iheir Ground 
the head Platoon wheels to the Right the remainder pass in 
the rear of it and takes Post— Gen'l McDuggles Division wheels 
by Platoons to the right and follows Gen'l How's over the 
Bridge I^Iarching in the rear where Gen'l How's and forms 
on his left— Baron Stubens Division Marches by Platoons to 
the right follows Gen'l McDuggles over the Bridge turns 
to the right uij the Road marches behind the left v.-ing and 
forms in the second Line. 

At the third Signal Gen'l How forms Barou Stubens Divi- 
sion marching in rear forms near Gen'l Hows Quarters in 
order to cover the left Flank of the Army— Fourth Signal 
each Brigade marches by Platoons the nearest way to Camp. 

Head Quarters Sept'r 25th 17S0. 

OfTicer.s of the Day Tomorrow 
B. Gen'l, Clinton. 
Colo., M. Jackson. 
Lt. Colo., Liltleficld. 
Major, Worrel. 
B. Major, More. 

Gen'l Greens Orders. 

Twenty five Men to be Draughted from the Line as Wag'rs 
to Parade at Guaid ^.lounting tomorrow morning. 

B: Orders Sept'r 2rAh, 17S0. 

Capt'n of the Day from the first Regiment, Adjutant Weid- 

After Gen'l Orders 11 Oclock P. M. 

The Pennsylvania Divi.-ion to :March Imediatoly the rest of 
the Army to l>e kept in perfect readiness to move at the 
shortest Notice. 

Brigades after orders 12 Oclock P:M. 

The Brigadr- is to put in readiness to March at the very 
shortest notice for this purpo.^e. The Waggon and other to lie Imediatoly Hamish'd. 


Head Quarters Sepfr 2'Uh, ITSO. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
13. Gen'l, Glover. 
Colo., Bradly. 
Lt. Colo., Olduy. 
Major, Wade. 
B. Major, Smith. 

Geu'l Greens Orders. 

The Truly Mariiul appearance made by the Troops Yesterday 
the order and regularity with which ihe made the dillerenl 
marches and Care and Fidelity they performed the several 
manuvers does them the greatest Credit and afford the most 
flattering prospect of Substantial service reputation and mili- 
tary Giory, nothing can be more pleasing to the Officers who 
feel for the Honour of the Army and the Independence of 
America then to Ra])it progress made by Troops in }.Iilitary 
Docepline the good Conduct of all Ofiictn's Yesterday gives the 
Gen'l the highest satisfaction and the particular service of 
Inspector General and taoie that serving in that Line De- 
serves his particular Thanks. 

Treason of the Blackest dye was Yesterday Discovered 
Gen'l Arnold who commatded at \Vest Point lost every sen- 
timents of Honour of Private and public applications was 
about giving up that important Post into Hands of the Enemy 
such an Event must have given the American cause a Deadly 
wound if not a fatal stab Happily the Treason have been Dis- 
covered to prevent the filal misfortune. The profedential 
Trame of Circumstances which let to it affording the most 
Convinceing prove that li'^'erty of America is the object of 
Divine production, at the trime time that the Treason is to be 
Recreted. Tlie Gen'l cannoL lielp Congratuiating the Army 
on the Happy Discovery, vnr Encmys despairing of Carrying 
their Base art to Efiect by Bribery & Corruption what they 
cannot accomplish in a mtiimerly v\-ay. 

Great Honour is due the American Army that this is the 
first instance of treason of the kind where many v<.-ere to be 
expected from the Nature of the Dispute and nothing is so 
bright an Ornament in the character of the American Soldiers 
as their having proved against all the Arts and Seductions 
of an Insidous Enemy. 

Arnold has made his E-.':-;ape to tlie IZnemy but M'r Andrio 
the Adjutant General of tlT.e British Army wh^ came out as 
a Spy to negotiate the Business is our Prisoner. 


His Excellency the Coinniander in Chief has arrived at ^Ye3t 
Point from Hartford aud is no doubt taking the proper 
measures to unravel so Helish a plot. 

The Gen'l Court ^.lartial whereof Colonel Jackson is Presi- 
dent will sit Tomorrow morning at 9 oclock Yiaiov Bell is 
appointed member. Vice ^lajor Talbort a Capt'nfrom the 
New Hampshire and 2d Connecticut Brigades vice those from 
the Pennsylvania Line. 

P.: Orders. 
Adj't of the day, Bishop. 

Head Quarters Topon Sepfr 27th, 17S0. 

OiTicers of tae Day Tomorrow 
B: Genl., Patterson. 
Colo., Marshal. 
Lt. Colo., Vose. 

Major, Cogswell. , 

B: Major, Woodridge. ; 

For Detachment Major, ^Laxwell. 

Gen'l Greens Orders. 

At a Division Gcii'l Court ilartial ITth Inst. Colo. Swift 
Presid't, Peter Runy, James More. John Miller, and James 
Welsh Soldiers of Colo. Stuarts Regiment of Light Infantry 
were Try'd for Robbery Severally found Guilty of the charge 
and sentence to suffc.-r death mere than two thirds of the 
members agreeing thereto, Gen'l Green approves the Sen- 

At a Gen'l Court Martial whereof Colo. Jackson was Presi- 
dent the 21st Thomas Thomson Forage Master to Gen'l Hands 
Brigade was Try'd for exchanging public Oats for Bridles the 
Court is of opinion that M'r Thomson is Guilty of the charge 
Exhibitted against h;m being a Breach of Article the first 
section the twelfth of ihe Articles of Warr and do Sentence 
that he shall at his own charge make good the loss or dam- 
age shall moreover forfeit all his pay and be Dismissed 
from the Service Msjor General Green confirms the sen- 
tence ard orders it to be Carried into execution. At same 
Court Abraham Cupper a Waggoner v.-as Try'd for fJmbesling 
public stores when Employ'd in Carting the same to the Army 
ar-d acquitted he is to releas'd fron) Coufincrrjcnt. 


B: Orders. 
Capt'n of the day from the 2d Regiment, Adjutant, Ilolsey. 

Head Quarters Topon, Ek^pt'r 2Sth, 1Y80. 

Officers of (.he Day Tomorrow 
B. Geii'l, Huntiiistou. 
Colonel, Bradford. 
Lt. Colo., Slimmer. 
Major, Walbridee. 
B. Major, Oliver. 

B: Orders. 

Adjt. for Tomorrow, Bloomfield. 

Head Quarters Topon Scpt'r 29ih, ITSO. 

Officers of (lie Day Tomorrow 
B: Genl., Stark. 
Colo., Angel. 
Lt. Colo., Newell. 
Major Reed, Reed. 
B. Major, Ashley. 

Capt'n of the Day from tlie German Regiment Adjutant, 

lic-adquarters Topon Sepfr 30th, 1780. 

Officers of the Day Torr.orrow 

B: Geu'l, Clinto;i. 

Colo., Vose. 

Lt. Colo., Bedlum. 

Major, Throop. 

B: Major, Darby. 

The Brigade Q"r ^I'rs .'•:e to make out Re! urns of the num- 
ber of Tents ab^^olutely wanting t(j cover the men agreeable 
to the regulations they to be sign'd by Officers Command- 
ing Brigades and sent to the Q'r M'rs Stores this afternoon. 


12 Waggoners lo be Drafted from ihe Line &. sent to the 
Graud Parade to morro-sv moruing ar Guard }>Iounting. 

Core Pickering having been appointed by The Honourable 
the Congress Q'r M'r Geu'l to the Army of the United States 
is to be obey'd and reipecied as such. 

Henry Emad Luiterlo E^qre i.s appointed Coraraifsary of 

A.S tiie Ijirections of the Waggon Department is of great 
Importance in foreign Armys Generally Intrusted to a Field 
Officer in the Line and it is thought the Service v\-iil be bene- 
fited by a similar practise Major Cogswell of the 1st Massa- 
chusetts Brigade is apppointed Waggon 2daster to the Main 
Av:r\y and to be obey'd as iuch. 

The Commander in Chief takes this occasion to thank IMajor 
Geu'l Green for the able and satisfactory manner in v.'hich 
he discharged the dutys of the Q'r ?,rr Gen'I Department 
during his continuance in the office and to Express his appro- 
bation of his Conduct and orders in the absence of the Gen- 

Major Wiuslow for the Detachment Tomorrovr. 

B: Orders. 

Capt'n of the Day Tomorrow from the 1st Regiment, Ad- 
jutant, Bishop. 

Head Quarters Topon Oct'r 1st, ITSO. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

B: Gen'I, Glover. 

Colo., Silley. 

Lt. Colo., Dearborn. 

Major, Harwood. 

B. Major, Pettingale. 

The Boa-'d of Gen'I Officers appointed to Examine into the 
Care of Major Andre have been Reported. 

1st— That he canie on shore from the Vultuie Sloop of V/arr 
in the Night of the 21pX of Sept'r last on an Interview with 
Gen'I Arnold in a private and secret manner. 

2dly — That he ciiangod his Dress within our Lines and under 
a fain name and in a Disguise Habitt pass'd our Works at 
Stoney and Verplauks point the Evening the 22d Sept'r last 
and; was taken the 2''d of Sept'r last at Tarry Tov/n in a 
Disguised Habit being then on his way to New York and 


•ss-hen taken had iu his possession several papers whioli Con- 
tain'd Intelligence for the Enemy. 

The Board having niatiuely Consider'd these Facts Do also 
Report to lUs Excellency Geu"l Washington Tliat Major Andre 
Adjt Gen'l to the British Army ought to be Consider'd as a 
Spy from the Army and agreeable to the Law and I'sage of the 
Nations it is llierr opinion he ought to suffer death. 

The Commander in Chief Directs the Execution of the 
above Sentence in usual way this afternoon at 5 Oclock pre- 

At a Division Gen'l Court Martial the 11th Sopt'r last Lieut. 
Col'o Comd't Shearman President Major Albert Chapman was 
Try'u upon ilit foliovang cuaigcs. Fii^^t fur Euihezling pub- 
lic properly <fc Endeavouring to induce the Q'r M'r of the Regi- 
ment to assist him in embezling powder for his own private 

2d For making up tvro Enormous Bills against Col'o Nelson 
an Inhabitant of Morristown fur taking up a stra.y'd Horse 
the property of said Nelson and that without any Expense to 

Sdly For giving a Certificate to a Soldier in the Tth Cone't 
Regiment that he was In listed for three years only when he 
had repeatedly muster'd for durir^g the War and Sworn to the 
Muster Rolls the Court after Considering the 1st and 3d Charge 
against Major Chapman are of opinion the charge of Imbezling 
public property is not supported therefore do acquit him of 
it, but finding him guilty of the other part of the first and of 
the 3d charge being a Eveach of the Article fifth section the 
1 D(?) of the Articles of War and do sentence him to be repri- 
manded in Gen'l Orders — The Gen'l is sorry to be under the 
disagreeable necessity of Differing in Opinion with the Court 
but thinks tlie Sentence Intii'ely Inadequate to cliarges so 
Seraries a Nature as those of which they find IMaj'r Chapman 
Guilty he is releas'd frem Arest. 

I'here was a mistalie in Entering the Evening Orders of the 
25th Al Insteet of the Pensylvania Division the first Fensyl- 
vania Brigade should have bef.n m':'ntioned as the second 
Brigade, did not receivirig mar.'diing Ord-^rs for some hours 

B: Orders. 

Capt'n of the day from the fir.-t Regiment, Adjt., Holsey. 

After Gen'i Orders Ocfr 1st, 1780. 
The Executif n of Majur Andrie is postponed till Tomiorrovv. 


Evening Onlors Ocfr 1st, HSO. 
Major ADdrie is to Ic Execui.ed Tomonov.- at 12 Oclock pre- 
cisely, a Baitalliou of eacli \\'ing is to attend the Execution. 

Head Quarters Ocfr 2il, 17S0. 
Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
B: Gen'l, Patterson. 
Colo., Tupper. 

Lt. Cclo., Sill. 
Major, Knep. 
B; .^lajor. Rice. 

}3: Orders. 

Adjt. for Tomorrow, Bloomfield. 

Head Quarters Ocfr 3d, 1780. 
Officers of the day Toniorrow 
B: Genl., Huiitingion. 
Lt. Colo. Comd't, Heed. 
Lt. Colo., Johnson. 
Major, Willis. 
B: Major, White. 
For Detachment Major Chapman. 

B: Orders. 

Capfn of the day Tomorrow from the German Regt., 
Adjutant, Weidman. 

Head Quart' rs Orange Town Oct'r 4tli, 'SO. 

Oflicers of the day Tomorrow 
B: Genl., Starks. 
Lt. Colo., Comdt., Wieseufelt. 
Lt. Colo., Holdridge. 
Major, liallard. 
B: ?iIajor, Rosengrantz. 

B: Orders. 
Atljt. for TomorroY,-, Witlnck. 

GER-MAX REGniENT— 17S0. 1^ 

Head Quarters Orange Town Oct'r bih, ITSO. 

Officers of the day Tomonow 
13: Gen'l, Clinton. 
Lt. Colo. Ccmd't, Smith. 
Lt. Colo., Whitcing:. 
Major, ^Viliis. 
H: Major, Woodridge. 

B: Orders. 

C;ij)t'u 01 the day from the first Regiment 
Adjutant, Holt-ey. 

Head Quarters Orange Town Oct'r Gth, 17S0. 

Oflicers of the day Tomorrow 

B: Genl., CTlo\er. 

Lt. Colo. Corndt., Sherman. 

Bt. Colo., Huntington. 

Major, More. 

B: Major, Oliver. 

The General will ijeat Tomorrow Morning at 7 Oclcck The 
asscmhly at half past eight. The ]\Iarch will Commence at 
9 Precisely. The Q'r M'r will furnish the Kaughi &. order 
of March. 

A Detachment from the fourth Massachusetts Brigade will 
Garrison the Works at Dobbs Ferry to be sent at sunrise To- 
morrow morning. The Sick is to be sent to the fiying Hos- 
pital near the magazine this afternoon. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt. for Tomonow, Bloomfield. 

Aft^jr Orders. 

The Inspectors this ATeck will Inspect into the State of the 
Arms in their respective Divisions and on Sunday next will 
Drdiver to the Inspector General an accotint agreeable to the 
frame which will be shelve them by the Adjt. Gen'l in those 
ti'.at have no_ Inspector tb-^ Eldest Major will Act as such. 

A Field Officer of Gen'l Hows Division v/itb a Ccmrnissiou'd 
Ofllcer from each Division in the Army are to take the Su- 
perintendanccs of the sick wliich arc sent to the Flying Hos- 

Lt. Cole. Huntingdon will Command the Van Guard which 


will parade precisely at 7 oelock in the Road near Lord 
Sterlings Quarters. 

The Camp colour men and Invalids under proper officei's 
are to be paraded at the same time the Brigade & Regimental 
Q'r LLasters v,-\U attend at the same time and place. 

Major Morral to Command the Reai- Guard which is to 
parade at 9 oclcck in the Road near the York Brigade, the 
Bagage to File uft in the Order of the Brigades at S Oelock 

Head Quarters Haverstraw, Oct. 7, 17S0. 

Officer::> of the Day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo:, Dehart. 

Major, White. 

If it should not rain in the morning the Gen'l will beat at 
six the assembly at half past six and the :\Iarch will com- 
mence at Eeven. The Baggage to foilow the Troojis in the 
Order of this day from Kings Ferry all the Regiments Bagage 
not in covr'd Waggons is to be sent up to West Point by 
Water Boats being order'd Down for the purpose each regi- 
ment will furnish a party to take charge of the Bagage to go 
by Waier, and Water Men to man the Boats Each Brigade 
to furnish 50 men to man the Boats to carry such Baggage as 
will Cioss the Ferry— The D: Q: M: Gen'l M'r Shidsmore 
will give orders that aU the Empty V\'aggons proceed Ime- 
diatfely to Fish Kill and Le Reported to Col'o Hughs D: Q: M: 
Gen'l for the State of N: York to be Employ'd or provided for 
as he may Direct. The Cover'd Waggons with the Bagage are 
to go to West Point and as soon as they arive there the whole 
cf the Horses are to sent to Fish Kill & Deliver'd also to Col'o 
Hughs. Lt. Col'o Huntington is to Superintend and facilitate 
the Embarkation cf the Eagage at the I'erry. The Van Guard 
will parade at the left of the Encampment at half past six 
Oclcck and the rear Gur-d on the Right of the Encampment 
at 7 Precisely. The Column will file off on this side Kings 
Ferry along the Sprir.g field Road and proceed to West Point 
by Foit Montgcnie.'v. Tlie Aitillery annexed to Jhe Brigades 
if Boats can be I'urnish'd wil! i)a3s from Kings Ferry to the 
Point by v.alcr;-,!:- tl.iy will Cross the River and pro- 
ceed thither on the East side. 

Each Briga<le to fuinish a Captain and '40 men as an Escort 
for the Cover'd Waggons and Artillery whiih v^ill cross the 


River Lt. Cols. Coeliran to take Command wlio will also Su- 
peiintend the Debarkation of iliem on the other side. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt. of the Day Tomor^o^\■, "Weidmaii. 

Head Quaiters West Point Oct'r 9ih 'SO. 

Cfiiters cf the Day Toniorrov,- 
Lt. Colo., ^Veltner. 
Major, Reed. 
B: Major, York. 

Gen'l Greens Orders. 

The following DLsposition of the Troops to take place untill 
furihcr Orders. The 1st and 2d X: Hampshire Regiments to 
Encamp on Constitution Island if the Giouud will admit and 
furnish the necessary Guards agreeable to the Detail which 
will be given, and upoa; every alarm Imediately to jnau the 
works— The 3d X. HaiEif/shiie & Hazons Regiments to Encamp 
on the Ground opposite to West Point and keep the necessary 
Guards in North and SuUth Redoubts and to ISIan those works 
.on all alarms. 

The N: Jersey, X: Ycd-: and Starks Brigades for the Works 
on this side to be furjiished to be detailed from them upon 
all Alarms the Jersey Brigade will Mann llie Redoubt No. 
1, 2-, 3 & 4 upon Wiky .Hill. The X: York Brigade will Mann 
Uly]ek(?j and Webbs Eedcubts & Fort Putnam— Starks Bri- 
gade will man Fort Cliiicon — The Ma.-,sachrisets and X; Hamp- 
shire militia are Disinised and His E.xcelleucy Gen'l Wash- 
ington Desirers that hv3 sincere thanks may be Express'd to 
them for their Services. Commanding Officers of each Regi- 
ment or Corps will pirevious tn their Relieving the Guard 
have all the Amunitica calculated and Deliver'd into the re- 
spective Stores. Stiif-t attention must be given to this order 
as their Ofucers v.-ill Ip held accountable for any deficiency 
not satisfactory acounitid f(U- they are also directed to :^,Iarch 
their men by Corps ur.'ier proper Officers that no unregularity 
or Depridations rnay be Committed through the country all 
public liding Lad bcr.-;e.-; are to be sent to Gol'o Hughs D: Q: 
M: G. 

From the Impossibility of providing Fora^ge and the Cir- 
curnstaiicts and Ganisen duty nol requiring PLiding Horses 


as also from the ncces;:;ty of supporting a Considerable num- 
ber cf Teams for tlie Vrorks. The Geu'l is obliged to desire 
that all the Riding Hos'ses be sent from Here ailo'vviug one 
only to each General Officer and Comd't of Brigades sliould 
they chose to retain tlS'Lnn Colo. Huglis will bo particularly 
Instructed to provide good Pasture or Forage for them at 
some suitable place in l>e Country. 

The Gen'l Returns his thanks to Maj' GenT St. Clair for his 
Representation and Supiiort respecting the Circumstances and 
condition of the Post. 

The Gen'l also returns his thanks to Capt'n Hubert for the. 
pervice he h^c: pn,-form'':^ as D: Adjt. Gl. to the Post a.^d lu- 
forms him that agrocabio lo the Establishment of the Army 
Lt. Coio. Barber is appoi.iied to that office in future. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt. of the day Tomorrow, Halsey. 

He?d tioarters West Point Oct'r 10th, '80. 
OfTicers of the Day Tomtrrov.' 
Lt. Colo., Willis. 
Major, Davis. 
B: Major, Rice. 

" B: Orders. 

Adjt. for Tomorrow, Ekiomfield. 

Head Qcerters Vv^est Point Oct'r 11th, 17S0. 

OfTicers of the Day Tomci-row 
Lt. Colo., Conway. 
Major, Willis. 
B. i\Iajor, Helms. 

Gen'T Greens Orders. 

As it is porssible for fee Enem.y to Conceal partys in the 
WV.wls, to Surprise the Redoubts No. ], 2, 3 & 4 as well as 
Willis's Redoubt the Guilds are to be kept constantly v/ithin 
the works Night and day and no consi<lerable party allow'd 
to ap roach them without the Oflicers being fully sati'^fied 
who they are Stratagems have been successfully used to sur- 

GER:\L.\N regiment— 17S0. 145 

prise Fortified places ar.-.l no place IjeiDg more favourable for 
such altempis as this asid perhaps few in the World of p:quar 
Importance as also of Ge'il. Arnolds Desertion and desire to 
serve the Enemy as wea as his 'Knowledge of the ^Yorks and 
spirit of enterprise too much Caution cannot be made use 
of more Especially as the Out v.-orks Commands all those in 
the Bottom of the Garrkon, Each Brigade will furnish a suffi- 
cient fatague party to clean the works for their respective 
Alarm Posts — The filth is to be removed a proper Distance 
Crom the outside of tlvm this being uone the Officers v.'ho 
Mount Guard in the vrorl:^' are to be accountable that they are 
kepi clean. The lufee^^^is T^-ili have conctmctcd a vrr.zU 
Magazine of Planks for the Redoubts No. 1, 2, & 3 and have 
them posited there as soon as possible. The Temporary 
Guard Houses Ordered by General St. Clair they are also 
to be compleated as soon as may he. 

The Gun Boat is to be Posted arm'd v,-ith 1 Sub 1 sarleant 
1 Corporal and 24 Privates in the Ptiver opposite fort Islont- 
gomery, a non Commirsiond Officer and six men are to be 
landed on each side V::i, River Directly opposite the Boat, 
this Guard is intended to examine all Boats coming up or 
going down as well as such as are a Drift and upon Discov- 
ering the approach of tie Enemy to give the alarm by Firing 
the Gun a matross to be. assigned the Boat for this Service. 
The Qr. :^Ir. will Imediately prepare -the Barracks for the re- 
ception of the Troops a Return to be given in this Afternoon 
of all the Carpentr's Majons, Minors and Smiths in the several 
Brigades. They are to parade tomorrow morning at the Qr. 
Mrs. Quarters they will have the additional allowance of 
are given to the Artifieers; one Gill of Rum to be given to 
the Troops-this day, In3tead of the Mode at present practised 
at this post passes sigad by Gen'l Officers Command'g Bri- 
gades Colol. I^amb of Artill'y and Colo. Gushong who super- 
intend the Armours & A'iificers will be sufficient to pass per- 
sons to and flora the Gsrrison. 

A Genl. Court Martial v.-hereof Colo. Shrecve is appointed 
Piesident to sit Tomorrv,w morning at ten oclock for the Tryal 

of Wearing of the 2d Regt. of L. Dragoons and 

such other prisoners a.^ may be brought before them the Jer- 
sey Brigade to furni^■]Ii 3 Captains Yorl: 3 Hasons four and 
Starks 2, as members the Latter Brigade is to furnish the 
Judge Advocate. 

At a Genl. Court Martial Ordei'd by Maj'r Gen'l St. Ciiir 
Ft. Colo. Plubley Pres:.tent, Caloon Green of tbe 2d Regiment 
of Lir,ht Dragoons v.-ai Try'd foi Df-sertion to the Enemy and 
10- Vol. XIV-Gth S.:-r. 


supsicicn of being a spy the Court find him Guilty of Deser- 
tiou to the Enemy aud Senleuce him to suffer Death more 
than two thii'ds of the Cou;t concurring therein. The Gen- 
eral aiJpro\es the sentence of the above Court. 

Extract from Geul. Ordei's Head Quarters Peramus Octr. 
Sth 17S0. 

After Orders. 

A Gcnl. Court Martial lo sit at West Point on Monday the 
23d Inst, for the Tryal of Coio. Sheldon, Colo. Hazon will pre- 
side Lt. Colo. Temple ^lajor \Yi!iis two Captns. of the 2d 
Regiment of Lijiht Dragoons 3 Capr^ins from th.f frDurth and 
five from tlie Brigades of Infantry in the Highland are ap- 
pointed [Members, all v.-itriesses aud persons Concerned vvill 

B: Orders. 

Adjutant, Wiedman. 

Head Quarters West Point 

Octr. ]2th ITSO. 
Ofncers of rhe Day Tomcrrov,- 

Lt. Colo. Comdi., Wiesenfelts. 

Lt. Colo., Odny. 

B. M., Fish. 

Extract from Gcnl. Orders Head Quarters Totowa Octr. 
10th 17S0. the Commander in Chief desires that the Colo's and 
ofiicers commanding Regts. in the several state lines will by 
Saturday next withcut fail make a Return to the Adjt. Geul. 
of the men in their Respective Regiments designading by col- 
umns how many are Engaged for the Warr and how many of 
those that are actually present hov\' many on Command Extra 
Service & in Hospitals and where The Officers will be as acur- 
ate as possible in this and will return no man about v.'hom 
tliey have not receiv'd coitain reasonable accounts. They will 
also designate by monthly columns Extending the Column to 
July next the proportion of men in each rjonth whose time 
will Expire. 

Tlie Coios. and comman'Mng Otricers of Regts. of Artilhn'y 
Cavalry and all the other Regiments and Cores not compre- 
hended in state Lines are to make a similar Return in which 
they arc also Designate Puiiicular States to which their Men 
belong and the proportion of each. 

B: Ordeis. ' for Tomer row, 'Whiteloek. 


Head Quarters West Poiut 

Octr. IStli 17S0. 
Ofilcfis of t!\e Day Tomorrov,' 

Colo., Angel. 

Lt. Colo., Cochran. 

B. Major, Rice. 
Gen'l Greens Orders— 

The Genl. is Exceedingly Mortified at the Complaints made 
by the Iiihabitant.s against the Troops of this GaiTison for In- 
fults and Violence offer'd to tht:<ir persons, Depreda.tious Com- 
mitled on their properly it is difllcult to account for such an 
Enorinitian (?) from Troops who have been wheretoiore re- 
markable for their moderation and good conduct under every 
Species of suffering. The Villians have had the Impudence to 
plead Justification of their Conduct a Licence from their OiS- 
cers but the Genl. persuades himself this is Impossible how- 
ever if there should have been any to rights of Ortisons (?) 
as well as lesaidless to the reputation of the Troops to give 
such pel mitts they may be assur'd their conduct will be re- 
ceiv'd with the outmost Indignation and resentment, — The 
General takes this opportunity to Inform the Troops that he 
sincerely Laments their Sufferings from the scant Supplys of 
Piovisicns and assures them that every possible Exersion is 
making for their Relief. 

He therefore wishes thorn to submit to an unavoidable mis- 
fortune with that maguamity which has Dignified their Con- 
duct so much on former occasions under similar Circum- 
stances, to jirevent the unprizeable part of the Gari'ison 
from Stealing out in the Country and repeating the abuses 
Complained off. The Rolls are to be Invarioubly call'd three 
limes a day (to wilt) at 3 in tlie morning when the Troop 
will beat at 1 in the afternoon and at Retreat }3eating. The 
Inhabitants are also Dii-ectod to apprehend Every Soldier talcen 
without' the Garrison, unless he produces a pass from some 
one of the proper OiTicirs appointed to give it. 

A Detachment of t«vo hundred men to parade to morrow 
morning at Guard :\rrj:r£nting with their arms for the purpose 
of Cutting wood and Transpoicing to the Garrison this De- 
tachment to the form'd into four Distinct partys. 

At a Gen'l Cert :.Iavf.ial whore cf Colo. Shreeve was presi- 
dent .larnes Woiing c; the 2d Regt. of Light Dragoons was 
tryd charg'd with the s'ollowing crimes First Forceing a Guard 
pecond Stealing a Horse from one of his OiTicGrs, and third for 
Desertion and attemp-iug to git to to the Enemy — The Court 


after having duly conpi-ierecl tlie charges the Evidence aud 
piisoners Defeuce do Judge him the said James Woriug to be 
guilt.v cf the first charge and the latter part of the Sd (to wit) 
Eudeavoiiug to get to the Enemy and do sentence him said 
James Waring, he having pleaded guilty of the second charge 
and the first part of the third (to %vitt) (Desertion) to suffer 
death two thirds of the Members agreeing thereto. 
The General approves the Sentence of the Court. 

B: Orders. 
Adjutant fur l oroorrow, IJolsev. 

Head Quarters West Point 

Octr. 1-lth 1780. 
Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Dehart. 

Major, Daveece. 

B: Major, Ross. 
Genl. Greens Orders. 

The Comn;i£sary of the Garrison is directed to visit the 
several Forts and PLedoubts for the purpose of P^xamining the 
provisions Deposited in them to have those Gags repaird that 
wanted and to mahe amediate Report to the General of the 
Quaniity <Sr Quality at each Place. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt., Blooraficld. 

The Brigade is to attend Divine Service Toiuoi-row morn- 
ing at l;l Oclock. 

Regimeiital Orders Octr. 14th 17S0. 

All ofiicers who have ret;eivd any Sum or sums of money 
from the late }»Iajor PJurch-urt or the Curamanding Olhcer now 
present tor listing or Reinlisling any Soldiers in the Regi- 
ment are to make an Exact Return by Tomorrov,' next at 4 
Oclock in the afternoon of the money receiv'd when aud from 
v.-hniu and akso a List of such men as was Enlisted or Rein- 
listed with said 2sIoney wLeu Inlisted and for v/hat time so 
that a proper account may ?je Enter'd for the same. 

The Officers ccnjmaD<ling companys are also to bring their 
Company Books in proper order according to the Barons In- 


striictions ?n that they may he ready for Examinat'u at the 
1st day of Kovemher next. 

Head Quarters \Yest Toint 

Oetr. 15th 17S0. 
Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
Lt. Colo., ^^'eltner. 


E. M., Fi.-h. 
Genl. GrefTs Ordoi's— 

barkat'n for Albany and the other Rogimeuts of the N. York 
Brigade to he in readiness to move when Orderd. 

A Detachment to parade Tcraorrovv' Morning on the Grand 
Parade at Guard Mounting furnished with two days provisions 
to Relieve that on the Lines under Captn. Bell. 

The Jersey to Relieve the Guard at Fish Kill which was 
Detached from the York Brigade— This party to March at two 
Oclock this afternoon the Ofncer v.'ho commp.nds it will call 
at Head Quarters for orders. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt. for Tomorrow, \Yeidmau. 

Head Quarters West Point 

Occr. IGth ITsO. 
Onioers of the Day To:r.cri-ov,' 
Lt. Colo., Oldny. 
B: Z'dajor, Rice. 

B: Orders. 

Adjutant of the day Tomorrov,-, Witlock. 

Afrer Genl. Orders. 

His Excelk-Jicy Genk Wassiiington having appointed :\Iajor 
Geul. Heatfi to take coEiniand of iliis and its Depencys. 
The Genl. resigns to kini the Command wishing to him all 
the Honour and Satisfaction which may he E.xpected in a com- 
mand found of Orderly «&c polite oflicer.s-. 


Head Quaftcrs Octr. 17th ITSO. 

Officers of the Dixv 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

U. M., Kof..,. 
Major Genl. Helhs Orders 

His Exceilency the Conrmander in Cliicf having been pleasd 
to appoint :\iajor Genl. Heth to the Command of this Post and 
its Dependencies. The General presents his thanlvs to :^Iajor 
Genh Green for his Represeniaiion and his advice respecting 
the Post and wishes, that Honour, Health, success, and hap- 
piness, may attend hiui vrheuever his country may call him. 
The Genl. assures the Troops he has the Honour to comm^^nd 
that it will be his Constant Behavcur to render their Situation 
as Easy as Circumstances will admicl, and flatters himself 
he should receive that assistance and support from the Ofh- 
cers which alone can lender his command either agreeable to 
himself or serviceable to his country. 

All orders heretofore Issued by Major Genl. Green are to 
be Observ'd. 

B: Orders. 

Adjt. of the Day Tomorrovr, Holsey. 

After General Orders. 

A Weekly allowance of Rum to bo Issued to the Officers 
conformabio to the Oiders of His Excellency the Commander 
in Chief of the 2Slh August last. 

The Cold and Blowing Season reudeis it necessary as v.ell 
for Comfoit of the Troops as preservation of the Terits that 
they should be Quarterd in the Barracks which is to be done 
in the following manner vizt. 

Tiie A;til'e-y in the liarracks in which tliey v.-ere Quartered 
last year. 

The Jersey Brigade in the Long Barracks & the Hutts occu- 
pied last year by Colo. Wiscnfelts Rcgt. 

The New York Brigade to Hutts in the Wood near Ferrots 
and as near Nedcubt No. 3 as the Ground will admit. Genl. 
Stfrrks Brigade in the Barraclcs within old Lines of Fort 
Ointon, Tlie Trcfips v,-iii mo\e into the Barracks as soon as 
may le. and assist in m.aklng the necessary repairs. 'i"he 
Officers will please to give particular orders to have tl;e 
chiuiiie.NS cband, and ta!:c every necessary Precaution against 
accidents by Fire, when the Troops go into Barracks the Tents 
are to be Carefully packed up and sent To Colo. Hughs at 
Fioh FZill. 


111 Cuiidcqutiice of ihe foregoiug Digtril.ui'u of Troops to 
Quarters the following f!.ltevaiious is to take place and be 
observe! in case of alaim vizi. The York P.rigade to mau the 
Redoubts Ko. 1, 2, 3, &. i. Jersey Brigade to Man Forts Put- 
nam, Willis and Webb Late Poors Brigade to Remain at their 
present encarapmonl iintiil further orders. 

Regimental Returns cf Shoes actually wanting for the Sol- 
diers Engaged for three years or during the Warr to be made 
against Orderly time Tomorrow. 

Head Qv.artcrs AVfPt Point 
Octr. ISth SO. 
Ofliccrs of Ihe Day Toiaon'ow 

Major, V\'iliis. 

B: major, Rice. 

It being necessary for Lieut. Colo. Barber to attend the 
command of the 3d Jersey Regiment, The Genl. returns him 
his liearty thanks for the attention and address with which 
he has discharged the Oiiice of Dep. Adjt. Genl. Devolving on 
Major Fish the Senior Sub Inspector at the Post he is to be 
cbey'd and respected accordingly. 

The several Brigadier Generals and Officers Commanding 
Brigades are desir'd to pay particular attention to the state 
and condition of the scleral worlds the defence of which is 
assignd to t!ie Troops lifidor their respective Co7umands, that 
every thing is put and Lopt in the most perfect readiness for 
Imediate Defence, they ^ill please to pay particular attention 
to the provision Water aiud Wood. 

As it is of the greatest Importance that a proper Supply of 
fuel should be secured Ikefore the Navigation of the River is 
obstructed and the sevens season sets in, No wood is to be De- 
livered from the Yard rantiil further Orders Each Regiment 
must for the present Collect their fuel — one Boat is to be 
assigned to each Regimeat for that purpose. 

Great Vigilence and ii'Iartness is to be inculcated on the 
Guards and Centinals ?.nd their Duty Clearly and fully Ex- 
plaind to them. Padols are to be sent out between each Re- 
lief in tixe Nighttime Jrcm such Guards & Picquetts as the 
nature of the Ground or roads of the Vicinity may require to 
prevent surjirise. Sliou-c it be necessary at any time to cause 
an alarm it is to Ijo anvii^i^-cd by the Discharge of three Can- 
non at Fort Putnam -ii'or which purpose the Commanding 


Officer of the Artillery will please to keep them iu leailiuess) 
on v.-hich all the Drums are to Beat Tn Arms. The Troops 
Instantly Pai'ade aad repair to their respective alarm Posts. 
As the Jersey Brigade must bo divided in the present mode of 
Quartering and as the German Regiment is a Distinct Corps 
they will Occupy the Ilntts near their present Encampment 
cne subaltern, 2 Serjeants and 25 Rank & file to be Detach'd 
and paraded Tomorrow Morning for one weeks Command 
they are to have Arms & Ammunition Compleat and to take 
their Packs, Blankets and two Days Provision they are to be 
able bodied active men. 

B: Orders. 

Adj't of the Day, Eloomfield. 

Head Quarters West Point Oct'r 19th, 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Cobb. 

B: Major, Ross. 

The Assistant Dep: Q'r M'r Genl of the Garrison is to keep 
a good able Horse for tho use of the Officer of the day and not 
allow'd to be taken awcy or used for aiiy other purpose what- 
ever — 

The Brigade Commissarys a:e desired frequently to Inspect 
the Provisions Depositc-r! in tlie woidis assigned the Troops of 
their respective Brigades to v^iiich they belong, see that they 
are properly procured and the Bags in good Order and if they 
find anything amiss report it to the Commanding Offii'r of 
the Brigade. The officer of the day is also Desir'd to make 
Enquiry into respecting the State and Security of the provi- 
sions and Note in his Fiepcrt if any Bags are damaged or 
open'd— No Stranger or Unhabitaut are to be allow'd into any 
of the Works unless attended by some Officer v.dio can Vouch 
for their attachment to our Cause— all Guards posted at 
Works are to be within item at Retreat Boating and the Gates 
to be shut and secured imtill Sunrise, at all other times in 
the day while on duty >.Gt more than one Man at a time is 
to be absent from the fluard this Clause to Extend to all 
Guards all suj_pecte<] persons found in or near the Garidson 
are to be taken up and sent to the Officer of the day who 
will Examine them a:id take such measures with them as 
may appear necessary —?n case of an alarm all fatigue and 
v.-orking partys are Irr.c.!;aie!y to Join their respective Cores. 


The Reginioi'tal Rotui ns for shoes are to be made to the 
state clolhier w'no will receive orders to Draw the whole and 
Issue them Conformable to the Ordinance of Cloatbing 
where any shoes have been Delivcr'd to any Regimental 
Clothier In Consequeuoe of the aficr or<]er of the ITth Instant 
the State Cloihier to which such Regt. belong will receipt for 
and charge tbera accordingly. 

E: Orders. 

Adjutant of the day, Yv'eidman. 

Head Quarters ^Vest Point Oct'r 20th 'SO. 
Ofhctrs of the Day TomuiTOw 

Lt. Col'o, Willid. 

B. Major, Rice. 

The officers in Quarters and particularly ihose w^ho Com- 
mand Guards and Picquets are desired to prevent any Injury 
(lone to the Buildings, Platforms. Piquets or Abitecs. The 
Officer of the day is requested Constantly to give this in 
charge to the Officer on duty. The Officers are also requested 
to prevent any Injury being Done to the property of the In- 
habitants by the Destruction of Fences or otherwise. 

The long continuation of the war in this Quarter having 
exposed the Inhabitants to many and repeated losses it is the 
Earnest wish of the Gcn'l thai the Army may be a patron of 
regularity good order and Dicipline. 

Captn. Prints is appoinied an assistant Barrack Master for 
the Garriso7i of V/est Point and is to be Considered as such. 

The partys Constantly Employ'd Cutting Wood are to be 
allow-'d the same Rations as the Artificers. 

A Gen'l Court Martial of which Col'o Shreeve is President 
to sit tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock at the oidiuance store. 

B: Orders. 
Adjutant of the Day, Willock. 

Head Quarters West Point Oct'r 21st, 17S0. 
Ofllcei-s of the Day Toir.unuvv- 
Lt. Core, Cochrau. 
]'.: Major, Ross. 
Oreai Occunemy is to be Exerted in the useing of the Boards 


where it can be avoided to lliis ihe Gen'l requests a great ileal 
cf attC'iition. 

Capt'n Buchannan vrill please to take easy and effectual 
measureri of Collecting and securing the Boats not wanting for 
daily service — A subaltei-n and 2a men acciuaiuted with Boats 
is to be order'd cu this duty he will receive his Instructions 
from Captain Buchannan— Jno. Stevens and Michael Rabley 
private soldiers in the 2a X: York Regiment was try'd at the 
Genl. Court JMartial whoreof Col'o SJireeve was president for 
Desertion. The Court having consider'd the fJvidence after 
mature Deliberation find them severaly Guilty of the Charge, 
and do spntorro (hem t'^^e said John Stevens and Michael 
Rabley to receive upon each cf their bare backs 100 Lashes 
to be well laid on. The General approves' the Sentence and 
orders it to be put in Execution at the Head of the Regiment. 
Joshua Egins a Soldier in the 3d N: York Regt. was try'd 
at the same Court for repeated Desertion and leaving his 
Post when Sentinal at two different times near the Enemy. 
The Court having duly Consider'd the charge against said 
Joshua Egins and Evidences in Suppoil thereof with His 
Defence, after mature iJetibcration Do Judge him to be Guilty 
of Desertion and Senleiiee him to suffer death, two thirds of 
the Court agreeing ther^rto. The Gen'l approves the sentence 
of the Court and orders it to be Executed on Tuesday the 21st 
Inst. Eetv. een the Hours cf Ii:ieven and Twelve in the ilorn- 
ing Hanging the said Joshua Egins by the Neck until be is 
Henry Weaver Soldier in the 3 N: York Regini't was try'd 
by the same Court for D:--sertion was found Guilty and sen- 
tenced him to receive 50 Lashes on his Bare back. The Gen- 
eral approves the sentence and orders it to be put in Execu- 
tion at the Head cf the Regiment. 

13 : Orders. 
Adjt. of the day Tomoi-ov,-, Holscy. 

. After r.eiH-ral Orders. 

The IMf'ns Arms and Aianniiion are to bo carefully Inspected 
this Evening. The Troo.Ui leady to turn out on the shortest 
notice, the Troops to be ar their resjiective Alarm posts to- 
morrow morn'g at Gun /i:ring the greatest vigilance to lie ob- 
served by all Guards and Centinals. 


AftPr. After, Gen'l Orders. 

The Troops to pa; arte agreeable to the after orders of this 
Day at Gun fiiing Tonicrrow morning to remain on iheir o\yu 
Paiades till Sunrise when they may be Dismiss'd unless they 
should reerive previcus o; der? to llic Contrary. 

Head Quarters West Point Ocfr 22d '80. 

Cu:lc1o o: the- Day Tcir.orrow 

Major, Grehein. 

B: Major, Rice. 

At a Gen'l Court :\larilal wheieof Colo. Shree\e was Presidt. 
Ensign Swartrout of the 2d N: York Regiment was tryd for 
disobedience of ordeis the Court afier having ConsiderVl the 
nature of the charge and evidence. Are of opinion that tho' 
the order given by Lieut. Colo. Cochran was irregular yet ihe 
mode of Ensign Swartrouts refusal to Comply with it vv-as 
uudeoeut and highly Impioper and do therefore sentence him 
to be reprimanded in General Orders. The Gen'l aproves the 
sentence Decency as well as obedience to orders in character- 
istlck of the Officer and Gentleman. The Gen'l i.= sorry that 
in this instance Ensign SwartrcuL Di^rovei'd a want of it, 
Ensign Swartrout is released from Arest. 

At the same Court Martial En.sign Yandenbtirg of the 5 and 
Ensign Barr & GrifSa of the 4 X: York Regiments were tryd 
for disobedience of crdeis on the Grand parade on the 12th 
Inst, the Court having Considor'd the nature cf the Charge 
against Ens. Vanderhurg and the Evidence are cf opinion 
that he is not Guilty of the charge Exhibitted against him 
and do acquit him with Honour. The Gen'l approves the 
Judgment of the Coiii:. and orders Ensign Yandenburg from 
his Arest. 

The Court having Consider'd the Charge against Ensigns 
Barr and GrDTin and the Eviilence, are of opinion they are 
highly Censureable and do sentence thorn to be reprimanded 
in Gen'l Orders. 

The Gon'l approve.-; the sentence of the Court all Disputes 
on parade should be avoid'-Ml or at least determinable for the 
present by the parli-?.-? themselves and where this is Imprac- 
tible no Gentleman sliould object to a Gentleman. The Gen- 
eral therefore thinks the Conduct of Ensigns Barr and GrifTm 


iu refusing a sotllement, principles short, of their own claiuc, 
exceeding unmiliiary and highly reprehensible Eusi^'ns Barr 
and Griffin are releas"d from Arest. 

B; Orders.- 

Adjutant of the day, ]31oorafield. 

Head Quarters Oct'r 23d, 17S0. 
Officers of the Day Toaiorrow 

r.lajor, Cunmiing. 

B: Major, Ross. 

The Geu"l Court IMartial which Cd'o Hazen was appointed 
President in the Gen'l Order Sth Inst, foi- the tryal of Col'o 
Sheldon was directed to assomble at West Point on this day 
but the President heiug necessarily^ absent on command the 
Court will meet tomorrow Morning at 9 O'clock, from the 
Scarcity of Forage and difficulty of accomodation for the Evi- 
dences and Members at this post the Court will meet at Fish 
Kills of which all persons Concern'd will take notice and 
Govern themselves accordingly two Capt'u from Hozens two 
from the Jersey and one from each Brigade will attend as 
Members at the Court. Capi'n Rice of the German Battalion 
was Tryd at the Gen'l Court Martial of which Colo. Shreeve 
Y/as President charg'd- with Insulting and abusing Lt. Col'o 
W'eltner in his Quarters when on Business of Importance in a 
manner unbecoming a Gentleman or an Officer the Court after 
having Considerd the charge with Evidence do Judge that 
Capt'n Rice is not Guiliy ruf the charge and acquit liim with 
Honour. The Gen'l approves the Judgment of the Court 
Capt'n Rice is releas'd fi-ont ai'cst. 

James Mumfon Soldier in the 2d N: York Regt. was tryd 
at the same Court for Desertion and Com't Gordon Soldier in 
Colo. Lambs Regiment of Artillery try'd at the same Court 
try'd for Striking Capt'n Arcbbald v.-hen in the Execution of 
his Duty the Court find thtra Guilty of the charges Exhibited 
against them and do scnlenco them as follov.-s Vixt. James 
Mumfort to receive ' luO Lashes on his Bare back and Comt. 
Gordon lOfj Lashes and to sii upon the Gallows with a rope 
round his neck for the ^:J;4ce of half an hour the Gen'l ap- 
proves the Sentence and ojIlts thern to be put in Execution 
Gordons on Wednesday cfrxt at Guard Mounting the Troops 
off Duty of the two Brigades at the Point are to attend. 


B: Orders. 

Adjutant of the day, Wiodraaii. 

Notwithstanding the Orders of the 13th Inst, respecting Roll 
Call the Cond't of the Brigade from the uegleci he observes is 
scrry to be under the necessity cf Directing a steady Compli- 
ance there v.ith. Commanding olScers of Regiments will be 
accountable that the Rolls of their respective Regt's are In- 
variably call'd at the i)artiouIar time when Directed — 

For tlie Comfort and ilie preservation cf the Health of the 
Soldiers an OfHcer of Police will daily be appointed in each 
Regiment who is Directed to visit the Quarters of the men 
iIiicL' liruto a day and giro ^:v.'^h o'-ders and directions re- 
specting their cleanliness as he may Judge necessary he must 
also pay attention to the Parade both in front and rear of 
the Barracks and when necessary order'd to be Swept and 
clean'd no water iiUh or Dirt an any pretence to be thrown 
out of the Barracks ."Windows the Officers in Gen'l are re- 
quested to prevent this. Sinks are to be Imcdiately Dug in the 
most suitable places. 

Head Quarters V\'est Point Oct'r 21th, 'SO. 

Offlcers of the Day Tomoirow 

Colo., Angel. 

B. Major, Rice. 

The provision and v.ater Cags in the Magazines requiring 
Imediate attention and Coopering r.ll the Coopers and such 
others as are Ingenioui in Reting Hoops and dressing Cags 
are to be sent tomorrow :\Ioruing to M'r Comissary Martials 
from Wiiom they v-ill r^:c..ive further Directions. 

The present fine weather and the much greater ease and 
Comfort with which tLe groat variaty absolutely necessary 
at this post can be do3ie nov.- than when the days are short 
and weather cold poinis out the propriety as well as necessity 
of Pushing the differejit: Branches of Business and every Man 
that can be turn'd out must be daily Employ'd the exertion of 
the Of!icer.s of all RanLs is earnestly requested. 

Several of the Members of the Gen'l Court Martial v,-horeof 
Colo. Hazen is p:-osi-(V:nt being absent the Court is to sit 
tomorrow morni:;g at '^- Oclcciv at P'ish Kill. 

B: Order--. 
Adjt. of the day Tociorrov.', Witlock.' 


After Gen'l Orders Oct'r 24th 17S3. 

The great scarcity of Boards points out the most frugal use 
for them. The Brigades Ysiio Ilutt are to Ijc allowed no more 
than v.-hat is necessary for making Doors, windows &• Bunks. 
Tlie Brigade Q'r M'rs are to present the Estimates of what is 
necessarj for the ahove purpose to the Comd't of the Brigade 
who will examine it and if in opinion the Estimate is proper 
will sign it on it being presented at Head Quarters an Order 
will be given for liie Delivering the Boards. 

The Brigades under ilie Command of Colo. Hazen after 
Iea\iug a Captn. 2 Sub a iroper number of Xon Comraission'd 
Otfirrvs ^nd :.« Privaf^; ?J. Ccn^^titutlcn Island and Coutinueing 
a Sub ai:d 25 Rank &. Ck at the North, and the like number 
at the middle Redoubt wjll proceed to Build the Hutts — The 
N: Hampshire Line at or near Soldiers fortune, Colo. Hazens 
Regiment between Soldiers fortune and the North Redoubt. 
In case of an alaim the Troops of this Brigade are to repair to 
the posts heretofore assiga'd then: with utmost Expedition. 

Captn. Finr.=^h (?) of tlie :st N. Ycrl; Regiment is apointed to 
duty of Brigade Major io the Tork Brigade until further 

After, Alter Orders. 

Lt. Col. Barber is appoJr.ied OfKcers cf the day Tomorrow 
Vice Ccdo. Angel. 

Head Quarters Oct'r 2.5th, 17S0. 

C)fiicers of tlie day Tomurruw 

Lt. Colo., Dtbart. 

B: Major, Ross. 

B.rigadiers Gcni's and Stark uuring the ab.^ent of 
Maj'r Generals are to lie C vr.sider'd as Cuninianding the Divi- 
sions to which ihey respfictively belong are to be respected 
and ol;ey'd according-y thf Eldest Officer present in each of 
til' <; ];■ i:-'.:i'r.s is Con.--f-(!Li -..tiv Couid't of the Brigade and is 
t'. ; •■ I i: . -^.1 and ob'v'd -:: snrh. 

'!)m' (I li'-r-^ C-inr.ard'i. r Divisions and all others in their 
respective Commands are r^-puested at this time to exert them- 
selves to afi'ect the rrjjair ,\: accomplishmt. of the works, pro- 
curing fuel, Colecting and ,-^icuriug the peoples property that 
tbcy may at any place savt- being Exposed to Cost or Damage 
pi:., iving and Cultivalirig good Older and Decipline and 


rendering the Cii'cunistances of the Gnrrison Comfortable to 
themselves anri respectable to others — 

No Boards to be Issued from the Yard bin by Express 
Orders from Head Quarters. 

Duplicate Monthly Returns of Erigades & Cores to be De- 
li ver"il at the Orue:ly (Office on friday next twelve Oclock pre- 

B: Orders. 

Adjutant of the day, llalsey. 

Head Quarters ^Vest Point Ocfr 26th, 1780. 

Officers of the day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Olney. 

B. Major, Rice. 

Officer of the Police Lt. Colo., Cobb. 

The Officer of the day vill please to Enquire and make 
report of the number of Suttlers Selling Liquors at this post 
Specefying such as are licenced and such as are not and by 
whom the former were Liecened — The D: Q: ISI'r v/ili please to 
Order all the Boats up and dov.'n the River not \vauting for 
Iniediate use to be Collected and ha\e them secured in some 
safe and proper place and rcpaird. 

George Baker I».Iatross in Colo. Harrisons Regt. of Artillery 
try"d at the Geu'l Court Martial of -Vv-hich Colo. Shreeve is 
president for being Concerned in a Conspiracy -with a number 
of others to Epike the Cannon in Fort Schuyler and intending 
to Desert to the Enemy and inducing others to Desert, the 
Court find birn Guilty of Intending to Desert to the Enemy 
and inducing others to Desert — The Court unanimously Sen- 
tence him to Suffer Death— The Gen'l Confirms the Sentence 
and orders it to be put in Execution on Tuesday the olst Inst. 
Between the Hours of Eleven and twelve Oclock in the morn- 
ing by Hanging the said George Baker by his neck untill he 
is Dead. 

Ignatius Butler Matross in the same Regmt. v.-as trvM at the 
saine Court for Desorticn from the GarrL^on of I^ort Schuyler 
on the 2d of M;;y last. The Court 
sentence him to receive 100 Lashes upon 
Gen'l approves ;hi,' sentence and oi'der.- 
tii.n at the head of the Artillery. 

The A D Q }>['v of the Garrison will take particular Care 


him Guilty 



naked back. 


it to 

bo put in E: 


160 LIf:UT. COLO'S C O:\fP ANY 

to call for the Tents as the Troops go into Quarters and for- 
ward them to Fish Kill— The great variaty and abr-ulutely 
necessarj- business of this pest requires the daily atten- 
tion, and Direction of an officer of Rank and vigilance. 

The duty of the otricer of the day being already too Exten- 
iiive to admit of his attention to the police of the Garrison, 
there is to be a Field OiTicer of Police daily apointed for 
that purpose. He is to see that order and Decipline are ob- 
served that the public property be not Exposed to loss or 
Damage to notify such as have the Charge of any public pro- 
perty which he may find Exposed to Damage or loss — to see 
that the fatague partys steadily en the business whicii ihey 
are urderd. That Vessels laden with provisions fuel &c. for 
the use of the Garrison are unloden with Dispatch and to give 
orders to the Officers Command'g Fatague partys for that pur- 
pose, to see how the Carpenter and other Artificers aic em- 
ploy'd and by whose order &c. 

A Captain is daily to Superintend the Fatagu: men unload- 
ing the Vessels at the Docks, al! Fatague parties Coisisting 
of IS ^len and upwards are to be under the Direction of a 
Comraisslond ofilcer. 

Tlie duty of the Onicer of Police is Confm'd to the Garrison. 

B: Orders. 
Adjutant for the day Tomorrow, Dloonifield. 

Head Quarters West Point Ocfr 2Tth, 'SO. 

Gificers of the day Tomoirow 

Lt. Colo., Weltner. 

B Ivlajor, Ross. 

Officer of the Police, Lt. Colo. Conway. 

Ruben :McCo;nbie aiui Benjamin Blanshort Soldiers in the 
2d Rhode Island Regiment liyd at the Gen'l Court Martial of 
which Colo. Shreevc is president for Deseilion. The Court 
find them Guilty and sentence them to receive 100 I.,ashe3 on 
their bare back — 

John Welsh Soldier in the 1st N. York Regt. tryd at the 
same Court iuv Deseition. The Court Considering the volun- 
tarily return to the Regiment in a short time on the strength 
of his Confiiicraent aie of opinion that the punishment of 
Confinom.ent is adequate to Jris Crime. Abraham Hearsberry, 


Philip Rossman, John Wiight, Obediah Abbermau, Benjp.miu 
Wptkius, Soldiers in {he same Rcgt. "were Tryd at Uie same 
Court charged with being iu Couspiracy with Baker in Spiking 
up the Cannon at Fort Schuyler on the 2d of September last 
in the Night & Intending to Desert to the Enemy. The Court 
are of opinion that Rosman and Amerman are Guilty of both 
charges Stanbury Watkins and Wright Guilty of Intending 
to Desert to the Enemy and Sentence them to receive one 
hundred Lashes on their bare back. The Gen'l approves the 
foregoing sentence and orders that they may be put into execu- 
tion at the head of their .Fvegiment to which they belong. 
Thomas Shannon Soldier in the 1st New York Regiment vv^ere 
ti-yd at the same Court charged with ipaving his Post Deser- 
tion and Intending to go to the Enemy the Court are unani- 
mously of opinion that the charges are not sufficient supported 
and do acquit him. The Geul. approves tlie Judgment and or- 
ders the Prisoners from their Confinement, all the armours 
at this Post are Imediately Evested on a special occasion their 
names are to be given in at O^iderly time tomorrow. 

B: Orders. 
Adjutant of the day Tomonow, Wiedmau. 

Head Quaiters West Point Oct'r 2Sth 17S0. 
Ofjlcers cjf the day TomorroTr 

Lt. Colo., Barber. 

B: Major, Rice. 

Officer of the Police, Majir Curamings. 

The Men for Guard are ta come on the Parade iu a Decent 
and Military order as pos^itde. The Field Off'rs of the day 
having Reported that iu pirforming their Rounds they have 

observed frequent &c. from the Establishd 

Regulations of the Army wiith respect to the formation of the 
Guards the Gen'l requests the most pointed attention of offl- 
cers Commanding Guards tiat the Regulation may be Strictly 
adherr'd to in every Insta^ice, no fireworks of any kind are 
to be Exhibitted or play'd .cf or Gun fired near the raagazeen 
Stores Barracks or Bouse-, in Fish Kills. The same Court 
Martial whereof Colo. Shresve is president is Desolved. 

P: Ordor.s. 
Adjt. of tlie day Tomormv,-, Weiuman. 
li— Vol. XIV— Gth Sfr. 


Evening Order?. 

E.Ktracl from Geu'] Orders Head Quarters Totaway Oct'r. 
Inst. tiie Gen"! has got the pleasure to Congratu- 
late the Army on au important advantage late'y obtaiued in 
North Carolina over a Core of 1400 'Men British Troops and 
nov,' Levies Ccnianded by Colo. Fergu.^on, the IMilitia of the 
neighboring Country under Colo. Williams Shallbee and 
others having assembled to the amount of 3000 Men Detachd 
100 & a number on Horseback io fall in -with Colo. Fergusons 
party on their March Jo CharlottP they came up with them at 
a place call'd Kings Mountain advautegously posted and gave 
him a total i:)efcat in v\-hich Colo. Ferguson ^viti 150 of his 
Men vrerc hilled SGu made piisoners 6i loO stand of Arms 
taken on our part the loss was Inconsiderable. We have only 
to regret that the Brave Colo. Williams was Mortally wounded 
this advantage v.'ill in all probability have a very happy In- 
fluence upon the successive opperations in tliat Quarter, it 
is a proof of ihe Spirit & Bravery of the Country. 

The Officers of the Army are to be furnished with two 
Rations p. day untill funher Orders, Major Blatt late A D 
Camp to r^Iajor Gen'I McDugal is appointed D. Q. M. G. to 
the Main_ Arm)- and is to be obey'd as such. 

Head Quarters West Point Oct'r 29th, 17S0. 

Officers of the day Tomorrov,- 

Lt. Colo., Dehait. 

B Major, Ross. 

For Police, Olney. 

Whenever there is occasion to mention of tlie Fort at W^est 
Point either in verbal or in writing, respects it to be Ex- 
presive by the name of Fort Cliuion and never by the name 
of Fort Arnold the Traytor, severally Wooden necessary 
Houses are to be built at proper places near the Barracks and 
untill they are Built, Temporary nccessarys are to be dug and 
the Troops enjoined to use them if this is not attended to, 
the Garrisoji wifi become Kacious and in consequently 5iickly, 
the Importance of this objf;ct induces the General once more 
to request the strictest attention to the provision and vrater 
in the several Forts and Redoubts and that the several Offi- 
cers v.dicse l.usino.--s it is A-.ill see ihat everything now amiss 
be rectified— In some of the works there is a defficicncy of 


Water Casks ICspecially m Fort Putnam, a proper number is 
to be sent and all the Ci-slcs whether of provision or Yv\aier 
be Cooper'd without dolaj — It appears by the Returns that 
great numbers of persons j.^e suttling at this post, none are to 
presume to do after publication of this Order but such as are 
Licensed or those whose former Licenses are approv'd and 
confirmed at Head Quarurs. Those Suttling to Brigades to 
bring Recommendations f'Om the Comdt. of the Brigade. 

As the Comfort and Convenience of the Garrison will be 
much promoted by a plentiful supply of provision, Poultry, 
Cyder, Beer, &c. the iieigbboring Inhabitants are Invited to 
furnish this Garrison wi3k those Articles they are to have 
free access to any of the [.andings or Shores of the Ganison. 
(not Interupting the publiic business or going into any of the 
Forts) and will be protci'ied from any Insult or abuse — The 
Interest of the Garrison is so much Involved in matter that 
the GeuT assures himself ihai every one will Exert himself to 
give it every encouragement. 

B: Orders. 

Adjt. of the day, Holsc?. 

Head Quarters West Point Oct'r 20, ITSO. 

Officers of the day Toinojrov/ 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

B i^Iajor, Rice. 

For Police, Lt. Colo. CrOb. 
" All the troops of duty tthis side the River are to attend the 
Execution of George Bater and Joshua Eagins at 10 Oclock 
Icmorrow morning. Th» Garrison Qr. Z^I'r will have tv.-o 
Coffins made for that occasion and Convey'd to the Gallows 
in a Cart precisely at ihe hour above mcnt'd. 

B: Orders. 

A Brigade Court J.IaJtial to sit Tomorrow Morning at 11 
oclock at the President- Quarters for the Tryal of such pris- 
oners as shall be brought before them. 

Lf. Colo. Barber is aj^pointed President, one Captain and 
two Subalterns from ea>-h Regiment will attend as Members, 
Le'i Peck of the 2d Roy,:inent will please to attend as Judge 

Adjt. of the day, Blocmfield. 


After, After Geii'] Orders Ocfr 30th, ITSO. 

Joshua Eagins and George Baker who by the orders of this 
day were to have been Executed tomorrow are respited untill 
Friday next and the Gea'l Directs that the sentence against 
them be Executed on tluit day between tlie liours of 11 and 
twelve oolock in the morning by Hanging them by the neck 
untill they be dead 

Head Quai ters West Point Oct'r 31st 'SO. 

Ofllcers of the day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Weltner. 

B. Major, Ross. 

Eor Police, Itlajor Willis. 

Lt. Colo. Varrick and Major Franks late of Gen'l Arnolds 
Family having requested of his Excellency Gen'l Washington a 
Court of Enquiry to appertain the part they acted relative 
to the transEctions of Gen'l Arnold and his Excellency having 
been pleas'd to signify his pleasure that a Court of Enquiry 
be made accordingly. A Court of Enquiry is to sit on Thurs- 
day next at 9 Oclock A: M. at the Court Martial Room at 
West Point to Examine into the Conduct of those Gentlemen 
in their Connection with Gen'l Arnold During his Command nt 
W^est Point and relative to his Desertion to the Enemy. Lt. 
' Blair of the Sd Jersey Regiment is appointed Adjt. of the 

H: Orders. 

Adjt. of the day Tomorrow, Weidman. 

The Brigade Court Maitial of which Lt. Colo. Barber is 
president is Disolved. 

After Gen'l Orders Oct'r 31st 17S0. 

Extract trom G^n'l Washingtons Orders. 

Head Quarters Totoway Oct'r SOth. 
Duplicate Returns of ail office i.s in the Infantry Artillery 
and Cavalry are to be niride out Regimentally and signed by 
the Comd'ts of Regini'ts and Corps spc-cefying their Ranks 
and dates of Commissinns those of the Artillery Cavalry ad- 
ditional RoErirnents au^! Corps are to designate the state to 
which their Officers ro pectively belong, those ofncers on the 
Staff are al.^o to be v':,:^d in a separate Column according to 
their several Staff appointments agreeable to the form here- 


with given those Returns to be Transmitted without delay to 
the orderl}^ ofliee — 

A].T:X'R SCAMEJ. Adjt. Gen'l. 
1 he rsbove Returns are to be written fair and Delivered at 
the orderly OlTice on Thursday next preeisely at noon. 

Head Quarters West Point Ocfr ist 17S0. 
Officers of the dry Tomorrow 

Coio., Sineese. 

13 IMajor, Rice. 

For Police, Major Cumniing. 

The A. D. Q. M'r of liie Garrison will please to take imediate 
measures for Suyrdyiug the Gariison with a Sufficiency of 
Straw. Great attention is to be paid to the preservation of 
the Forage which at this time will be much exposed to waste. 
Racks are to be Imediately put up In the public Yard. 

No Forage or wood is to be Issued to any person whatsoever 
but upon the order of the DAG in writing and no Forage 
or wood are to be Issued or taken from the Yard but in the 
presence of the person or persons appointed in the respective 
Departments to attend the Delivery, all Issues are to be regular 

A Subaltern and 20 rnen acciuainted with Cording wood to 
be appointed to attend at iLe wood yard to assist in unloading 
the. vessels and cording the v,'ood properly — The Boats that 
are Employed by the resptative Regiments for the purpose of 
bringing v.'ood arc either to be Carefully secured at the places 
of Lauding or rcturnd evfry night to Capt. Buchraan(?) and 
the receipts taken that t!ie Boats may not be damaged or 
lost. The present severe storm admonishes to every exer- 
tion (?) for the procurement cf Fuel and preparations for 
'Wintei-. The A D Q M'r cf the Garrison will Employ as 
many Boats both up anc down the River as are necessary 
and fit for such iiarties as are warned to load them when any 
wo(jd is within such distance of tlie Garrison as v/ill admit 
of its being safely brougj.t in the la'.ger Scow.s--Boats to be 
Constantly employ'd in good v,-eather— one Till of Rurn p, 
man- - 

B: Orders. 

At a Brigade GenT Ccurt ilartial order'd by Colo. Comdt. 
Shreeve of v.-hich Lt. Colo. Barber was president. 

Jacob Shepard, Jacob flyers, and I-^redk. Htrsh Soldiers of 


the German Regimt. were try'd for Desertion. The Court after 
having Considered the Evidence fur and against the Prison- 
ers, are of opinion that they are not Guilty of the charge and 
acquit them— The said Jacob Shepard Jacob 2\lycrs and Frcd'k 
Hirsh are to be releas'd from confinement Colo. Shreeve ap- 
pjoves tlie Sentence of the Couit. 

Head Quarters West Point Nov'r 2d, 17S0. 
Officers of the day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo, Comdt., \Yillet. 

B; lilajr., Ross. 

For Police, Lt. Colo. Barber. 

A Gcn'l Court INIartial to sit tomorrow morning at ten 
Oclock for the tryal of prisoners as may be brought before 
them — Colo. Ceely is appointed President, Lt. Colo. Cochran 
Major Graham three Captains Hazens Brigade, three Capt'ns 
from the York Brigade and two from the Jersey Brigade and 
two from Starks Brigade to attend as members. All the 
troops off duty in this side the River are to attend the execu- 
tion of the two Criminals to-morrov/ morning between the 
Hours of Eleven and twelve Oclock. 

B: Orders. 
Adjl. for Tomorrow, Ilalsey. 

After Gen'l Orders Nov'r 2d 17S0. 

Lt. Colo. Dehart is appointed Officer of the day tomorrow 
Vice Lt. Colo. Comdt. Willct who i.s absent, Captn. Richard 
Loyd is appointed to do the duty of Brigade :\Iajor to Hazens 
Brigade until further orders. 

The Court of Enquiry aiipointed in the orders of 21 A M 
will sit toj-nori'ow Morning at 11 Oclock at the Presidents Quar- 
ters all persons Concerned are to attend. 

" Head Quarters West Point Nov'r 2d 17S0. 
)inoers of the day Tomorrow 
Lt. Colo., Olnev. 
B Major, Rice. 
For Police, Lt. Colo. Conway. 
The Sub Cioathders of the Troops in tlic Garrison or their 


Roin-esentatives on ibe Ground Avill make Returns to Head 
Quarters precisely at orderly time tomorrow of the Cloathing 
which they have received and Issued since the last Returns to 
the. Cloathiers Gen'I and of the Quantity now on hand. 

p.: Orders. 
Adjt. for Tomorrow, Blair. 

Extract from Gen'I Wasshingtons Orders. 

Head Qu?.^te'-5 Totoway Novr ]st ITSO. 
The Commander in Chief has the hapiness to Inform the 
Army that tlie Honourable the Congress have been pleas'd 
by their Acts of the 3d and 2lst of Oct'r to pass the following 
Resolutions, he is intirely persuaded that the leberal provi- 
sion now- made will give universal satisfaction & while it 
evinces the justice and Generosity of Congress will prove a new 
motive to the zeal and exertions of the officers. That 16 of 
the additional Regiments as have not been annexed to the line 
of some particular siate and all the seperate Light Corps of 
the Army both of Horse and foot (Colo. Hazens Regt., Colo. 
Armands, & ]Maior Lees Corps Excepted) and also the German 
Batallion be reduced on the 1st day of January next, that 
the Nou Comiss'd Officers and privates of those Several Corps 
be Incorporated with the Troops of their respective States, 
and that such Officers as do not belong to any particular State 
be annexed to such Corps f.s the Comd'r in Chief shall Direct. 
That the Regular Army of the United States from and after 
the 1st day of January next consist of four Regiments of 
Mounted and Dismounted Dragoons or Leginary Corps four 
Regts of Artillery Forty nine Regiments of Infantry exclusive 
of Hazens Regiments Co!o. Armands Partisan Corps Major 
L.ees Do. and one Regiment of Artificers. That each Regi- 
ment or Legonary Corps Consist of four Troop of :\Iounted 
Dragoons and two of Dismounted Dragoons each Consisiing 
of CO Privates with the same number of Com.m.iss'd and Non 
Coramiss'd Officers as at ^resent. That the parties and Corps 
Commanded By Colo. Anuand and Major Lee shall Consist of 
three Troops of :M'ouTited and three of Dismounted Dragoons 
of r<0 each Jo be OITlcered P.y the Commander in Chief by the 
approbation of Congress, i-w] that the Commander in Chief be 
authorized to dii-ect-a rnode foi- Cornpleating Recruiting & 
Supplying of said Corps, that -' ach Regiment of .Artillery to 
Consist of 10 Companys a;vl that each Company Consist of 


65 Nou Commiys'd Ofucors and ^L1tru!i5es with the sauie num- 
ber of Comrai&a'd Oflicers as at. present — That each Regiment 
of Infantry requested fi'om the several States shall Consist of 
one Colonel and Lt. Colo, and one :Major when the full Colonels 
are Continued or one Li. Colo. Comdt. and two Majors where 
the Colos. are not continued, 9 Captains and 22 subalterns 
45 serjeajits 1 Drum Tdajor 1 Fife ^Nlajor 10 Drummers 10 
Fifers and 612 Rank and file that there be one captain and 
two Subalterns to eai/h com]iaiiy, and lliat the four Suber- 
liumerary Subalterns shall each have the Rank of Lieutenant, 
one of which is to reside in the State to which ho belongs to 
Tniipt ?nd forvrard Recruits, oiie Druju ic Fife to attend the 
Recruiting Officer the other three Supernumerary Ofiicers to 
do the duty of Adjt. Pay Master and Q'r M'r to their respective 
Regiments, And that the Regiment of Artificers Consist of 8 
companies and each Company of GO Non Commissioned Offi- 
cers and privates. 

That the whole of the Troops be Inlisted for During the 
Warr and Join their respective Corps bj' the 1st day of Jan- 
uary next that the several states furnish the Following 
Quotes Yizt. 
New Hampshire — 2 Regiments of Infantry. 
Massachusetts— 10 Infantry & 1 cf Artillery. 
Rhode Island — 1 of Isifaniry. 
Couneeticut~5 of Infantry oi 1 of Cavalry. 
New York— 2 of Infaulry & ] cf Artillery. 
New Jersey — 2 of Inff.ntry. 

Pensylvauia— 6 of Infantry & 1 of Artillery; 1 of Cavalry & 
1 of Artificers. 

Deleware — 1 of Infantry. 
Maryland — 5 of Infan'iry. 

Virginia — S of Infantrj 1 of AriiU'y <t 2 Cavalry. 
N: Calolina— 4 of Inftntry. 
S: Carolina— 2 of Infsntry. 
Georgia — 1 of Infantrj. 

That the Regiments cf Artillery and Cavalry and of the Ar- 
tificers as they now stsnd be Considered as belonging to the 
States respectively to -vhich they are or may bo assi:;ned 
which states shall Coiripleat them to the full Compliment 
Supply them with necex:-ary3 and in every respect treat them 
as if originally raised ihorein and that such other States as 
now have Ncn Comrnissiond Officers or privates in any of the 
Regiments aforesaid be credited in their Qutos for such Men 
according to their VAimhevs. from time to time, for which 
purpc:;p the Commander in Chief is hereby directed to Specify 


such non CommissM Oiiicers and privates aud the States to 
■which tht?y fonn3iiy belcng'd in the KfUinis which he shall 
make to the Slates in his annual lleturn to Cungrcss That 
the KoginiciU Ccmmanded By Colo. iNIoses Hazen he Contin- 
ued on its present Establishment and that all Xon Com- 
jr.iss'd officers and privates being Foreigners belonging to any 
of the reduced Regiments and Corps be Incorporated therewith 
and all Volunteers from foreign States who are nov/ in the 
Service or may hereafter Join the American Army be annex'd 
to the same Regiment. 

That the Conmander in Chief and the Commanding Ofhcer 
in the Soiuheru Department direct the Officers of each State 
io ii.o«..i, cii.l agree upon the nfr^co-.-^ fr>r the Rpsrimeuts to be 
lalsd by their respective States from those who incline to 
Continue in service and where it cannot be done by agree- 
ment to be Determined by Seniority and make Return of those 
who are to remain which is to be transmitted to Congress to- 
gether with the names of the Officers reduced — who are to 
be allov.-'d half pay for life. That the officers who shall con- 
tinue in service xmtil the end of the War shall be lutitled to 
half pay during to Commence from the time of their reduction 
—That the Officers of Corps be Empowered and Directed to 
use every prudent measure and Improve every favorable oppor- 
tunity to Inlist for the Continuance of the War such of the 
men belonging to their respective States as are not Engaged 
for that period— That 2 Dollars be granted to the Recruiting 
Officer for every able Bodied Soldier who he shall Inlist for 
the War who shall Join the; Army and that a Sum of not E.x- 
ceediug 50 Dollars be allow'd to every such Recruit — That 
the Cloathing be funrislul and regularly served out to the 
Troops, as it becomes due and that a full compensation be 
made for any arrearages of Cloathiiig — The General Directs 
that the Officers of the scv'l Lines will meet accordingly and 
agree upon an Arangernciit as speedily as may be of the 
officers wlio remain in Seivice and of those who retire, Re- 
porting the same to Head Quarters. It is of Course to be 
understood that none can retire with the Benefit of the pro- 
visions here made Except such a number as Exceed that 
which is required in the E.-toblishment of the Regiments. The 
Gen'l officers of the re.--po^live Linns will be pleas'd to assist 
in the-e ;'rran-o;nonts— 

AT.,KX-R SCAMEE, Adjt. Gen'l. 
B: Orders. 

Adjutaiit of the day Tomorrov/, Weiuman, 

170 lip:ut. COLO'S company 

Head Quarterd We.-,t Point Nov'r -lih 17S0. 

Officers of the day Tonicrvow 

i\Iajur, Cuming£. 

P) IVfajor, Starks Brigaue. 

A Gon'l Court Martial to sit on 'J'liesday next at 10 Oelock 
in Die laoruing at the Court :\Iarlial fioora for the tryal of 
Colo. Hazen. All Evidences and persons concerned to attend. 

B Gen'l Starks is appointed President, Colo. Shreeve, Lt. 
Colo. Reed Comdc, Lt. Colo. Vandyke, Lt. Colo. Barber, ?>Iajor 
Cuming, Major Moirel, :\Iajor Wait and a Captain frum each 
of the Brigades Avill attend as members. The fatague men 
assigned to the Masons at. Fort Willis are to go on at 9 Odock: 
in the morning and -svork until the afternoon at 4 oelock and 
not go home to Dinner. The Comdrs .of Artillery will please 
to give particular Orders to the officers to whom the Different 
Fort Redoubts and Batteries are assignd to see that the 
Cannon, Mo"tars, Ammunition &c. are in the most perfect 
order and readiness for defence — Mr. Bohauuan will furnish 
each Regiment v.ith 2 or more Boats if necessary for the pur- 
pose of bringing firewood — The Boats are to be used with 
great care and to be well secured where left, one Corporal and 
four good Ax 'Shen with a Boat are to be assignd for the pur- 
pose of Supplying Head Quarters and the Gen's Guard with 
Wood — one Serjeant one Corporal and 12 men with two Boats 
are to be aisign'd for the same purpose for the Garrison. Qr. 
M'rs Commisy's and those Employd in that Doiiartment 
for the Main Guard. The masscns and persons in the Hide 

Not a stick of A's'oc;', is to be Issued from the yard to any 
person whatever but by Express orders from the Gen'l in 
writing— Tlie officer of the day will please Strictly to Instruct 
Officers of the Weed Guard accordingly and cause the Cen- 
tinals to be placed in fruch a manner as to prevent ariv of the 
wood being carried off v.ithout Leave. The Garrison Q'r M'r 
will Imediately order an Exact Return to be taken and sent to 
Head Quarters of all the Horses and Oxen kept in the Gar- 
rison both public anil private and whether with Leave or 
without this is to be given in at Oiderly time. The Sub 
Cloathei-s are lo Issn-i no articie of cloathing untill further 
Oi'ders except those on'y in case of necessity. Captn. Walker 
is apointpd to do the iluty of Brigade Major in Gen'l Starks 
I5rigade Vice iNlajor Rice absent. 


Extract, from Geu'l Orders. 

At a Geu'l Court Martial of the Line Fishkill Oct'r 25th, 
17S0, Colo. Hazen President, Colo. Elisha Sheldon of the 2d 
Regimt. of Light Dragoous v/arf tryd on the following charges 
(to wit) first Injuring the public Service hy discharging with- 
out proper authority from said Regt. a numher of men Inlisted 
upon Continental Bounty and Encouragement to serve During 
the "War 2d Defrauding away Continental Horses & Convert- 
ing the article to his ov.-n use. 3d Defrauding the ofirs. and 
Soldiers of the Regiment of plunder taken in action and Con- 
verting the articles to his own private use. 4th with unoflicer 
and Ge-ntippiqn. like Behavour the Court are of opinion that he 
is not guilty of the charges Exhibited aforesaid and Do acquit 
him with Honour and a full approbation— .The Court on this 
occasion think it a duty further to add that the Charges did 
not Originate from zeal to serve the United States but rather 
through private anomosity pique or prejudice and that the 
prosecution is vexarious & malicious and that Doctor Davis 
Stoddard the Complainant is Justly Chargeable with rll the 
Expenses attending the Court Martial on the Tryal of Colo. 
E. Sheldon. His Excell'cy the Commander in Chief Confirms 
the opinion of the Court and orders Colo. E. Sheldon to be 
releasd from Arrest. — 

The General Court Mariial of which Colo. Hazen is president 
is Desolved. 


A: SCAM EL, A: Genl. 

B: Orders. 

Adjdt. for Tomoirow, Yritluck. 

A Brigade Gen'l Court ilartial is to sit tomorrow morning 
at 10 Oclock for the TryaJ of such prisoners as may be brought 
before them. I^t. Colo. Conway is appointed Pres'dt one Cap- 
tain and two Subalterns from each Regiment will attend the 
Court as members, Lieut Peck of the 2d Regiment will please 
to attend as .Judge advrx-cite. 

Head Q'jv.rter.s West Point Nov 

Officers of the day Tom' 
Lt. Colo. Comdt., Will 
B: Major, Ross. 
For Police. 


At a particular request of Colo. IIiuoii the Court :\Iartial 
appointed in the orCtis of yesterday for his Tryal is to be 
composed of Field Officers, therefore Lt. Colo. Ceely Lt. Colo. 
Dearborne Lt, Colo. Conway and T^Lajor Boaman are appointed 
members instead of the Captains v,-ho were originally appoint 
cd I^Iern'rs Captn. Cox is appointed to do the duty of B: Major 
to the Jersey Brigade, vice ?^Iajor Ross absent. The Gen'l 
Conn ?,Lartial whereof Cok\ Seely was president is Desolved — 

B: Orders. 

Adjudt. for Tomorrow. Halsey. 

At the Brigade C^urt Martial of which Lt. Col^. Conway is 
P)'edt. Serjt. iManning, Ste Beach, Joseph Kilfy and I-:dward 
Gage was tryd for neglect of duty on 24th A: M. at Fish Kill- in 
kiting Prisoners Escape from the Provost the Prisoners plead 
not Guilty as no Eviderce could be produced to Suppoit the 
charge. 'J'he Court acqnlc them all The Comdi. of the Bilgade 
approves the proceedenc.--: of the Court and Directs the Prison- 
ers to be released fronr Confinement Lt. Colo. Conway being 
order'd to sit on the Court IMartial for the Tryal of Colo. 
Hazen, Lt. Colo. Wcltner i:> appointed president of the Brigade 
Court Martial in his Sued— 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 7th 17S0. 

Ofiicera of the day Tonicnow 

Lt. Colo., Oluey. 

B. Major, Walker. 

The General is not unnundful of or inattentive to the vrant- 
ing necessity of the Trocps or the hard duty they are obliged 
to perform they arc an Exercise as great as consistt to his 
mind as they are to their Bodies he Considers himself the 
Miliary Father of those lie has the Honour to Command and 
not only duty but the Strongest Inclination do's lead liim to 
every Exertion for their relief and C;omfort wh.en at any time 
they meet with any pariirular Tryals they may be assured that 
they are unavoidable Consequences which nothing in his power 
can prevent. The.Gon'l "snll alv/ays Contend tliat those under 
his Command shall equfiiiy share the Benefits with those at 
other posts under those Considerations he rests assured that 
the Ti-oops chearfuUy Sul-:nit to any Tryals or Difficulties they 
may meet with in C<jn!niOn v.ilh others and steadily Continue 
by their patience and fortitude and \ irtuo to Convince the 


vorld that they are seconcl to none. The duty at the post 
at present is hard and in some naeasure with Design to the 
future ease and Comroit of the Garrison iliat they may he 
Indulged in the more rigorous!,?) approaching seasons. The 
fire engine heing put in good repare the Garrison Q'r M'r will 
see that it is properly Executed and a proper number from 
the Artificers assigned to work it, should it any time become 
necessary if at any further pei'icO Commissary should he Des- 
titute of Flour he Vv-ill at every such day add half a pound 
of Eecf to each Bat'n. 

Extract from Gen'l Orders Head Quart'rs TotoAvay Nov. 
3d 17S0. 

In the publication of the Extracts of the Resolves of Cou- 
gress of the 3d and 21st of Ocfr there was an omision of parts 
of that of the Sd Declaring that the retiring Officers should 
be Intiiled to Land at the close of the Warr, agreeable to the 
Resolution of the IGth Sepfr 1776 tho the Resolution of the 
21st is Silent on this aiticl.- the Gcnl. has no doubt tliat it 
remains in force. 


B: Orders. 

Adjt. for the day Tomoi row, Elair. 

At a Brigade Gen'l Cou;t Martial of which Lt. Colo. Weltner 
is President Corpl. Rose of the 3d Jersey Regt. Try'd for being 
Concernd in stealing Cci.iinental Rum cut the Continental 
store when on duty found Guilty and sentenced to he reduced 
to a pidvate Ceniinal. Jchn Solsberry Soldier in the 1st Jer- 
sey Regiment charged wiih Desertion pleads Guilty & sen- 
tences him to receive 1^;0 Lashes — The Comdt. aproves the 
foregoing sentences and oiders tJiem to be put in Execution 
this Evening at Roll Cal--Tl)e Court Marfl of v.-hich Lt. Colo. 
Weltner is Rre-sident is iJisolvcd — 

Affvr Gen'l Orders. 

The 1st and 5th New Yu!!: Regiments will Embark with all 
possible Expi^dition and pvoceed to Alltany. The Commanding 
Offr. will call at Head Ouiriers for Instructions. 


Head Quarters Novem'r 8th, 17S0. 

Ofiicers of tlu' day Tomor^-ow 

Lt. Co!o., Dehart. 

B Major, Cox. 

The necessity frequently calls for Examplary punishment to 
place Crimes in their true light and to prevent offences. The 
General is always happy when rigid Justice may be depended 
with and the service will permit of acts of levity. He is there- 
fore pleasd to Grant a full and free pardon to Joshua Egins 
Soldier in the "d X York RegiTuent now under sentence of 
death and order that he iija.> be Ileleas"d from Confinement 
and Join his Regiment. The Gen'l hopes that this Instance 
of lenity may have a proper Influence upon his morals and 
Exite in hi'u that Gratitude which sboud prompt him to 
his Duty on all occasions as a good Soldier. Lt. Colo. Olney 
is appointed Member of the Gen"l Court I^Iartial now sitting 
Vice Lt. Colo. Vandike and Lt. Colo. ^Ve]lner is appointed 
members of the same Couit Vice Li. Colo Dchart. 
R: Orders. 

Adjutant of to day Tcir,orrov>-, Wicdman. 

Head Quarters West Point, Nov 9th, 17S0. 

Ofiicers of the day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Debar t. 

B: Major, Walker. 

The Empty Casks of all Sorts and Sizes being much wanting 
for the transportation of Flour Meat and other Stores the 
Commissary will .'^ave then, with care and the B. Q. M'rs are 
to Convey them to the Garrison. The greatest attention is to 
be paid to the :>.Ien's Arn;.s, and A munition and every care 
taken to preserve the Latter frun.i waste or Damage. The 
Arms and Accoutrements are to be so placed in the Qiiaiters 
that the Men may take thorn Instantly even in the Night 
v.ithout Confusion loss of rime or danger of accidents to 
which the Bayonets being constantly ftxd greatly expos'd 
them- The Removal of the L^t and TAh N: York Regiments 
makes an a'terariou in the Alarm posts. In Ca.e of Alarm the 
''d K. Yoi-lc Regiment is to man No. 2 (t 3 and a Regiment 
from the Jt-rs-y Brigade to man No. 1 & 4 for which purpose 
Colo. Comd'i Shreeve will please to make an Imediate Ai'ange- 


Thos. Grigs Soldier iu the Sd York Regt. was try'd at the 
Goul. Couri Martial whereof Colo. Silley was President found 
Guilty and sentenced him to recei-ve 100 Lashes ou his bare 
back. The Gcnl. approves the sentence and orders it to be 
put in Execution. 

P.: Orders. 

Adjudt of the day Tomoirow, Whitlock. 

Head Quarters West Poini Nov'r lOih, 17S0. 
Ofilcers cif tlie day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Dehart. 

B. Major, Cox. 

The Guards of Infantry sent to the North and middle Re- 
doubts are each to be Commanded by a Subaltern Off'r only. 
Mr. Piercy Leadly appointed Assistant Barrack M'r to the 
Garrison having declined the appointment. ]Mr. .Adams is ap- 
pointed in his Stead an to be respected accordingly. 

B: Orders. 

Adjdt. of the day Tomorrow, Halsey. 

Agreeable to the Gen!. Orders of Yesterday the German Regi- 
ment in case of an alarm is to man No. 1 £: 4 Redoubts. 

Head Quarters AVest Point Novr. VJh, 17S0. 
Oflicers of the Day Tomo^iov/ 

L-t. Colo., Debarr. 

B. Major, Walker. 

The several Issueing Com^nissarys at this Post and its De- 
pendencies are to Issue picvisions as follows Vizi. 

To the Artificers, Wat.ccneis, Coliers, Boatmen and Wood 
Cutters constant hard du:.y 2-1 Oz of Broad or flour 21 Oz of 
,'Beef and ]S Oz of Pork cr Fish one Gill of Rum p day 8 
pound of Soap p 100 men p week 1 Quart of Salt to 100 wt. 
of Beef To the Tioops or..; pcnnd of Bread or flour and one 
pound of Beef p day tk'^ usual allowance of Soap, Salt and 
Candles one Gill of Rum to Men on Fatague vrhen to be had 
no due Bilks to be given lut Certificates when there are any 
Deficiencies— The Commi.-'arys are to Exert themselves at all 
times Competent Stores r.u hand when tiiere are Vegeialdes 
in store the Ration of Flower i.- to be reduced ',!> pound of 


Flower and for evt-ry 100 lb. of Flour so reduced two Bushels 
and a half of Peas or Beaus or S Bushels of Potatoes or 12 
Bushels of Tornips are to be Issued in lieu thereof and so 
iu proportion for a lesser or greater Quantity, if at any time 
the Commissarys are Destitute of Flower at such time half 
a pound of Beef is to be added to the Ration of Meat agree- 
able to the Order of the 2d Instant. The Genl. is in hopes the 
Troops will not again Experience a want of provisions, but if 
unfo! tunately at any time such shon'd be the Case he flatters 
hircself that the patience virtue and patriotism wbicli have 
tlie American Anas so Suspicious ol the world will continue 
in. their full Lustre. 

B: Ordcis. 

Adjudt. of the day Tomorrow, Blair. 

Head Quarters V/est Point Novr. 12th 17S0. 

OiTjcers of the Day Tomorrow 

Lt. Colo., Dehart. 

B. Major. Cox. 

The Jer-ey Brigade to send a Captain to relieve Captn. 
Johnston of the N. York Line at Crotens (Bridge) river. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudt. of the day Tcraorrow, ^Veidman. 

The .'■■econd Jeisey Hogt. will furnish a Captn. to relieve 
C^aptn. Johnston. 

Head Quarters ^Yest Point Novr. 13ih 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomjrrow 

Lt. Colo., Deljart. 

B. Major, Y'alker. 

The Rcatcity of F'oraj:'-? at and near this post is such and 
renders it necessary that the Horses should be sent further 
back into the country iho.^e belonging to the Troops at this 
post and are now at Daiibury, Ridgneld or Reading or in that 
vicinity aie to be seiu lo the Oblong. Major Kces at Fish 
Kill will give the nec-rs.-.ary Instructions to the persons who 
have the care and D-r-aiscting of the Horses. 11 is probable 


that all or nearly all the I'.oats will be v,-anttd one or more 
days in takiug up the chain during vrhich if the Regts. have 
not a sufficiency of fuel on hand it must be procured from 
the nearest wood in the rear of the Garrison. 

The a Q. :\Ir. of the G;irrison will lend such aid of Teams 
as he may be able to afford. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudt. of the day Tomorrow, Vvhitlock. 

After G-'il. Orders 

All the Troops of the Garrison Except the Guards are to 
parade on the Gi'and Parade tomorrow morning a,t Gun firing 
without arms they -dve to take one cays provision with them. 

Head Quarters Novr. 14ih 17S0. 
Ofiicers of the Day Tc:rorrow 
Lt. Colo., Dehart. 
B. Jrlajor, Cox. 

B: Orders. 

Adjt. of the day, Hslsey. 

After Orders. 

A Captain from the Jersey Biigade v/ill attend th.e Genl. 
Court Martial of whic'ij Genl. Starks is President as a mem- 
ber Vice Lt. Colo. Wehiier indisposed. 

B: Orders. 

The German PvOgt. vviU fuini.-h the above Captains for the 
Court Martial. 

Head -Cnarters "Vrest Point Novr. 15th, 17S0. 

Officers of the Day Tomorrow 
Colo., Jackson. 
B. Major, Rice. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudant of the cej Turnorrov,', P.lair. 

12— Vol. XIV— ^th Per. 


Head Quarters, Wo^t Point, Novr. IGih, ITSO. 

Olfu-ers of Ihe Pay Tolllorrc^Y 
LA. Colo., Dehart. 
B. Major, Cox. 

B: Orders. 
Adjudant of the day tomorrow, Weidman. 

Head Quarters, West Point Novr iTth, IT^n. 

Colo., Slireeve. 

B. ]\Iajor, Kiee. 

For Police, Jacksoi]. 

During the adjournment of tiie Court Martial of which B. 
Majenl. Starks is President the officers Composes the Court 
will return to do duty, the Officers cf all ranks are desir'd to 
lend their Exertion for the Compleating of the various bus- 
iness requisite for the Comfort &, Convenience, of the Garrison 
before the severe season )-euderH the Execution thereof more 
fatagueing and difficult. The Officers commanding Brigades 
will please to pay particular attention to what may be neces- 
sary within the v>orks Quarters or Limits more Especially 
assigned to their respective Brigades. The Garrison Q Mr. 
will daily call for such fatague i^artys as may be necessary 
and see that they" are properly Employ'd, The Officers Com- 
mariding fatague pailies will keep their men diligently at 
work. The Barrack Master will every Night make Report to 
Head Quarters of the Quantiiy of wood unloaded and Carted 
in the Course of the Day. The fatague parties Employd in 
bringing wood for the Regiments are to be allowd fatague 
Rum, they are to receive Certificates from the Ofllcers Com- 
manding Regimerits to which they re:~pGctively belong on 
which the D. Adjl. Genl. will give Orders for the Issue of 
Rum to be given only comformalile to the Orders of his lOx- 
cellency the Com.mander in Chief of the 2Sth of August last. 

A Return of tlie number of women and children who dravr 
Rations in their respective Brigades is to be given in Imcdi- 
fermer are Maried or un- 

a of the Names of tlie 
of Children residing vsuthin 
lielor.ging tn tlie Army and 
y fclluw an-1 v/bctiier they 






. Til 

e Ba-i 



arid ^ 



tbc 1 

J mm 















] fi 




liavc in iiosse?sioii any Public Tents or other property. The 
Garrison Qr. Mr. will make Enquiry and report whether there 
are anj Horses kept at this post. over and above the number 
alhnvd whether public or private and whether they are kept 
at public or private Expcncc.^. The Officers who Superintend 
the fei'rys are to allow no Horses to be Ferry"d on the Point 
Except Express Horses or those belonging to Officers, without 
a special peimit from Head Quarters. The Court of Enquiry 
directed iu the Ordcrb of tlie 31 will meet on Sunday next 
at nine oclock in the ^.iornius at the Red House, Colo. Jack 
son is apiiointed President, Vice Colo. YanschaiK aiid Cajitu. 
Walker a member Vice Lt. Colo. Cobb. 

B: Orders. 
Adjt. of the day Tomorrow,. Whitlock. 

Head Quarrers West Point Novr. ISth, 17S0. 

Officers of tbo day Tomorrow. 
Lt. Colo., Conway. 
B. Major, Cox. 
For Police, Lt. Colo. Olney. 

Five Com])anies of hO Rank and file each properly officer'd 
with three days provisions Cook'd are to parade tomorrow 
mornir.g at 10 Oclock and to march to the Continental Village 
where they will receive o: ders their Arms is to be in the 
best Order and Amuniticn Compleat. A Genl. Court Martial 
to sit at the Court Marti:^l Room on :Monday next at 9 Oclock 
in the Morning for the Tryal of such persons as may be 
brought before them, Lt. Colo. Dohart is apointed President, 
four Captains from Hazoiis 3 from Jersey and 3 from. Starks 
Brigade and 2 from the Artillery will attend as :\Iembers. 
Extract from Genl. Order,^ Head Quarters Camp Totoway No- 
vember 15th 17S0. 

As nothing adds more to the Beauty and appearance of a 
Corps than the Exact nriaformity of dress the Genl. recom- 
mends it thus, early to the Field officers newly arranged to 
fi.v upon a fashion for tlK- Regimental Cloathing of the officers 
of their respective Coiv Hf it is not already done) Con- 
forming themselves to llso Ground faceing Lineing and But- 
tons already assigned to rbe Stale tliey belong the Genl. scps 
with concern the Difiicully the officr.s labour under in pro- 


cureing Cloth.^ it is nut th-rt-fore hLs wish that those who are 
already furnir-hed should run themselves to Expenee of uew 
uniform if there old are not Exactly conformable but that 
they should in future Comply strictly with the Regimental 
fashion and if possible get their old Cloaths alter'd. It has 
a very odd aj/pearance Especially to Foreigners to see the 
same Core of Officers difr:ering from each other in the fashion 
of the faceiog Sleeves and pocketts of their Coats attention 
to these Llinutics has been thought necessary and proper in 
all Services it becomes so pecularly so in ouis at this time 
as we shall juore than piobably take the Field next Cam- 
paign in Conjunction with our allies Composed of the first 
Troops in Europe who will receive Impresiqns and form opin- 
ions from the first view this again Induces the Genl. to 
Exhort all officers who continue in service to make them- 
selves pei'fectly Masters of everything Containd in the Rules 
and Regulations of the Army that there may be a strict uni- 
formity in our manuvers and Dccepliu especially in the Hon- 
ours pay'd to OfScers accoi'ding to their several Ranks a thing 
Scrupously attended to and Expected in foreign service — Strict 
attention is to be paid to the order of the ISth of June last 
distinguishing the Rank of Officers by their Cages. 


B: Orders. 
Adjust. 01 tlie day ToniOi row, Halsey. 

Head Q^.^rters West Point Novr. 19th 17S0. 

Officers of the day Toniorruv/. 

Major, Whyly. 

B. Major, Rice. 

For Police, Major Graliiarn. 

The wood Cutting partaes are to come in this li^-eniug and 
not to go out tornorrow.. all the Men of the .Jersey, Starks 
and Poors Bi-igades Excejit those unfit for duty through sick- 
ness or v,-:;niing Cloths are lo be paraded tomorrow and these 
of each i;!i:r'\de form'd into one or moi'e Batallions Con- 
formfil;]-;- to ihe Rei;u:,ui:;.n.s of the Army, those of each }3ri- 
gadP to he Ocmmjndcd b/ r,ne Co!o. and E'. Colo, one Major 
with one adjudant, Quait.-r r^Iasrc, Surgeon. Surgeons Mate, 


Serjt. :Major, Qr. Va'. Serjeciut, Drum and fife INInjor, the men 
to be forra'd iu the Compixines & properly officer'd their Anns 
and accoutrements to be iu the most perfect order, each Regt. 
is to be en its Brigade parade tomorrow at two Oclock in the 
afternoon where the Com|)auies are to be form'd a Roll of the 
Mens names of each Coiniuiny taken afier ^Yhicb they are to 
be permitted to go to titeir respecti-^e Quarters and remain 
in readiness to turn oui ou the sliortest notice— Those of 
late Poors Brigade are to draw four days Bread and lliree 
clays Meat the latter to he Cook'd in the Eveiiing and the 
whole to be Entire in ilieir packs on Tuesday morning, the 
Men are to be prepar'd to March as iiglic as possible, if any 
men are render'd unfit for duty through want of shoes only, 
they are to be Imedialely supply'd by tbeii' State Cloathiers, 
or such other persons as is appointed to act for him iu his 
absence. The sick of the :\Iasachuseits and Connecticut Line 
are to be sent to Fi:sh Kill under the care of one Captain one 
Subaltern two Serjeants and ten able bodied Men from each 
Line— The remainder of she Detachment from the IMassachu- 
setts Line under the Coromand of Colo. Michael Jackson are 
to Encamp in some Convenient place in the Edge of the 
Woods behind the Garri'^vin as near az possible. Colo. Bradly 
with those of the Conccikut Line will occupy the Hutts Built 
last winter by Geni. Glov^irs Brigade or Encamp in the woods 
near that place if it sliOUiid be more Convenient. 

A Return of the two Detachment Spocefying such as are 
unfit for any duty such f.-^ are fit for Garrison Duty and such 
as are all together unfit :or duty of any kind to be given in 

B: Orders. 

Adjudt. of the day Toniorrow, Blair. 

1 he Commanding Ofllc^rs of Regiments are directed to cau<e 
all the Men of their )'e?.rvfctive liegiments to be Imediately 
col!ected agreeable to the orders of this day, The Men of the 
Brigade are not to be .s^nt or sufferd to go out of Camp on 
any pretence whatever. It is Expected that the Men will 
parade with their Arms h<. the Best order, the Comdt.s. of Regi- 
ments are also requestt:<I to direct that as many waiters as 
can conveniently be Kpar'J parade v/iili their Arms Accoutrmts 
and Amunition Compleat with the Troup.s at 9 Oclock precisely. 
It i:-. hoped that the J.::sey Batallion will in this In^itance 
appear Inferiuor to none. 


After Oidcis. 

The first & 5tli N. York Regis, arc to Disembark and occupy 
their former Hntts a Batallion to be form'd from the N. \ork 
]>iue tomorrow Conformable to the Orders of this day to the 
otlicr Brigade — Lieut Caleb Siarlcs having- been appointed A D 
Camp to B. Gcnl. Starks he is to be oboy'd & rcipected ac- 

Head Quarter.^ West Point Novr. 20ih ITSO. 

Ofllcers oi tiiC day Tomorrow. 

lA. Colo., Conway. 

B, JMajor, Cox. * 

The Batallion formd from the N. York Line is to be attached 
to that form'd from the Jersey Line and to be under the Ime- 
diate Command or Coio. Comdt. Shreeve. The Batallion formd 
from Ihc Masachusets and Conecticut Lines is to be detach'd 
to that formd from Gcnl. Starks Brigade and to be under 
the Imediaie Command of Colo. Comdt. Jacksoii, 

Extract fro!u Gcnl. Orders Head Quarters Totoway Novem- 
ber IGth ITSO. 

Regimental Returns of the Arms drav/n for the respective 
Regiments this Camjiaign, the numbers now on band and 
wbicli have been turnd into the Conductors to be made to 
the Sub Inspectors v.dio will degest them to Division Returns 
and transmit them to the orderly office by Satui'day next these 
Returns is to be Sigud Ly the Colo, or Commanding Officers 
of Regiments— The Commander in Chief takes occasion to re- 
mind the Officers of the astonishing number of Arms which 
have been heretofore Carryd off by the dischargd T^Ien, and 
Enjoins the Strictest attention to that matter at the approach- 
ing Dismission of the n.-'W Levies, the Commanding Officers 
of Regiments will be an.- werable of deficiencies which cannot 
be accountable for— The Comnntnder in Chief is pleas'd to 
Except and approve the following Report of a Court of PZn- 
quiry held at Y/est Point the 2d Inst, to Exami)io into the 
Conduct of JA. Colo. Yarick in liis Connection with the Late 
MajYjr Gcnl. Arnold During his Com.mand at West Point and 
relative to his Desertion to the Enemy Colo. Vanshyke Lt. 
Colo. Cobb Dearborno IM'ajr. Reed and Cai>tn. Cox Members 
tlie Court are unaaimousiy of opinion that Lt. Colo. Yaricks 
Conduct respecting the Base peculation and treasonable prac- 


ti^c of llie late- Genl. AruoliJ is not only impeachablp but 
think bini Jntilied through every part of liis Couduct to a 
Degree of merit S^: Great Honour a.-^ an Officer and Patriot 
Elarly Distinguishing himself as a sincere frend. 



B: Orders. 

Adjudt of the day tomorrow, Weidman. 

Head Ouavfers West Point Nov 
Onicers of tlie day Tomorrow. 
Et. Colo., CoDway. 
B. Major, Rice. 

B: Orders. 
Adjudt. for Tomorrow, Whitlocl-:. 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 22d. 17S0. 
Ofiicers of the day 'j'omorrow. 

Et. Colo., Whiting. 

B. Major, Furman. 

In Case of an Alarm one half cf the :\Iasachusetts Troops 
under the Command of Colo. Michl. Jackson ai'e to repair to 
Fort Clinton, asid other half to Fort Putnam vrhich for tho 
present is to be considered as their alarm Posts. The De- 
tachment is to be divided accordingly that the Men may In- 
stantly Maji the Works if necessary — The Conecticut Troops 
under the Command of Colo. Bradly in such Case will March 
with all possible Expedition, one half to the North & Middle 
Redoubts the other half to Danfords Landing v.iien Boats 
will be ready to carry them to West Point and Constitution 
Island — tv/o Companies of the Sapieis & Miners are to repair 
to Fort Putnam the other to Fort Clinton — The other Troops 
of the Ga)-iison to the Posts heretofore assigned them. The 
Garrison Qr. Mr. will as soon as possible send all the Empty 
Casks at this post (Except the Water Casks in the Works) 
to the Co<)])':Y at NewLurgh, Returns to be made this after- 
noon of the number of Officers and Men Specefying those 
pi-o^e]it fit fo'- duty and. those unfit through want of cloatbing. 


B: Orders. 
Adjudant of l!ir day Toinonov,-, Weidraan. 

After Orders Novr. 22d 17S0. 
^lajor l<"ish having occasion to be absent a few days Major 
Rice is to Act as D. A. Genl. in his absence and i:] to be 
obey'd and respected Accordingly. 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 2Sd 17S0. 
OfTicers of the day Tomorrow. 

]M".jor, Parlard. 

}3. Major, Scark. 

All the Masons and Carpenters in the Detachment of In- 
valids from the Masachusets line under the Command of 
Colo. Michael Jackson to be sent to the A. Q. Mr. of the 
Garrison tomorrov,' morning. Some Vessells of late have pi'e- 
sumed to pass down the River without written permission 
from the General, in future no Vessells is to pass the Fort 
downward without a written permission from the General 
which is to be Shewn to the Officer at the Ferry, if Ves- 
sels presumes to pass otlier ways She is to be Stop'd. 
B: Orders. 

Adjudt. for Tomorrow, Whitlock. 

Head Quarters AVest Point Novr. 2Jth ITSO. 
Ofiicers of the day Tomorro^s^ 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

E. Major, Furman. 

Commanding Ofhcers of Regiments & Corps will see this 
day that the Mens Arms Accoutrements & Amrinition are in 
the best Order and everyihing so placed this I-Zvening that the 
Troops may turn out the Iitsiant they are call'd for. 

The Detachment of Inva'kls are to pay particular attention 
as well as the other Troops, 

A Serjeant Corporal an-]; 12 Men from Coio. BiPi-llys De- 
tachment are to be sent tosiorrow Morning to Fish Kill who 
are to apply to Major We<:i-S and his orders The Genl. Court 
Martial v.hereuf B Genl. .S'aiks v/as Prcsidt. is adjourned to 
tuosday next 2.:tli 10 Ociock A. M. of which all Concerned 
will take Notice. Lt. Eato)i of Colo. Cranes Regt. and acting 
Adjt. to the Artillery at this Post tryd by a Genl. Court Mar- 

GERMAN REGIMENT— 17^:0. 133 

tial of which Colo. Dellait was President (firet) for not Coii- 
vejir.g the orders to INIajor Bowman from time to time that 
when Issued by the Commanding Officer of this Department 
& ihe Commanding Othcers of Artillery and secondly for 
nC'tifying Major Bowman that he was appointed for duty in 
Orders to which Lieut. Eaton says the charges are true but 
pleads not Guilty justilies his Conduct and referrs the Court 
to the Barons Instractinns — The Court having Considerd the 
chaiges find;j Jy'eut. Eaton not guilty of the first charge but 
finds him Guilty of the Second and do sentence him to be 
reprimanded in General Orders. The Genl. is Sorry that Lieut. 
Eaton should so Grossly misapprehend his duty in a point so 
clear in itself and so Explicitly laid down by the first IMili- 
tary Author and practised by the highest Decipliuexl Army 
and also requird by the very Instructions to which he ap- 
peals, w-hich enjoins on the Adjudt. the receiving the Orders 
from the Field Ofiicers of the Regiment and when the Major 
directs the Adjudt daily to shew him the Orders are fusal or 
non Complyance is a breach of Orders, but this is not all from 
the very appointment and Institution of the Adjudt. propriety 
Duty and practise of Arraies require that as sooii as he has 
receivd the Gerxl. Orders and those of Colo, or Com.dt. of the 
Regt. he is to show them to the other Field Oflicers of the 
Regt. if any are present before he gives them to the Orderly 
Serjeant, The Genl. cannot therefore totally differ in opinion 
from the Court with r;'-.pect to the first Charge in which the 
duty on the Adjudt. is p.s^ Tncurnbent as in the latter upon the 
whole the Genl. is Sorrj that a matter so unmiiitary should 
ever appear on the Orderly Books of the American Army Lieut, 
Eaton is to be IniediateJy releasd from bis Arrest. 

B: Orders. 
Adj'dt of the day Toi^jorrov,", Weidman. 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 25th 1780. 

Olficors of the day Tomorrow. 
Lt. Colo., Whiting. 
B. Major, Starks Brigale. 

B: Or 
Adjt., Whitlosk. 


Head Quariers West Foiut Novr. 2Ctli ITcSO. 

Officer;; of the day Tomorrovv. 

Major, IJallard. 

B. Major, Furman. 

An attentive Serjeant and 10 men from Colo. Michl. Jack- 
sons Detachment of Massacliusetts Troops are to be Ein- 
ploy'd in making Shingles in the rear of the Garrison they 
are to be sewt tomorrow morning to the A. Q. Mr. or the 
Garrison for the Tools &c after Trhich Majr Ballard is re< 
reciuested to give them further Directions, 

B: Orders. .. -' 

Adjt. for Tomorrow, ^Ytidl^an. 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 27th 17S0. 

Officers of the day Tomorrow. 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

B. M. from Starks Brigade. 

The Nev»- Jersey Line is to hold themselves in readiness 
to march at the Shortest Notice. The Nev/ York Line are to 
move to the East Side of the River and Hutt adjoining the 
New Hampshire Line Eixcept the Strongest Regiment which 
is to Kutt more to the left so as to occupy the Ground next 
Robinsons Mills and Ct\er the other pass into the Moun- 
tains—Colo. Hazens Regj. is to move to Fish Kill where they 
will lay this Winter and do the duty at that PosL. The Rhode 
Island Regiment will also hold itself in readiness to march— 
The foi'egoing is not to take the men off duty but to have 
thern in readiness to movt: when tlie Troops return from below. 
The Geul. Court Martial whereof C:olo. Dehart is President is 
to sit on :\Tonday mornmg next at 10 Oelcck for the Tryal of 
:Mr. Comiss'y Stephens itnd such others as may be brought 
before them all p:vidence.; and persons Concern'd to Attend. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudt., Whitlock. 

Afi^- Genl. Orders. 

All the Detachments f.f the Jersey Brigade (except those 
on the Lin.--?:) are to liti" liately relieved that th'.y may Join 
and mauh with or fo!!-.',; the Brigade to Winter Qaariers. 


Aiiei- Bi'is;i'.le Orders. 

Returns of Tents iieee^sary to Cover the Troops of the Bri- 
gade to be made out to the Regimental Qr. Mrs. and Deliver'd 
10 the Brigade Qr. 'Mr. Ly Sun rise tomorrow morning. Rc- 
tiu'n of Shoes actuary wanting to be Deliverd at t'lc same 
tinit' by the Pay Master to the acting Brigade Qr. Mr. The 
Commanding Ofllcers of Regiiuts. are desired Imediately to 
call in all Artificers and others belonging to their respective 
Regimt v\-ho are Enii,>loyd at this Post and its Dependencies 
&. put their Regiments in the most perfect readiness to Mavcli 
:it the Sbo:t-:.-t Xcti^e iiai<^f--able lo the General Orders of this 

Head Quarters AVest Point Novr. 2Slh 17S0. 

Officers of the day Tomorrow. 

Lt. Colo., Whitting. 

B. Major, Rice. 

Tl:e Genl. Expresses the highest Satisfaction of the Con- 
duct of the Troops Employ d on the late Forage under the 
Command of B. Genl. Starks the regularity good order and 
carefull Disposition of the Troops through a Sesians of bad 
Weather while on that Duty does them Honour. 

The Bagage of the N. Jersey Brigade is to be embarked on 
Board Ve..sclJs in the Harljouv this Evening or early tomor- 
row Morning and Convey'd down the river to Kings Ferry 
where it is to be loaded on the Waggons that bring the Con- 
necticut and r^Iasaehusets Lines to that place the Troops v/ill 
proceed by land on tb'i West Side of the River — all Horses 
Excepting .such as by a former order were to be kept at this 
Post ore Imediately to fee sent off one Horse only to a Bri- 
gade is to remain and SMch Express Horses as the Garrison 
(jr. rdr. may find necesssvy. 

The Clenl. Court Mari;.al whereof B. Genl. Starks is Presi- 
dent is to sit tomorro'.T Morning at 9 oclock of which all 
Concerned will take Xcii'cc— :Major Willis is appointed Presi- 
dent of the Genl. Court Islartial nov/ sitting Vice Lt. Colo. 

ilunthly P.etnrns to be delivered in tomorrow at orderly 
tinu;— The Returji of A;-.;..-: caiid for by the Genl. Order of the 
Kith Inst, publishd in thf- Order of ihe 2[jlh to be delivei'ed 
in at the orderly oflice tomorrow. 


B: Oi\]e;-5. 

Adjudt of the day, llalscy. 

All the Women Sick and Lame of the L5iigade are to Em- 
bark tomorrow morning -A'ilh ihe Bagage, a Subaltern from 
each Regiment to be appointed to take charge of the Bagage 
&.C of their respective Regiments. 

Head Quarters West Point Novr. 29, ITSO. 

Officers of the day Tomorrow. 

Colo., II. Jackson. ' 
• B. Major, Rice. 

His Excellency the Commander in Chief having been pleasd 
to Order the N. Jersey Brigade to move to another Quarter — 
The Geul. cannot but Express in the publick manner the Sup- 
port and resistance he has receiv'd the pleasure and Satisfac- 
tion he has Enjoy'd in the attention and Soldierly behavour 
of the Troops of ihis Brigade on every occasion since he has 
had the Honour to Command them and most Sincerely wishes 
the Officers Winter Quarters Convenient and agreeable the 
Soldiers every tiling necessary and happy. A Detachment 
consisting of one Lt. Colo, or 3.1aior three Captns. and Six 
Subalterns a proper num'jcr of Xon Commissiond OtTicers and 
one hundred and ility Rani: and file to be taken from all the 
Troops at this Post Except of Colo. Hazens Regiment to 
pai'ade tomorrov morning with three days Provisions and 
march to do duty on the Bines — The Commanding oflicer will 
call at Head Quarters for Instructions. The Men Detachd on 
this duty to be well Cloathcd — Colo. Hazens Regiment to 
march tomorrow morning to Fish Kill where they are to be 
Quartered and perform tie duiy of this Post on their arrivfil 
at Fish Kill they are to relieve ihe Several Dettichments now- 
doing duty there who are to Join tlieir respective Corps wiien 
Colo. Hazens Regiment moves to Fish Kill Colo. Webbs Regi- 
ment is to move over the River and ccupy the Hutts Built 
by that Regiment as fair as are necessary — The Rhode Islands 
will march as soon as possible ;ind occupy the Ground near 
R/obinsuns Mills so ii.s lo Cover the Pass into the Mount'n 
near that place— The X. York Regiment assignd to that Post 
by the Order of the 27Lh Inst, is to llutt with the other Regi- 
ments of their Line— The Regiments of the N. York Lines 
will move over and liutt adjoining the N. Hampshire Line. 


Major Barlaud is aiipoiiitcd President of the Geul. Court 
Martial now Situug vice ?.Iajcr Willis and three Capiains 
from the X. York Brigade aie to attend as members Vice 
tiiose of the Jersey lirigadc—The aljo\ e Court to assemble 
at the Court r'lariial Iloom tomorrow moiniug at ten ocloek 

B: Orders. 

The Troops are to be in readiness to m.ove tornorrov,' morn- 
ing at Eight O./loi-k jirecisely it is Expected every thing will 
be iii pei-ftct readine.-s by tliat lirae. 

Brigade Orders. 

Pornpton December Tth 17S0. 

The German Regiment to furnish a Corporal and si.x Pri- 
vates as a Guard for the Commissary Store at Ririgwood. 

B: Orders. 

Pornpton December 9th 17S0. 

The German Regiment to furnisli one Captain one Subal- 
tern t%vo Serjeants one Drum one fife and thirty Rank and 
file to relieve the Commandant Dobbs's Ferry. The Officer 
Commanding the party will receive his Insirucuons from the 
Oilicer commanding there. 

Regimental Orders. 

Sidmans Tavern Decem'r 17th 17S0. 

The Commanding Oliicers of Companies arc to malic out 
their Muster Rolls ImcGiatoly, the Pensylvania Subalterns 
Officers are to be Inserted in the Pensylvania Companies 
and the Maryland Subal;"-rns in those of their State, Return 
of Cloatliing for every T'lan E.xcept Deserted carried in the 
Muster Rolls to be made out by tomorrow afternoon. 

Regimental Orders Deer. 19th 17&0. 

The Regiment is to b': kept in readiness to be Mustord to- 
morrov/ ten ocloek near ihe Colo. Quarters Ijut the men are 
not to be March'd up here till further orders. The Com- 
manding Oflicoi'S of CorLi-anirs will imediately send to ihe 
Colo, the strength of liieir Companies agreeable to their 
Muster Roils. 


DKC'R 9TH 1780. 



Head Quarters West Point. Novr. ISili ITSO. 

Eveniug Orders. 

All the Trocps of tlie Caivison Except ilie Guards are lo 
parade on the Grand paraiie tomorro^v morning at Gun Firing 
without arms — They aie lo ti.lce one days provision ^vith them. 

Head Quarters Novr. l-Uh 17S0. 

Ofilcers of ihe day 'I'omoi rvv/. 
U. Colo. Dehart. 
B. M., Cox. 

E: Orders. 

Adjudant of ihe Day, Halsey. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guards, 1 1 1 1 .. 18 


Ait^r Orders. 

A Captain from the Jersey Brigade will attent ihe Genl. 
Court :\Iartial of v,-hic-h Ge::l. Starks is president as a Mem- 
ber \'ice Lt. Colo. V.'oliuer hidisposcd. 

Brigjide Orders. 

The German Fiegiment v>;!l Furnish the above Captain for 
the Court Martial. 

Head Quiir.eis West Point Xovr. i:th 17S0. 

Ofiicers of the day Tomorrfrvv. 
Colo. Jacdcson. 
B. M., PJce. 

B: Orders. 

Adjud;int of the Day tor'K.n o^v, Blair. 

. C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard, 1 1 1 1 .. .. 17 

Woodcutting 1 .. .. 1(J 

13-Y'd. XIV— 0th S..;r. 


Head Quarters ^Yest l-'oint Novr. IGth 17S0. 

Officers of the Day. 
Lt. Colo., D-harc. 
B. Is]., Cox. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudant of the Day, Weidman. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard 1- 1 1 •• •• IS 

Fatigue, 1 .. .. 9 

■ Head Quarters Novr. llih 17S0. 
OfTicers of the Day. 
Colo., ShreevG. 
B. M., Rice. 
For Police, JacLson. 

During the adjournment of the Court Martial of which B. 
Geul. Srarks is president the OfTicers compose? the Court v/ill 
return to do duty. 

The OlTicers of ail i-ai]ks are Desired Lent their exertion for 
the Complition of the Vaiious Buisiness requisit for the Com- 
fort and Couveaiance of the Garrison befor the savear season 
renders the Execution thereof more Fatigueing and Diliculd. 
The Officers Commanding Brigades will Please to Pay par- 
ticular atteniion to -what may be necessary within the XYorks, 
Quarters or Limits more espossily assigned to their re'=pective 
Brigades— The Garrison Qr. ?,Iaster will daily call for such 
Fatigue Parties as may be Necessary & see that they are 
properly employed. 

The Officers Comm:i.nding "^atigue parties will heep their 
men Diligently at work. The Barrack Master will every Night 
make report to Head Quarters of the Quantity of wood un- 
loaded and Cortcd on the Cour.--e of the Day— The Fatigue 
ig wDod for the regiments are to be 
ire to receive Certificates from the 
.•gimeiit to whir-h they i-espectively 
:\dju-h;nt Ceni. will give Orders— 
ill Uj be given only confcu'mable to 
[le Commander in Chief of the 2Sch 



yed in 1 



.'.ue rum 





on w 

Inch ih 


for th 

e Issue 

the Orfl 

lers of 


Of Augl 

:. Last 


A retvirn of the uumbev of v>-or!ien and Chiltren who Pra%v 
rations in their rcsiiective Brigades is to be given in iiuedi- 
alcly and specifying ^vhelher ibe former are niaried or un- 

The Barrack master v.-ill Furnish a list of the names of the 
men and v/oraen with the Number of Chiltren residing within 
the Limmits of the Garrison not beloning to the army and 
Avhat Occubetion or employment they follow and whether 
they have in bossession any Public Tents or other property — 
The. Garrison Quarter Master will mak enquiry and report 
whether their are any horses Cept at this post over and above 
Liae rrumbcr aliuwtd whether public or private and whether 
they are Cept at public or private Expence. The Officers who 
subber intending the Ferrys are to allov/ no horses to be 
Fcn-y'd on the point except Express horses or those belonging 
to the officers there, without a special permit from Head 
Quarters — The Court of inquiry Directed in the orders of the 
31st altimo vvill meet on Sunday Next at Nine Ock in the 
morning at the red house Colo. Jackson is appointed president 
Vice Colo. Yare(?) Yanschail: and CapAn. Walker a member 
Vice Lt. Coh.). Cobb. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudaut tomorrow, AVuitelcck. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard, , 1 1 1 1 .. .. IS 

I'^atigue, 1 .. .. 9 

Head Quarters Novr. ISth 17&0. 
Officers of tlie Day. 

Et. Coi., Conway. 

B. M., Cox. 

For Police, Et. Colo. Olney. 

Five Companies of 50 ru=iks & file each properly Officered 
witli 3 Days provision Cook'd are to parade tomorrow m'un- 
ing at ]u Ocik and maTch to the Continental Village wliere 
they will receive orders th.-iir arms is to be in the best order, 
and ammunitioFi compleat. 

A Genl. Court Martial to sit at the Court :ilartial room on 
Monday next at 9 Oclock in the morning for the tryal of such 
persons as may be Ijrought lief ore then). 

Lt. Colo. Dehart is oppuinted presideut— four CaptrJns from 


Hazons, 3 from the Jersey & 3 fi-om Starks Brigade and 2 

from tiie .-\rtilery ^vill atter.t as nieuiLcis. 

Extract from Geril. Ordeis liead Quaru-rs Cariii Toto^VL\y 

Nov. 3.5th 17S0. 

As nothing adcis more to the Beauty and appearance of a 
Corps than th.e exact uniformity of tress the Geul. recom- 
mends it, thos Early to the field Officers uev.iy arranged to 
fix upon a fashon for the regimental clothing of the Officers 
of their re£pf:ctive Corps (if it is not all ready Done) con- 
forming thcmsc-lfs to the Ground faceing, Lining and butten^ 
all ready assigned to the ? they belong. 

The Geni. sees ^vllu Concern ihe Difiicuiiy the Officers Lea- 
bour under in procuring Cloaths it is not therefore his wish 
that those who are all ready furnished should run themselves 
to expencc of new uniforms if their old are not Exceely con- 
foi-mahle but tliat they should in further comply stricly with 
the regimental fashon and if possible get their old Cloaihs 

It has a very odd. appearance esspecily to forriuers to see 
the same Core of Onieers Differing from each other in the 
fashions of the faisons Sleaves and pockits of their coats an 
attention to this minuties has been Thought necessary and 
proper in all Services it be corns becularly so in ours at this 
Tinje as v/e shall more than probably Take the field next 
Campaign in Conjunsion witli our allies Composed of the 
first Troops in europe who will receive impresions and form 
cppinions from the first View this again induces the Genl. to 
exhort all Officers who Continue in service to make them- 
selves parfectly masters of everything Contain'd in the rules 
' and regulations of ihe army that their may be a strict uni- 
formity in our Manecvi-rs and Disaplain especially in the 
honors Payd to Oin:--.';s according to their several ranks a 
things scrupelously RVii-nded to and expected in forreigu ser- 

Strict attention is U^ bo paid to the order of the ]8th of 
June Last destingushing the ran^-: of Officers by theii- Bages. 
■ ■ (signed) 

B: Orders. 
Adjudanc, Ilalsey. 


C. S. S. C. D. E. V. 

Guard, 1 1 1 .. .. 20 

Commar d, 


}Iera] Quarters Xovr. ]9tli 17S0. 
Officers of the Day. 

Majr. ^Vhy!y. 

B. M. Kice. 

For Police, :Majr Graliam. 

TJie \vood Cutliiis i;aiiie;; are to Come in this evening and 
not to go out tomorrow— all the men of the Jersey Starks &. 
Poois prigades except those unfit for duty Through sickness 
or wanting Cloaths are to be paraded tomorrow and those of 
each Brigade formed into one or more Battalions Conform- 
able to the Ktgulaticu of the Army— those of each Brigade 
to be Commanded by one Colonel one Lt. Colo, one ISIair with 
one Adjutant, Quarter Master, surgeon, surgeon mate, Serjt. 
Major, Qr. Mr. Serjeant, Drum & Fife Major. 

The men to be formed into Corupanies and properly OiTaccrd. 
Their arms and aceutraments to be in the most perfect order, 
each Regiment is to be on its Brigade parade tomorrow at 
two celock in the afternoon, where the Companies are to be 
forrnod and roll of the nrens names of each Company taken 
after which they are to be permitted to go to their respective 
Quarters arul remain in readiness to ttirn out on the shortest 

Those of LHte Boors Brigade ar- to Draw four Days Bread 
.fc Three days meat the Latter to be Cooked in the evening 
and the whole to be entire in their packs on tusday morning 
the men are to be prepared to march as Ught as possible. 
If any men are rendered un.nt for duty Through want of 
shoes only, they are to be inredlately supployed by their 
state CloatLlers or such other persons as is appointed to act 
for him in his Absents— The sick of the Massachusetts and 
Connecticutt Dines are to be sent to fish kill tinder the care 
of one Captain, one subaltern, tv^•o serjt. and Ten able Bodied 
men from each Line— The remainder of the Detachment from 
the rvlassachusetts Line, under the Command of Colo. Michael 
Jackson are to encamp in .-orne Convenient place in the edge 
of the woods behind the Gairison and as near as possible- 
Colo. Bradly vsith those or the Connecticutt Line will occupy 
the Kutts Built Last Winter by Genl. Glovers Brigade, or 
encamp in the wood near tiiat place if it should be rnor Con- 

A Return of the two Detachments .specifying such as are 
unfit for any duty such as :^r- fit for Ga-riscn duty i;!id such as 
■ are altogether unfit for duty of any kind, to bo Given in ime- 
d lately. 


B: Orders. 

Adjt. of the Day tomorrow-, Blair. 

The Commanding Officers of regiments arc directed to Coup 
all the U19U of their respective regiments to be imediately 
Collected agreahle to the orders of this day. 

The men of the Brigade are not to be sent or Suffered to go 
out of Camp on any pretence v.'hatcver — It is Expected that 
the men will parade ^Yith their arms in the Best order. 

The Commandants of rcgiinents are alio rciruested to direct 
tluu as many \>-aiters &? can Conveniently be spaired, parade 
v.iih their arms accntraments and ammuniii&u comp]%tit with 
the Tioops ai 2 Ocllc precisely— It is hoped that the Jersey 
Ijuttalien will in this Insiance appear inferior to none. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

After Ordei's. 

The First and fifth N^w York Regiments are to Disembark 
and occupy their fonnor hutts a Battallion to be formed fron) 
the N. York Bine tomorrow Conforjnable to thee Orders of 
this Day to the other Brijade— Lieut. Caleb Starks having 
been appointed Ad Camp to B. Genl. Starks he is to be obaied 
and respected accoruingly. 

Head Quarters Novr. 20th 1?S0. 
OfTicers of the Day. 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

B. M., Co.v. 

The Battallion formeil from the X. York Line is to be at- 
tached to that formfd fro;a the Jersey Line juid to be umler 
the emediate comrDaiivl of Colo. Commandt. Siireave — Tlie 
Battallion formed froui the :\Iassachusetts and Connecticutt 
Twines is to be detaciied to th;it formed from Genl. Starks 
Brijade and to be umlcr the emediate comman-J. of Colo. 
Commandt. Jack<on. 

E\(ia'--t from On!. Ordeis. 

]b-: r, Quarters Totoway Novr. IG, 1780. 

Rr-gimriiial Retuin.-: of The arms i:)iawn for the respective 
Regts. this Carnpai!!, tli.;' Numbers now on hand, and which 
have LcMi turned in to ll-j- C(! ers to be mado to the fi^b 

o1;dei:ly book. l&D 

Inspectors viio will (.legis-i them to Divisions Returns &. Trans- 
mit them to the Oi'dcnlv Oiilce by sarterday Next, these Re- 
turns is to be signed by the Cols, oi' Command iug Otfr. o£ 

The Comv. in Chief tnks occation to rcmirid the officers of 
the AFStonishing number of arms which have been heretofore 
Carryed off by the Dise'iiargd men and Enjoins the strictest 
attention to that Matter at the abbroaching Dismission of the 
New levies. The Commanding Olilcers of regiments will be 
answeralde of Defioccn-ts vrhich cannot be accounted for — 
The Comr. in Chief plea-r-J to Except and approve the follow- 
jr^.n- ,'pr.nvi nf 3. '^cri 'f F'lrriry i,.^\-i c.'. Wcst Roiiit thc Pccond 
Inst, to Examine into ':he Conduct of Lt. Colonel Varrich 
in his Connection w"h thr Late Magr. Gcnl: Arnold During his 
Command at west point -md relatetive to his Disertions to the 
Enemj^ Colo. Vanskuyk, Lt. Colloueis Cobb, Dearborn, IMajr 
Reed & Captn Cox members. Thc Court are unanimusly of 
oppinion that Lt. Colo. Yarrick Conduct respecting to the Base 
peculation and Trcasojia^^ic practice of the Late Gcnl. Arnold 
is not only uniml;eacli;.''.!e but thi!ik him Intitled through 
every part Gof his Conilact to a Degree of merit that show 
him Great honor as an Oiiicei' and particularly Distinguishing 
him as a sincere frent. 


Adjt. Genl. 
].!: Orders. 

Adjudant, AYcidman. 

Head Quarters Novr. 21st ITSO. 
Ofhcers of the Day. 
Lt. Colo. Conway. 
D. M., Rice. 

i;; Orders. 

Adjudant for Tomori r v. , Y'v'ijitiock. 

C. S. S. C. I). F. P. 
1 1 1 5 


Head Quarters Xovr. 22d 17S0, 
Omccrs of the Day. 

lA. Colo.. Whiting. 

B. M., Tuiuian. 

In Ca^e of on alarm one half of (.ho Ma^^sachusetts Troops 
under the Command of Colo. JNIieheal Jackson are to repair 
to Fort Clinton, and other half to Fort Putnam, which for the 
present is to be considered their alarm Posts — The Detach- 
ment is to he Divided accordingly that the men may in- 
stantly man the Works if Necessary. 

The Cunnecticiit Troops under the Command of Colo. Brad- 
ly in such Case will with all possible expedition, one 
half to the North and Middle redoubts, the other half to 
Danfords Landing where boats will be r-eady to Carry them to 
West Point and Constitution Island — Tvro Companies of the 
sapiers and miniers are to repair to Fort Putnam the others 
to Fort Clinton. 

The other Troops of tlie Garrison lo the posts heretofor 
assigned them— The Ganison Qr. :\Taster will as sDon as 
possible sent all the enipty casks at this post (except the 
water caslcs in the works) to the Cooper at New burgh — Re- 
turns to be made this aftoi'noon of the number of Ofhcers and 
men. Specifying those present fit for duty and those uuGt 
thro want of Cloathing. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudrint of Day, AYcidnian. 

After Orders— Novr. 22d SO. 

Major Fish having o'-cation to be absent a few Days, Majr. 
Rice is to act as D. A. Genl. jjrotcrnpore in his absence and 
is to be obeyed antl respected Accordingly. 

Head Quarters Novr. 2.3d ITSO. 
fli c e r s T o i j i o r r o -^ v . 

Majr, Bai-lard. 

B. M. Btark. 

All the Masons and Carpenter.-? in the Detachment of In- 
valids from the Massacliusetts Line under the Command of 


Colo. Michael Jackson to he sent to the assistant Q. Mr. of 
the Garrison Tomorrow morning some Vessels of late have 
presumed to pass Down the river without wrtin prrmission 
from the Genl. in futher no Vessels is to the Fort down- 
■\vard without a written permission from the Genl. which is 
to be shown to the Ofncer at the Parry — if any Vessils per- 
sumes to pass otherways she is to stop'd. 

Brigade Orders. 
Adjutant Tomr., Vk'hitelock. 


c. s. s. c. u. F. r. 


Head Quarters Novr. 21th 17S0. 
Officers Tomorrow. 

Lt. Colo. Conway. 

B. Yi. Furman. 

Commanding omcei's of Ilegiments and- Corps v/ill see this 
Day that the mens Arms accuiraraents & ammunition are in 
the best order and every Thing so placed this Evening that 
the Troops may Turn out the Instant they are called for. 

To the Detachment of Invalids ar to pay particular atten- 
tion as Avell as the other Troops. 

A Serjt. Corporal <fe 12 men from Colo. Bradly's Detachment 
are to sent tomorrow morning to Fishkill who are to apply 
to Majr. Weeks and his orders— The Genl. Court Martial 
whereof B. Genl. Starks was president is adjourned to tues- 
day Next 2Sth 10 Oclk A. M. of which all Concerned will Take 
Notice — Ijleut. Eaton of Colo. Crams Regt. and acting Adju- 
dant to the Artilery at this post, try'd by a Genl. Court Mar- 
tial of which Colo. Dc Hard wa.s president (first) for not 
Conwaying the orders to ]Majr. Bowman from time to time, 
that v.-here Issued by il.^. Command'g Oeicer of this Depart- 
ment and the Commansing officers of Artillery — and secondly 
for Noiifying I^Iajr Bowman that he was appointed for duty 
in oiders — to which Dliut. Eaton says the charges are 7'rue 
■But ijleads not Guilty Justifies his Conduct and refers the 
Court to the Barrens Instructions— The Court having con- 
Eid'd the charges finds Lieut. Eaton n.ot Guilty of the first 
charge—but fradf> him guilty of the Second and do sentancG 

202 0!1I>EHLY BOOK. 

him to bo reprimiiiuled in Genl. orders— The Gonl. is sorry 
that Lieut. Eaton should so grosely misapprehend liis duty in 
a point so clear in its self & so explicitly laid down by the 
first :Military anthers ajid practiced by the highest Disciplined 
Army &. also required by the veary lustructious to which be 
appeals— which enjoins on the Adjudaut the reccving the 
orders from the Field OlTrs. or the Kegim't and When the 
Majr Directs the Adjudant daily to show him the orders are 
fiisal or non Complyance is a breach of orders but this not all, 
from the very appoiTitmfint and Institution of the Adjt. pro- 
priety, Duty and practicd of armies require that as soon as 
he has leceived the Genl. Orders and tho^'^ of Colo, or Cora- 
mand't of the Regt. He is to shew them to the other Field 
Ofacers of the Regt. (if any are present) before he gives them 
to the orderly serjts. The Genl. cannot therefore Totally differ 
in oppoinion from the Court with respect to the first charge 
in which the duty on the Adjudant is as incumbent as in the 
Latter upon the vrhole the Genl. is sorry that a Matter so 
unmillitarry should ever apen.r on the orderly books of the 
american army — Lieut. Eaton is to be imcdiatcly released from 
his arrest. 

E; Orders. 
Adjudant, ^ V e i d m a n . 


C. P. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard 1 2 .. .. 1 5 

Fatigup, 2 

Head Quarters Novr. 25th 17S0. 

Onicers of the Day. 
Lt. Colo., Whiting. 
B. M., Starks. 

Brigade Orders. 

Adjudant, Whitelock. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 
.... 1 1 


Head Quarters ^Ycst point Novr. 2Glh 17S0. 

Officers of the Day. 

Majr, Bailard. 

B. M., Furman. 

Au attentive serjt. and 10 men from Colo, rslicheal Jackson's 
Detacliment of ilassachusetts Troops are to he employed in 
IMaKing shingles in the r^ar of the Garrison. 

They are to he sent tomorrow morning to tlie Adjls. Qr. 
Master of the Garrison for the Tools &c. afcer which Majr. 
Balkird is ronucsttd lo give them fiM'lhcr Directions. 

B: Orders. 
Adjudaiu for tomor'w, AVeidman. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard ] 2 1 5 

Fatigue, 2 

Head Quarttjrs AVest Point Novr. 27th SO. 

Officers of the Day. 

Lt. Colo., Conway. 

B. Majr, from Starks Brigade. 

The New Jersey Line are to hold themselves iji readiness 
to IMarch at the .shorte.-; notice. 

The Nev.^ York Line are to move to the Last side of the 
river and Hutt adjoiniji?; to the Xev," Hampshire Line e.vcept 
the strongest Regim't -..iiich is to Hiut more to the Left .--o 
a.s to occupy the Ground near Robinsons :Jills and Cover tlie 
ot})er pas.s into the Mountains— Colo. Hazens Regim't is to 
move to Fi.-,h kill v^heve they will lay this Winter and do the 
Dutys at that Post— The Rhode Island Regim't will also hold 
itself in readiness to }^hM-cl;. 

The foregoing is Not tn Ta!;e the men off Duty, hut lo have 
thera in Readiness to move when the Troops return from 
below— The Genl. Court Marua! whereof Colo. Dohart is presi- 
deni is to sit on Mor.^^/y m, Xexc at 10 Oclk for the 
'irya! of Mr. Cumis'^ .'-In. phr-ns ajid such others as may he 
brought before them nil evideiices and persons Concerned to 


13: Orders. 
Adjmlant, Whitlcck. 


C. S. S. C. D. F. P. 

Guard, 1 .. 1 1 .. .. ., 

Faiigue, 2 

After Geul. Orders. 

All the DetachmcTitp of ihe Jersey Brigade (except ihosc en 
tiie Lii]'.--) ;j'c lo b? iiuinediately releavtd, that ihe uniy Joiu, 
and raavoh with or fullcnv tiic Brijade to winter Ouaricrb. 

After Brigad Orders. 

Returns of Tents Necessary to Cover the Troops of the Bri- 
gade to be Rjade ova by the Reginieuta! Quarter Masters, and 
DoJivered to tlic lirijade Qr. Master by sunrise tomorrow 

Returns of slioes actuly v.anung to be Delivered at the same 
Time, by the pay Master to the acting Brigade Clothier — The 
Comraanding Ofiicers of Eegirnents are Directed imidiately to 
Call in all Artificers and others belciigiug to their respective 
Regim't who are iinployed at this post and its Dependencies 
and post their regiments in the most parfect readiness to 
march at tlie shortest notic agreeable to the Genl. Orders of 
this Day. 

Head Quarters VN'cst Point Novr. 28. 
Officers of the Day. 

Lit. Colo., Willing. 

B. M., Rice. 

The Genl. expresses the highest satisfaction of the Con- 
duct of t'ne Troops i;np'.oy(_d on the Late forrjige under the 
Command of B. Genl. Starks, the regularity good order and 
carefull Dispossition of tl-e Troops tiiro a series of bad AVether 
while on that duty does tbeni honor. 

The baggage of the N. Jersey Brigade is to be imbarked on 
Board Vessels in the harbour this Evening or early tomorrow 
morning and conveyed down the ri\er to King's farry where 
it is- to be loaded on the \vaggf)ns. 

That bring the Connecticutt and Mtissachu.^etts Lines to that 
place, the the Troops v/ill proceed b;, land on the v, est side 
of the river. 


All Hoi-bcs excepting such as by a former order were to be 
kept at this post, are iniiuiatejy to be sent off, one horie only 
to a brigade i^ to remain and such express horses as ihe 
(Jai risen Qr. Master may find necessary. 

The Gsnl. Couia Martial whereof B. Genl. Starks is pre-i- 
dent IS to set tomorrow morning at nine Oclk of which all 
Concerned will Take notice— Majr. Willis is appointed presi- 
dent of ihe Geul. Court INIartial now sitting Vice Lt. Colo. 
D eh art. 

iMonthly Iletuvns to be delivered in tomorrow at orderly 
Time — The reiurn of anas Called for by the Genl. and of the 
Ifirh inst published in the nrdprs .,>i- th.' '^urb «o b^ deliveved 
in at the orderly office tomorrow. 

B: Orders. 

Adjudant of the day, llalsey. 

All the women sick and lame of the Biigade are to emliark 
tomorrow morning with the Baggage. 

A Subaltern from each regim"t to be appointed to take 
Charge of the Baggage cfcc of their respective regiments. 

Headquarters Xov'r 2'Ah "^0. 
Oflicers of the Day. 

Col. H. Jackson. 

B. M. Rice. 

Ills Excellency the Com'r in Chief having been pleased to 
order the X. Jersey Brigade to move to another Quarter. 

The Gen'i Cannot but Express in the public manner the 
support and resistance he has received. The pleasure and 
j:aiii-.faction he has enjoyed in the attention &. soldierly be- 
haviour of the Troop.s cf this Bi'igade on every occatlon .since 
he has had the Hononr to Command them &, most sincearly 
wishes the officers v.-inter Quarters Convenient and agreeable 
the soldiir.s every Thing necessary and hap])y — 

A detachment Conslsiirig of one Lt. Colo, or Majr. Three 
caplains aiid six sub's a proper number of non Cornis'd ofacfas 
and one hundred & fifty Rank and file to be Taken from all 
the Troops at this post, except of Colo Hazon.s Regt. to parade 
tomonovv raoining v/ith Three Days provision and March to 
do duty on the Lines— The Cornmandg Officer will call nt 
Head Quarters for iiislructions — The -men deiaciied on this 
dutj to be Y/eli cioatbed. 

206 ORDi::ilLY BOOK. 

Colo. HazGUG Kegt. Viill ^^larcli tomorrcAv moniing to Fish- 
kill v,-liere they aie to l.e QuaiLered and yarform tbe duty of 
that post, on their arrival! at fi^hkili they are to relieve the 
several detachments now Doing duty thtre, who are to join 
their respective Coips, v/heu Colo. Hazens Kegt, moves to 
Fishkill, Colo. Webbs Regt. is to move over the river and 
occupy the hutts built by that Rgt. as far as are Necessary. 

The Rhode Island vvill March as soon as possible and oc- 
cupy the Ground Jiear l"iobinEOU3 Mills so as to Cover the pass 
into the mountain near that ])laco— Th.e N. York Kegt. as- 
signed to that post by the order of tlie ."-'Tth Inst, i-? to hutt 
v;ith the nthers Pcsiments cf their Line. 

The Kgts. of the N. York Lines will move over and hutt ad- 
joining the N. Hampshire line — Majr. Borland is appointed 
president of the Genl. Court Martial now setting Vice Majr. 
Willis & Three Captains from the N. York Brigade are to 
attend as members Vice those of the Jersey Brigade, the 
above Court to assimble at tlie Court Martial Room tomorrow 
morning at ten Oclk prccutly. 


C. S. S. C. P. 

for Com'd 1 2 

The Troops are to be in veadiness to move tomorrow morn- 
ing at P:ight ocJock precisely it is expected every thing will bo 
inperfcct rcttdyness by thar time. 

v.: Orders. 

Pom])ton Dec'r 7th ITSO. 

The German liegimt to ,urni;-h a Corpoial & six privt. as 
a Guard for tiie Comisy. f.ore at Ring-Wood. 

Brisjadc Ordeis. 

ponipton Dec'r IHh 17S0. 

'J'he Gernuin Rrr.:iiTni; to 5u.n;--h r-no Captain, one sub. Two 
sc-rjeants ore Drurn on- f.f- , & Thirty Rank R- lile to relea'^e 
the Command at Dobbsr-s Ferry, the Okicer Commanding the 

Party v/ill receive- bis 


in-truetion f;-ora the Officor Command's 

Thus. AVhealeu, 
•Ino. W'eidmau, 
.Tnrob Wentz. . . 

t i 

I ^ 



Phila 31st May 17S0 

Their being very Urgent & pressing Ocaiiou for a Cori.siclei' 
able luimber of good four horse Tearnes to go over the north 
River & Remain their for about three montlis, I must request 
you ^viIl Immediately proeeed to Cumbeiland County & apply 
to the wagon Master General of that County for his Aid and 
Assistance for whir-h you have a letter from his Excellency 
'the president of the State— the ttrmes of pay are to be as 
Follo'ws viz, every gocjd four horse teame & driver to have 
twenty five pou]:ds pr. day & found in provision &. Forrage— 

to have one months pay advance before they leave tliis 
Citty- every ten tearnr-;- to have a "Waggon Couducter, who is 
to have tv;elvc Dollars p"r day & bis Ration & Forage for his 
Horse & jiaid fwi- the hise of his horse four Dollars p'r day— 
every teame to take ai least Thii'ty days grain with tbfin & 
provison and rum for thai tme— 

proper Cornmissarie.-: and Forage Masters to go with the 
tearnes t to bavi- mono;- i6 pay for pasture £cc., whatever for- 
age & jirovision are fuinislied Ijy the Ov/ners shall be paid 
on their. ai-rival in this Ci-.y at ihe Current price here— 

'i'he teames to engage for ihrec' months but if they v,-i!l 

20S LEn.-i:R BOOK. 

engage for six montlis it will be better, to have liberty to dis- 
cbarge them sooner if we chuse it. paying tliem for every 
Twenty miles one days pay Kalions & forrage until they t;et 
to their ownc Hemes — 

every Horse to iie appraised by two Indifterent men of Good 
Characier gec-r li Waggt-ns to be appraised Allso and if taken 
or killed by the enemy or by our troops to be paid agreeable 
to the Appraisment — 

1 am Sir 

Your most huni'l S\ eut 


i). Q. M. G. 

Pjiila. 31 I^Iay 17S0. 

I request the favour of you to assist M'r James Smith with 
your lufiuance & advise to enable him to procure a number 
of good four Horse teames to enter in pu])lick Servise & go 
over the North River, as ii is a matter of the greatest Import- 
ance to the United Stares & the Termes are advantagous 1 
hope he will be able to procure at least Fifty Teames — it is a 
pe;ticuiar bisness indepeadant of the Department. I hope 
you will be kind enougb to render him every assistance in 
ycur po^\er lie has a Ixtier from the President of the State 
to the Waggon .M'r Gfne.:;! of the County, there has not been 
a matter of more Impoicance to the United States since the 
war then that, of obtain;E;r proper conveyances for our Allies, 
who are dail>- expected— I ilatter myself you would do all you 
can to forward this busi3..::S. 

I am with est--.: 
D'r S:r 

Your most humb'l svt. 

J. M. D. Q. M. 

Roljcri Patton Ksq'r 

D. 0. :^I. Gl. 

A Copy of the above stsjt to the follu 

Colo. Hooper, Easi.on. 

Colo. Morgan, Reading. 

Colo. Rose, Lancaster. 

Colo. Davis, Carlisle. 

Colo. Creer, Yorktov/n. 

C'aptii. liaird, Pottstov.u. 

Majr. Howell, Dov.ningatown. 


Ephm Suel, Esq'r, Carlisle. 

Joim Olivei Eiq'r, Brisiol. 

Saui'l Fiiiley Esqr., Conegoclieague. 

Phila. 3kst May ITSO. 

I nnibt request ycu will Iiiimediaiely proceed to the State of 
nela\vaie & do all in your power lo procure 3000 Bushells of 
Indian Ctu'n, or cue halt indiaii Cuni & one hali' Oats — I must 
paiti-uiaily ob.serve ihat yon .should pi'oceeed with the utuiosl 
cannon -Ji on no account burfer it to be known that you are 
on such bus^ines.s, as it miglit tend to rais the price of those 
Articles, ar.d be of bad consicjuence to the publick — you will 
engage to pay the money on the Delivery of the Corn here &. 
pay jjai't t^ie purcJiase money on your makeing the agreement 
for v.-'ch purpose I have now given you tv,;euty thousand 
Dollars I hope I need not recommend the greatest care &. 
Atention in the purchase & a strict regard to the price, that 
it may be lirccui'd on the lowest and best Icrmes possible &, 
without .t^ei':'y If ycu can procure one or two Brigades of 
Waggons to enter into the servise. Load them with grain — 
I am Sir 

Your most hum'! Svt. 


puir!ia-.p as for yourself to jireveut raising the price. 
James Sutter 

S. li. D. pt. 


Inclosed you have my Letter to you on the Subject of pro- 
curing a number of Teames, as the Servise is urgent & the 
business of the Utmost Consiquerice I must request you vviH 
unaertai;e it as I ara Certain you can do it to advantage, 
thei:- Can not be an oporrunity of serving your country of 
rncre importance then tlie present you may depend on all the 
Teames bting & punc^-ually complied v/ilh & every thing 
done that is jiromised you have a l-,iter from tbe President to 
the W. AI. General of the County & one to Coll. Ross & Robert 
F'atton, lllsq'r who will assist you I hope Col'l Ma:-r,vell will 
also do all lie can for you let m.o here fiom you often & send 
ll;e Tt-ames down in Brigade in Brigade with tlic utmost dis- 
'.•atch, not a moment must be Iosl 1 r.ely Greatly ou your 
Atention & e.veriicns to to this Business liuve sent you fifteen 
)i-Y:.[. XIV- -Cth St;r. 


hundred Dollars to bear expences & send the Teams off all 
yrain or Provisions the oAvners furnish shall be pnntualy re- 
paid here at (he :\iarkei Pi ice do exert yourself on tliis Oca- 
sion. I will allow you Twenty four Dollars pr. day & your 
reasonable expences, iett me here from you by M'r Laurence. 
I am Sir 

Your most hum'l Svt. 

I). Q. I»I. G. 


1 have just rec'd yours of the 4th lust.— had I got it Sooner 
v.-or/d have Sent you the money before this— have now Sent 
you twenty thousand DoUa-rs by ISI'r Jajnes Dugau, who will 
go to ChiLsteen & from thence to Hamburgh. I believe ^^r 
Poiter near that place has a QTty of Corn, buy the whole I 
desire you if possible, the money is ready to pay on delivery, 

or on y'r order on demand, this may Assure thorn off 

1 requesi you will do all in y'r power to procure the Corn— ir 
will be much wanted. 

I am Very glad you have a prospect of some Teams, send 
all you can & as quick as possible— if you vraut more Money 
it shall be sent you, or you may draw for it— 

Yrs. J. M. 
D. Q. M. G"l. 
Capl'n Cutler, — 
At Christeen, or 
St. George's or 

Phila'a June 7th 17S0. 

1 receivd your favour cf yesterday, and thank you for your 
frieiul.ship llespecting rbe teames, you may be assured every 
part of the CcudiLions, given to M'r Smith shall be punctually 
comi)lied with, this you JMay rlopcud en upon my word,— as to 
Conductors, I am ssa ;.'■:.- • they rnalce any Objection respect- 
ing the pay, it is d'.';-/:':- v/bat hath luiherto Ijcen and also 
the allowance of four jv -iurs ur. Day for the use of their own 
horses is very well-ynu may assure them, that they shall 
be on- as good footing a>-: any Condueters from any other 


Couniy, whicli Engage in tliis business, ;incl request you will 
support wJjui I mention reipect-iug the teame hire &- people's 
being punctually paid — and dcubt J^ot your rtading in doing 
every thing in your po^Yer to promote the Counirys good. 
I ran Sir 

Your huna'l Pervt. 

D. Q. v.. G. 
Coniad ICriger W. ^^]. Gl. 

Phi la 'a 7 June ITSO. 

I received yours this day am much pleased with your Dili- 
gence & hope ycu -will be able to send me four Brigades of 
good Teames in a ven'y short time. You may depend on the^ 
Teams complied ■v,"ith fully. — the Waggon Conducters have 
double pay to what they ever had & the four dollars p'r day 
for their horse &: their Rations & Forrage makes it very good 
pay However they Shall have as mucJi as any Waggon Master 
that comes from any other County &. hope this Mill be suffi- 
cient for them, am soiry Col. Hooper -would not assist you, 
If he has not Come from Easton, a.-sure him it will serve me 
personally, I doubt not it will be in your power and Send as 
many Teames as posible and as soon as it can be done let 
them be good and strong and fit for duty. 
I am Sir 

Ycjr most burn'! Svt. 

JOHN mitcih^:ll 

D. Q. M. G. 

Mr. James Smith. 

Phihui'a 9th June HSO. 

I must request you wiil pairchase no more Corn or Oats, it 
t-ftn be got lower here. I wish you to come up immediately 
sending- up what you have already purcha.-ed but if you can 
di.-^po.^e of it for the sat.;'.- .Muiioy do it, if not forwanl it with- 
out delay. 

I an: .^ir 
¥oui most hun:'l Servt. 

J). O. I\L a. 
Captii. James Sutter. 



A Nuralier of Teauic;: arc now in Tcun <S: vsill leave this on 
Tuesday tluir it; a uece.-tity for a Some of Money Tcmoiro-\v 
Morning. Fifuy iliousand Dollais will b& wanted to pay for 
the Corn <t tJie Hire of Teanies & at least as much more on 
Wednesday morning ir not sooner a dsappointment v.-ill be 
alended v.ilh very bad Contiqucnces I am fnlly convinced you 
win do all in your povrer the Chavalier Dc Luzerne was with 
roe ye.stei day, he seem? cxtremly Anxtiou? that no DiFanoint- 
meni should take place & ihat the Bmuness should be for- 
warded with tlie ulmosr diypateli— I renucst you will do all 
you ran for mc in the n.uiuiuji. 

I am wiih {.c.toem & re.-rpect 
B'r Sir 

Your most Obedt. hum'l Svt. 

JOHN mitchp:ll 

D. Q. M. G. 

Sunday Afternoon 11th June 17:>0. 

i-Ionou'le Joim Ploiher Ev.qr. 

PhihuVa lltb June 17S0. 

I have been greatly disapointed l)y IMr.- Elton's Retuvne 
without Teames I had Jiieat exijucatiou from your County as 
J. am certain their i,- .v greai number of good Teains in it 
ycu may rely on ihe i.crnics being fully Complied v/iih iu 
every respect should be extreamly sorry that Pressing should 
be the result, but their is a real necessity for a very consid- 
erable number of Tearne? being sent in v.ithout delay, I must 
request your utmost Iiiiiueuce to do it — IM'r Elton informes 
me many of your Couniy Teames are engaged at Head of Elk. 
If that is the case I would wisli you woukl Represent it to 
his Excellency the PiesVlent as the State of Maryland should 
fuinish their G\\n Tesrnos to do their Jjusiness yet I believe 
those of this State have generaliey done it — ther is realy no 
time to be lost, the tines are verry Critical & require every 
exertion. I hope; to he;:..- from jon soone & have expectation 
of your sending 'in Rrigagcs. 
I am Sir 

Y«ar niost hum'l Sevt. 

D. Q. M. C. 
Coll. Andiew Boyd. 


Philad'a 12th June 17S0. 

You arc \o prccei^.I wij.h your Brigade of Twelve teiunes by 
\\ay of Corryels Ferry, llackeis Towu and Sussex Court 
Hou&e to new Windsor wiih tlie utmost dispatch, & when 
their wail for orders from ;Mons De Corney, or if none fi'om 
him you will recc-ive orders from His Excellency General 
AVashingtou or some ptrsou Authorized by him v,-here to 
Cross the North fiivcr «£- jirocead as you are Orderd during 
the terme of three Montlis, be verry Careful of your Tearaes, 
&. keep them in jrccd ovd-:;r & Ready for Duly. Yon have here 
Receivd one Ivlunibij nay in Advance, & 'ihiiiy five days Grain 
& Ten days Provisions a Commisary will soon Follow with 
Twenty five Days Provisions a Gentleman who will act as 
Inspector & Forrage ^Master of Fifty Teames will proceed on 
in a few days you will olierve all Orders he gives, & Account 
with him for what raoner you expend for Pasture fcc. takeing 
Receipts for all you pr.;: £: produceing proper Vouchers to 
him — have now given Aca one Thousand Dollars to pay for 
Pasture &c. for vrliich vt'Ii are to he Accountable to the In- 
spector & Forrage ^'r^sta.- & he to me — 
I am Sir, 

Your bunfl Svt. 

D. Q. :\i. G. 
Jolm ?iluniuling 

Waggon Conducor.. 
Copy of the above givca McDo-A-ell & :dachiin & Co. 

liam IMcCalla E:;qr. 

I request you will afe;-\st Mr. Joiiii Gibson in procuring as 
niany good Four Jlorse teames as Posible . The termes are 
twenty uve pounds per Bay Forrage & 3 'i or is ions a 3Ionlhs 
pay advance & a Mords Forrage & Provisions with them 
all good, & money to pry for Pasture, and If their Horses or 
Waggons &c ar^^ killrd fi'-u-nd or fallen by the enemy or our 
Tioopc-s Drov.-ncd. in Cro.-:-;ng the North River to be paid for— 
to serve three month?, dl- have pay till they Return to their 


own Houses I rc-rnu'sl you v,-ill exert yoiirsel): on this Ocasion 
as iheir is itu emedint^' vt prossing demand for tliem — 
I am Sir, 

Your- mosl lium'l Svt. 

D. Q. ^!. G. 
Willaim McCalla Esa'i- 

Pliilad'a ]5tli Juno 17S0. 

1 have wrote you the 31st Ultimo, luforrning you of the 

number of good four Horse teames,, to serve for three or Six 
Months if they v.'ill engage so long, & to go over the North 
River and Continue th<^ir if Necessary, as those Teames are 
v.-anted for the Service of our great Allyes his most Christian 
Jilajesty, v.'hose trccpes are daily expected I must again most 
earnestly request ycu '.-ill use all your power and Influence 
in York and Cumber';ind County to procure at least Fifty 
good four Horse Teanvts with Drivers, & AVaggon Masters to 
each Brigade, which L> to Consist of Ten Teames each tliey 
must have good Covers & everything in good order I have 
herewith inclosed you she Condliions the Teames ave to L& 
hird on vrhich you may rely on being Puntually complied with. 
Should the pay of the Y/aggou Ivlaster be thought too little and 
ycu thiul: it will be ol Service, to give moie you may go as 
far as Sixteen Dollars I'r day w:ih Forrage & Rations <!i four 
Dollars pr. day for hi-: Ho:-fe, their never was a time in 
v.-hich every exes'ticri v.vis v/i-nted than the preasant this is a 
matter entirely ru>: of i > :• l,ine of 0,uarter Master Depart- 
ment, the money is fjunl.shed b.y his most Christian Majesty 
I have to enable you t*:' lirof-u e the V/aggons with more Dis- 
]>afch }iov,- given ycu Fifty lialf Johanneses Fifty seven 
p-^iuvi:- ti .1 ;vbiilings ire jiaper Money newly' Emmited by this 
Stat( e;u;iul in Value rn Gold and Silver & Thiity Thousand 
Dollars in Continental Money w'h you will advance to the 
Teames en iheir l;e;:." :-.rv:ly to leave Cariis'e, if you can get 
them to Come & Refc;-' one half tiicir months pny Advance 
hej'e it will be cf gre;-.: use, as the Money will be rfady hut 
if ynu find (be vlnde J::';-t be ])u:d in Carlisle do it & 1 will 
send ycu mr re yon i^'^ 'n account with me for this mon':y 
and a!! exprnces c.v ill '.z tbtce ttames yonr own expence 
shall i;e paid & Such Charges may be N'ces-^ary for this 


purchase. I rely mucli on >ou" promiyos, &. Iniow you have 
lufluance, and ucuhi not ycu will do all in your power. 
I am Sir 

\vith esteem 

Tour hum'l SvQut. 
Coll. John Davis E.-ci'r. 

rhilad'a ICth Juuc 17S0. 

I vrrote you yesterday as tl'e people seems so difficult to be- 
lieve that th.e terms will be complied v/ith which I have en- 
gaged for & vv'hich you & they may rest fully assured shall 
be strictly & fully executed fc fulfilled on my part without 
delay— to convince ihera of this I now send you Tv\-enty thou- 
sand Dollars vv'ch is a ^vlonths pay for Ten Teams but if you 
can get them to take one holf the other to be paid here it will 
be better shcud you find it necessary to pay the first Brigade 
the Avliole some of one monihs pay advance do it & I will 
send you more, as this money is not the property of the United 
States you are on no Accoiuit nor on no pretence of emergency 
to dispose of it for any other purpose, but that of paying 
"Waggons to come here agreeable to the conditions given you. 
I also send you paper of Inlistment wliich the Owners are to 
Sign & ^v'ch is to be sent with me Avith every Brigade also 
their Apraisrnent musi la sent that I may Sign it — as to 
the pay of Waggon Ma^-i'^.rs, I v.'rote you about it yesterday, 
& you must do what cvo; is best on this Ocf'aison which is 
urgent & requires dispairl there is a Blank for the number of 
Months v,-hich the Teani^ engage for which must not be less . 
than three 3,Ionihs but four or Six would lie better if they 

I am Sir 
Your most hutn'l Scrv't 

P. S. 

You will see by xhf indr-^'-d condiiions we have raised the 
pay to thirty .'J, pr. ;]:>• -;;;T''y this will bring rhem out with- 
out pressing theer is T.^ i 'y five iiounds in Iho new ?,Ioney 
w'ch is to gol'l r -'; ■ r >'- v^-i]] amount to four Thousand 
Dolls, in Continen*;ril ::r .-''xry for one if you cannot pass it 
fi-eoiy do not pu-h it, bu i'cturn it as it passes current here. 
Tv'm. Smiih Elscj. S. P, IT. 

216 l]::tter book. 

Pliilad'a iCih June ITSO. 

As I fuid the peoiiie in Ginern! are fearfull they will not 
get ihcir pay when liif.y come here, & as you may rely on 
all the Te.mcs being HficUy compHed v/Itli in every respect, 
to convince ycti & iliein of this 1 now send you Twenty thou- 
sand Daiis. Av'ch i? the pay of one Brigade for one mouth, but 
I woud wish you if yoa think it will answer the intention & 
l.^ring out the Teanii to pay them one half the mouths pay 
advance tlit rest v.; I'.' paid tlie moment they arrive here but 
Lhoud yen thir.i-; it Le;?ii lo pay the whole months pay advance 
do it, & ] will immeciacGly send you more money this will 
I hope bring the Teen-.s out without the disagreeable mode 
of Iraiiiessing v.'hich 1 wou!d wic:h to avoid rest assured every 
part of tlie engageinenj shall be stMctly complied with, if you 
find any difficulty resjieciing the pay, of a W. M. you may 
if you think it propex & necessary allow him Sixieen Dolls, 
ji)-. day Foiage ."^i Kaiit^is & four Dollars p day for his Horse 
as this Money is not idc property of the United States, you 
must not on any acc'Vict or on any pretence Avhatever use 
it, or aply iL to any ciher purpose than that of paying for 
those teanis novr v.-arijid — what ever experice you are at on 
ihis Account I will repay you & evnestly reciuest every pos- exenicn in your :;:: ^rer, & thai the \V. M. Gl. will assist 
you & all your fj-iend,- l^ave sent you the Terms of enlist- 
ment which the Owners of oacli Brigade must Sign & send 
it to me vv'iih the Apra'is'ncnt, have left the number of months 
blank, it must not he 'ess tlian three months but four or Six 
v.rjuld be better, of tl Is the people musi be the Judges for 

1 rely on your u,tri)c.-.t abiiiiits on this urgent & pressing 
Occasion ^ am Sir 

Your rno--^^ hnm'l Seiv't 

Maj. Reading Ho-vojl. 

Sent a f.pv of the above to Jas. Smith, at— 

Philod'-i ]i-:h June 1780. 

1 received your fav^^ iast night have sent your Letter to 
His Excellency the Pr^jident in order to give every Possible 
incouragement to the '^'rinners £■. Ownf^r-- of Teams we have 
agreed to give Iheui Thirty pounds p day for <:vevy good four 


Jlorye Team that wiil tjuwi- for Thiee r^Icullis or Six :MouUis 
Seivice Avilh Forage & rrovisiuris di a month pay advance 
have iuclut.ed you the terms w'ch they are to enter on & as 
the Militia Law excuses Team Drivers entered or inlisted in 
puhlick Service, hope & Lelieve their wijl he uo Occasion to 
press Teams vs-'ch is a very disagreeable & distressing measure 
— I flatter myself you wiii on tiie present Terms he able to 
send five Erigades frnre ye county I have wrote to Elk to 
discharge all the Chester County Teams ii: Col. liollingsworth 
can prociire as many in his owii State as v/iil do the Buis- 
Jiess there ii' not I £t:i5ose lie must keep what is itecessary 
for that place — I have sent I\iaj. Koweil as much money as 
v/ill pay the first secon<^ Brigade half a months pay in advance 
the rest to he paid heve hut if really necessary to pay the 
whole months pay advance to do it & I will send him more 
money, you may depeud on the Conditions I send you being 
strictly & punctually complied v/ith in every respect, but if 
this Mode v.-ill not do, will send yoti the Warrents for im- 
pressing w'ch I sincertiy vwsh & hope there may be no Occa- 
sion for, I have not a shilling of ilouey belonging to the 
United States this monfry for the Teams is the property of his 
Most Christian Majesty— I can send you a Loan Office Certifi- 
cate if that will do for what is due you, I do assure you I 
woud vvith great pleascve send you :>Ioney if I had it. 
; I am Sir 

r. Gl. Che.^ti: County. 

Yrs. J. M., D. Q. ?.I. 01. 

Philad'a June 17th 17S0. 

1 Receivd yours Pecj>Mting the Teames under the Conduct- 
i:i:-: of Mr. McDowell— lut-ir is only Six of them Come into 
tov, jje--l h.ope the ronn.inder of the Brigades will soon ar- 
rive— tho p:iy is advatjccd to thirty pounds pr day & forrage 
&-r for eacli teame & t^ie v,-sggon IMasters pay is Advanced 
to Sixteen Dollars per day & four Dollars pr day for his 
Horse Inclcsed you h.avs an Article which the Owners Avho 
filter their teainos are so Sign those who have already Eii- 
Knged at the Lov.-er prj^ Shall have the advance paid them 


equal to any now engaged. I hope you ^vill on the advanced 
pay get a Couple of Ciiyad to send in Soou. 
I am Sir 

Your Humbl Sevvt. 
For JOHN :^lrJ■ClIELL 

D. g. M. G. 
Mr. John Gibson. 

J. H. 
P. S. 

i request you -svill Exei't youiself to the utmoat to procure 
tvro more Complcat Brigades you have not Sent me the 
Appri-semt of the hist Bri2.;'-de, ncr of this, it must be fceui 
Imntediately, that I may Sign it, & have a Copy to send for- 
v\"aru, do not dehiy this nor loose a I^Ioment in getting more 
Teams, I now Send you three hundred Dolls. 

Philad'a 20Lh June 11Z0. 

I request you ^^•i]l furnish Mr. ^^IcDowell ^Y. Cond'r v.-ith 
thirty days forage for one Team going over the North River, 
you shall have it replaced, as the Team is not come Join the 
Brigade but Expect ii \vill ere they reach you. 
I am Sir 

Your Humbl Servt. 
, Vvr JOHN :\11TCHELE D. Q. M. Gl. 

John Hal! 
Will'm McCalia Esqr. 

Philad'a Jane 20th ITSO. 

I reed, yours with the appraisement of the Teams :\Ir. V.c 
DowcH, Vr. Condr. hath only nine 'J'eams, I req-.iest you vill 
Endeavour to get another Team to join liim to Conip''-;tt the 
Brigade, it roust be marh'd as the others Xo. 2'"'— this I hope 
you Vvill be able to do speedily. 

I am Sir 

Your Humbl Servt. 
For JXO. MITCiH:LE D. Q. M. Gl. 
John Hall. 
Mr. John Gii.son. 

LETTEll BOOK. 219 

riiilad'a June 21, IISO. 

The liii-p. of tlio Te;;ms -wauted to go over the North River 
being raised to ihiity poiui.;^ p day— have sent you the terms 
they are ^^ anted to engaged for,--if it is iu your power to 
procure any it Avill render a very particular Service at this 
lime— they heing Very much wauled, & I fear if they do not 
come out. f:eciy, tlKve will he a nccssity for pressing them, 
w'eh will he Very disagrahle, cc attended with had Couse- 
c/.Kuce to the fariae;'- — i mu:-r. request you will do all in your 
power to Send down three or four Brigades— as 1 am cou- 
• '!-':-e'! y.'U ■<^i!! i7~e j'CiTr Infl-ien-'-e I dnnht not you ■^■ill he 
ahle to Send Some very soon, this is a peice of service for 
w'ch we have no rev/ard, hut the j.leasure of Serving our good 
allies, &. our Country — 

• . I am with Esteem 

Sr. Yrs. 
J. M. 
D. Q. I^I. GI. 
Colo. Jacoh Morgan, Jr. 
D. Q. :\i. Gl. 

Sunday 25th June ]TSO. 

Inclosed you have your order on Mr. Rob Morris, his Clerk 
WGud give UG Money, bin the new Emission of this State, 
which cannot he passed as Gold to the owners of Teams; tim.e 
only can give this money a free Circulation— I fancy Teams 
are Necessary, & it is int::nded they shou'd he procured agree- 
able to tlie Terms proi',c.=^eu, }.Ioney must be furnished & not 
in such scanty allowaucf-s, I have not time to send so fre- 
quently for money; but if agreeable to you, will send the 
people to you M''. Morris or any person you please, to receive 
their pay &c. Tliere is a Erigade of Yvaggon now in Town, 
but^have no money to pay tliern, one Brigade is come in from 
Chesier County which is prid out of the Money sent there, 
one otht!- is ready, if ihe iToncy can be sent early in the 
morning— at least Sixty Thousand ilollars will be wanted in 
the morning & every 6?.y will require a sura of T^Ioney till 
the whole is complcat"-T— T am informed Teams & Horses are 
purchased for you in CJ;-'.:t'.r County & every other County 
in the State— you are ihv; Judge & have certainly a right to do 
as you please hut perhaps il may not. be good policy to employ 


so many agents, pardon me for mentioning this; as my sin- 
cere wisli i.s that you may be veil <fe etfectuany served— to 
acconipiish ^vhich every thing in my power shall be done, 
with the utmosL chearfulncss & alacrity; both on this & every 
other Occasion the Siate Money sent to Chester County has 
not yet been pass'd — it woiild not be prudeni to press it. 
I have the honor to be with respect Sir 

Your most ob. hurabl Sci'vt. 

J. M. 
D. Q. M. G. 
The Hcnble 

John Holker f:sn. 

Con.sul of France. 

Philad'a 26th June 17S0. 
vSir, ' 

I rec'd yours of the I'-lth Instant, Eight teams are come in 
but no more, hgv is any Waggon Ma-ster yet come this is a 
great loss of time Src but have no doubt you have done all 
in your power, I most earnestly request you vrlll not loose 
one moments time in sending in anotlier Brigade & as many 
more as possible, pray do all that is in your power, & send 
them in without delay — I now send you Nineteen Thousand 
& seventy two Dolis. to enable you to foiward the Teams 
without delay, wiien more is warned it shall be sent— I have 
not time to write you fully on any other Subject at present 
but will in a day or two — let me hear from you soon. 
I am Sir 

Maj. Rending Howell. 

Q. M. Mountgree; 

Your Hurnbl Servt. 

D. Q, .M. G!. 

Philadelphia June 


You are to prf;r:ec-i witli your P.rigade of Ten Teams by way 
of Correyls feriy, ITark^'tstown &: Sussix Cotirt house, to New 
Windsor with the Cimost Dispatch & When there v.-ait for 
Orders from His; Excellency— Gear. Washington (or Some 
pers<)'a Authorised by him) where, to Cross the North river 


<Sl prccooci as you are erd'-^red daring the term of three 
mouths, be Very carcfull ot your Teames & keep them in good 
orvler & ready for duty, you have here received one iNioulhs 
pay advance for yourself fc your horse tt ihe Teamos under 
your Conducting thirty two days grain &, twelve days pro- 
vision for your Self and Waggoners, a Comm'y will Soon fol- 
lc^s■ you to distribute provisions Necessary & a Gentleman 
who will act as Inspector, & forage Master of fifty Teames, 
Vr'il] proceed on in a fevi- days. You will observe all Orders he 
will give, and account wiih him for what money you expend 
for pasture &c takcing proper receipts for your Expidentures, 
in r.-.oi-,ir, yo'i t ^ p^jtlc Youi' Accouuts. 1 have now put into 
your hands One Thousand Dollrs. to pay for pasture <S:.c for 
which you are to be acccuntalde to the Inspector &. forage 
IMaster & he to me. 

1 am Sir 

Your humid Seivt. 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
To .^Ir. Jacob ^Vorking. 

W. Mr. 
To Mr. George AlcKiuly. 

W. Mr. 

Philadelphia 20 June 1780. 
Dr. Sir, 

I received your favour of the 23d Inst, by Mr. AVhlte am ex- 
treamly glad to liear you can procure the Teams. I hope 
soon to see some of them arrive here, they are much wanted, 
any Relay n)ay be attended v/ith bad Consequence, a great 
deal depends on having them soon 1 now send you by Mr. 
Nugent fifty half Joes & Twenty four Thousand Dollars & 
I will send you by :^,Ir. White Sixteen thou'd Dollars which 
with what you have get will make the full amount of One 
Months advaiK-e for fifty Teams & five Waggon Conductors—' 
If you ran procure nrore Teams let me knov/ & T v/iil Send you 
the Money, b:i me reiUi-st you v.ill send ihom off with the 
utmost dispatc':, the Necessity is great & Urgert — ■ 
J am Willi Sincere esteem <&. I'egards 

J:;hn Dav 
D. U. 


I'liiladeliihia 29 Juno 17S0. 

You being appointed to Superintend of Fifty Good foui 
Horse Teams at-ni on lo Noi-tb River; & to prcceed from 
thence to Hartford in Connicticut wbtre or at North River, 
you will receive Orders from INIonieur De Corney .Agent, for 
ihe French Army, whose Orders you are w obey in all re- 
spects or those of the I'.Iarquis Deialieyelc. 

You are to see the V.'g. Conductors, does iheir r>aty, account 
with, you for the money they have rec'd for to procure pasture 
& to deliver out pro\lsious to the Wagpon Conductors for 
them and lbf--h- men r.".t cf the Eccf, Perl: ^ Flour & Fuim 
you have Sent forward, and in all respects Superintend their 
Conduct; and see they do their duty, and they are hereby 
Ordered to Obey your Orders and proceed as quick as possible 
to Harford — You must go by Camp &. enquire at the Q. M. G. 
stores for two Trunks cf Mons. De Corneys & request they 
may be sent forward to Harford, as quick as possible, there 
is a Trunk gcrs by .lacob Working's Brigade v;hich is to be 
delivered to Islonsr. De Coi'uey also. 

I request ycu will be perticularly attentive to your Duty 
the Names cf the T\. C. Ycu have annexed with the Number 
in each Brigade — have si'so given ycu Two thousand Dollars 
to enable you to pro'L-ir.e v/hat may be n/='cess;:.ry for the 
Horses and .Men, of v,h:c-u ycu are to keep an exact acct. & 
Voucher & receipis for j;":l Money expended <& to be account- 
able for it, & the prcvkrions sent on, for which Service, you 
are to receive Tvrenty fcur Dollars p Day & Four Dollars for 
your Horse v.iih Forage ;;nd raiici-.s for yourself and Horse 
from the loLh Inst, the dv.y you took charge of the Stores &c. 
I am Sir 
Your most hum'l Serv't 


D. Q. Yi. G. 

Philad'a 1 .July 17S0. 

I rer-'d yours this du;. am muL-h difapointed by Your not 
being able to Send me ■?. Brigade Before this, but hope you 
will yet have better Sutc?s.-;, I request you may do all you 
Can and Serid in ibe tcr'.r...; as you Can procure th-'ra, without 
waiting for a l^rigiid, T:.-^j>! y(ju ca)i send them legularly, I 
shall be able to make t!; .:•; up i;rigadeo afier ihey como 


to Tov,-n, you may go to any place you can procure them but 
Should think you coukl get ^oinc in Nonhampton County. 

1 now Send Mr. ^^'orkins W. ^.laster, who wants one Team 
of his Brigade, to gel him one as quick as possible, 
] have given him J.ioney to pay the rilonihs pay Advance its, 
Twenty four Hundred Dollars, get the Tame praised and get 
Thirty one days grain from M. W. Calla or Mr. Wright &, I 
will deliver it here to Mr. Biddle or Send it to them which 
the please, do not delay, ISlr. \A'^orking as it is of great Conse- 
quence hi.< geting en quu-kly he has Eight Teames gon on 
bclore iiim and one witli him do all in your Power to Send 
in some n'll I wriie you to Stop. 

I am Sir 
Your most humT Serv't 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
Mr. .Tohn Gibson. 

■ Phila'd 1 July 17S0. 

There being a Team wanting to make up a Brigade, which 
Mr. Gibson vrill furnish the bearer Mr. Working Wg. Mas- 
ter with — I request the favour of either of you furnishing the 
baid Team v/ith thirty Bushells of Grain which be either 
replaced here to ^Mr. Bi<ldle or Sent to you which you Chuse 
—and you v.MlI oblige 

Your most hurn'l Sci'v't 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
McCalla E^-qr. 
or :Major Wiight. 

Philadelphia 2 July ITSO. 

The of Eieven Teames are come in, Mr. McKinley & 
Mr. Baird aic both here, thc'v have Agreed that the fir.-,t Shall 
go on with ten of (he Teames, Mr. Baird v.-ill keep on. witli 
pi.v from Cumbcr'arid Couniy will Seven, 1 hope you 
vv-;;l S'^nd 1v;o cr thi'ee today or to morrov,- to make it up 
PS it Cannot Siay h^^re, 

I have ScTit you by Mr. Elton Mn'^C'Cn Thousand D:jlbu-s I 
must request ycu v,-;!! Exert yourself to S'^nd in as many as 


possible, I hope three brigades more, I douht noi you will 
do all in your Tuv/ei & loot-e no time they are Greatly v/auted 
& INIust be got. 

I am Sir 
Your mo-st htmvl Scrv'l 


IJ. Q. M. Gl. 
To Major Head Hu veil 

A. D. Q. M. 01. 

Philadelphia IJ Jtily 17S0. 

1 Jiave not heaid from you since mine by Mr. Y\'orking, W. 
I\I. I make no doubt ycu procured, A Team to till up his Bri- 
gade — as no Teams have Come in since from you, I doubt not 
there is some now rcadv, »?.> having a Cousideralde part of a 
Brigade ready, 1-ave .-ent on Mr. James Beard from Chester 
County Vv'ith Eight Teams, and with four Thousand Eight 
Hundred Dollars to pay the months pay advance, for two 
more which I earnestly request you will procure without 
Delay & let Mr. Eaird have them as quick as possible, have 
sent ten Days provisions for Each Team, with one of the 
Brigade, who will Set oO; in the morning, and be at Corryll 
ferry on Satuiday, f^'-3" louse no time in geting those two 
,■;;. Ccnsccuence I have vv-rote to Cai)t. 
to give tlie forage for them. I de- 
■: atinntion to This business, & that 
is-other Brigade of Teames Compleat. 
I am Sir 
Your ruost hnmbl Servt. 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
Mr. John Gibson. 

Bhilad. G Jul^ 1TS0. 

I have once more to j:.Mic-st you v.'ill please to furnish ;Mr. 
Baird, V/. M. v/ho goes tv ?vjr. Gibson for two I'eames to make 
uj. his Brigade witb Sixtj Bu^hells G;ain being for thirty days 
forage, if ycu wiil send n;^' in the r.f'counts of what you liave 
Supplied, 1 will Deliver :.-!s much h- re to Mr. Biddle or send 
it to you, as you think proper. 1 request you will delive* 



as it 

is cl 

: Gr 



& Ml 

:\ W 







you w 


soon ; 



l^ETTKR BOOK. 225 

wliat may be uow Avrtited as any delay may be of bad Con- 

1 am Gentlemen 
Your most liumbl Servt. 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
Capt. McCalla 
or Mr. Wright. 

Philadelphia G July 17S0. 
Di. Sir, 

Your favour by :\l! Nur^'Ut was duly delivered me, not a 
Team is yet come bu"; tht first Six, I am daily call'd on for 
them, I rcque^-.t i ou v^Al send them ou as quick as possible 1 
fear they T.ill be too D^e, do hasten them all in your power, 
and send sixty or seventy Teams if you can the delay in their 
coming after the ente: is \ery expensive but Suppose it Can- 
not be avoided; ?i- I h..-',e not the least doubt you'll send them 
with all possible di-p. .rh— as grain is much dearer v.ith you 
than here must leque-i you will furnish the Teames v%-ith no 
more grain than is iiily necessary to bring them down. I 
will send you more nxiney on thai account next week. 

I nov.- Send you Fafly three Thousand three Hundred <&- 
thirty three dollars, 'r one hundred and forty nine Guineas 
from i\Ir. Holkor on i ct of the purchase of Horses, 

You mentioned thn = of the Half Joes being light those you 
had before were a'l L . \ e> 1 could have pass'd them all here 
you must do the saru. ^ -> v,-ell as you can — &c 

I am Sir 
Your friend & humble Si^rvt. 

D. Q. M. 01. 
Colo, John. Davis 

D. Q. M. .01. 

Philadelphia 7 July 17?n. 

As yon engaged to lake the Charge &. Direction of a 
pheatcn & two horses., a AYaggon with four horses and Driver 
& thirty Six Led Ho?"er. to be delivered to Col. Jerm. Wads- 
worth at hartford in Connecticut for to enable you to pei 
form the busiiies you have three men to assist you v.-ho are to 
receive Sixty Dolir^rs pr day and bear all their own expences 
IC---V0I. XIV- ce^ S^r. 


ou account of which they have received uine Hundred dollars 
— you are to be allo'vv'd One Hundred & Twenty Dollars pr day 
for your wages trouble an-d expeuces the exnence for Pasture 
of the Forty tvro Horses you are to keep a regular account of 
& take Receipts for all Sums you pay you are to be perticu- 
lariy Careful of the Horses pheaton <t Waggon, and take the 
upcr roui to Is'ev,- Windsor ironr thence to fish kill & hardford 
the waggoner must draw Fifteen days Provision he is to con- 
tinue with Team have Ordered you twenty three Bushell Eaggs, 
and you ai'e to draw here Sixty Bu^-holl Indian Corn .Tc Oats 
of which yen are to put nfiy in the waggon the remainder on 
the >lorses take care of the Baggs and deliver them to Col. 
AA'-;i riQ v^orth from whomc jou aie iu get a receipt for every 
thing you Lave as those horses are for Monsieur De Corney 
You are not to Draw any pulilic Forage or Provision on the 
road, I depend on your making no unnecessary Delay on the 
load & you will pay perticular aitontion to the Charge you 
have taken. 

I have now^ given you four Thousand Eight Hundred Dol- 
lars, exclusive of the money paid the men, for which you are 
to account with me on your return, there is four saddles and 
Bridles three of v.'hich you are to deliver to Colo. Jerm. Wads- 
worth the other one of the worst horses he has you are to 
bri]ig Back — 

I am Sir 
Your most l.iumbl Servt. 

D. Q. :vl. G. 
I\Ir. Enoch Walsh. 

Philad. 7 July 17S0. 
Dr. Sir, 

1 h;ive at last pievaiiod on tlie nuiii who Contracted for 
the Waggons to take paper CO for one but he expects gould 
for those to be delivered the five nov/ brought in amount to 
310 which at CO for one is 49';00 DoHars you will be pleased to 
give me an order for that Sum as tliC workmen expects their 
money pnd want to be paid oft". 

I have had the honour of Conversing with Chevalier De la 
I^uzrne on the Subject — he reciuest you will let me have the 
money £-. says he will talk io you and settle the matter fully. 

Will it not he lie:;t to wait <&. send the horses to Come from 
Col. Davis in the Waggons as there will -then be five more 

LETTER I500K. 227 

roiuly to go there is no harrows for the Pheaton how is it 
to sent. 

I am with sincere esteem Sc respect Dr. Sir 

Your most obe'd humbl Servt. 

D. Q. M. GL 
Honourable John Holl^er Esqr. 

Philadciphia 8 July 17S0. 

)-Jy the lioarcr \iv. AVaUh has the Charge of forty two 
Hordes Including tvro in a pheaton, and four in a Team all 
of Y.'hich he will deliver you for account of Mon&ier De Cor- 
ne, agent for his Most Christian Majesty— the pheaton was 
left by Ivlonsieur De Corney, and has been repaired and New- 
harness got for it the Team was purchased by I\ir. Hollrer. 
I'wenty-eight of the Horses Came from Mr. Smith, of 
Baltimore there is four Saddles Sent with the Horses, 
three cf '.vhich you will please to received the other . 
with one of the worst Horses you have, send back by Mr. 
V\''ealch the tree men who assist hini with the Horses, are to 
return on foot, no money is to be paid them, or Mr. Wealsh, 
till the return here, but you wall please to Certifie the time 
you Discharge them, and give Mr. Walsh a perticular receipt 
for v,-!iat he delivers, he has been furnished v/itii twenty For- 
age bags &, Sixty Eushell of Grain here & provisions for ths 
t'^river, who has tvro montJis to serve at 40 £ in Gould or 
the Exchange he inlisted for three & Staid for one which ex- 
pired the C Inst. 

I am with esteem — 

Your Ijurnbl Servt. 

' ■ ■ • . JOHN :mjtcheld 

D. Q. M. GL 
Col. Jerin. Vradsv/orth. 

Piiilad'a 12th July 1780. 

I am realy Sorry to h.^^r you did not Supply Mr. Baird with 
the two teams agreabie to my request— from what you say'd 
to Mr. Hall I mahe no doubt you v/ill have four Teams ready 
by to morrow— two of v.-'cIj is to go with Mr. Grace, Fz two 
for Mr. ]Ju.ird, w'ch Ivir. Grace \;ill take care olf, & deliver 


OM-r to Mi-. Baird— he Itfl four thousand Eight himdrcd Dolls. 
with you, & Mr. Grace has the same Sum to pay for the t-\vo 
for his }3rigade. 

I request you will exert yourself to the outmost in gcting 
those four Teams,— I rely & depend on your doing it without 
fail, as the two Brigades -sviil wait for them. & it v.-i!l be a 
great loss if you do not accomplish it — I xpect Capt. MeCalla 
or Mr. Wright can furnish you Aviih the grain for the four 
teams. Mr. Baird took the provisions for two men for twelve 
days <& Mr. Grace does the same for two more. 

I request you will loose no time in getting those teams 
ready a::d ocnt oS let me iicie from j ou on liiis Subject. 
I am Sir 
Your most humbl Servt. 
JOHN :mitctiell 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
IMr. John Gibsou. 

Philadelphia 12 July 17S0. 

I^lease to furnish Mr. GibscTi, A^ith Thirty Days Grain for 
two four Horse Teams, to go with r\Ir. Grace to North river I 
will eicther replace it here to Mr. Diddle or send it to you. 
I am Gent 

your most humbl 
D. Q. M. G. 
Capt. McCalla 
or Idr. Wright. 

Philad'3 14 July 17£0. 

The Geeis for tlic Amrnu'dtion Waggons arc ready, their is 
only five W'aggons yet come in — I liave foujid a Person that 
will make me tvrelve AmmiUuition Waggons for £50 hard 
with Geers con.pleat. If T can advance him half the Money, 
this v/ill save a Considerable sum as the others v,-ill cost about 
£02 Cash. If this is agreeable let me know, the Exchange 
at 60 for One if paid in Continental. 

There is Eight four HoTse Teams gone forward to Hart- 
ford—I Expect Sixty Teams from Col. Da.vis every hoiir— as ho 


promised that Xumbcr & in a few Days expect more Teams 
from Berks, Lancasler ct Chester. 

I am Y.ith respect 
Tour most Obedt. bumbl St. 

J. M. 
John Iioliver Esqr. 

Philadelphia 16 July ITSO. 

I receired your favour by Mr. Davison — there is not a 
Waggon come in from you but the first Six, and as the 
money I sent is nearly Equal to Fifty Teams, and Mr. Holker 
being Press'd for money for other purposes Can't at this time 
send up any Cash, but you may depend on auy Sum that is 
Necessary in a very Short time the Teams is v.-anted and the 
distress tliat \<Ul be Occasioned for want of them will be 
great. I must earnesily entreat and request you will send off 
every Team you can get or procure they must not be detained 
to bring Loads here it prevents iheir getting here in time & 
the service is very difi:erent pray do all in your power, by the 
last of the week I can se^id you more money but if you can 
send Dovrn the Teams to receive part of their pay here it 
would be better, the delay on the road I fear as you formerly 
mentioned you had three Brigades ready and they had full 
time to be here Some day ago. 

I Congratulate you on the arival of the Fi-ench Fleet at 
Rhode Island on the IGiL Instant in the Evening, last Night 
the Express come to Town v.-ith the account and further per- 
ticulars we P2xpect hourly, this will Skew the necessity send- 
ing in the Waggons. 

If yon car.t procure the to pl-:a?;e your Self dont buy 

but if the Please you the will me. 

I am T.-Jth Sincere esteem 
Dr. Sir 
Your most humbl Servt. 

D. Q. M. Gl. 
Col. John Davis D. Q. ?'.I. Gl. 


Philad'a 16 July 17S0. 

I received your favour by Mr. Couples — observe what what 
you say respecting Teams Teams. If you find you Cannot 
Send any more Teaines for some lime please to send Down 
the money as it is Tranted here & I vrill at any time you 
can procure a Brigade send you what is Necessary there is the 
most urgent and pressing Occasion for the Teames. The 
French Fleet arrived Safe at Rhode Island the 10 in tlie 
eveninc; this you may depend on is fact. 

1 am Sir 

your humbl Lc 

J. M. 
ISIajor Reading Nowel! 

Q. M. 

Philad. IG July 17S0. 

From your several Letters I finde I can expect very fiew 
Teames if any, 1 must therefore request you will send the 
money which I sent ycu to pay the hire of YVaggous for the 
Service of bis Tvlost Cijristian ?vlajesty his agents here called 
upon me for the rnoU'iy & as I wrote to you expressly that 
this money could not sor must not be applied to any other 
use I make no doubt yau will send it Imediateh'. I rely on 
your punctuality as it would be very Injurious to me to be 

If I h;id it in my Pow'.u' I would have sent ycu some money 
for acct. of the United Ro,tes but 1 have not been able to pro- 
cure any Since you wer,": here. I hope soon to get some when 
you may expect all in viy Power, please to let me knovr if 
you have any Horses Lett that are lit for Service. If so please 
to send them as they are much wanted Could any Tow Linen 
be got near you & at wBiat price. 

The French Fleet Arrived at iihoad Lsland, the 10 Inst, in 
the Evening every iiorse or AvagKou we have or can get v/ill 
be wanted. I nm very sorry yon Could not get Teams, in 
your County but am Ocnvinced you done all in jour power 
and l\Ir. Sloughs buying Horses was no doubt the Cause you 
could not get them. 

William Smith }<:^ 

LETTER r.OOK. 231 

Philadelphia IG July 17S0. 

I have this momeul lijceivecl your favour of this day, what- 
ever Teams eoiues iu in fuLure shall be deiained here till iu.r- 
ther Orders, but they vrill expect & insist od graiu which is 
always given thera afier entering into the public Service, if 
Pasture can be got it Shall be done & I hope to be able to 
procure it, you mention the Twenty Ammunition Waggons 
being ready next v.'eek I cannot ansv/er for that, I informed 
you yesrerday of a proposal which was made mo about the 
Tv.-elve a,munition \Yaggons, when I sent for the money (Mr. 
Wuv) he said he foigot to mention the cover whif^b he nev'^r 
furnished this will Cost £3 hard, and of Course the v/aggon 
will Cost £oS v/hich 1 more than I mentioned to you I de- 
sired him to wait on you and let you hnovv-, since which I 
have not seen him, there is Seven waggons now ready with 
all their Geevs Compleat, so soon as the others are Brought 
iu 1 will let you know but Cannot be Answerable for the time. 

I have before infoinitd you there was Eighty waggons gon 
forward Expect Seventy from the other side Susquehannah but 
you can be no means be answerable for haveing Two hundred 
ready. I ingaged I v.-ould do all in my Power to procure that 
number which I will do If practable the State have sent to 
procure a Considerable number and the Miliiia will be Ime- 
dialely Called out those Circumsiaucer; and a Backwardness in 
the people to go over the norlji River has and vril! render it 
More Deficuli than I expected but eviry thing iu my Power 
shall be ^done. 

Whatever Horses comes here shall be provided for in the 
best pasture that can be procured there will be an Express 
raedy to go to Lancaster to Morrov,- who will Take any money 
you or Mr. Ivlorris thinks proper to send. 

You may rely on e^-ery service in my l*ov;er on this and 
every other ocoiiiiou being v»,rry Sincerely 


Eoublo J. ^l. 

John Ilolker E=;qr. D. Q. M. G. 

Philad'a 22d July 17S0. 

Toa are to proceed with the fourteen Teams lindcr your 
comand with utmort disptit, b by way nf Correyle's Ferry 
Hacketstown Sussex Court House >'>:- New Winsor where you 

232 Llr-'TTER BOOK. 

are to cross the North river & proceed on to Hartford in Con- 
necticut, &. there apiy iv }.Ton.s. De Corney ],i.. Col. cf Cavalrj' 
or to Col. WadsworLh from v.'lioni you will roecive further 

Your ]3rigade has received one }.Iontbs pay advance you 
have had the same for yourself & Horse, you have also rec'd 
thirty two days Forage i> t.welve days Rations for yourself & 
Waggoners a Superinteii\Vt will proceed immediately who will 
act as Commissary anfH Forage Master, & have the care of 
fifty Teams you will oL'Sr^ve sucii orders as he gives & account 
with him for the :Monoy you expend for Pasture for w'ch you 
lire to take receipts to enable you to settle your '\rcount«. 
You have now rec'd foOTtoen Hundred Dollars for that pur- 
pose, for which you are lo be accountable- - 

When you arive at Hatiford Mr. Baird W. C. v,-ill take three 
of the Teams under his Care. 

I am Sir 
Y^our humbl Servt. 

J. Xi. 
D. Q. M. Gl. 
Mr. Robert Ronn 

W. G. 

Philad'a 2.3d July 17S0. 

Agreeable to your reqi'-fA I inclose you the amm't of ray 
Expenditures, exclusive o' the Ammunition Waggons &. Geers 
— The Particulars on th-' iJooks are at all times ready for 
your Inspection & shall le. happy to give you every Satisfac- 
tion in my power. 

The Fourteen Teams wlich came last in Setts of this Morn- 
ing, It was iji the Evening I rec'd your Directions to send them 
on, & Immediately gave i;he Necessary Orders, but they had 
to bring their Horses frrrn Pastui-e, get their forage & Pro- 
visions &c they have my orders to proceed with all possible 
dispatch to Hartford. 

I have sent on Ninety two four Horse Teams including now going on. I Ejipect fifty Teams from Colo. Davis, 
& about three Brigades irorn Chester, Lancaster, Bircks & 
Bucks County in r!je Coli-c of Eight or Ten days, perhaps 
I may be ablr- t(; g.-t kku", bat as there is no putting any abso- 
lute Certainly in th.; pro; ires of the Farmers I cannot pre- 
• tend to Speak Positively-TJiis you may rely on, that I will 
do all in my power to pr-.^ure them, & do every part of the 


Inisineps coimiiitted to ciy Care in the best mauuer iu my 
power as I am truly d!:.x:o.-:.;(l to make use of every ixeitiou, & 
hope til your satisfactio.i, as well as the Chevalier & Mousr. 
])e Conicy. 
1 have the hon'r to be with f^steem & Respect Sen. yours »S:c 

J. M., D. Q. M. G. 

Jno. Ilolker Esqr. 

Philfid'a July £3, ITSO. 

It %\as Ele\en oCiock Jast iiight when 1 receivt-il %Gur favor, 
I take the earliest Opportunity of giving you the information 
requiied. I have expin&d as follows viz — 

Advance pay to Wag-^ons & Drivers, Waggon Conductors 
Pay & Money to procuis Pasture on the road, Two Superin- 
tendants, a Coraissary <k Forage Master here One Man doing 
both duties. Bags for Forage, Hire of Express, & Men to go 
fo the several Counties no deliver Letters &■ procure Teams — 
Purchase of Grain. Freight & Storage, Hay & Men to go with 
Horses &c Purchase of I'ourteen Horses Saddles & Bridles 
Halters &c ^c Amount:; to £2.3u]53:7:G equal to 613,742 ] -S 
Dollars. The particulars of each you may have at any time 
or the Original ]3ooks ol Entry & receipts <S:c. 
A Brigade of Ten Teasns expencc before the 

leav-e this City amt. pay advance, 24000 Dollars 

Waggon Conductors paj COO 

To purchase pasture on che Rctd, 1000 

Four forage Bags to 'feani is 40 Bags 
stands nearly 40 Dlra. each bu* will now cost 

move, 1600 

There is also Forage duf- to them com/g from the 
County to the City, tht time being very differ- 
int according to the places they come from & 
price of Grain v.'here Faey live it cannot be as- 
certained v/hat sum b^j" on an average Cost, .. IGOO 

2SS0O Dolla-s 
To this is to bo addo,!' the Value of the Forage and Rations 
<^'C— Errors Excepted. 

S. M. 
D. Q. M. Gl. 


Pliiiad'a 23d July ITSO. 

You being appoinU'Q to ?.uiiermtendaiit of fifty good four 
Horse Teams seiu on tu the .N'ortli River iS: to proceed from 
thence to Hartford in Connecticut ^v]le1•e or at the North 
Kiver, you will icceivs Orders from Men. De. Corney Agint 
for the French Army whose orders you are to Obey in all 
respects or those of tlse Marquis Delafeyatlie. 

You are to see the Waggon Conductors do their duty, ac- 
count with you for the ilouey ihey have received for to pur- 
chase Pasture &. to deliver out Provision to the Yvaggon Con- 
ductors for th.:m & tlic-ir Men out of the Beef Porl-: &. Flour 
<t. you have senl forward and in all resp'ts superintend 
their Conduct, & see iliey do their duly & they are hereby 
Ordered to obey Your Orders, &. proceed as quick as possible 
to Hartford. 

I request you may be particularly attentive to your duty, 
the Names of the Wagson Conductors you annexed with 
the Numbers in each Erigadc. I have also given you Two 
Thousand Dollars to enable you to procure what may be neces- 
sary for the Horses & T^len of which you are to keep an 
exact Account Vouchers t: receipts for all Money expended &; 
to be accountable for it & the Provisions sent on. 

For vrhich service you are to receive Twenty four Dollars p 
day &. four Dollars for your horse v.-.'th forage & Rations for 
yourself & horse from the 19Lb Inst, or Eighty Eight Dol- 
lars p day, & bear your own Expenccs. 

I am Sir 
Your humbl Servt. 

J. M. 
D. Q. Vi. G. 
Mr. Robert Elton. 

Philad'H 24 July ITS':*. 

The Dearer Tdr. Elton as superintendant Comissary and 
Forage IMaster of Fifty four Horse Teams of wliich forty Iavo 
are gon on to you, the n-rsX Brigade will leave this in a fievr 
days by which Shall ser-:! on some Provisions for this Divi- 
sion. I expect to send v?: many more Teams in a Short time 
the Demand for Teams f'.r the arm.y and other Occasions, 
Demands have made it very Difficult to procure them, the 
President & Council hav;-? ordered tl^.e Quotas demanded of 
them to he impessed, however as the Harvest will soon be 


over exiiect to procure a sufik'ieut number for the use of the 
Allied Army. 

1 ar;i v,-ii!i Esiecm Sir, 

Your most humbl Servt. 

J. M. 
D. Q. M. G. 
Col. Jerm. Vradsworth. 

Philad'a July ?9, 17S0. 

You are to proceed v.'iih ihe Ten Teams under your Com- 
mai.d \>iiJi ucijusi di::iJ.Klli by ^vuy of Ccrryls Ferry Kackett^ 
Town Sussex Court house & New Winsor, where you are to 
cross the North River & proceed on to Hartford in Connecti- 
cut and there aply to Mons. De Coruey Lt. Colo, of Cavalry or 
to Col. "Vv'adsworth from whom you will receive further Orders. 
Ycur Brigade has received one Months pay advance, You 
have hRd the same for yourself & Horse, You have also re- 
ceived thirty four days Forage & fourteen days Rations for 
your.?elL L AVagfioners, a superiniendant will proceed imme- 
diately who will act as Comm'y <fe Forage Master, & have 
the care of the division, You will observe such orders as he 
gives, &. account with him for the money you expend for Pas- 
ture, for which you are to take receipts to enable you to 
settle your Accounts, You have now received One thousand 
Fcllars for that purpo.-.e, for which you are to be Accountable. 
I am Sir 

Your.s 6 c. 

J. M. 
D. Q. M. G. 
Mr. Sam'l AVilliamson 

AV. C. 

Philad'a .July 2:*, 17S0. 

You fire to proce^-d with the Eleven Teams under your Corn- 
and vs-ith utmust di.spatcli by way of Conwl's Ferry Hacketts 
Town Sussr-x Court House & Nevr Winsor, where you are to 
Cross the North River, & proceed on Hartford in Ccn- 
necticut & there aply to Mon.s. De Corney I^i. Col. of Cav- 
alry, or to Col. Wad:--v,-orth from v.-hom you will receive fur- 
ther Orders. 

Y''our Brignde has received one I^Ionths Pay advance, you 
have had the same for yourself & -Horse, You have also re- 


reived Ihiiiv four clays forage &. fourteen day- Rations for 
yoursel.t & Waggonci'^, Mr. Elton Superintendant has pro- 
ceeded on before you wlio will talce charge of the Division & 
will act a(5 Coramisya?y & forage Master, you will observe 
such ordej-s as he givej, & account with him for the INIoney 
you expend for Pasunv, for which you arc to take receipts, 
to enable you to sett:e Your Accounts, You have now re- 
ceived Eleven hundrexS Dollars for w'eh you are to be ac- 

I am Your Iroml. servant 

el Gill 

W. C. 

D. Q. M. G. 

Philadelphia 2 Augt. 17S0. 

You will proceed with the Twenty seven Horses, under your 
care with the Utmost Dispatch (so as not to Injure the 
Horses) by way of Cor:'ye]l Ferry, Hackcts Town, and Sus- 
sex Court House, and Zvev.- Windsor where you are to Cross 
the North River & proceed on the safest and best Route to 
Hartford, in Connectic?t, and there deliver your Horses to 
Mosr. De Cornoy Lt. Ccl. of Cavalry, or to Colo. Wadsworth 
from whom you are to get a receipt for the Horses, be per- 
ticularly carefull of the Uorses on the road & get good pas- 
ture every night for thti-a and feed them a day with a reas- 
onable alowance of oats; or Corn for whicli purpose I have 
now given you Six Thoihand Dollars, you are to take receipts 
for all money expended for the Horses to enable you to settle 
youi- accts. with me yot are to make no delay on the road 
• rcturuing uor suffer the two men v.dio go with you 

to do it. 

Thorn ax Alexaude 

1 am Sir 


J. : 

rhilad'a 2d Augt. 178^. 

By ?,Ir. Tlionias Alcvnder you will receive twenty seven 
Horses, twenty five purc],ax'?d by CoJ. Davis, of Carlisle, &. two 
by Mr. Smifb of DaltiiirOir- . The T.i-t of Col. Davis's I havi. 


inclos'd you, the otiier two you will kuow by paper annexed — 
hope Ibey will orive safe & ia good order— Mr. Ale.vander Las 
orders to be particularly careful of theui. I Expect to &end 
you tweuty Ammuriirion Waggons conipleat by Monday next, 
it is extronity difficult to procure Drivers to go with them, 
every ihing is doins here as fast as the situation of the 
County will admit— One Hundred & thirteen four horse Teams 
haye gone on to you on to you & in a few days Expect to 
send a Considerable number more— sb.all be glad to hear from 
you & know the siiualion of the Armies— from the Prepara- 
tions jiope v/e shall have a successful Campaign. 

I am &c 

J. i\I. 
Col. .Term. Wadswovtli 


Philadelphia 3rd Augt. 17S0. 

Your favour by "Mr. Ea;ieuberger came to hand this Inst, 

with Eighty Horses for which he has a receipt from Mr. 
Holtzheiraer & me have retuimed tlie Saddles & By the Wag- 
gon which returns with the bearer— four of the Horses are 
lame but expect thej- ws'l soon recover as they are in good 

Is there any good \V;ui:mou that makes amuniticn ^A'ag- 
gons in or near Lancas'-r if there is you would oblige me by 
informing the Lowest p. ice with painted Cover Swingle Trees 
brest <£, Pole Chains also the price of good Stout Road Wag- 
gons with Swingle Tress Brest and Pole Chains and Lock 
Chains to both & what -ihc price of Tow linin is. 

I am Sir &c 


Mathias Slough Esor. 

Dr. Sir 

4 August 17S0. 

There is no Gi-ain fee the Tean..> nov; hei'e, & )eady to s°l 
off for the Army of Hi;.- most Christian Majesty, it is attended 
with great expence the detaining ihe Teams, ther is no part 
of the Xeoessarys reqr^ijed jr. the Ouartor Masters busine.'^s but 
v,-hat I am ready to i-'ocure if you think proper — You v/ill 
excuse me for talring fiie liberty of observing that the more 
men employed to do r.ablic or Private business the worse it 


is done, my only viev,- or iuteiUion is to give you my senti- 
ments, wiiich if they can be of any .service shall be lU your 

I have some Stores here which nnisL be .^:ent to the Ameri- 
can Army. If you think proper I Avill send about six or seven 
Hundred Weight in each of the Wa,i;gous going on to the 
allied army the Waggons shall not be detained by it,— but 
without your approbar.iun it shall not be done Sai'r 5th Augt. 

I am Sir 

J. W. 

P. S. there is Seventeen Horses come from r.altimore w'ch 
I have ordered examined & sent to pasture till I receive your 
directions they are new at the Stables. 

Houbl John Holker Esqr. 


There is now Twenty AVaggons waiting for Grain the the 
expencc is above Twelve Hundred pounds pr. day exclusive 
of forage and Provisioiis there will be one or two Brigades 
in on Monday or Tuesday each Brigade will require 350 
Bushells Corn — I request you will endeavour to procui'e the 
grain so soon as po.^:siblc and let me know when it may 

5th Augt. 17S0. 

Wm. Turnbull E.sqr. 


Philad'a 5th Augt. 17S0. 

You are to proceed with the nineteen Teams under your 
Comni'd wiihout the ouimost Dispatch by way of Correyls 
Ferry Hackets Town, Sussex Court House & New Windsor 
whore you are to Cros.=. the ncrth river & proceed on to Hart^ 
ford in Connecticut and there apply to Mosr. De Corney Tjieut. 
Colo, of Cavalry or to Colo. Wadsworth from whom you will 
receive further Orders. 

Your Brigads has rec'd one months pay advance you have 
had the same for yonr.-<df and Horse ycm have also rec'd 
thirty day.s Forage and •■I'te.-^ii days Rations for yourself and 
w^aggoner.- a Siiporini. lidi^nt wii! proceed Imediately wlio will 
act as C.imm'y and Forage ?.ra-ter and have the Care of 
Derision you will observe sucii ciders as he will give and 


occnmit with iiim for the money you expend for pasturo for 
which you are to take rcccijus to enable you to sctiie your 

You have now rec'd 'c\:o thousand Dollars foi- ihat purpose 
for -which you are to :!;- accountable — as you have two Bri- 
gades under your direci'.on wliils'i you can keep them together 
without iircjudice to iLe service you shall be entitled to re- 
ceived Twenty four duLJart^, pr. day for yourself Sc four dollars 
pr. day for youi Horft wiili Raiions aiid Forage for yoursclj 
S:. Horse. 

I am Sir 

J. M. 

P. S. You are to procrud with tlie greatest dispatch to Hart- 
ford so as not to prejudice the Teams. 
John Buchannan 

rhiladeiphia 8 Augt. 37S0. 

Y^ou are to proceed with th(; utmost Dispatch with the 
eighteen Horses put n^der your Care, by ATay of Ccrrylls 
-Ferry Morris-Town axvl Kings Ferry, and from thence to 
Hartford, in Connecticu-C, where you are to Deliver them to 
Mons. De Corney Lt. Tol. of Cavalry & agent for his most 
Christian .Majesty or to Colo. Wadswona taking a receipt 
for them >ou are to piuceed with one mzai to assist you as 
far as Camp, and froiu thence you will take two each of 
which Is to have Sixtj dollars pr. day and bear their own 
expence, & you are to have Fifty Dollai's pr. day, as far as 
Camp and from them-f you are to have One hundred and 
Twenty Dollars p day e:jd pay your own expences have now 
given you Three '1 hunsind Dollars to pay fur pasture for the 
Horses c^ oiher expenses you are to take receipts for all 
money laid out for pa.sijii-e and he perticu.larly Carefull of the 
Horses on the road iha-.. tlie men attend their duty the Horses 
are all Branded and vt-u have a list of them, which you will 
de]iv-f;r to Monsr. De Consey or Col. Vv'adsworth who will 
receive them request you may make no delay and Ije per- 
(icularly attenti^e to yo;u- duty. 

r am Sir 

Mr. James Rensha-.T. 


]:ir. Sir, 

There j.s some more Tt-am^i come in who want? their IMontlis 
pay advance & the rerE^^rr of the Wagt^ons will be in today, 
J have paid the last I^IeTuy away, and will now want at least 
vSixty thousand Dollars this Day o;- in the Morning early, as 
it takes a Considerable time to get the money &. count it, I 
request ycu will please to Scud me an order this Morning, 
ray leg is so bad I cannot vralk or w'd wait on you myself. 

1 find it Extreamly diiT-eult to get \Vaggoners even at three 
pounds, or One liund'd *-. Eighty pounds Contineniai p Mo. 
the Malitia going out is one great reason, if you think it Safe 
lo Employ Deh^crtcrs Zvz:r. the Dvittish A;my I can get Some 
\i-rx good Drivers amo:;;,:;sl them. 

1 am Dr. Sr. 
J. M. 
D. Q. M. Gl. 
11th Aug'st IT&O. 
Ilcnble John Holker Esg:. 

Philad'a 12th Aug'st 1780. 

I request you will Endi-: vor to procure as many good Teams 
as possible, and send thvm down with the utmost dispatch, 
for the s;une Service »fc en the Sanre acct. as the Cash, &. if 
you want r>roney let rae know how much will do, & it shall 
be Sent you, I request yiu will use all your Interest to Send 
me two Brigades for the Service of His Most Christian Majes- 
ty — I hope to hear from \on soon & am with esteem 


Yours &ca 

J. !sl. 
D. Q. M. CI. 

Major Reading Howell, 

Q. Mr. Mountg-ecne. 

It is nece';sary you sho:!'! you shauld make a proper return 
cf such Provisions as yon tooke under your Care out of Mi-. 
Gills Brigade of Teams arcl that alr-o that the whole be prop- 
cily Accot. fcr before tb.o i:io;.cy retained for that piirpa-;e can 


be paid tliis imi-^t lie done regularly <fc properly Certified & 
Qualified J vish ihtu- n;ay be no delay in ilie njatter as Mr. 
Duncan pay-s it is him the money is due to. 

I am Sir 


J. M. 
D. Q. i\r. Gl. 
Philad. ]2 Novr. 17S0. 
Mr. Samuel WilliamRon. 

Dr. Sir. 

Colo. Di^v::- Y.'ho vii! D^iiv^'i- yon ilii« inform:^ me he would 
^Yisb To make a Contract >Yith you for puch articles of pro- 
vision as you may vrant, that he can purchase on the West 
side of Susquannah. I can recommend him as a Gentleman 
of Honour and A man of Property & Abbilities at least equal 
to any in that part of this State, & realy believe you may 
place full Confidence in bim — If it is any bussiness in which 
1 can save you Trouble by making the agrcemojit or any 
arangenient you may think necessary you kncv I v.ill do with 
pleasure I shall every order or business comraited to my care. 

Col. Davis has brought some Horses I shall send to examine 
Them this day & Send thern off Tomorrow if you do not 
countci'raand them one Ff.rigade of Amunition Waggons & one 
of Common Waits for Forage. 

I am Sr. &c. 
J. M. 
lolh Augt fVSO. 
lionbl. John Hoiker Esqr. 

Philadelphia 15 Augt. 17S0. 

You are to proce^rd with t])C Brigade of Eleven Teams un- 
der your Command with the l.'tmost Dispatch by way of 
Correyls Ferry — Morristown and King.-; Ferry where you are 
to crfi.--.s the n(_rth River hnd ijrocecd to IJeartford in Connecti- 
cut, or Rlioiid Island there apjdy to Monsr. De Corney Lieut. 
Col. of Cavalary or Col. Wadsworih from wbonie you will re- 
ceive further orders. 

Your P.rigadc has n-e'd one months pay advance you have 
had the sa^nc for yourself and, you have also rec'd 
Thirty three days Forage and Seventeen days Rations for your 
Self Waggoners, a Superintonrlant will proceed Imediately who 

lf;--Vui. xiv-ct.h H'jv. 


Avii] act as Comiiiisary aiK! Fcragc Master and liave the Care 
Oi the Division you Avill obsearve all Orders he will Give and 
account, with him for the rne^ney you expend for pasture for 
which you are to tal;e receipis to enable you to Settle your 
accounts. You have now rec'd Twelve hundred Dollars for 
that purpose for which you arc to be accouutabl— 1 request 
you may loose no time on the road but proceed to Rhoad Island 
as quick as possible except you receive Orders to the Coutrarv 
on the Road from Col. De Carney or Colo. Wadsvrorth you are 
in take receipts for all your J'asuire & 

1 am Sir 

Mr. ^Yni. Child W. C. 


Philad. IS xVugt. 17S0 

It being inconvenient for Mr. Iloltzhumor to give up one of 
his Stabks for the use of the Horses necessary to be kept 
here If ycu approve of it 1 will Rent one, get a proper person 
to attend it, and send in what hay and Grain may be neces- 
sary— If any Expresses are vranted I have some who are faith- 
ful and may be depended upon who will serve for one Dollar 
pr. Day or the Exchange, being furnished with a horse Saddle 
and Bridle and to have theii* Rations when in Philadelphia 
and hear tlicir own expence on the road or tv,-o Dollars pr. day 
and licar their own espences every where having a Horse 
Sadie and Bridle four Thern. 

I Shall v,-ant a fuitker sum of nioney there being more Wag- 
gons in money due Col. davis for Grain and purchased 
for Teams sent in by him & youi' draft on me in his favour, 
also money due Mr. Wai^;li & many other accts. for Bags, and 
several articles as Geers a fiew Camp Kettles, Bucketts Hand 
siTCws for waggons, advance pay &c <S:o. 

The sum I cannot perllcularly ascertain but you may Send 
me an order for what you please but 1 think not less than 
Sixty Thousand Dollars will do now. 

I shall send off the Horses from Carlisle this day to Rhoad 
Island and send :^ir. AVoa:.ii who 1 believe will be wauled to 
attend all the Tea^is sm;' 'o the arujy an<I is i believe cap- 
able of the tru-t wh^-n hi- ->.ts there if. the Ce'l haa provided 
any pcrsoii for t/ns purpf".. -■-^ ?Jr. v. alsh can return— If there 
)H ajiy arangcmejit wanie-l lespecting what supplies are to be 
fui'uished his most Christi'-tn Maje.-ty!s Array in Atrierica. If 


I can reiuler any Sc-rvice I will freely do it and i£ necessary 
&. his Excellency the Chevalier De Luzerne & you think it 
proper I Avill wait on the Count De Rochambau &; give him 
every Liformauou & assistance in my Power & put the bus- 
iness on Such a footing as will give the least Trouble tS; be 
lea-si Expensive and and ai the same' time regularly and prop- 
erly done it is my sincere wish to render every service — my 
Knowledge of the Country and the different Branches of the 
Business and supplies will enable me to do and as I can give 
every information I'Gspccting the business, I will be happy 
in every opportunity of shewing my disposition to serve the 
Protector ni the rights o<" mankiiKl and his Officers and Army. 

I hpve 

: ice 

J. M. 

Honble John Kolker Esqr. 

Phllad'a ISth Augl JTSO. 

You being aptiointed V>'. M. to a Brigade of Ten Amunitiou 
waggons the property of his most Christian Majesty, you are 
to take them under your Command and proceed v.ith the ut- 
most Dispatch by way of Correylls Ferry Rackets Town Sus- 
sex Court House & New AVindsoi- where you are to Cross the 
noi'tii River and pioceed on to Rhoad Island and there apply 
to Monsr. De Corney Lieut. Co. of Cavalary from whom you 
will receive furthers orders. 

Your waggoner being inlisted for iluee month.^. have rcc'd 
one months pay Advance and you have had the same you 
have also rec'd Fifteen days Rations and Thirty day Forage 
for yourself and waggoners &. Horses and to receive forage and 
Rations the time of your Service. 

I have nov,' given y.jii Two thousand seven hundred and 
Twenty Dollars for the. purpose of procureing pasture for the 
Horses for which you are to be accountable to Mr. Enoch 
"SVaish and Observe all orders that he will give you on the 
void ai'd at Rhoad Island — You are to take receipts for all the 
money you I-Lxpend for pasture fc to enable you to Settle your 
acct. I desire that you will loose no time unnecesary on the 
road Imt proceed as quick as quick as possiljle so as not to 
prejudice the Horses. 

I am 

J. M. 


Philadelphia 2nih Augt. 17S0. 

Haveing Cominitetl to your Care Twerity three Horses pur- 
chased By Coh Davis by Order -of John Holker Esqr. for the 
ues of his most Christian Majesty's a; my, I request yen will 
see them talven good care of & well attended to one the road, 
& proceed to Hartford in Connecticut hy way of Corryel! 
Ferry Sussex Coui't House new Windsor, and from thence the 
best route to Hartford. When there apply to Col. "Wadsworth 
& if he has no ordc2-3 to give you proceed to Newport Rhoad 
Island and Deliver them to Col. De Cornoy, Commissary of 
War for his mcst Ch:;-tia:i Majesty. I rcquc^-t you will pay 
particular attention to the Horses &. see that the men who 
drives them are Careful and attentive to their Dutj' and get 
Good pasture and feed them properly. 

I must request you will be pa;ticuiarly attentive to the Bri- 
gade of Amunition Waggons under the Care of Mr. William 
Stroud W. C. who has Ten good four Horse Teams with him, 
the property of his Most Christian IMajosly, ar.d novr on their 
way to Joine his army, see that they are taken good Care 
of and make no Unnecessary delay on the Road, that the 
Drivers take Care of the Horses and get good pasture for them, 
they had Thirty days Forage, and Fifreen days Rations, the 
mus be very Carefuli rf ihe Hoises and Keep thent in good 

You will also take ]i.;rticu!ar Care to finde out every Bri- 
gade of Teams sent froir this for his must Christian iNlajestyi, 
Service, and make ihem riroceed on v.ith the utmost dispatch 
by the nearest & Best youte to newport, and see that they 
make no delay on any account, — I fear they have already 
been very blearnable an.J liave delayed the time on the road 
this I request you will prevent in future and see that every 
man does his duly and they are hereby Strictly charged to 
make no Delay bu,t pi'ccjed on with tlie utmost dispatch, & 
to OLiey your Orders lilj the arrive at tlie allied Army or re- 
ceive Ordei-.s from Mosr. D Corney, or some ofhcer impowered 
to give Ordei's. You ar^ on no accouTit to Suffer any Delay 
on the Road— You have heresvith the names of the wag,t:on 
Co!iductors that have ?:..n._ on & be perricularly Carefuli to 
fmde them, out if in any vlace betv.'ren this and Hartford and 
get thfun on wiiliouJ Del:/.. 

When you a:'rive at ].h':j(] Island waii. un TJonsr. Col. Dc 
Corney and inform hin -f y<;ur a Ms..! £: deliver the Horses 
and Ammunition Wa::...:';. and ab,i) iii" llii-d 'i'eams & if 
he has Occasion for v ■:; services to Stay and tak- the whole 


OHIO of all the Teams pcnl from ihis do it— and be carefull 
and uiligeuL to perl'urni ycur duiy, leceiving lils urder& and 
giving ilie nccessai'y and proiier Uider^ to the several "Wag- 
gon IMastors, and see that tliey do their duty and perform the 
Service required of them. 

if Monsr. De Corney dees not ^vant you. you are to returii 
Iniediate-ly after seeing all the Teams ari'ive and ready to do 
whatever duty may be required of ihem— I doubt not your par- 
tieuiar Care & attention lo every part of yoirr duty here in- 
coined yon ,S: in every respect act vviih Vigilance and loose no 
time in. the exocuticn of the duty. 

Tgi thi3 service you are to receive from the IS In-t. tvo 
dollars pr day or the Exchange being now one hundred and 
forty Dollars Continental, to bear your expence going and re- 
turning—the men who drives the Horses to have Seventy dol- 
lai'S p day 'and bear their own expences, the drivers in Mr. 
Strouds Brigade are inlisted for three months at £1S0 pr. 
month and one months pay advan.ced to them ilr. Stroud to 
have Twenty Dollars ))r. day, him and the drivers to have 
liaiions he Ijas had one n:ionths pay advance also. 

To enable you to provide properly for the Horses on the 
Road and perform the several duties now enjoined you have 
gi^en you Six Thousand Dollars for which you are to be ac- 
countable and take receipts for all sums you expend in the 
seivice, and keep proper and regular Accts. and pay the men 
what may be reasonably necessary you will v,-rite me from 
North River, Hartford, and Newport, and give me full infor- 
mation respecting every transaction. 

If luspectois arc wanted for the first Division in the Room 
of Mr. Beard and in the third Devision, I would wish to have 
Mr. Buchannon and Mi\ William.-:.on take charge of them, or if 
they do not Chuse it, or are not altogether fit there are sev- 
eral \ery good men gon on. 

If Col. AVadsworth dno;: not act himself he will give you 
his advice &. assistance- 1 request every P'ossiblo care and 
dilegence may be used to get the Teams on with all the 
expedition that Can be used, take particular notice of any 
Brigade or waggon Conductor, who have delayed on the road 
or behaved 111, & make me a report of it. Remember a 
Ration for a man is a ptamd of B'-ef or Pork a pound of J'lour 
and a .Jill of Rum & For each Team one Bushell Indian Corn 
and hair j)r,und of Hay r>- posture pr. day. 

I am Sir 


Mr. Enorh Wa];.h. J- ^I- 


Phihu!. 22d Augt. ITSO. 

I rec'd your esleerued favour ic ^\111 Avrite ymi iu a Iievv days 
thic goes by Mr. AValsli who goes" ou wiili Tweiuy four Horses 
purchased by CoL Davis by Oruer of the Honourable John 
Holker E-iqr. as I had no Coucearu iu the pui'chase of auy 
Horses Can Lave neither Credit or biaiue — If Mr. Walsh should 
be "wauted to Superiutend the Avholc of the "Wasgons he Nvill 
stay if not he will reuirn he is very capable of it & I will 
appoint proper men to supGriniend each Division. If hs wants 
more money it will be necessary to Supply him, he has my 
Orders to "cc "II the Teams arc arrived and get them, all to 
the army, and if v»-anted Stay with them— I request you will 
Give liim your Advice and assistance. Thank God I am clear 
of the Q. M. Department at Last I hope you will be able to 
sejid tiie Steci's for Col. Cox and me. 

I am 

J. M. 

Col Jerm: Wadsworth 


Philadelphia 22d Augt. 1780. 
Sir, . 

1 have the honour to inclose you Excellency Copy of the 
Contracts made with th^ prcpriters of the several Teams sent 
by your desire to new Windsor and from thence to Hartfcu'd 
in Connecticut from whence they were sent to PLhoad Island 
— the Teams are as low as possible being less than Ten Shil- 
lings in Gold pr. day, v.'hen General Knox Pressed Teams in 
Bucks County in this Strue he allowed them Tv.-enty shillings 
in gold or the Exchange and the several Waggon Masters in 
the Countys have offered Sixty pounds pr, day, those Sums 
are at least Double what I Give for those employed for the 
service of His most Christian Majesty's Army and will shev,'- 
that thero has been no v.Mut of projier Interest care or atten- 
tion in the business — T have the plpasure of asshuring your 
Excellency that I have r"<-:ne all that the nature and Situa- 
tion of this Country wou"d jiormit &. believe you will find on 
enquiry tliat every thai f-s'-ry part of the business ha.s been 
Carefully attejidcd to & :.:> paius wanting to have it done on 
on the best Terms — and so soon as the present exhausted 
State of Horses & Team.'; u-ould admit many of tlie Teams 


remained a Considerable linie at Ne?.- ^Yindsor or where tney 
were ordered, beior they were ordered, before aioy directions 
were given for them to proceed on to Hartford, I sent a Super- 
intendant cf Fifty Teams to the .-\Iarquis Dela Fayte at Camp 
who gave him his Orders to proceed on to Hartford the 17th 
July if there wa:^ any error in their remaining ai nevr Wind- 
sor it was for want of orders sent there sooner. 

If I can render any service to his most Christian Majesty 
your Excellency or the Count De Rochambeau by going to 
Khoud Island I shall do it with yleasure without any other 
View than that of giving him full information cf the nature & 
manner of diawing lorih the resouices of this Country & tiie 
mode of obtaining what Supplies the army may want on the 
easiest and best terms and this can only be done by proper 
Care and attention to the business and having a Gentleman 
to do the Business v.-hcm the GI. & your Excellency Can con- 
fide in & who wiJl act Avith proper Spirit Honour and lutegTity 
—1 shall only beg leave to add that every Service in my 
Power is ni your Cornniand. 

I am 

J. M. 

His Excellency 

The Chevalier 


Tjiere being a Sufficient number of Teams procured for the 
use of the French Troop?, please to Engage no more, till fur- 
ther Orders, if any have been engaged please let thorn know- 
they will not be wanted. 

I am Sir 


J. U. 

I^Iajor Reading Howell 


Pbilad. 22 August 17?0. 

I herewith Inclose y.-..u ,-; Copy of my Letter to His Excel- 
lency the Chevalier De Lri;::-ine wiih. the Several papers there- 


in mentioned --.vhirb v.ill fully Shew the uiaimer of transact- 
ing t!ie business you were pleased to recommend to my Care, 
I can truly asshure you that every part has been done viih 
the utmost attention and on the best Terms which you will 
see by examing my Letter Inclosed & the papers therein which 
fully explains the nature of the agreem^ents the Rations of 
Each Man p day. 

By the Agreements no Horse Waggon or Geers is to be 
paid for except they are Killed or taken by the Enemy or the 
Troops of his :MosI Christian Majesty or Drownxl by Crossing 
or recrossing the North river, in eiether of thos Cases the 
must produce a Certificate of the fact and then the two inon 
who Appaised the Horses AVaggon and Geers must be Quali- 
fied before a Majistrate that the appraisement is Just and 
true to- the best of their knowledge and Judgment this put 
it out of the power of any Person to Alter the apraisment and 
is the best secu/ity to both' parties that only Justice can can 
be obtained. 

I beg leave to observe that the Destination of the Teams at 
New Windsor procet^led from want of Orders for them to go 
on, that being the place they were Ordered, and as soon as 
the Marquis Dela l^ayette gave directions for them to pro- 
ceed the went on as fast as they Cou'd be collected, and the 
first Devision Arrived at Hartford on the 17th July, as ap- 
pears by Colo. Wadsv.-orths Orders to Yi-v. Beard, and there 
was no Orders sent to forward the Teams on to Rhoad Island 
those Orders they rc-e"a from Colo. Wadswcrth after the got 
to Hartford. It is fiiliy evident that tliose prices was low 
and much less than v.-ii^ given by the British last V/ar the 
gave 15f to 2uf pr. Team in Specie v.-hen it was fully one Half 
more Valuable than at i>Tesent, and tlie prices given by Genl. 
Knox and by the Wagg'i.n Masters in they Countys is double 
what I give for the Service of his Most Christian :Majesty as 
it is now equal to lOf ja gold pr. day for a four Horse Team 
and Driver. I am fully Saitisfied the business could not be 
done one belter Terms vrfiich will appear on every examination 
into the matter, as to Teams delaying on the road it is a 
complaiiit unjustly made, but very Deficuit to be reimeded it 
has been often tried and Several W. Tsl. punnished but Still the 
will delay at times wheie they have it in their power— I can- 
not be expected to be answerable for this the Rations fur Yif-n 
and Horses is fully eA],Iained in the paper annexed to the 

I flatter myself it wJii apear every thing hss lieen done that 


tiie Nature i'> Siniatioii of tlio times v\-ould admit of this. I 
am certain that I have l;eeii and am Sinceariy deposed to Ron- 
dtr every Service in my i)ov.-er at all times and ou every Oijca- 

I am Sir 

Ilonourabl J. M. 

John Hoilcer Escjr. 

Consul] of Franco. 

rhilad. 2 Sept. ITSO. 

You beiui; W. ^I. to a Brigade of Ten Amunitiou AVar.gons 
tlie Troperty of His most Christian IMajesty you are to take 
them under your Command, and proceed vrith the utmost 
i..spatch hy ^vay of Correyells Ferry, Hacketts Town and Sus- 
sex Court House and New Windsor where you are to cross the 
North River and proceed on to Rhoad Island and ther apply to 
Monsr. De Convey L'ieul. Col. of Cavalary from whome you ^vill 
receive fui-tlier Orders you must proceed by way of Hartford 
in Connecticut. Your Waggoners being Inlisteil for three 
months have rec'd one mouihs pay Advance and you have 
had the Fame you have also rec'd Sixteen Days Rations and 
Twenty one days Foi-age for your Self, Waggoners and Horses 
and are to receive Ratioiis ar.d Forage during the whole time 
uf your Service, 

I have nov,' given you Two Thousand Dollars for the pur- 
pose of procuring Pasture for the Horses for which you are 
to be Accountable to 3Ir. Enoch Walsh and observe all the 
Qj'ders he will give you on the road and at Rhoad Island, Or 
in his absconce the Orders of them tlie Commander in Chief 
or Monsr. De Corney places over you, or Monsr. De Corney. 

You are take receipts for all the Money you expend for pas- 
tures &.C to enable you lo Settle your accts. I desire you will 
loose no time unnecessarjy on the Road but proceed as quick 
as possible so as nrit to prejudice the Hoi-ses, th'^re being three 
of the Teams in your Brigade detained here you are to pro- 
ceed on v,-ith the Seven v.-ithout Delay. 

I am Sir 

J. M. 
Mr, Isaac Eyif^ W. M. 

Whfii you airive at iln.-if..rd, oa'l on Wadsworth, to 


Phd. 2d Scptenib'r ITSO. 

I have thn lionour to iuclose you account of the Amniuni- 
tion Waggons, horses, & Geers £ent for the use of his Must 
Christian Majesty's army: you vrill please to observe that 
there has been no Iiorses purcliased by me at any Time for 
the service of your Troops, except tliose deliverd you here. 
Therefore can have neither Credit nor the Contiary by any 
horses sent from tliis State— I sliall be hnp'py in every opp'o^ 
of rende}'ii)s you The count de Rochambaii or the olhccrs of 
his Army any Service here, and if the count &. you arc of 
opinion my going to Rhode island -would be of real Service, 
I will do it with pleasure, my advice &. sentiments on the 
circumstances, & manner of procuring what supplies you may 
want from this country, with the easiest & best mode of 
obtaining them shall be freely given, & in everything in my 
power, will most Chearfully render every Service to the Offi- 
cers & army of our Great & good ally — His Excellency the 
chevalier dela Luzerne has detained three of the Ammuni- 
tion waggons here for sonne time, he will inform the reason 
I have tlie honour to be <.tca. 
Mr. De Corney 
lyieut. Col. of Cavalry. 

Philad'a 24 Sepfr 17S0. 

My Indisposition prevented me v.aiting on you Yesterday, 
and also from Answering y'r Note this morning. I am Still 
confined & ijicapabie of nnuch bus's but every paper & acct. 
Shall be laid before you, they never v/ere refused,— an acct. 
cf the E.xpendi lures Sent you, & the bus's not being 
Compleated, as all the Teams are to be paid the hire duo 
them, w'ch W'll arnt. to a Very Considerable Sum, as there 
is two months pay due to the greatest part, also grain &, 
money for pasture — there is near One hundred arrived, as I 
am told, — from those reasons &. there being nothing mentioned 
for my trouble in Executing thir- Ijus's vv-'ch I do assure you 
has been atend'd with boih trouljle Care, & Attention, I did 
not send you the Acc't Curr't as the Acc'ts cannot be closed 
till every thiJig is Setled, but you shall have the Acc'ts as they 
Stand, yet I cannot E'lend to Strike any ballance before the 
bu.s's is Comjjlcntod, — notwithstanding, you shall have every 
Satisfaction &. infoimation yen reyuir.v-, so far as it depends 
on me,— 1 hope to Morrow, if I axh the least Capable of bus's 


or the directing of it,— ibo Owners of the Teams are. Clam- 
ourous for their money I will Eudeav'r to send you an Esti- 
mate of the Sums due them, that are here, tiie others are on 
their Way, the pay of One hundred Teams for two Jkmths 
will be 492t!00 Dolls. Exclusive of grain, fc iMouey due for 
pasture, the grain Shall l:e delivered as long as there is any 
at Mr. Turnbull's agreabic to your desire to Mr. Hall, you 
may rest Assured of eveiythiug in my power to give you 
satisfaction, Si save you trouble, having no other YieA\- from 
the begiuing, &. doubt not you v/ill make the Necess'y pro- 
vision to enable m.e to pay the hire of the Teams, & other 
Expences — 1 have the honour to he &ca S:cn. 

Yhs J. M. 
1 Four horses Team for One Month is 2400 Dolls, so that 
ten Teams is 21000 Dolls, besides W. Mrs. pay for one months 
Honble John Holker Esqr. 

Estimate of the hire of 100 four horse Teams for two 
Months — 

1 four liorse Team & driver ai £30 p day is 2400 Dolls, for 
SO Days. 

One Brigade of four horse Teams for 30 Days is 24u0 Ds. & 
GOO Dolls, for the Vv'aggou Condr. is 24G00 Dolls. 

100 four horse Teams & drivers & W. Crs. for two Mouths is 
492000 Dolls. & there T.ill he near half as niuch for the other 
Teams expected in in a Sho't Time, Exclusive of ball'ce due 
them for pasture going, & the amt. of grain due ihem Com.iug 
w'ch will be Considerable. 

Pliiladelphia 30th Sept. 17S0. 
Dr. Sir, 

On the P.cuiru of the Ttims from the French Service I re- 
quested the AVaggon Conductors to make out their paj -Rolls, 
which was done by ail but :dr. Gill &. T\Ir. Rowan, v/ho vreut 
off v/ithout, as V.r. Wiiliamsim has been has been Obliged to 
take Care of Mr. Gills Brigade for some time Gill having been 
taken into Custody at West Point for some misconduct on the 
road I desired Mr. AVilliamson to make out his pay-RolI which 
he has done, hut Gill having Provisions & Rum here & hav- 
ing furnished no Acco't of what was done vrith it 1 fmde it 
necessary to have part of the money sloped till this matter is 
cleared up. Mr. lio-vau has left no accd't of any kind— Mr. 

2r.2 lettp:r book. 

Buchannon lias lefr. his pay Role with Mr. Scull & liope to be 
able to pay him the naoiiey the moment :\Ii. llolker Vuv- 
nishcs the Ca.-^li it Shall be paid, as he is th.' }_erson to be 
looked up to for tliis Busine.-s — IMr. Buchannan & Mr. wil- 
liamsou clone every thiog proper and necessary. I can't 
say so much of the Oihei's I i^eut after ?*Ir. Gill but he did 
not see proper to return Mr. Rowan went intirely without 
my knowledge for what reason I can't Say, but it has been 
injurious to the ovv-ners of the Teams as I cannot Send their 
pay before ilie Accounts are properly made Out. 

I have detained one 'J'housand Pouads being part of the pay 
due Mr. Gill for bis Tpam hirp f- Weajrp? til) hP pptlles fhe 
Account of Pi-ovi?ions he received here of which he has ren- 
dered no Account. 

I am with esteem 

Col. John Uavi.^ 

Philadelphia 21st January 17S1. 
John Ilolker Esqr. 

I have this moment received your favour of this date my 
aceo'ts Can be pi'oduced at any time as some of the persons 
to whom mony may be due on settlement, live in the Country. 
1 must v/ait their coming but the accounts as They stand, may 
be delivered > o. when you p'.ease— when I undertook this bus- 
iness it was vvith an inteiuioii of rendering our great & good 
ally al! the sersice in my power, and to render every degree 
of service, <t respect to liis Exceil. The ^Minister of France 
whom I revere & esteem — and also to do all in my power to 
serve Mr. Holker, to vrbom I shall at all Times he pleased to 
have an opp'o of shovring my attention and respect — you 
mention that what monies may remain in my hands shall be 
paid you, and AVhen you would apply to his Excel). The 
Minister to know v/hal should be aliovve<l me for my Trouble 
&c. I apprehend this is giving unnecessary trouble, but I be- 
lieve there will not Ijs much inony in my hands when every 
Thing is settled, you know wliat y(;u've allowed for purchase 
of horses &a. &a. & I believe it is a self evident thing, that 
I liave had, al least, double the Trouble Tliose Gentlemen 
had— I v,-ouhJ of choice purch.ise horses. Teams, provisions 
&a at 2\i: ]>'c, raD'p;- firm gee Through the lousiness I liave 
done al 5 p'o this I beiicve you must be convinced of — yet 
I shall make no furti^ei- ob.serva.lion (ju the subject, you will 


please to prcsrnt this matter as yon think proper to the IMin- 
ister & when you let me know his & your deterniinaiiou the 
accounts shall be fini.sJied; it cannot he unrea.^ouable to have 
This done— it will at all Times give me pleasure to shew my 
respects for his Excell: The Chevalier Dela Luzerne & Mr. 
Holker & to render them every degree of service, & polite- 
nss in my power — I will not say anyiliing on the subject of 
the Care & attention to the busine.^s, let it speak for it.-olf— 
I have ilie hcnr'nr to he itca. 

John Holker fJsqr. 

I am favour'd with your.? of tliis morning, llie arco'ts are 
now closed, Mr. Culnan Avill call on you, to shew the state 
of them no Time or pains shall he v^antiug to finish them as 
I am as anxious on that head as you can be & would v>-ish to 
have them doiie to please you, if there was no other reasons 
—As to what you say respecting a Commission, I shall only 
ansv.-er that the trouble & atentinn must be obvious to you, 
I douljt not. I will be at least on as good terms as any other 
who has transacted the business of he Ai'my — I have before 
mcntion'dmy motives for engaging in the measure & will 
at all Times be ready to render any service in my power 
Avithout any stipulation on my side, on my side, as it will 
give me real pleasure to render you everything that can be 
either of use to you, or your friends; my disposition has ever 
been to serve His Excel!, the ^Minister of pTacce on all 
occasions; you may depend that there will be no Sum allowed 
bj' him, that will not exceed the money I have received or 
That will rtm.ain in my hands. 

I am fee a. 

10th February SL 
JIoDsieur De :,Iarl)ois. 

I have the honour to ansv.-ei- your esteemed favour of yes- 
terday to inform you it is absolutely out of my pov/er to 
retain arjy sum to cover Monsr. De Corneys ad-.ances to the 
different artificers, aludod to in liis Letter, wiiereas I've set- 
tled & paid (upwards of two months) every farthing ov.-ing 
to the AVaggouers in service nf r;ur TUustricuis Ally — Jonathan 
Siro7nou3 the first Tinio I've heard his name mention'd conse- 
quently had no aniicipation of his demand on INIonsr. IJe 
Corney, nor did this Gcril. ever hinl to me to deduct any 


sums from VVciggonert;, except thc^^e tlutt ycu'l fiud yi li^t 
inclosed — You likewise have one of tl\e Route from hence to 
Baltimore &:'..- Sic for your p.oveurm't. 

I am fccri. 
You juriy tlepcurj I shall endeavour to recover The Wag- 
goner:; to Cover Mousr. De Corueys demands. 

rh'a ■2':a J^irch ITSl. 
Will'm Smith Sen'r 
(Lancaster County) 

i was much surprised at being Called on, by a INlr. James 
Wright for pay of tv/o teams, sent by you for Service of his 
Most Christian Majesty, as you have a much larger sum in 
your hands, which i sent ycu in June last, with positive di- 
rections, 6c instructions to apply it to paying & procuring 
Teams for that service, and Lave your acltnoviedgm't both in 
writing f: b'?fore Witness of your having received that sum — 
Those Teams are returned to me &. entered in your & your 
sons names, if ycu do not pay the hire of those Teams (if 
they arc not yours & your sons), you may expect both trouble 
& expence, & other inconveniences the people \'-'A] not be kept 
out of their mony, and you may depend the Agents of his 
Most Christian ^ilajesty v.iil take proper & public steps to 
have this matter settled, you have had a Considerable indul- 
gence already, & doubt not you will do wha.t is just, and 
consistent, you laiow the United States have no right to any 
monys put into a mans hands, for the use of our Ally, and 
that you must be accountable for the mony — As I have had 
a good opinion of you, doubt not you v.ill act w'th propriety 
on this occasion. 

1 am <&ca, 



eat:ly rr:TiTioxs. 


His Royal Jiighness his Grant to ^Yi]lia7l! Ponu Esqr. ci! Ncv.' 

Castle ct Twelve Circle. 

This Incleiitiire made ye four & nventieth Day of August in 
ye four & thirtieth year of ye Raign of our Soveraigu Lord 
Cliarles ihe Sccoucl by ye Grace of God of Englaiul Scotland 
Erance & Ireland King Defender of ye faith &c Anno q 
Divus 6S2 Between ye most Illnstrous Drince hi? Royal HighL^'s 
James Duke of Yorl; 6: Albany Earle of Vestor &c of ye one 
]jart & Wni. Penn Esqr. Sonn & heire of S'd Wm. Penn KnT. 
deceds of ye older part Witnesseth Tiiat his Said Royal 
Ilighn's out -of a Special Regard to ye memory & many faith- 
full & Eminent Service? heretofore performed by ye Said Sr. 
AVm. Penn to his said maty & Royal Kighn's & for ye good 
will v.hich his Raid Royal Highn's haih & bearelh to ye Said 
Wm. Penn & for & in Ccnskleracon of ye Sum of tenn shil- 
lings to him in hand paid by ye Said Wm. Penn at &. before 
ye Ensealing & Delivering hereof ye Receipt whereof is hereby 
acknowledged & for other good Causes Sc Consideracons Doth 
Bargaine Sell Enfeofce & Confirme unto ye Said Wm. Penn his 
Heires & Assignes forever All That ye towne of New Castle 
oiherv.-ise called Delaware & all that tract of Land lyeiug 
within ye Compasse or Circle of tv.-elvc milts about ye Same 
Scituale J^ycing & being upon ye River Delav.-are in Amer- 
ica (fc al! islands in ye Said River Delaware & ye Said River 
f'c soils there of, lyeing north of ye Southermost part of ye 
said Circle of tvrclve miles about ye Said towne, together with 
all Rents Services Royalties Eranchises Duties Jurisdictions 
Libertyes & privilcdges there unio belonging &. all ye Estate 
)-ight title Interest powers, property Claimd &. Demand v/hat- 
socver of his Sai<l Royal Highn's of in or to ye Same or to any 
part or parcel thereof Saveing alvrays & Reserving to his 
Said Royal Highn's his Agent & Servants free use of all Ports 
wayes fir. pas.sages into th:-o' & cut of ye Bargained Peniisses 
& every part & parcel thereof To have & to hold ye Said 
ToY.-ne fir C:ircle of Twelve IMiles of Sand about ye Same 
Islands fir. all other ye before rnencuncd or Intended to be 
hereby bargained PrM)u;:s:es v;ith their appurtenances unto ye 
Said V\'i!i. I'erin liis Hciri^s fir Assignrs to yc only use &. be- 
hoof..- of him ye Said Wm. Penn his Heires fir Assignes for- 
ever ^uldiii;:; fi- jiayin:: Lbcreforo ycurely fi; e\ cry year unto 
17 --V.,]. XiV- t.ih S>r. 


Said Koyal lliglm's his Heires ct A.ssigues ye Sum of five 
shiJlings ol Lav.fuM mcney of England at ye Seast of Michael 
ye Are (illegible.) only & ye Said Wm. Penu for himself bis 
Hcires t As.signes Doth Covenent &. grant to & -\vith bis 
Said Royal Higbn's his Heires & As-signes by these presents 
That be said AVm. Pcun his Heires &: xVssignes Shall & V.'ill 
well & truly pay or cause to be paid to his Said Royal Highn's 
his Heires it Assignee ye said yearly rent of live shillings at 
ye Dayes where on ye Same is reserved to be paid as afore- 
said, And his Said Royal Highn's for himself his i-fi ires &. 
Assiguos Doth Covenant & grant to &; with ye said Wm. 
Pemi his Heires &. Assignes by these presents. That his Said 
Royal Highn's his Heires & Assignes v,'ill at any time or 
times hercsoever during ye Space of Seaven yeares next ensuo- 
ing ye Doth hereof r<pon yo request & all ye Cosis & Charges 
in ye Law of ye Said Wm. P<-nn liis Heires & Assignes as 
make & Exec'ite to or cause or procure to be made done & 
Executed all & every Such further act & acts Conveyances, 
and assureances in ye Law whatsoever for ye furtlier Con- 
veying & Assnrcing ye Said towue Sc Circle of Twelve miles 
of Land aboute ye same & Islands & all other ye (illegible) 
with ye Appurtcnces unto ye Said Wm. Peun his Heires & 
Assignes forever as by ye Counsel Learned in ye of ye Said 
Wm. Penn his Heires Assignes Shall he reasonably Devised 
advised or required. And his Said Royal Highn's hath hereby 
made Constituted & Appointed John }iIoll of New Casile afore- 
said Esqr. & Ephraim Harman of New Castle aforesaid Gentl. 
jointly & eitlier of theni Severally his time Sz Lav*-ful Attor- 
cnios &. by those presents Doib give <£; grant unto ye said 
John Moll & Ephraim Harraau his said Atto'-nics or either of 
them full pcv.-ei' &. authority for liim & in his name & Stead 
into all & Singuler ye Pemisses hero in before mcnconed or 
intended to be hereby aliened Enfeoffed & Confirmed & unto 
every or any part or parcel thereof in ye name of ye whole 
to enser & Quiet & pencable possession & Seisin thereof or 
of any part or parcel] thereof in ye name of ye whole to 
enser & receivd &.-. after peaceable possession thereof had &. 
taken as a foresaid to deliver quid &. peaceable possession & 
Seisin thereof or of any part or parcel! thereof in ye name of 
ye whole tf) ye said Wm. Penn his Heires or Assign-s or to 
his or their Lav.'full attorney or attornyes Suflicienvly author- 
ized to receive & take ye same & hiiu oi- their to have in yc 
quiet Sc peaceable pos.s-.sslon thereof according to yc tru.e 
Intent & meaning of the sd. prescnt-s And his Said Royal! 


Highiis. doth Ivnvhy allo\Y of Rottifule i^- Confirmed whatso- 
ever ye Said John Moll & Ephraini Harman las Said Atlornyes 
shall Lawfully do or cause to be done in & about ye pemisses 
by Virtue, of those presents to be- as good 6c Efectuall in ye 
LaAv' to all Intents & purposes v.'hatsoever as if his Said Royal 
Highn's had done ye Same in his owne person or had been 
Present at ye (niegible) thereof — In witness whereof bis Said 
Royal Highness haih to these presents Sett his liand & Seal ye 
day & year first above v.'ritten. 


Entred ye 21 of Xoverr.bcr l'JS2. 
Dcdled ci beliveitd in ye Pestince of 
Jo: Vv'earden. 
Geo. Mann. 
Secretarys cfTiee of ye Province of Nev; Yorke ?.Iay 20th 1700. 

The Above written is a true Copy of the Record Remain- 
ing in the said Office Cony & Examd. 


Recorded in the Rolls Office at Phila in Pritent book. A. 
Vol. 2, page lis: 119: 12ii the 2Sth 8th Mo. 1701. 


Recorded in t)ic Roils ofTice at Nev.- Castle In page -iOS: 409: 
el. the 16th day of ,March 1724. 

Pr lee JOHN DENNY U. L. 

To ye worthy William Keith Essqr. Luitenant Governour of 
ye province of PenssiJvania &zc, and to his honourable 
Council, Ctr. 

The adress of ye houshoiilders of the Township of Whit- 
land humbly sliev/eth that v.-uereas you were pleased some 
time agnc to ci-der John Cartligc Isaac Taylor &c To view 
and lay out a Road Leading from Thomas Moores at Bi-andy- 
wine to Conostogoe; and some of ye sd — viewers Through 
wroung and prejudicial lnfori;uiticn are inclining to lay out a 
nen- Road, Througli our Towii-^hip, parallel for 9 or 10 miles 
length, wirh a griod be;i.ten Itoad, (formerly laid out by o? der 
of Court; Returned and Recorded v/ith Court & distance) 
'dhuut half a mile dh-iard from ye nov-,- intended Road; now 
■jour petitioners liunibly ci-ave:-: that > ou will be pleased to 
prevent tbis intended evil Thrown upon us, an evil v,-e say in 


ye beginuing an evil v,-iUiout end: by cutailiug a lu'cessity 
upon 11:3, and our ti;-:etrfsor^ of mantuinii-.g Two Kcad.'^ where 
tbcre is occalicn but of one, and yet a much belter Kcau than 
is possible to nial;e ye other (unless it may be cnucei\ed to 
ye Rivers to a ,, above its ov,-u Rise or fountain) 

and all this to gratiile a family or two, or perhaps under a 
protesct of somev^-hai nearer which by estimation Ti.~ Thought 
not 20 perches shorler in 10 or 32 miles going, whereas ye old 
Road is advantagioys to je Tovrnship at Uuclilau, Cain and 
many more northeni Inhabitants and ye none Required one 
being at Laft -j mile.-; to ye uo) ihward of all Inhabitants souHi- 
evjy ..,,^ p,- two ■■v'^i^^fd, yt If -otbd m warrant ^^-liicb got 
his out of their w.-.;, to mab;e use of to Rhilad'ia, besides yt 
difference of charge that yo nov,- Road- will require will be as 
ten to one, having 12 or 34 Creel-s or Runs to cross, Sv/amps 
& Cripples to close, Causwajs to mahe, bridges &. arches of 
stone to build, (for Timber will be swept away every fresh or 
glutt of Rain and that which is our chief bulwark and de- 
fence against Judgement & poverty (next to ye blessing of a 
good Government) and that ye enable us lo be Rather holp- 
full than burthcnso-ne to ye State; we mean our land & plan- 
tation wjll be reudt.-ed unprofitable unto us, in cutting them 
into Slircds &. gussil, mantainaned of double, nay Quadruple 
fences; so yt we may safely lay yt will be a gL?ater damage 
or charge to us thaii any Tax subsidy or levie" y't we have 
yet had, or perhaps may have for many years tQ Come, having 
thus abrubtly stated our Case hope v^e shall llnde Cause to 
say y't we live under a Goveiuour and in a Government, who..e 
ministers Chief Stucy and Concern is to hear and Redress y't 
plaints and agrievan'.;.s of y't people Commited to their Care; 
by preventing what nny be Injurious at present as also vv'^.at 
may prove the RFg^'t of Succeeding times, and we on our 
parts under those Coji.iidei'ations, actoidiug to our particular 
assessmenfs Shall v, iLingiy (even if t'lese were no necessity) 
Contribute toward ye' . Support of sucli an adminisii ation ; so 
Relying on your (ii'-jldej we your petitioners as in duty 
bound Shall pray fo.-.:r,nr prospeiity hei'e, and Rcoemponce in 
ye Mansions of fi]o;;y hcie-afier, lo whitdi we Subscribe. 
James Ttiomas. James David. 

p:dward Kinison. David Howel. 

Isaac Malin. Evan Lewis. 

Evan Brown. Ricb'd Anderson. 

f.< wis ^Vi!^ia?J^. Thomas James. 

David John.' High Davies. 


John Spruce. Tliomas O-neii. 

]>ev.G]in Parry. ' Rees pricliard. 
Adaui Baker. John Martin. 

Havid i\Ieredith. Jolui ilnkiicy. 

iJar.iel Wcrthingtou. William Kichards^on. 

William Cundal. ]\jcli'd Thomas. 

John Earl. 


Apijlication o? th- Inhnh:.a)its of Whitland R Thonms to 

The humble petition oi iha Inhabitenceoi' Peque In llie County 
of Chester To tlie hounarable gouveinor and Counsel. 

Wee your petitioners humbly shov,'eth unto you our great 
Dir-'sattcsfaction Concerniir^- a Rode that hatli been 1-aid out 
In our tov.-n Shep by order of our Court by five men they for 
v."ant of good under In the v.-oods or ]d hast hath 
lad out the sd Rode over hills Swamps and Rocks and Con- 
siderabley Round about r.ear half a T\nie In through which 
we your pertiiicu humbley Bages of you that you grant Uii the 
faver to order six substaniial men to lun and Lay out a 
Rode that may an.swer the Inhabetence much laber and for 
your so doing' we sliali E-vev be In duty bound to pray — 
Joseph Jervis. ^Villiam Richardson. 

Morgon Jouse. Gorge Carnit. 

Samuel Borner. John William.s. 

Isaac Roberson. David Cowea. 

Joseph Hickraon. William Co wen. 

John Jones. John Cowen. 

John Hestiugs. illegible. 

John Miller. illegible. 

James illegible. illegib]'>. 

John Whiisit. Rol.'art Got. 

John illegible. 'Jho. Clark. 

Samuel Whitsit. Richard :>Ionr. 

David Zoerijcr. I.-Tial Cocpel. 


The Inhabitants of the rov.ii.-iiip of Pucpic cumplainiiig of 
tlie badiiC^^s of a rdad jaid out near the said tovnihliip &, 


151b Octr. 1720. 

Ordered that John Weight, George Ashf^ton, Srunl. Blum- 
stou, S^imiiel Null, John Musgvove &, Edmuud Cartledge or a 
majority of them vic-^v that part of the witliiii meutioued Road 
complained of & lay it o\iL where it may be most convenient 
for the good of the publiek & make a Return thereof to this 

Tiie Road from I'.randyvinG to Dnncgall. 

To the Tloniable Patrick Gordon Esqr Govcrn'r of the Pro- 
vince of Pensilvania &;ca. 
Tlie Petition of the ilrontier Piihahitains of ye County of 

Philadelphia hurnldy Shevreth 
Whereas Your Petitioners are at Present So Alarni'd by a 

Koise of ye Indians That Several Families have Left their 

Plantations with what Effects they Could Possibly Carry av.-ay 

Women Pn Child bed being forced To Expose them Selves To 

ye Coldnes.: of ye Air v;hereby Their Lives are In Danger. 
W^e Your Petitioners Therefore humbly Pray That Your 

Hon"r would Be Pleased to Take or Use Such Measures with 

ye Indians That Your Petitioners may be freed from These 

Alarms for Yet we are Informed That That The Indians are 

Consulting Measures Anainst us. We hope Your Hon'r will 

Comply With our ]Iuir,:/ie Request To prevent as well our 

fears as L^Tuger. And yt Petitioners as in Duty Bound SI;all 

Ever pray &ca. 

Ap. ye 29—1728. 

Jacob (his [+] mark) Peterson. Ads m. Ox. 

William woodle. Chritiau manehe?n. 

Joseph r3arllo. Martin bitting. 

Jonathan woodle. Georg Geiger. 

John Kendall. bastian reiff scheider. 

Jonathan Brooke. Johannes Echbash 

AHck Evans. friderich ouotes. 

Anthony Henkel. henrich ouctes. 

John Renberg.- Hcndrick Piebus. 

illegible witting. Elias illegible. 

John Cohna. Jacob Pier Mann. 

Martin Zenkier. Cosirair schreiber. 

Matthias Otto. Henrich IP': Bitting. 

gerhartt hcnkell. Adam A bugler. 

Peter Petereen. adarn jcr Man. 


lilogiblc. John Ayhter. 

Illegible. Illegible. 

Illecible. Rieliard Jacob. 

Illegible Hgs Sr. Isaac Dubois. 

Illegible Jones. Ihornaf (lii? [h] mark) Iioner. 

Illegible. nicholo (bis [-{-] mark) comos. 

Illegible. nichlos liicks. 

Michel Illegible. Jno. Pav.iing. 

IllcgiMe geiger. Rarny Dortrer. 

christian Aigsler. audrinv Puull. 

Illegible. Samuel Adams. 

Markes her I^Ian. ^'alter Her IMann. 

Conrad Shreiber. David Illegible. 

Jacob Illegible. John David. 

Jacob Illegi.ble. John Phillips. 

John Mak. Ed Nicholas. 

John rcnheisdorfier. Wm. Evans. 

Michel scbniods. Jacob Buckholes. 

Johann illegible dieter. John Edv,-ards. 

Johanoa Shnider. Thomas Addis. 

Illegible gay. Jamas (his [-f-] mark) doing. 

Jacob Illegible. George Evanie. 

Piter Fall. Manns Ilulings. 

John (his [J] mailc) AYard. John (his [X] mark) Jones. 

Georg Zollenboy. Joseph Samuel. 

•waiter Gieger. Fetter Jones. 

Jacob Coller. Hans Jacob Illegible. 

Illegible. Joseph Gray. 

Jacob Illegible. John Pelc-r. 

To the Hounurable Paub^k Gordon Esq'r Govor)ior of the Pio- 
vince of Pensylvauia, N.-w C'asUe ivent and Su.ssex ou Dela- 
v/are Ar.d Council. 

The Peiiiion of ihe Ixiiiabitants of the w^i-r part of the 
County of Ch^-;ccr Shewcvh that by Reason of ihc Great Dis- 
tance, we live from the Coujity Town Wlieie Elections & 
Couil are held & publick Oincts kept, The arm of Justice is 
weakened. The Ijcnefit !;f many Gfjod & wholesomo Laws 
almost if not Iniirely l.c.-.t, c^-. ye peison, who has Occasion to 
Apply to them, put lo gv- ai and Dunlensom E.Xfence, Thieves 
Vagabonds & 111 peo])!":-— Poidly Infest 'our jKuas (Co-anting 
th<>mi-.-]ves beyond Unj Iv.acli of Lriw) to the Disturbance of 


the Peace .^^ very great Damage of the Inhabitants it lieing al- 
most Impossibie to take &. Seeiire Sueh Villains vhefe Jus- 
tices & CoiiKiables are So thin p'.ac'd as not one in Twenty or 
ihiity T\Iiles, & Assistance Difficult to be raii-ed on Such Occa- 
sions Amongst people \Yho would freely Serve but are De- 
terred by want of Ready Cash, io bear ye Charges of a Journey 
of Eighty or a hundred Miles to the County Jail, arid as we 
are !yIost!y new Setlers far fi'om a :Market, and Tiaile and 
Commerce among our Selves Mostly by vray of Eartei-, Money 
cannot be Sup]")osed plenty. Therefore v,-hen Law Suits prove 
Necessary ic Recover our Just Debts, the trouble and Expence 
of Tra^eiliug ro Obtain a. Writt or Suraons, having it Serv'd 
bringing Evidence (when needful) attending Two or three 
Courts, the Repealed Journeys amount to three or four hun- 
dred Miles, besides the loss of much time, all vrhich being A 
ready Money Charge makes tlie Recovery of a Small Sum 
more detrimental tlian the loss of it, and is a very Great 
Oppi'ession of the Debtor, and in debts under forty Shillings 
v.-hich canot be recovei'ed without an Execution. The action 
Drops rather then Cause So great a Charge as would Accrue 
if the party be Sent to Jail, & taken from his ffriends (if 
any) who might Assist him, Run away Servants & Suspitious 
persons v^-ho often come this way to hide among us or Escape 
into the back jjails of rdaryland are Seldom taken up. The 
Reward for Runavrays not answering ilie Trouble, And to far 
to Send Suspected Persons til they can make proof of their 
Clearness. Our highways are unrepaired, Townships Undi- 
vided nor Bridges Built, where they are wanted nor can our 
Taxes be as Regulary Laid, or our Griovance likely to be 
Redressed when the mean Distance to the nearest place of 
Appeal is at least fifty Miles, and neither Comishoner nor 
moi-e then one Assessor (if that) Elected in many years 
v/ithin the Ciicle of five hundred ffamilies, 'i'hcse and many 
more Inconvei.iiences of the lilie nature, & from the Same 
Cause which may Occur to you on a serious Reflection, we 
humbly offer to our Consideration, Hopeing as wee are his 
Majesties Leige Subjects, And Justly Entitulcd to all the 
ease <t Advantages the Law will Afford, You will in Your 
Care for the Pulilick good be Ready to Redress, And in Order 
tliereto as most of Your petitioners Li\eing fifty or Eighty 
Miles from Chester ft Some mucli^ further, and ye Bounds 
^'ca.'iy Enlargirg, TVc rrurnbly i-ray you would be pleased to 
Order A Divission line to be made betv/ecn the uper and 
lower part of Chester County, which uper Divission when So 


made may be a County and Called ye Cuimty of v/ilh Priv- 
ilidse Grained to Elect Representatives, A Shcriir, fc Other 
Officers in number and Names as they are now Elected iu 
Chester County. And have all other Officers, Offices powers and 
priviledaes Equal v.ith Other Countys, This we humbly Con- 
ceive wouid he the most P'tiectual jneai^s of Redress, of Great 
East and benefit to Your Petitioners, and no ways Prejudicial 
to Chester County or the province in General And for which 
your Petitioneis as in Duty Bound Shall pray &c. 

N. B. The undei' Written names are truly Copyed otit of 
the Orii^inal Subscription to a Petition to the Assembly by us. 


Pat Anderson. Jos. Eoe. 

Ephr'm .Moor. Erani-is Worley. 

Hugh Scott. Jcstph Jarvis. 

Andrew Killbreth. Jiio. Cowin. 

Thos. T^'ilkin;^. Da'd Cowin. 

\Vm. Hayes. Cliristian Etonernan. 

Jno. Killbreth. Ean-II ffrce. 

Jno. Mitchel. Jacob Miller. 

Ri'd Allison. Tlios. Folkins. 

Jonas Devenport. John ]\,Iusgrove. 

Wm. Brian. Henry Caipenter. 

Hugh White. John ITowser. 

Thos. Black. Caleb Pierce. 

Pat Camphel. Jno. Walter. 

■James Stuart. Alex. White. 

Geo. Stuart. Robt. Allison. 

Wm. IMeben. Gordon Howard. 

John Wright. Jno. Sterret. 

Tobias Hendrix. Zacharias Moor. 

Sam'll Blunston. Jno. [NIcEean. 

Ed. Smout. Jno. Gather vcood. 

Illegible. Jno. ilillor. 

Robt. Barber. Jno. Allison. 

John Posleihwait. Jno. Harris. 

Thos. Gain. San\']l Scott. 

Sam'll Taylor. Wm. Allison. 

Jno. Swift Jur. James Smith. 

Jno. Davis. James Robison. 

Thos. Owen. Mos;;s White. 

Jon. Linvil. Illegibh;. 

Albortus Hendiix. Jno. McFarland. 


Thos. Hov.-ai-u. Jno. IMilJtrr. 

James Patison. Caleb AVoiiey. 

Jno. McCurry. Jams. Hendrix Jr. 

Jacob Bar. Geo. Holt. 

Sam'll Bar. Jno. Hendrix. 

iibraham Mire. Kobt. "Willkins. 

Christian ilosar. Enoch Dnvies. 

Jacob Funk. Tobias Hanspaker. 

Jacob Fincher. Charles Jones. 

James Hcndrix. IlTigh Rum. 

Joseph Higingbothan-i. "\Vm. Hughs. 

Cr^ieb Baker. Jno. Fursey. 

Jos. IMinshan. Sam'll Jones. 

Geo. Middletown. Morgan Jones. 

Casper Ix)Ughuson. Henry Jones. 

Vs'in. Linuvil.' John Jones. 

Issac Wocdrow. Francis Jones. 

Simon V/oodrow. Jno. ilinshal!. 

Peter Lemon. Evan Evans. 

Christian Lemon. Ri'd Moor. 

Gabriel Carpenier. John V\'auks. 

Hans Grove. AVilliani Vv'illis. 

David Jones. John Sickray. 

Thos. Finball. Juo. Huvroil. 

P.obt. Cloud. Jacob La-svson. 

Jno. IMi.sgrovc. Robt. Cceas. 

Jno. GiiiTitb. Alex. IMcKeen. 

Ri'd Hasiings. Sam'I! IMcGomrcy. 

Pm'll Taylor. Geo. TNluffet. 

Mat. Watkins. Jno. Mufiet. 

Jno. Killbretb Jur. Wf-iter Tidiford. 

James Gibson. Robt. Killbreth. 

Jos. Kontdy. Jimies Brady. 

Thos. Hams. "^.Vm. Allison. 

Thos. Willscu. Sani'll Hunybrook. 

Jos, Thatcher. James Hoke. 

.Tames Killbreth Jur. Ricliard McLeure. 

Pat McKinley. Jno. White. 

Sm'll Parker. Jno. Taylor. 

John Kcllsy. Tho.^. Mitr^hel. 

Moses Thomson. Abraham Sott. 

Jam Killbreth. Jas. Vvork. 

Kobt. Mcferland. Ed. Loohgery. 

Arthur Peterson. Jam.s. Svrafford. 

"EAiM.r rr.TiTioxs. 

John Klemsen. SauDI Swallow. 

Jtio. Milk-r. naii'll Cookson. 

I'en HeaUi. John Abbott. 

Thos. Clark. Sam'll Vernor. 

John Boyle. Dad Vernor. 

Pat Jack. Jon. Williams. 

Geo. Bohnsan. James Gott. 

Wm. Richardson. Wva. AYUIson. 

Jaroes Menir. Dan'll Harmon. 

Joseph May.s. ]li'd Ower.. 

Geo. Thomas. Thos. l^dwai-ds. 
John Posvei. 

Feb. 6, 172S-0. 

To the Honourable Pauick Gordon El.-^qr. Lieut. Ciov'r of ihe 
province of Pensilvania &- County's of New Caslle Ivent & 
Sussex lip on Delaware— In Council. 

The Petition of the Majest)ai.cs Grandjury and other In- 
habetants of tlie County of Laacaslcr met at Lancaster iheir 
General Court of Quarter Sessions The Third day of Noveuiber 

. 1730 humbly shewech, That your petitioners living far from a 
Seaport Town or Navigable water are Oblleged to convey the 
product of our Labours to Philadelphia by land Carriage -which 
Burden is much Enei eased by want of Suitable Roads for 
Wagons & other Carriaj'ies to jiass, There being no publick 
high ways yet layd out in this County to PhiladelpViia suitable 
to Answer the said occasion, nor (as we are well Lnforrned; 
Through some pari; of Chester County. 

We therefore Huml.dy pray you would please to appoint 
Suitable persons to View and lay out a Road from a Town 
of Lancaster till it vvi-i conveniently fall in with the Kings 
Road in Chester County leading to Philadelphia, And in such 
place as may best Accomodate the aforesaid Service and also 
grant a review of ihe publick Road from thence to the fferrey 
of Sculkill at high Street we having been Credebly Informed 
that the Roads are in Several phiccs rem.oved from where they 
wei-e laid out very mnc-h to the damageing the said Roads, 
And rendrcing thence 7aore unfitt for Traveling. 
And y'r pet'nr os in drity hound shall pray &c. 

Thomas .]ohnstoii. Qf.orge Stev/artt. 

Wm. Wilkins. Robt. -Barljor. 

V/il! Kiehardson. Ldv/ard Sroout. 


James Patereon. John Jones. 

John Kyll. John ^lufgrave 

ICphraim ^Muor. Jamc? ga't. 

Daniel Chambers. Ja. Whiihill. 

Hattill Varman. ' Jno. Wright. 

Richard Hough, The. Edwards. 

George Steits Van Lear. Andrew Galbrai 

Cliristopher Caleb Power. 

Dan Cooksou. Sa. Elunstou. 

Aniwell Townshi]) in Nevv Jersey 

Jan'ey 1730. 

To the Riglu lionoi;rabIe the Goveruoiir of T'ensylvauia & to 
the Honourable Council. 

The Hunnbla Pelitiou of D.s the Inhabitants in several Parts 
of your Xeighbouriu.H, Pjovince of Nova Caesarea Humbly 
Sheweth thai vrhereas Vve are assured a certain Person nam"d 
Daniel Ho^vel is endeavouring to piocure a nev,' Road thro' 
your Province from York to Philadelphia and is for that 
end preparing or has actualy presented a Petition to your Ex- 
cellency. We thcughL it therefore our Duly to inform ycu 
that the said Daniel Hovrel is acted only by a Private Interest 
and that He Iras ahtady got a Road laid out here to the 
cxtrcani Damage of our ov.-;-. Country and in opposition to a 
very good Road and Ferry he.-e as well as in your Excellency's 
Province, cf all vrhich We have in an humble Peiition iii- 
formd our own Governour ?^'\6 knowing farther that your dis- 
countenancing the saul DanL.--] Hnwel, v,i!l in a great measure 
defeat his pernicious desig-ns here. AVe make bold humbly 
TO petition your Excellency & your Council to give no en- 
courag;;nient to the said evil Person, We being already ex- 
tremely well satisfied with tl:e Road now in Use to that 
commonly calld Well's Feri-y AVhich AVe esteem by much the 
convenienest both for Philsdr.lphia or York. 

And your Petir.ionei-.s shaM ever pray. 

Thomas AVindon. Eliakira Andei'son. 

Bartholanni Anderson. Tbos. Zinzano. 

Abraham Anderson. Cfu-nelius Anderson. 

.•\ndrr:-v,- Ariderson. Anuersou Linn, 

Joseph Phillips. George Gooren. 

.Francis Vannoey. Y^'illinm -Critchfield.' 


Johu Reid. Richanl Palintr. 

Roger "Wiiolvertun. Beujamiu 

John Ficirl. Robert Akeus. 

Anderson T^Iilboiira. . William I'hilip.-,. 

John Fidler. Edward Burrows. 

Thomas Mrrrell. Caleb Carmen. 

James Richards. Robert Combs. 

Robert Eaton. Abiham Ccwtns. 

Johann.vs Bilys. Joseph Combs. 

Thomas Newman. John Pursel. 
James Scoieght. 

To the Honbit. the GovLrn'r and Council. 

In Pursuancti of an Order from the Ilonble. Board of ihe 
27lh >iaiA-h lioD having; viev.ed the Road leading from I\Ia- 
queunsie, to il-.e Road leading from Nc-w Cosshehoppa thro' 
North Vralcs to Phiiada. We do find there is great occasion 
for the said Road and accordingly have caused the same to 
be laid out The Courses and Distances whereof arc as lol- 
loweth vizt. Beginning at a marked black Oak Tree at a 
Corner of the LanUs of Peter Traxlet and Henry Sheat in 
iMacjueunsie afd. Thence extending South sixty seven Degs. 
East fifty six pches. to a post to a Post Tiience along the Line 
dividing Peter Traxle-L and Jeremiah Traxler's Lauds South 
twenty seven Begs. Ea; r one hurvdred pches. to a marked llick- 
ery Thence by vacant Land crossing a Branch of Lehy Creek 
South seventy one hi'g^. East eight hundred and fifty four 
pches. to a marked HJckery and white oak standing together 
en a baren Hill The-ice South sixty tveo Degs. 30 min'ts East 
Crossing anotlitr I.'r'.nch of Lehy Ff:ur hundred and eiglity 
four pches. to a mai-ked black oal-: Thence South fifry three 
Degrees East crc;ssii:[/ rn-l]:c:- Branch cf the same Creek two 
hundred & forty pobes. to a marked biacK Oal-; Thence South 
fifty six Degs. 30 nr'a't ]:ast crossing another Branch of the 
same creek' L'ighty ],^:]^f-. to a marked White 0:ik 'i'lience 
South sixty one iJ.- ;••. y ) nrn't East eighty six pchc~. to a 
Post Thence Son'.li fo'ineen Dees. East One hundred and forty 
two pches to a mar';ed Lifkeiy Thenr-e ak;ng the Ljud of 
Dcrick Jai;r:en r^r uih twciny iiino Begs. East sixty two penes, 
to a I': [ ••:,u:h ::■■/: 'L?. \\-j-i iwertv six pclies t:) a marked 
Cli.. iiiiii. r'MUh iiiiie-ieu I'eg:. J.:u;>t rii:h!y six pches tf; ;t 
masked bbi-k 0::;. 'i'Ji-U'-e along the Land of Christian Crawl 

270 e;ai;ly petitions. 

& vacaut Land South tv/enry eight Dtgs East one huiulred 
& eighiy pcbes to a mavl.X'd Chestnut S;."uth East eighty four 
pches lo a Post South eigbiy nine Degs. East forty fuur pciies 
to a post South sixty nine Degs. East along vacaut Eand and 
John Myer's Land crossing a Branch of Perkiomy Creek two 
hundred and one pches lo a Post Tlionce South thirty six 
Degs. East forty eight pchcs to a small Hickery marked South 
two Degs. East seventy four pches lo a Post South eighteen 
Degs. East fifty four pches to a marked Hickery South three 
Degs. East forty pches (Pra't along Dewaklt LLaighling's Land) 
Thence along the same Land South one Deg. East ninety 
seven pclios to a marked black Oak Thence South twenty 
nine iJegb. w'est sixty six pclies lo a marked chestnut Thence 
South three Degs. East twejity six pches lo a marked Piickery 
Thence South tvs"enty one Degs. East to; ly pches part along 
Henry Geber's Land South fifteen Degs. ^Ye3t thirty two 
pches to a marked Hick-try South ferry nine Degs. East 
twenty pclics lo a marked Hickery South nine Degs. East 
thirty eight pches to a marked white Oak South nine Degs. 
West Twelve pches to a Post South thirty eight Degs. East 
(crossing another Branch of Perkeomy Creek) sixty fotir 
pches to a post South four Degs. West, along vacant Land 
fifty four pches to a Post South thirty eight Degs. East 
iwenty pches to a Post South fifty nine Degs. East one hun- 
dred i*t tv,-o jichts to a post South five Degs. West one hun- 
dred .Ti tv/o pches to a mavked chestnut South t\\enty five 
Degs. East twenty pches to a post South forty East fifty two 
pches to a marked Red Oak Thonct olong Peier AVall)er's Land 
South nine Degs. West forty pches to a marked Red Oak 
South twenty three De.^s. AV^st thirty six pches to a inarked 
Hickery in the Line dividing between sd Vv'alhGr and Ulrich 
Lies Thence along the sanv; L-ne South, crossing two small 
Sv.-amps eighty pches to a post Thence along sd. Walber's 
Land South fourteen Degs. East sixty pclses to a post in a 
Lane leading near sd. \Vai:I."_'r's House Thence along the 
same l^ane South fifteen Dc:.;=. East, crossirig a sma:l Branch, 
sixty pches to a niarkc^i Vvhite Oak Thence by the Land of 
Alexa. Tippon South twr-nt/ seven Degs. East eighty two 
pciifcs to a post Thejice by L^nd of Leonard Knup South forty 
one Degs. East sixty ei^ihr prdies lo a post tall the above 
Courses in Bucks County) Thi nee by tljc Lands of said Knup 
& George Smith and of Lcbi. Thomas, in the German Tracv, 
South nine D-^gs. East (r-ro':^^;:;g the Line dividing between 
the Bucks arul Philada. at ?hf Distance of .one hundred <& 
sixty perches) Six hundred ?:;■'• forty pcli-cs to a marked Tree 

EARLY 1'J:TITI>.iXS. 271 

Thence along liobt. Tiionias's Land Souih leu Degs. tliiity 
min'ts Vrcst sixty pches to a small black Oak ninrked near :;d. 
Robert's Lane Th.^iice north sixty five Degs. East, crossing 
another Branch of Perkioniy, sixteen perc-iies to a marked 
white Oak South twenty Degs. East one hiindred and lifty 
pchts to a niarlctd White Oak South sixty on? Degs. East 
sixty pches. to a posi Thence along the Lands of tlie said 
Robt. Thomas & Dank Levar Soitth seven Degs. East one 
httndred and thirty two pches to a post Thence along Levar's 
Land Sjutli twenty three Degs. East one hundred and sixty 
pches to a marjied white Oak Thence South one Deg. East 
sixty pches tu u marked YsTiite Oak Thence South nineteen 
Degs. West thirty six pches to a n^arkcd White Oak Thence 
along Bartell l\uehar's Land South fifty five Degs. West four- 
teen pches to a post South tAvelve Degs. East fifty six pches 
to a marked llickery South one Deg. 30 min'ts ^Vest seventy 
eight pches to a post Thence South twenty Degs. West one 
hundred and twenty four pches to a marked White Oak Thence 
along the Land of Chri^toplter Newmaji South sis Degs. SO 
mints. East forty pche.-^; to a Post. South thirty five Degs. East 
forty pches to a marked black Oak Thence along vacant Land 
South twenty eight Degs. 30 niints. East thirty four pches 
to a marked white Oak Thence South nine Degs. East eighty 
pches to a marked black Oak Thence South thirty six Degs. 
West forty six pches to a niailced Hickevy Thence along iNIar- 
tin Ter's Land South twenty five Degs. West twenty six pches 
to a post South five D^-gs. Ea-t thirty six pches to a Post 
Theuce South ten lV,s-;. East seveuty two pches to a marked 
white Oak South tv/cTiiy one Degs. East forty four jiches to 
a Post on the Xonh West Side of the sd. Read leading fiom 
Cossheloppa thi-o" Xoith AVales vo Philada. opposite to a 
marked white Oak nc-yo: a great Rocl^ on the South East Side 
of the :-:am.e Road, L'dd cut the ICth Day of August A'o D'i 

TrlOBERT (Di3 [R] mark) THO:>rAS 




Return of tlic lln:] from IMasonic (o Noitli Wales .Jariy 
23d. Read &. onl^-j-^jd in Courcil. 

272 E Alii A' rKTlTIUNti. 

To tlie llonoiirable Patrick Gordcu Escir. Licutc-uaut Goveriior 
of live I'luviuce uf I'eiins.vivanla ami Xew Castk-, Kent aud 
Sussex upou DehnvarL- as aisu to the Honourable ilie iNlem- 
bers of His ^Majostics Council For ilie Proviuco ai'orebaid 

The Petition of sundry the inhabit-mts of the Counties cl; 
Chester and Lancaslei- Avhose Xames are Itercunto Subscriiied. 
Humbly Shev/eth. 

Thai. Your Petitioners being seating for the mcst Pai t at a 
great Distance f ; om tlio (.it> of Phiiadelpjiia in a Part of the 
said Counties \vhs:e no Pubiicit lioad is as yet Established 
and hating long ijubuured tinder many inconveniences through 
the ward of such a Road vvhe; eby they juight have free access 
to the marr'.ei lo their \ ery great Loss aud Detriment. 

Nov,- your Petitioners luinibly repi'eseut that several of them 
liaving bestoAs'ed much Time and Paijis in mailing diligent 
Seaich wheie a Road nrighi be laid out that ■'.vould relieve them 
from the said Inconveniences & to tlie best Advantage of your 
Petitioners in general they have discovered that a very good 
one might bo laid out John's Ferry on Susque- 
hajina River to join v.'ith the Read lately confiimed from 
Lancaster Tov/u to Pidiadeiplila near the no^v dv.eliing Plan- 
tation of Edward Pen commonly known by the Name of Ed- 
ward Ivennisons in the great Valley or thereabouts which 
said Road cannot fail to be of universal Service to your Petl- 
tioirers in gcneial & a Deti'in.ent to none of the Inhabitants 
of the said Counties in particular it being also a much nearer 
Cutt than any Road ever yet iaid out or travelled to Phil- 
adelphia from the said I'JiKe of Ijcglnning. 

Your i'etitioners therefOie most humbly pray that your 
Honours in your Great V.'h-.< maturely vreighing the many 
Benefits that vviil consefA^-r--'y acci-uy as well to trading in 
General as to your Peiithjnris in Pa.rticular by a more speedy 
& easy Conveyance of tlKir Commodities to the Market will 
A'ouchsafe to issue Orders to such Persons as your 1-ionours 
shall esteem Capable to \":'-\v and I. ay one the said Road to 
the best Advantage of your Petitioners. 

And your Petilioneis as in Duty Ijound, sball ever pray L<: 
James Silver. Robt. Boal;. 

Richard Hough. .UiUir^i Miicbel. 

Ro. Calbrea'h. Samuel Woods. 

Vv'illiaii-! Jolinstori. Moses Thonson. 

Aai-on (his [M] markj Piic;;-, Thonu'S ;;im;50u. 
I'hfanas Kenicb. A. rdoXight. 


Jolrii Pickers. 
Geoi'ge -Kiuokes. 
Andrew pickeu. 
Tho. Mayes. 
Adam Britain. 
Dan. :\Iartin. 
John Kerr. 
Jacob bov,-. 
Jacob (liiegible). 
Maitos (liiegible). 
s-.oevs GroTs'Pr. 
David Davis. 
Gilbert Campbel. 
John Puriang. 
John S-\vorey. 
William And-irson. 
James Kerr. 
Ander Cokuien. 
Snmuel :\Iarten. 
John McClollan. 
William Wekly. 
John Bond. 
Willm Crage. 
Rab't Kotheiford. 
Jame?: Wekly. 
Sam'll Verner. 
William Johnston. 
John Miley. 
David Zerner. 
William Leviston. 
Jacob Mart. 
Edward Nicholas. 
Daniel Clerk. 
Robert Verner. 
James Harriy. 
Benjamine Rirtt. 
Peter Smith. 
Pleue-y Smith. 
Joliii Carver. 
Join; AVhiiniore. 
Math! as Crow. 

George Miller. 
John Smith. 
Falser Ore. 
Peter Kinery. 
Martin Miley. 
Stephil libe. 
George Siiles. 
John Tippen. 
John Loyde. 
Christen Lonien. 
John Br.ickley. 
A\'oclf Copebevan. 
John Edwards. 
Evan Edwards. 
Jacob Meilly. 
bans (IllHgible). 
Jacob (illegible), 
henrich (Illegible). 
Jacob Overhulser. 
Abraham (Illegible). 
Cloy Demon. 
Michael Bust. 
Peter Roupe. 
Martin Castenek. 
Joseph Mathews. 
James Woods. 
Robert Hennry. 
John Philips. 
Thomas Thomas. 
Samuel Y^alker. 
John Edmiston. 
Wilajn Edraeston. 
John }':criey. 
Robert IMolicon. 
William Trotter. 
James Troter. 
.John MiFhett. 
Thomas Morison. 
Wilam Julian. 
Andre By can. 
James Galbrelh. 
And. Y/hit. 
William Melen. 
Patricl-: Hayes. 

IS— Vol. XiV-Ct;i 


John Vv ill^on. Richard Asterx. 

Wiilam Fei. his B— A :\Iark. 

James Campi?ll. Richard Aston, 

ssamiill Whitside. his 

ssamuU Rcbiusou. Joliu 1 H Hart. 

Johu AVhilside. mark. 

James Gibson. bis 

John Fredrick. Charles C Mayes, 

Rice Price. mark. 

Wiiljam ;}.lori50ii. JoLii DarhiS'.ori. 

John McCalon. His 

Jacob Griter. Henry .liu Nowhiud. 

Eenjamiu Moore. mark, 

John Christian. John Johns-ton. 

John Kilgrecce. John Swaney. 

John Pass. William Bertram. 
Samuel Bolton. 

The Original Pctiuon being mucli torn & sullied by carrying 
about the above is a true Copy of the names of the Subscribers 
thereto taken at tlie K'^quesi of Some of them. 

Pr. CHA. STUART School Master. 

Petiiion. Sundry Inhabitants of Chester & Lancaster for a 
Road from Jno. Harris's ferry to E<lv,'"d Kendsons J'lantaiion 
in the Great Valley. 

Heliv'd by E Shii.pen J. Harris May 21sl 1785. 

Order for laying out the Road directed by MiriUle of Coun- 
cil of Jan. 23d T735-G. 

To the Honoiabie The Pr.'^sident L Council of the ProvincG 
of Pennsylvania. The Petition of sundry ;he Inhabitants of 
the County of Lancaster. 

Most Humbly Shev.-eih 

That whereas the Genr.lernen in Company concerned in the 
Ironworks in Coventry i.n the French Cixek by their great 
Expence Care &. Industry have carried on ihe Said Works to 
such Perfection that ihey are not only of great Benefit to 
themselves but ah;o very Advantageous lo the I'rovince & 
more Particulai'ly to ihe Inlnainrants of this Ccnutiy whose 
Distance from Ph!]ade:)d;ia re(iuii'<:s Large Quantities of Ii-on 
to fit out their \Vaggt;n.- S^-. Anpei tinanccs, Avith ^\hich wo 
have been in General very well fc serviccably suppiy'd from 
the said Worlrs th^'-se many years; & wherea:. y'r Pet's have all 
along laboured uiidei great Difih-nUies & Hardshij,:; for want 


Of Passable Roads in Carriago of the said Iron & such Com- 
liJOdines foi- Provision as are received in Barter for ilie same; 
notwithstandins tlie said Co?npauy at their Private Expence 
have erected Bridges & Causeys in some Places before quite 
unpassable; & further v/hereas your Petit'rs have been at 
so;n,e Expeuce in attending the Courts of Quarter Session at 
Lancaster in Hopes of Relief without any Success. 

Your Petitioners theiefore most humbly presume to Pre- 
sent this their Aggrievaisce to the Serious & Wise Consider- 
ation of your Plonourable Board. And also most humbly 
Pray that your Honcuvs yrould please to nominate & empower 

your Vrisdom shall seem eApedicut lo View and Lay out a 
Passable Waggon Road from the Town of Lancaster to the 
Ironworks in Coventry afovs'd t to Fork near the Widov/ 
Roberts Plantation one Branch whereof to go to the new 
rurnace now P^rcctiug on the French Creek called Redding 
Furnace, from thence into a Road lately laid out from the 
Yellow Spring to Germans Mill &. from thence into the Con- 
astogo Road; wltli the least Injury to the Settlements & to 
avoid all Reasonable Cause of Complaints v.-hich Road when 
Laid out will be a great Ei..cGuragemont to the Inhabitants 
of this County to proceed cheerfully v.-ith their Improvements 
to the Advancement of Trade <<i the general Benefit. 



And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever I ray &.c. 

John Davie?. Edward Davis Sor. 

Evan Hiighcs. Edv/ard Jur. 

Morgon — John. David Jons. 

Evan H- Evan. David Davis. 

Tho. T William. Cristian (his [H] mark) Har- 

Johii Bowen. mor. 

Morgan Evan. David Davis. 

William Tho. Georg Wnner. 

Mosos Z'.iarviji. Edwai'd Owen. 

Ross Morgan. John Widwar. 

Roy Parcey. Ciistian Jnidor. 

Jo. Edwards. illegible Ivitzrniller. 

Galndel I'.'avies. iliegiide Kitzmiller. 

Edv.-ard Edwards. John Cand. 

Hugh Davios. ^Turgan :uoigan. 





^I illegible. 



Gabriel illegible. 

Jacob Good. 

Gabriell illegible. 

Michel Albert. 

•Joshua M. shall. 


Johu ^lenclenhall. 

Wm. "Willis. 

Peter Grove. 

Honry Willis. 

SamiKll Grove. 

Jacob illegible. 

Jacob Gray. 

Jacob Bear Jui 



Dan. (H) ITarnion. 

Saudiy lubal 




icasitr for a Koau iron 

tov.-n to Coven 

try froi 




25th 173G. 

Read Sc relVi 

•red fo2 

■ fl 


er consideration. 

To The Right Honourable, Jamc-s Logan— Pie-sidt-nt in Coan- 
sil att I'hiladeij.-hia. 

Sr. I^lay it please Your Honour- 
In Ansvror to an order the 2.3d cf January Last pasi, from 
the Govern, and Counsoi, To us Directed To viev.' and Lay 
Out a higii Road from John Harry's ffery upmi Susquchana 
River Leading to I'hiladeijjhia; In order thereunto — V,'e rnet 
the fii'.-t Day of June To view and Lay out the Said 
Road and tahin the be.-), care Ave Could of Private mens lu- 
trest, where the Ground au.-j for the Good of the Road would 
Answer, finding- that a good Road vray be had and believing 
That this l?ORd will be c; Rei vise to ail tlie public;: trade and 
Business Depending oj;; In thy province and an univerale 
good to all :Morc I'lp';.-:!- lly to those Back Inhabitants of this 
province of Pensiivi.niv, which have Petitioned for the Said 
Road, in order to Transport their goods to IMavhett at Phild'a 
and which uudouptedly will be of great Service towards the 
Settling of those iiack i^arts of thy Province. James Arm- 
strong aiid John I-'osier not being prov;d--^d for tb.e Jurney 
throughout; they parted with u.s v,-ell Sarisfiod, and Gave as 
or Soni>- of us pov.xr to Sign the. Return for them Commiiing 
the Care of the whole A hairs to us. AVp, Haus Graff, John 
Mendenhall, John Dav;s, John Fredricl: and Rees Prir-e Tak- 


iiig all Ihe Care ve Could Continued and Lay out Liie Said 
Road through Ibe Couniy of Lancister to the County Line; 
then mat with by the Genfmen of Chester County; Appointed 
io Contiiiue the S;iid Road and we with them Coutinued in 
Laying- out the S?.id road To the place pray'd, for or there 
about. AjuI Whereas a petition liath been presented to your 
Honorable Couuinl To Present the Great Abuse or Detriment 
they are Like to Receive by the Said Road, and also that the 
men so Appointed to Lay out the Said Road, hath not Dis- 
charged ibc trust- ih;u v.-as Reposed in ihem and to Serve 
private mens Intre^t or to Serve Some particular persons, 
wit'inut r,-,v^\>]ov■n^g■ tbt. t; lu^ Tntrrpt of ye PubUck^ whioh A-^- 
sertions we luteily Deny and that They are all false, and 
Groundless and of themselves unsuportable; "We as afore 
Said being A^cconipanied u'lth Several oilier Substanciall In- 
habitants Being two weeks a Continuing the Said Road to the 
County Line then met with As aforesaid, Unanimously a 
Greeting, Continued the Same to the Towniship of Calan, and 
there met with by Several of The freeholders of the Said 
Township, and of the Township of Yunchland and Whitelaud, 
who Inform'd us that they Plad been Serching Near tv.-o 
Days in the said Township to find the by Way that Could Ijg 
had, and had Mark'd apart of the way and we for fear that 
Some Self Intrest might be in Some there; we look one whole 
Day to Serch and View v/iiher or not there Could be a better 
way foujul; which v.-p Could not iind a Better way and they 
told us that If iLeie nuisr be any Road had at all, that it 
was the best as Could i)c had But that they had Rather be 
ridd of the Trouble of i',, L'ut being in a General Way Satis- 
fyed, v.-e Continued uy Lay out the Said Road (and for the 
Grounds Being so ba>i as it hath been Represented it is not 
so) for a good read li-ay be had without much Charge or 
Trouble. And as for ihe Petitioners Against the Said Road 
for most part of the-.- had not Seen where it way Layd out 
Nor knev^- nothing alvi:t it, but as Some others had told 
them befo;n they S'gn d ihe Petition; one of the Jury being 
of one of the Said ^o^:^■-.^hips was well Satisfyed the ReLurn 
and we the Rest o; -hr Jury upon the view, and best Infor- 
mation w- Ccuid ;;-:. have Cau^^e to Believe that the Said 
road will iie a very :;.,?■: I .ib> and Commodious and add mueh 
to ye Intresi of ih'^ pr:'!,::; of ibis pjovince in General; if 
your Lon'bie In yoin- v, i.Joni pee Cause why this Road may 
not be Connrmed we bur^iidy ].;;-- tliat we may !■& Ueaid, 


and we Doubr. not But vro Shnll (by your Honour"s perniit- 
auce) Give full Satist'aci:iO!i. 
Lancaster Coup.ty Sbr. -1th ITilG. 

Representation of the J'ersons directed by the order of Coun- 
cil of ye 2Sd of Jan'r 1735-C to lay out a road from Marris 
ferry In ans^-er to Some Allegations in a Debt agpt. the 
said Road this deliv'd by Ja. Tregoe Dec'r 20th, 1736. 

Edw'd Nicholas of Narlraill town'p in Chester County to 
have Notice of ye Day, to be ajipointed for liearing Loth par- 
ties, tlje notice to be left at Juo. IMiller Tavcrnheeper in Salis- 
bi.ry Lane. 

To the Hcn'ble George Thomas Esq'r Lieut. Covernour of 
tlie Proviucp of Pennsylvania, and of the Couritie.s of Nev,-- 
ca;::t]e, Kont and Sussex en Delaware, And to the Ijnn'ble 
Council of the said Prc\-ince. 

The Petition of divers Inhabitants of the Counties of Phil- 
adelphia, Che.ster and Lancaster, in behalf of theniselvcs a.nd 
other luhabitnnts of the f;aid Privince. 

Humbly Sheweth, 

That ^^'bereas upon th'? Petition of divers of the Inhabi- 
tants of the Haid Couniies, to the Late Govern'r and Council 
of tliis Province, pi-aying that a Road might be laid out from 
the Tt.vji of Lancaster, thi-o' the Counties of I.anca.ster, 
Chester and Philadelphia lo the ferry on Schuylkill called 
l^icrh Street Ferry at th?; West end of Philadelphia City; An 
order was is.-5Uf-d about eight year.s ago, authorizing & ap- 
pointing a considr.;ablc numb, of Posons in the said Order 
name (Some out of each o: tiie s'd Counties, as usal in like 
oases) to view, and to lay out a Road accordingly; And in 
f.ursuance thereof a Road was laid out in the year "ilo-i iJ-ora 


the Town of Lancaslc-r, tla-o' the County of Lancaster, Sc 
part of the County of Chester, to ihe phuuaiion of one John 
Spruce in the s'u county of Chester, which is litiie nuue than 
half the uislance to Phiiad'a.. A Keiuin of which pan being 
made to that Boaid, the same was confirmed. But (he fur- 
ther execution of the s'd Order in laying out the remaining 
part of the s'd Road, either thro" the indisposiiion of some of 
the persons appointed, several of which soon after died or 
for other causes unk]\own to your Petitioners, has heeu 
hitherto deferred] and altho' from tiie said John Spruce's to 
Philada. there is a Road left open, yet the same is in many 
p]ncp=; very inronypnient . and as it is not Legally estabiished, 
and therefore not repaired by the Overseers of the Pligh Ways, 
it is become \ery dangerous, & very injurious to the large 
Trade of the numejous Inhabitants to the City of Philadel- 

Your Petitioners thereiure humbly pray That this Hon'ble 
Board would be pleased to appoint pioper Persons to view & 
to lay out the said Koad from the end of the Itoad already 
confirmed, near the Piautation of John Spruce in the County 
of Chester to High Stixet Feri'y afores'd According to a Law 
of this Province in Such Case made and provided. 
Deer. 13th 1740. 

And your Pctilio:;ei5 as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c. 

Thos. Lindley. Rich'd Thomas. 

Thos. Ewing. Joseph Bourgoin. 

Christion Stoneraan. Lev/elin Parry. 

Mathus Jung, William Beal. 

Sebastian groff. Thos. James. 

Samuell Davison. John Ingram. 

John Davison. Josa. Lowe. 

William W'alker. Richard Lowdon. 

Thos. Yorke. Peter Worall. 

Michl. iL Ivlyres. Hannts Brubacher. 

John Mitchell. Jacob Sclilaus. 

George Gibson. Andres Beyerle. 

John Morris. John (his [II S] mark) Hen- 
Jacob Beyerle. ebly. 

Casper Bochman. Roliert Miller. 

Hermann Lauge. Patrick Miller. 

Johanjjas Bagman. Abel Parke. 

Willi. Breinson. John Jackson. 

Wm. Pirn. John :^iorgan. 

Tho. Cookson. Richard Anderson Senier. 


Ricliard Anuerson .Tuner. Anchev,- Doiighi^s. 

Robort Suiert. Henry (his [11] mark) Cai 

Adani Ba]\er. pentor. 

Thos. Guott. Daniel Fiere. 

Roger Hunt. Isaac f.ere. 

Robt. Barber. Saml. Harry. 

James Smith. Daniel Farree. 

Sam. Blunsion. I:-aac I^e Fevre. 

Jaroerf "Wrigbt. Samuel Le Fevre. 

Jacob Kirk. .losepli Pub. 

Cbrisiian Ziinmermarj. Sam "I Scoti. 

lasriel ZimemT^.n. Wm. Tbomap. 

Danl, Walker. Jacob Taylor. 

James Speary. Evan Evans. • 

To your Most HoiiouraLlt- .Jobn Penu Esquire Leivtonnaju 
Govenor of Ibc I'rovince of Pennsylvania and Countys of 
New Castle Kent and Delaware. 

The Humble Petition of Jobn Proby most hun:ibly Shewed 
that your Petitioner Lab&^ris under the Greatest hardship 
most Excessive for your h.onou)- to bleave the Crewsltey and 
babaiious usedge 1 have Received by George Sievenson Clark 
of York County and Jeamo-: Sarith attorney attorney at Daw. 
A am Drove Into Poverty r.-jth a Large lamiley of Children 
having No sopoit fordcr but Ijy Necessetey must aply to your 
honour for Releave I haveirij^ A Larr;e in Y'ork tovn 
with four Lots jyning one if the best Conceniou Ceys for the 
Keeping of a public!: hcust it being the first persesstion In 
that Town <fc the first puiJ^'k hcuic a Cornpleat bilding the 
house & two Lots has been jui.lged away and Sold from me 
by action of whrong po-se-.-iling Leave your honour to Judge 
In the year one thjiisaiid Sv.'vcn hundevd and forty nine I 
was Served with a vhrit Ij one adam miller, he had Rented 
a liouse of one Ter^eiic!) ui In tov.-n for four pound a year 
Said MiibM- Itemovcd '■^•.i -1 the bou.:- sab! Lanlord did not 
Live In town De.d:ed ui w. , ..s a f.ieiid to take of tiie 
house and Lock tbc'l-ior f :r Sne Dueing as fore said I vras 
Served said LanflIor<l Giveiag the Court notice that I acted 
by Ills ordfM- as a Nri-bbo'ir ouriht to Duo winch being no 
Causes of actit.n snid n;!!!' : \<-:u^ poo.- & a tool for them tb' 
officers not knov.-ing v.'bere i n Cit tlt'Mt Cost Aplide to me 
So turnd the action wcu!:. njukc apo:;=r if Possible that I 


bad beeu. Served for bords Laying on n:y house floors by 
Reason said Dweling vroiist belonged lo Said iinller to uoLice 
your honou'- 1 bougli!: Said Dueling house and Lots from 
Jeames v.-hriie and pct^r \vorrcy the heairs of Mr. Plumstou 
it did not then belong to adam miller when I bought it uor 
the bords of the iloors it was Delivered to me by them said 
dvreliug belonging lo ine tAvo years before the Soutc and no 
Demand made before Jeames Smith au attorney against me 
Received Judgement dtiiianded fifteen pound Damage for the 
af;'eck> ihat vais mine arc! had paid for to the heairs afioresaid 
there fi-..e I liumbly a Dre.-s to your honour Another action the 
thlityuh L;;y cf :\Iarch 17c2 after ten oclock at right one 
frtLheiiek Sting Shot In the Gabelend window of my house 
a Company of People being In the Room Seeing the flash of 
the Gun threw the windcw Expected Some of us \N-as Shot my 
wife big with child it teing A Dark night we followed Said 
fellow found him in my Lot with the Gun not knowing the 
Safety of my Life 1 to-ok hold of the Gun wast forst to fling 
him Down to take the Gun brought Said fellow In my house 
Left him In the Care cf thiee men Aplyed to harmon Upte- 
g'ove a meiisf.ate for a percip he being a bed. It was Granted 
before I came back Sstd Sting was Rescued by Some Per- 
sons so Got a way two fiays after had him taken and brought 
before Harman Vptegrnxe had him bound over to Court but 
raid Marisstrate In Sist';d to have me bound over and Granted 
a Piecip for the Same so that your Petitioner should have no 
Pri\"iledge to Save }ny '^ouse from Ijcing Sot a fier nor m.e 
and my familcy to be S;.fe In our own house the next term. 
Court Aplyed to Mr. L-.rance to perfer A bill against Said 
Sting which was Denied and used mo Yenry 111 In Calling me a 
RaselG ami Severall ot5-:^;r names and Desired me out of his 
Room then Laid under an Inditment an vras Serve! with a 
Ritt of an a Salt v^•ith the Greatest In Curedgement So Re- 
. ceived Jurdgemcnl, ag'iJn-^t me and Damage of twenty five 
Pound liesides ether Cili;;vge=; Said Sting was a Littering fel- 
Icvv Another action the Last of July IToO the meiority of the 
Court allowed me the licence Goeing for the Licence to Mr. 
Stevcn.^on I Coiild not obtain tliem from hint I aplied to the 
merisstiates Received trere hand whrytings the Privciedga of 
a Publick hou.-,e yet w.v.-- Indired ti:e next Court upon which 
I in<jvcd said. Inditin'Mn Tue S^-cond Supream Court I attended 
mode my Rr-dress lo tb C:a)-k of tbc Supream the action was 
sent back so d'=b;iii-d ;"e from th^/n Sude the Rccognenceys 
and So Intended to !;'"i, me and j:)id Another action of one 


Johu mini I t^crveu hiu) for r. Debt above nine pound Due to 
me five yeai- past iaid Action Continued I'ight Court no Jury 
Could be had for me to try ihe acount Seing that I Could 
Get laiow v.iuite not ieeing my attorney any Longer i was 
nonprost and Executed for Cau.-t four pound fifteen Sbiiliug 
Consider the on Jii?t Another accion on a Servt of Beujaniiu 
Shumaker against me for Eightey pound Said whrit was not 
Served on the body yet Continued In Law tbe Court Give 
Jurdgmenr. and never Seed ilie bound I paid fiftoy pot;nd lo 
Said Sliumaker before E.\ecution v/as i.aid perdused tlie Ue- 
ceit to tbe Shirrift So v;iili Intrest Renaained tbirtey Pound 
Six Shillings and Sixpiecce was well known to ♦he offifer:^: no 
notice v^■os Given to n-.e by the Sbii'riif when the Jury was 
Cald to Condem my hGn,n;e and two Lots. having two Lots and 
a house Gineing to the Said I owd but thirty pound Six Shil- 
ling and Six pence Jusi Debts and the above Canst If Legal by 
which I had Rented my house and two Lots for twenty pound 
per year before and Gaud Security was offerd them If Cald 
for If SetLng the hardsiip and barbaiius usedge 1 met whith 
Could not obtain the bi'iiifit as a Subject my house and two 
Lots was Sold by the Sir'.rril'f I Dvsiied a bill of Caust of them^ 
but Could Get none I 2:11 Informed by Jeames Smith they 
attorney the whole Deb:. 10 be about Seventy pound and and 
was sold for Hoping to iie a Mited by your honour to take my 
Case In to Consideration I Humbly a Dress as a Subject to 
your honour 10 £ me whrited Another action the first of 
Aprill 1753 i was taken by a warront Derected by Mr. George 
Stevenson Eqr. for the !•:; ping of a tipling bouse I being Re- 
dust to Povertey keepi^^j" ^s In Law" upon Shiclj action as 
for said not A lov.-ing Tie of th.e Sail of my Rum and wine 
being In Debt to th.e }*Ii.: chants for the Said by Po", er tey was 
ablidge to sell as I CouLd 10 pay ray Creditors one Eeniamin 
Swope no proper oincer Come In the Back Door of my house 
I Standing In the fruni Dooi- Laid Violent holt of me as if I 
ware a murdered Pretending he liad fore said P Draged 

me out of my house wiiii two mens assistance toar my Cloase 
Besiering the Libertey c' a shert to Coe before the marisstrate 
throud me Down and I: oak my knee out of Joint so that I 
am a Crijiell not able ;.o follow any Laljour to Soport my 
familey Struck my wife to the Ground !;ecause sh.e came to 
Releave me from being killd I then Laying on the Ground 
wiib my knee Eroak rio.. ''aitisfaction a Nuf to George Steven- 
son I was Indited fo;- ;,ri a Salt and Indited for Seling of 
Liquor Lying under the Jkieters liands they would Dragt your 
Petitiousr to Goal my vlic- darsi; not come Nigh me but I 


Givins Security not able to anpepa' my Security lenued the 
'.lorxcy for the luditt-iuc^nt for Seling the Liquor It was Re- 
fused h) Cou;t then Servd the Reecgnencc-ys so I had ci Still 
of luiue In Custetey near two year which Caust lue forty 
round by Such arbcterrey Powers said Stevenson acted roe 
10 Debair me from Living Seiug the hard Ship I Laid under 
1 moved my familey to bottomore Town In mcralaud having 
Rented my house for twenty pound per year by seting my 
house the teirnant rex-iovt-d the windov/s was hrolve and several 
other Nessarys Left Vm: Doors open tlie In Ciosemonls of the 
Lots and Garden was Lost the Person that Bought my Dewliug 
frr^m the Shc-'rii:' i\r<l:z:z t>^e '^ail no^ Tepg^i rMfl ^m persess 
no Care was taken I v/as Loath to Return to my A State so 
Replyed to George Ste-enson near two year for a. Settlement 
It was Refused the A S'':ate being Sold for two hundred pound 
the DemVmd of the ofKfre I was Infoimed to be about Seventey 
pound thirty pound S;;; Shillings and Six pence to beniamin 
Shnmalcer Just Lebts end forty pound Caust, for the aforesaid 
actions Refusing me :: bill of Caust Seing the A state Goeing 
to Decay and Sobl Considerable under Value It apeard as if 
they would hftp the A Seine an..! money to Geatber A Sarvant 
Garll of mine had Six years to Stay was taken from me by 
an arbe:'tary Power sn'bertary Power barman uptegrove a 
marisstrate In the Cc^rnty Received her and paid nothing for 
her and was Detainr-: from me above six years by Poverty 
was ablidge to Rctuji. bad: Into my persessition the Damage 
I liad tb.en Received vas near a thousand pound well known 
to the County I beinrr In Poverd not alile to seek my Living 
for my family of Stv:n Childien no Credetors being paid I 
Craved for peace aiiii Apliei] for a Licence to mainiain my 
poor familc-y being a Cripell having none of the best Con- 
■ vineanceys it v^-as Ref.;•^ed Ccuid have no Liberty for a Living 
there George Stevensv.n Intended to Drive me out of tov^-n 
an ordered people to I/re but It was Refused by them In Town 
I am able to prove th-: .-arne and had been a Liver there before 
near 10 years Leave your honour to Jurdge the arbertary 
Power the said Stevenson un;br^r took to Get my A state by 
because I v/ould nci ,.f^ke four liundred pound for my State 
when lie first Came t'- town wliich he cffei-d mo for It v.-hich 
I Cou'd have had L;i:l' bumLcd for It about two month before 
there fore he tryel ;-i' nKiner v>-ay to (this part missing) An- 
other action Did !n •'":■■;. ^e when I Lived In Meraland to Ac- 
quairt your honoui' i Chairii/sd Ponds with one John foutr, 
Living in P (this p.,;' i-issiue) Dr Living there and Jiis Dr 
Living In meraland r:ach Jiund being twenty pound both 


iuiii-. par' mifcsing aii.J illegible) ^vilh cue auotht-r Cbarley 
wliich I Can Picve By my suu lluu ^Vhiit the Reccivts now 
I:i PhilLideipbiJiaelpliia A while after Said John fcius not Git- 
iiig the moiiey as iie Expected I having had a. bouse and two 
Lots In yorktowu nefui-e thue ihcn Sold to Thomas Cox the 
said louts Sumens ol a Vshrit and Laid it on the house that 
had been mine thee not being Iliiue then but yit Got Jurdg- 
ment on the Said I liicn being In meraland which Sumens I 
can ]\rduec Removing Back to Yorl: tov,-n as aforsaid They 
V,e\ vl'.I an i>\cfi,uiion on my LU)dy tor said Action and Ciapt 
mo to Goal althoe there was above one hnndre--' pound Lying 
In there hands Aceorcling to the Sail they ]iad mpde oi my 
house and two Lots aforesaid yet kept me there near Six 
weaics thinking I Should a Gree to Give up-sr'd uj:lav,iul 

they had made bui fiJiding I wouh.l not a Gree to there 
Roughish Design the aiiorney Jeames Smith Against me 
Oideied Ilia Gailer to l^ti me ought which he did Another 
action About Ap;ill llZiJ your Petitioner Received an order 
from Captain David Ail-:;:: io in List men for his ZMaiesstey 
Service and likewise anoil^vrr order frum Govenor Morris to 
Inlisl for the Province Keigliment your Petitioner Enlisted a 
Priuitce who bad but fi-\c nionths to Serve Said Prlntice Came 
to my house to Li'^t before your petitioner Enlisted him 1 
went to his blaster to acc^uaint liim of the said v/hich his 
:\Lister Gave Consent the lad had ten pound to Get 
which the vroubl Save A Tliilo after Dy Incuredgment Said 
Jacob Doudel Got a wrii ;:g:iinst me foi- damage of fifteen 
pound and Clapt rae In boa! and Detaind me there three 
months and Never was r.-d-iiful to any triall althoe having 
In plide an attoiney lb'.- iisi court made an Inter Locked 
Jui-dgement of the said A_ •i-vv v/eaks after the under Sherriii 
Zachariah Shngar v.ith Sc-vt-ra! other men came to your Peti- 
tioner house and Ccassd a51 your Petitioner father Beds and 
all his Cithen fuimcrtner Cfciried them all of then broke open 
the Lock of a Place who'e a Still was ceased. It with all the 
furneteur thereto belonging and a Set of Joyners tools wh.ich 
I had to Get my Livin- V.y Carii-d them all of did not L^ave 
^our Petitioners wif>; ;-;.-! - : :;:d'rn a chains of close t;:ok to 
Ihe Value of thuio iiu!,.:; .: ; _;H.ui-: wcjrtli for the aiToi-esaid 
two Last actions Drove y<-.: I'etihon. i- wife and soveii Small 
childern Into the Strea.t ;v:-] r';trri- ■,; you: Peiitioners v/ife 
Into Goal where I then v.;:^ Cr>;;finrl i:.r s^iid acLions thorefwre 
I humbie a Tnec- uj yo -r i.-.v-r to lirke my Ca^e Into Consid- 
eration the ]nbui::an rr>-i:--..c your Petiiioner and his farailey 
are Drove to i-oin tiui^ i . time Contrary to Law or Justice 


P]underins;- and Disbursting at Pleasure the Eilects of your 
Petitioners Vviiicli Cose him Great Care aud trouble liavc Drove 
him and his fainiley to ExSij-eam wonts Into A distant part 
from his Place of abode wLile they unju^iley have taken his 
Propertey aud Dessuibutcu it to their o^vn use your poor Pe- 
titioner Intreats your liouour lo take compassion on his h.elp 
Lc-ss familey and Lool; Into the Case of & Injured man who is 
novr at London to Keak for his v,-hriie I Expect not unkno-\vn 
to your houou.r It being Left to your Konour lo settle as 
your hono\n' will sec by a Letter Given In with the Petition 
by my Son Left in Fhilndelphia to act In my behalf as If I 

To take n;y Case Into Concideration and see my familey 
whi'ited as soon as Possible I being In' London waiting for 
au answer to know whether It Can bo settled there or noe I 
hope your honour well knowing Justice will Give my InpovN'or 
v,-ife & sun Answer as soon as your Honour See meat who will 
p])lide your Poor Destesed Petitioner who Shall Bee In Dutey 
Pound and F^ver F]ay 


May it please y'r Euceii^jncie: 

The humble Petiiion of John Hall surgeon sheweth that 
being disajipointed of :' S' tilen-iont in America by the Sliip- 
wreck of the Ci-omwoll:^ Prize belongiiig to Butler &. Clacxtoii 
of St. Christ'rs on rhf Li-iei'ii shore of Virginia Dec'r ye 2& 
last ■\Vm. Parnfield Cr-iai;der after Recovery of the White 
j'lux in No. Carolina joiivd Col. gages Regtmt. of Rangers to 
obtain Warraiit in my iirofession T;ut unfortunately on a rc- 
c:uiting P.irty met w.lVk a broken Leg IMarclt ye 20 in Glouces- 
ter County Virgiiiia, lying six Days and Nights with It unre- 
duced, almost fro-ze -i.o Death, which hath prevented thai 
Duty I owe to the Puj^lick Service, as well as proloiiging my 
Recovery: Since have subsisted by Benevolence, thro :},rary- 
land on Crutches liitb-.r in oixler to obtain a chest of Medi- 
ci!ms & Insl;umer.t^ ^rom tlie llcn'Ib Scciety ^^ :\irrchants 
to repair tliis loss — 

Next to the pa!Ti."j].:rr of Almighly God in preserving 
Me thrc' so mun>- I'-riis, I ani happy in this Opportunity lo 
offer to y'r Ilospitab.'-t Consideration the Course of IS years 
\'iz: A\'hich may i!:'-].- yr Ecc.:db.ncie to make Provisioji for 
me in ibis Exigence, vrbere 1 may be useful in yc Forts or 
ctherwlr': — . 

After a liberal E-k;-at:on in Warwick with yo late Thos. 


L'd Leigh my g>-ah.if:;rlior AUlemian Dvadfrhaigh Four times 

Mayor of Ciai r.^ruugh, ^£v^■ill-: that Family as well as the 

Castle, my Mother waiting on Lady & Dodington Greville tho' 

I was the youngest of six chLdi'en, 150 Ls. Sierl. was given 

with me to .Mr. Sa;u'l Pye cr Bristol an eminent Lithotoniist— 

17-il Sr. John ];.aUl;en sent me lo Admiral Vernon, by Y.'ar- 

—42 rants fiom v.-liom &. Sr. Chr. Ogle I served two years as 

Surgs Mate on the :^loscluito Shore— iu selling Rattan 

under the Conduct of V.'m. Lea a brave Bermudian 

Friend of S'r Ch's V/aj^ers v,-ell acynainteu wiih Giiati- 

—43 mala — . I i-etiiLn'd in rho. Lyon vrith that Vaiinnt Com- 

—14 Angusta. my laie L"d Ealtimore's Yatch, vrhose Hou'ble 
Friendshiij I liad. Cape. Elias legross Command'r of 
Jersey — Tlien Gv.-ynn of Carm.athen S: Co in ihe Golgo 

— 4'^ or Greyhound CarA. Kaluns Ccnian.d'r talven by CapL 
Ambross of the Knn-rt. 

—46 The Flon'bi-e Jamt s Comptou cf ye Northampton 
Family senc me i!i Ye Syren v. here in the Rebellion 1 
lost the use of my Lambs off ye Coast of Holland, A 
Hard vrinter, the R,eLsls in Derby; as scon as recovered 

— 47 I fulknv'd my Ship thro Scotland on foot as my L'd 

— 4S Duke of Bedford e:.n testifie— . Next served the East 

— 49 India Company in iLe streatham V»'m. Pinnel Command'r 
under Boscawen who f-eni us to ^Madagascai'; at Bombay 
the Beace of Aix le C hapelie tcolc place, wherein myself 
& oilier individn;,l>: sulimitied to irs Frowns for the 
publJclc Good— Subsisting on my Wages A, Ye Benevo- 

—51 lence of Lady VisevK-tess i./jnqueviHe, Y"e Shughburgh 

—52 Family & Sr. Vs'm. Yv heelers—. 

—53 Went to Africa i;; I'le Snow Anglesea of Liverpool in 
Mr. J 110. Keu.s-on.- and Co. employ, by which 1 suffer'd 
UHpar;:te!rd Cruelly to the Deprivation of my senses, 
being uico)-'d from n^-id to Foot, both rob'd & stript of 
every thing I bad ..': I'n.t blind four Days, losing near a 
Gallon of Blood, br.,-; use 1 would not Consent to defraud 
my Ov.-n.c:? f: comrrr'i a Pyraey on the King of 13enmarks 
subjects to lepair ihe I'lmbezzlement; this is a severe 
Vv'inter lerminated iu a Gangrene of Ye Foot iz discharge 
of a Guinea (ibfgib'- ) several Foot long. 

The African Comviissioncrs & S'd liillsbcrough have 
Ccgniz;inc(; of ibis ?■ .I'ei'. 

—51 By the Me; chants Advice -of Bristol went lo the West 

-55' Bidies to recruit my licalth, practised I'hy.sick & Surgery 


in (illegible) on the Death of Dr. James Wobbe Mr. 
Smiil! i^- Mr. Polls, tlu'Ot? parte of ye Island d.viug by a 
Contagious fe\or & bleeuing at Nose &. nionlli, which by 
Gods Uk-ssing I pui a !-top to — went down to my (illo- 
gihlp) Cl'arlcs Hall ai St. Croix wiiose 1 had tho Friend- 
.ship of yc Hv.u'bie Christian ]o braeht Barou van a 

—56 The War bieaklng out. I served the St. Christophers 
Mercliaiits iii the Haw):es Revenge ,Tos. Conuol- Comand'r 
leaving ra> .liinuih Pension in obedience to His T^Iafts 
Proehunation— By Permission of ye Admirals Frank- 
land ft T--:-;-d. 
57 Came up fioni .JanKnca Doctor of ye Tliomas James 
Y/atldns Conid'r whose uncle ye Judge took my Advice in 
the Palsy, when General Thomas Major Melvill & Mr. 
Guilleanme of ye 3Sth Re.tct. presented me this suit. I 
nov,^ wear Fiom St. Johns I served the Barbadoes iu St. 
. Christopher Subscription in the Oliver Cromv.-ell Peter 
Reade Comaudr when m\ ill State of Health renderd it 
necessary to retire. 
Submit these to y'r Excellencies Favour. 
From His T'dajc-lles Moit ijumble & Obedient Subject <^- 

Servant JOHN HALH. 

175S Julio 2i Die 

City of Philadelphia. 

To the Honourable Jcliti Penn Esn. Lieutenant Governor of 
the Province of Peimsyjvania, And To The Honourable The 
Members of his Ccunei;. 

The Petition of divt.-^ inbabitanis of The City of Philadel- 

Most Respectfully Si;ew^ih 

THAT Your PeLition^::-s are li^formfd a new Road f!cm 
this City to the villa;::.; of Strasbuig, leadine; to the Borou-h 
of Lancaster, i- by y.-.\u' order lately laid out. That the 
Gi-ound ovrrwlWch iv i- !;,kl. is good and suitable for the pur- 
pose—That the .=^aid, R ,.^i] is much shorter to the said vi!la.ii,e 

* * * *^ * * *, ';■■;.!! to a nun.iber of well settled back 
"i'ov/nships, (h::!. \U' 'k'. YVk.(\ now in use, or than any other 
Ground of euai! r-o-d; ■ s will a<:hnt of,— and thtit Notvnth- 
standiug thes'^ l-'-:c:/ c: it oppo.^!t:oii is Raised against a Cou- 
lirmatiou of the sr^id Rcae. 


YOUR Petitioners tlioreforc beg leave to represent to the 
Goverror and Council 

THAT it is of g:e:it ImpoKance to the People of this Pro- 
vince to have f-nch Roads as m-ay Promote tlie Tiade thereof, 
being the be^r Comnitmition iu their Power beivreen the Capi- 
tal City ;;iid the Back Inhabitants, and thereby ]ce,.?en the Ex- 
pcnoe of ];ririgiug the prcdnce cif the Country to Market, and 
Supplying ilie Back Counties -with such Foreign Conratodities 

as they may Pequire. THAT Trade and Coramerce on 

^vhic-li the AVelfaie and HappinciS of evei y Ccmnnucity depend, 
is in this jnovince suppoited under disadvantages which sev- 

f^rnl or Iho iir-io-M.OMMi;[^ r'r>tn.-,;^i are f'-f-" y'Tn:n,_Thr.iT. Vi'aler 

Carriage ajVoiding their lleniote rnliabitants an easy Trans- 
portation cf all Comnuidoiics for Market— v.hile ours are dis- 
couraged by a Length of P.oiid, laid generally on bad Ground, 

Crooked and 111 supported. ■ 

Your Petitioners therefore pray the Governor and Council, 
to take the P)-emi? = es intc; their Consideraticui and Confirm 
the stiid Nev.- Fioad. 

John AYhnrton. Daniel Robin.-.on. 

Phil: Syng. Geo. ClyTner. 

T. Coornbe. • John Cadv.-alador. 

Tho. MiiTlin. Samuel C. Morris. 

Geo.: e ^liJllin. E. Geo. Meade. 

Sam. Pleasant. .Jas. AVliartcn, 

Turbutt Francis. .Tos. Saunders. 

Yvill. Parr. Enoch Hol-art. 

John Pringle. Peter PLceve. 

Ab'm Usher. Joseph Bullock. 

Thos. Willing. Geo. Rundle. 

Hartley Shce. Geo. Enilcn, Jun. . 

John Gibsons Bcnj-n Haibeson. 

John La-wrence. Jcdm ■\ViI!da>-. 

Peter Wikoff. Jos. Redman. 

James Penrose. i enjumin Bevy. 

Joseph Warner. James Benezot. 

Ben.i"n Marsl'a!], Jos. Wood. 

Wm. ]-ley^han■i, Clement Biddle. 

Alex. Huston. Geo. Roberts. 

Willian. Craig. Geo, Davis. 

Vv'm. Smith. Kd^v•d Peniiiulon. 

Jc::ep;i ^/.-ift. Thomas Fisher. 

John Phillips. Wm. Richards. 


Joshua llowelL Rich'd Baclie. 

J- Crais. Aiurv,' Caldwell. 

.'»('. "WlTito, John Briughurst. 

liw. l)oniio]'i;;on. An'liony Stockcr. 
'inn. Smitii. _ John Bayard. 

Tench Tilghnan. Sam'l Morton. 

JDau'l Rundle. _ Henry Drinker. 

J. W. Ko^^?. TJio. Wharton, jun. 

John Steinmetz. John Nixon. 

WiH: :\linpr. Ba, B<jver!dse. 

A. Morris, Ja'r. Arc-1 'd M'Call. 

Joie'ah Warder. Jnhn W. Brocks. 

Adni Ilnbley. jno. «hee. 

Stephen Sh. Betor Chevalears. 

Jos. Morris. Geo. Fuller{on. 

Koht. Morri.s. Reuben Haines. 

Pani. Howell. John Khea. 

B)avid Frank.s. J. ]\I. Nesbitt. 

Sam. C. Mifflin. Jop. Wharton, jun. 

Isaac Cox. Isaac Hazlehurst. 

James Searle. John Day. 

Frescnted to the Goverj:or &. Council 10th Nov. 17^ 

To the Ilonoiablr Jol ^ Pt nn B'^quire Bientcnant Governor of 
the BioMiirt r; P(-.iu . .\ c n 'ci and Counties of Nev.- Casile 
Kent fc Su>=;^p\ on B. 1 tn ^i > and his Honourable Council. 

The Petition of dnt-s ]^.,_ubitanlF. of the County of B9uca.=.tcr 

Humbly Sheweth 

That the Groat Boad from Bne upper paiis of IJje .said Coun- 
ty, especially from the Borough of Lancaster, to Bhiladelphia, 
is by the constant u.-e of it Trilh heavy IxDaded Carriages, a,nd 
Ly its b'-'in?; laid in taraiy places over very bad ground, now 
rendered almost imr'^^K/aide, ajid is attended in many parts 
of it with such. Dancer &. Difliculty, that the Waggoners in 
many Reason.-; arc xmdca the necessity, when heavy loaded, to, 
or from the I'iiiiadelphia Market, of travelling in Barties, that 
they may Afford' each Miser A.ssistance.— 

That notwithstanding the great Labour, Care and Expence 
lised in repairing the sa?d Jload, it is Constantly in bad Order; 
T:n<] as the Tr-ide cz Cv^u^n^jrce of tii'^' Province increases, & it 
is more used by heavy carriag.:s, will bo still more trouble- 
some Kr dill) cull. ■ 

trt— Vol. XIV— 0-h fc-r. 


That another Road luion b<?iier grouud. and iic-nrer by c-oiue 
Miles, may l-e ha'], and i^ iiov,- ab.-sclutrly necef.=?.ry i-ov the 
aocdiiinio^uiiioii of ihe back Inhabiiants oi the said County lu 
their Cciamercial i3nercoi)rsc with the City of Philadelphia — . 
The ^vaRt of u good lioad seems to threattu a diversion of 
the valuable Trade of this County, or some parts of it, to 
other places; end now, not only, actually prevents many Far- 
mers from Attending the City markets; but puts them under 
the disagreeable necessity of trusting, and giving Cornmisiions 
to others to Carry tht pi'oduce of their Farms to Market, by 
which, many ha^ e Euffcied greatly; Ti'heieas v/ere the Roads 
Good and safe, their ovrn horses £- Carriages might be em- 
ployed for that Rurpotv., and s\ ould lalce back for tiiem Salt 
6c other Articles for their home ccnsuiapvion, which tlicy 
could pu>;chase most reasonable in the City. 

That a Kings Highv/ay or Public Road haih lately been laid 
out by Order of tiic, G'jvcrnor and Council, from the Middle- 
Ferry on Schujlkili to Ihe Sign of the Ship in Chester County; 
& from thence along c: near the old Gap — Road as far as the 
Village cf Strasbrg Ir. Lancaster County — This Road Your 
Petitioners beg leave to say, is laid out on much 
ground trian the old Hoad, is some miles shorter; &. your 
Petitioners conceive h- the best, straitest and most con- 
venient Road for the hack Inhabitants: and will be of Great 
Utility to the Trade o! I^hiladelphia — . The Inhabitants of 
Laucasier; and such i-s shall choose to pass through that 
Town, fi'om the remoti: pans of the Province, will have an 
easy road from thence to iiio j;ald Pubiick Road; whoreby they 
will shun eight or tei: miles of Hills & bad ground, which 
are upon the old Road betv-.-een the s'd Town & the Sign of 
the Ship; &. these wh'. .;; it may best Suit to lake the back 
Road, from Harris's by the Dunker Town (formerly called 
Peter's Road) m.ay en-^-r into the said newlaid out Road, 
near the iNorth Branch if Ih'undywine Creek; & by that means 
have an easy, safe & shorter Carriage fiom thence to Phila- 
delphia. . 

Your Petitioners therefore pray the Houcurabie Gcverr.or 
& Council to fake the rr,-.n:lses into Consldfraticn, and as the 
said New R.oad s'.ems i'- have been laid or.t .-■hi^.fiy vvith de- 
sign to encourage & sec-;.e Vnp. Trade of the Inhabitants of the 
interior parts of the Pi .'. ince to the City cf Philadelphia, & 
is the Road yet poinie-: o'Jt for that ]>urpose, to Confirm the 
f^aid New'aid out Road ■.: a King > ilighway or Pubiick Road 


and to order ihcA t!i 

cleared . 

Au<J your Potiuonors 
Johannes ililler. 
Wartin Miller. 
Uinrich Kiiidig. 
Jacob Rueble. 
Georg Dosii. 
James Wrirjbt. 
Davide ( ?) Kiiixjort. 
Sarauel Barr. 
Sebastian Graii'. 
Abraham Hes.i. 
John Smith. 
Matthias Graff. 
Peter Faruey. 
Abraham Newcomer. 
Lenhart. Bender. 
Jac-ub Beiss. 
Jacob jMumert. 
Christian StauZer. 
Jacob Meier. 
lAiidy Herr. 
Jslichael Sehauck. 
Jitcob Beyer. 
John Carpenter. 
Joiiaunes Wurrale. 
Joseph Bruchbaker. 
John Herr, Sr. 
John V/itnier, Jur. 
Bernhart Eschlyman. 
Chritli Scheuck. 
Valentin BreLUioiser. 
IJenry Bowraan. 
Geo. Lenard. 
Jacob Bear. 
Abraham bar. 
James Old. 
John Rchnabele. 
Johannes EorckhaMer. 
Peter Hoofnagle, 
Jacob Carpenter. 
Em'i Carpc;-;ter, Jiirr. 
Martin Meyer. 

may be fortJi 

Francis Leech. 

Johannes (illegible). 

Robert Cunningham Miller. 

Andreas Slough. 

\Vm. Ross. 

i\iichae] Gross. 

J.- 1 cob Bun dor. 

Jacob Enck. 

Joimnaes Enck, 

Jacob Miller.. 
Jacob Carpenter. 
John Brack Bill. 
Hannes Sintzenig. 
Charles Phillips. 
John Ilousenbevy. 
John Vi'aUer. 
John Feree. 
llenrich Mattes. 
Henricli Netf. 
Nicholas Stoffer. . 
Jacob Sheits. 
A.brahara Buetsch. 
John Miller. 
Jolm :^iiilar, Juiuur. 
Jacob Kindrick. 
Iilartin Kendrick. 
Henry Weaver. 
John White. 
Haunes Ha miss. 
Ciiristian IMarty. 
Christian Yorde. 
Emanuel Xarl. 
rdichael Greiter. 
Joseph Hain.';. 
Samuel Miller. 
Christian Carpenter. 
ThC'S. Slecher. 
Christian Nessellrood. 
ilan nes Bruchbaker. 
John Bo-wmac. 


Gcurge Whhvr. 
JohJi Wither. 
Mathdes INIiller. 
Cliiistian haie. 
Abraliam hcrr. 
Gcors; Strein. 
Liiristiaii vrendilz. 
Tho. Barton. 
WiiJ'm Atclte. 
■ Chribtiau Vuglit. 
John Hopsou. 
Geo. Mover. 
John F<^itmaTt. 
Liidwig L-aumau. 
Christian buech. 
Gas. Shaffiier Ju. 
Lodwick Stone. 
Frd(?) Slouo. 
George Ebeily. 
Adam Relg-art. 
Caspar ShaiTner. 
Peter Shaffner. 
Michael J'ordinp., 
George Betz. 
William While. 
Sarnl. Boyd. 
Chas. Hall. 
Wiiton Atkinson. 
Charles Klug. 
Bard. Hubley. 
Danl. Frank. 
Christoph. (illisiblc), 
l^hilip n-ick. 
"William Bawsmau. 
A. Hubley. 
.Tohn Stone. 
]\Iatrhiaf- Dehiiff. 

(P)-o;>pnted to llie Guv 

Boiijainiu Puukiuy. 

Joi^eph Simon. 

Joseph Davies. 

Isaac Solomon. 

John Henry. 

Martin Bauman. 

Eberhavt Michael. 
^ William Busch. 

Arnold Bcmbargav. 

lleuiy Dehuli. 

Davett Tresler. 

FelMv McCowan, 

George Enickhiirst. 

Anthony Snyder. 

Simon Schneider. 

Edwd. Shippeu. 

William Henry. 

Jas. Bickliam. 

Adam Simon Kuhn. 

Everard Grubcr. 

Krnanuel Carpenter. 

James Bnrd. 

Isaac Sanders. 

Robt. Boyd. 

J. P. DeHiias. 

Zaccheus Davis. 

J 3. Work. 

Al-.xdr. Lov.Tey Foresman. 

Peici Grubb. 

Mickl. Haussegger. 


IVlauin Schull. 

Nicl:Iano Job. 

P.'Uiiej Kinpoit. 

Jacol) Shaffer. 
Jacob fetter. 

EAl;i,.Y PKTITIOXb'. ?9S 

To His Ijonorn- the Governor and Counril in Philadelphia 

The- l^uirl.lf T\'iitioi! or t]ie Inhiibitants in Gcnei-al of the 
Township of Solehiiry in the Coiiriy of Bucks Ilumhiy Sht\v- 

Whereas? there v,as a Kuad laid uiil fi'oni Philadelphia to tlie 
River Dilawai'e oppisiio John Pioading's Landins, many Years 
F.20 by Qj-dcr cf the Govenior and Ccnncil, upon the Promise 
Gt iho said .John Readir.g's and the Inh.abltants ol; West Jer- 
sey layiiiu; Out a Poad from the said Johui Peading'f. LandinJT 

afore said to New York JJui iuriiead of hxIUoiiig the faid 

Road to the .said Jo'nn Keading's Landing asid a^ey to wit) 
the Inhabitants of West Jersey afore fcaid," brought the Road 
Oppisile to John ^Yoll's about three miles below the said Jon. 
Reading's Cr. Which Oidiged the luhabilauls of Solcbury 
afore said To Petition to the Court cf Quailer Sessions in 
Luck for a Road from John Well's into the former Road 
near Buekingiiam :\Icctirig lic-ahc being near five jliles, And a 
Ferry being settlt-d unto the said John Well's by an Acr of 
Assembly of this wherein the Road to New York 

might he arconimcdated . Which renders that part of 

the afore said Road frcro Buelanghara IMeeting TTouse to the 
River oppisite John Reading Landing afore said, which is now 

Daniel Hovrel's riMd Unnecessary And the said 

Dan'l Howel eiulfaverins io force ns Your Petitioners to open 
the Road from BufkiT:f--i.'.rn :\reetii!g bouse to tlie River a:^ 
afore said, Thereby to piomole a iierry which v.'ould be a 
great Damage to Your pHaiioners in Cutting Our Lands and 
also to ye aforesaid John YVeils in Perricular And Y\'herea,-; 
some time since some of tl>e Inhabitants of solebury affd. Did 
Humbly Pct'tion his }I-.:;oar the Governour & Council affd. 
That thRt i'-\n of the ]-.;<, ad. from Buckingham Meeting House 
to the River oppisite to Dan'l Howels Landing formerly called 

John Readings La.nding miglic be Disanuled and that part 

from Buckingham :Meen;:g liouse to John Well's fierry might 
be Estabjislit in ye rem thei-eof A.nd Whereas some other 
Persons of the lnbalir-:i;LS of solebury affd. has Petitioned 
His Honour the Gove;M;r Cv. That that part of the Road 
from Buckingham Meetl-g House to the River oppisite Daniel 
Hov/el's Landing rairi];i lie opend But. since (he afore- 
said j'etitions Las b(-c. iXlivered in order for a hearing the 
Inhabitants of so:ebury -iffd. have Mett, and upon furlher Con- 
sideration bath Gener:.i:y Concluded that if in case the Road 



v,a,i: opened to ;hc River opyisite to Dan'l Hov.clb Landing as 
aird, it v,-oulcl be very Injurious to some of the Inhabitants 
Lands and also the pUiee of tlie River against Dan'l Hov^'els 
Landing is not Commodious nor Necessary for a Ferry, inas- 
mucli as the said John \Vells Ferry is but about three miles 
belovN' the said Dan'l Hovel's Landing. Also the aild. John 
WOiis having- kept the fierry Divers Years w'th good Boats 
verj' good accomodations in ills House for Travelers. A ^Lm 
v{o]l beloved cf his Xeii'hbcnrB for heciujig good orders in his 
IiousG, has ahvays behaved hirDseir well to all Persons as 
becomes him in such his Vocation, Lhereiore the I-Iunible re- 
quest ot Your Petitioners is that You in Your Wisdom v.'ould 
Consider the Premises aforesaid, and your favouring our re- 
quest V'ill much Oblige your Petitioners, and vre shadl as in 

Duty Bound ever pray &t — ■ 

"VVe the Subscribers to tl)is Collum of the above pettiiiou do 
Cortifie that -^-e hnov-r the matter Contain'd in said potition 
to be true, &. therefore pray the Governors & Coinicils Con- 
sideration of the same as such. 

Thomas Canby. 
Maat Hughes. 
Jos. Kirkbride Jnnr. 
Abra. Chapman. 
Jer, Langhorae, 
A. Flamilton. 
Isaac Peters. 
John Plecd. 
John Scholfield. 
John Pownall. 
John Hough. 
Henry Roberts, 
lirancis Hough. 
Thomas Hartley. 
Joshua Ely. 
John Skelton. 
John Davrson. 
Jon a! ban Dan- son. 

Roger Hartley. 
Edward Hartley. 
Georg Povrnall. 
James Paxson. 
Henry Paxson. 
John Rathmell. 
YViliiam Chadwick. 
John Bye. 
Jos. Lupton. 
Enoch Pearson. 
Thomas Canby Jur. 
Geffery Burgas. 
John Rcarbrorigh, 
Sam'il Eastburu. 
Thomas Phillips. 
Phill Wells. 
John Wells. 

Honourable Pir 
irovincG of Ptr.r-ib 

artvlclv Gordon Esqr. Governor of 
■ nia and to his Ilonourabio Coun- 

;d Aboui frar 


'Jhal vrhcrviis ic liath been proixised, thai a ncv.- bridg. 
Kbould be :w:<de over franla'ord Creek, Becaus ci tbe badn-rss 
of the T\'ay and ford. Wheve. ii nov,- is, and the Danger of 
Carls. And Wagi^;sus overictiog arid Children falling in to the 
Creek and Some Traveller^i being in Danger of being drowned, 
it being also very 111 ccnvenient for all Carisge to and froui 
(The Jiletropolcian CiUy of the Frovince:) Phila"d and it being 
the Gret-t hign Rc?.cl of America, v.-anls Above halfe the 
ijroadih cf ^d. Road from Phila'd to bucks v.^iich is GO foci 
and This is not near Plalf the Braedth. it is So narrow that 
iV/O Crt'-riages Cannot pass by one Another, Coll: Buinet and 
his Ladey w'th divors others in his Coach was overset, two 
Gei'tJev.-einen Were overset in the Cieek in a Chase. Two 
Children Last Summer fell into llie Creek and In all Likely- 
hood had been Drov.-red, if help had not been neigh, and Car- 
rages have been break And oversee through the badness and 
nairowness of the \Vay and at high water v.-hen their is a 
fresh in the Creel: there is no passing at all; also tbe Road 
for About a Quarter of a Mile to And from the Old bridg is 
very IMirey and Costs the Couiiiry a great neale in Repaire- 
ing On boath Sides of the Bridg, Besides the Create Charge 
of maintaining three Bridges. Aud building a AVall. to Sup- 
port the bad narrow way. w'cli if built, is in Danger of being 
Underrain'd by floods, w'eh in Great Raines i^ very Raped, 
Wee Itumbiy Coneeve that one Single New Eridg. a Little 
Lower dov.-n the Creek -v.-ill Ease the County of a Continuall 
Great Chai'ge In Repairing all the Above, as well as Accomo- 
date Strangers and Tiavellers and the Inhabitance of the 
Tovrnship and Couiiiy. Wee have also understood that the 
Gentlemen in Coranrsssion to Survey sd. Road is also of the 
Same mind v.ith us. that there is need of an Alteration in 
Relation to this affair^:-, it being rxearer, Cleaner, and much 
Less Chargeable A'.-)iere it is Piojiosed To bee and wee desire- 
that the afore Said Gc}ii!enien may have a Second Premise. 
So wee pray that in your V.Msdomo you would be pleased to 
Consider the General A<lvantage In this Case and your peti- 
tioners Sli;\ll Ever p.'iyas in uentyBound — 

Rich'd D-jnn. John Sha'evoss. 

Robert Eastborn, Richard Martin. 

John Brown. Walter 

John Morick3. Johii Atkins. 

Joh)i Iveen. Cliarles. llarpor. 

James Paul. ICreck Hiis [—1 mark) Koon, 

Thomas Crutler. Thomas kenton. 


Richard Jones, John .Kuowles. 

Cha. liiuney. Joiiepb Hall. 

Josiab Harper. Ricliaid Busby. 

Joseph Harper. Gabriel (his [IJ 

Jaares Street.. ka;;on. 

Joseph Thornhill. Edward Coninge. 
Johu Brittan. 

lo the Honourable John Penn Governor iii and over the Pro- 
vince of Pennsyivania, f^:. Countir-p o^" NevsTp'^tin, Kept and 
Su.ssex 031 Eelav.-are. 

The FetUinii of Sundi'v of Ibe Inhabitant'-^ of AVe.stmoroiand 


That your Petitioner.-; in Consequence of tlie ITrst Alarm in 
tlur-.e Paiis did ashenible at Banna"s Town, wliere ai their ov/n 
Expence they erected a Small Eortiflcation as a Shelter for 
their Wives, and Families during the TroTiblesonie Timey, & 
under direction of the Genticnjcn of the Association, volun- 
tarily took lip -Amis for the General defence of this part of 
the Country, till such Time as your Honor & the Honble 
assembly -vs-ere pleased to approve of our procer-dings. Your 
Petition'^rs thought themselves extremely happy and Seeoure,. 
when your Honor & the Plonble Assembly so considerately 
order'd a Number of Troops to be embodied for our Genera! 
protection and safety, hut. your Petitioners are now rendered 
very uneasy by the Removal of these Troops their Arros & 
Amunition, on v.'hich yoyr Petitioners greatest dependence lay, 
and which we your Petitioners farther understand are or- 
dered to the Kittaning, s place at leasi distant from any of the 
Settlements Tventy five c: Thiily :\Iiles. Your pcitioner.i by 
being left thus exposed, without Arms or Amuniiion, humbly 
conceive themselves to be in great. Danger from the Euejny, 
and ai-e sorry to obser\e to your Honor and the Honble 
Assevnbjy, that tis the g-j-.eral, as well as the humble opinion 
oy your }'eritioners, that removing the Trooi^s to so distant 
and uninhabited a part of the Provicne as tlie Kittaning, can- 
not answer the good puri 
iiut appMVi-s calculated on! 
their own priv;:te' 
tioners are farthei- moM h 
posed person oi' J'ei.-^o.'is 

e for 

which they vvcie intesided, 

jy the 

advice of son'ie who prefer 

. the 1 

■■--ublic Welfare. Your Peti- 

ibly ol 

f opinion that, some ill dis- 

vc mi 

srepresenicd our real Slitr:- 

; Rf;!,i 

•:lo Assembly, of]icr-,vise v.-e 



could not ccnceivo' {hat your Honor and the Honbl-j Assoiniily 
would leave us exposed and Defenceless iu the nuiuner we 
nov,' arc. Ycur Petitioners ' therefore most humbly request, 
that your }Ionor would be pleased to consider their Alarming 
Situaiion, and ordc!- sueh Assistance as their defenceless con- 
dition requiies. And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall 
pray &Ca. 

Wende] Oury. 
Philip Smith. 
Jacob Smith. 
Peter Hi]]. 
Frantz rub, 
Gared Thomes. 

Jacob Kimmel. 
John Moffly. 
Heinrich Edeyn. 
John Ercdt. 
John Erineg. 
John Painter. 
Gorge Painter. 
Michal Eayerlay. 
Christop Kertruhy. 
Adam Oui-y. 
Chrisi.oiel Uhrig. 
Conrat Cind. 
Peiter Uhrig. 
A braui Dungelhorgc-r. 
Jacob hauser. 

Adam Gorge. 
Conrat Plack. 
Gorg Hack. 
Johancs Grausher. 
Josef Rues. 
Bernt Rc-ies. 
Daniel Williams. 
Petter Gciger. 
Nicheiaus Shaer. 
Henry Smith. 
Micha'-rl Dole. 
Wichael gunckel. 
John Scot. 

Lulwig Miller. 
Andoni v.'aller. 
John Gunv:kel. 
Jams Waterson. 
Adam Biickcr. 
Phillip Kliii,L;e]sbmit 
hanes Sprengler. 
Petter glrdgelshmit. 
Davit Jiiarshal. 
Adam meyer. 
lamas Avilliams. 
Christian Hermer. 
Gofg Beiei-. 
Paul Eberhart. 
antoni altman. 
Jacob Stra. 
Casper merdel. 
Niclos AlloHKing. 
BaJiztr m-vyer. 
"\Vilian\ Aliman. 
Christian Rotenbag. 
Harmickel Dev,"is. 
Petter L'ber. 
Henry Keifer. 
Michal Shatz. 
Jcry Gergan. 
Jo. Hamilton. 
Marx Brcing. 
Gorg Mickondorf. 
Yvilliara Deyard. 
Banjamain Lord. 
Better Cook. 
Martin Kinnitt. 
Peter Casnir. 
Erck Pil'itun, 
John Hil'. 
I'rederith Mitrschol. 


William Harcstou. 
henrih ScIiiTi'-a. 
Jacob Mielt-isea. 
Nicios Junt. 
Saml. Hock. 
Ans. Hock Jiir. 
Heurig Hibley. 
Henri g lang. 
Christian Bam. 
Phiiip Studoliaker. 
Adam Studebaker. 
Johan Eber Davis. 
P e I c e J- Yv' a ii n e. n_ a g h cr. 


balzej- IB ever Jr. 
.Tobia Hawser. 
PcttC-v Ruty. 
j\Iichai Kumb. 
Michal Stocksb€ig' 
Christian jucki. 
Aberham Jacky. 
Gorg ^\'althaucr. 
John Kcirman. 
\niliara Beck. 
Aberham Shefer. 
LorC'Dtz Kuntz, 

To The Hci) curable 
vince of PennsyJv 
Su5::ex un Delawa 

The Petition of S' 
County — 

Hurably Sh f;v> (■th , 

That your Pel.ilioners in 
these Parts, did Assemble 
c^vn Expenee they Erected 
for their Wives and Fa.mi 
and under direction of 
Voluntarily took up An.: 
part of the Counti-y, 'tlH 
Honble Assernbly v. ere pb: 
Your Petitioners thought 
Secure, v.-hen your Honor 
siderately order'd a numb 
General protection and >-;^ 
rendered very uneasy-, by 
Arms and Am urn nit ion. on 
pcnda!ice lay, a;id whicjf 
are ordered lo the Kitiai.'!: 
of the- Settlemcni'r, Tv.-vLi 
tioner.s biy being left thvH 
lion, humbly conceive (be 
the Eiicmy, and are ..ony 
Honbk Ajjsembly.; 't.- 
cpiniou or your Petition*- 

, Penn Governor in and over the Pro- 
and Counties of Newcasitle, Kent and 

• of the Inbabitants of Y7e&t: 

Consequence of the Tirst Alarum in 
at Har,na"s To^vn; v/Jiere at their 
ail Fortification a? a Shelter 
lies during tlie Troublesome Tirneti, 
he Gentlemen of the Association 
.- for the General defence of this 
;nch Times as your Honor and the 
ased to approve of our Proceedings, 
themselves extremely happy and 
and the Honble Assem-bly ?o con- 
:r of troops to be embodied for our 
fety; l>ul your Petitioners are now 
the Removal of these Troops, their 
vvliich your Petiiionevs greatest de- 
^-onr P'-iiticnei£ farther nudcrstand 
IS', a ph^ve at lenst distant from fmy 
y five or Thiiry Miies. Your Pcti- 
exposed v,-itbont Arms or An-iiini- 
-nselves to be in great Danger from 
to ol--::rve to your Tlonoi' and the 
the Gejjcral, as well as ihe humble 
T. thai reihoviuL; ibn Troops to so 


dislant and iu:n;hab;:pd a part of the Province as the Kiium- 
ing, c:in!icL ansv.-er the good Purpose for which they vrerc iu- 
teuded, but appears calculated only by the advice of some wiio 
prefer their ov.-u Private Interest to the Public. Welfare. 
Your PctitionGrs are farther most humbly of opinion, t-Lat 
some ill disposed person or persons have misrepresented our 
real Situation to your Honor and the Honble Assembly, other- 
wise %ve could not conceive that your Honor and the Hoiibk-. 
Assembly \', culd lea'', e us exposed and defenceless iu the 
manner v,'e nov.- are. Your Petitioners therefore most humbly 
requesv, that your Honor would hi^ pleased tn consider their 
Alarming Situation, and order such assistance as tljeir De- 
fenceless condition requires. And your Petitioners as in duty 
bound shall pray &ea. itea, 

William Dorrcugh. 

Samuel Beai^ty. 

James Beatty. 




William Brown. 

^yiliiam (his [0] ma]d;) Yv 

Brizela. (liis [X] mark) Car 
John Biovvnlee. 
Kugli BroT.-nlee. 
Joseph 3:3rownlee. 
Samuel IsIcKee. 
Job a McDonell 
David IVIcKee. 
Robert ]McKce. 
James .Paul. 
W^illiam ilcKee, 
Wiileam luimson. 
John Brov.n. 
John Brow-]}. 
Adorn }dorow. 
John Gifien. 
Jamcs Ixlckim. 
Ipa^ic ketth. 
Dinn^ii MfConal 
Georg Kelson. 
James K1t:jv. 
Joh!^ Canan. 
WiliiCiV.! Rhaw. 
Archeb-Ud Leach. 

.lames Boveoed. 
Robert Haslet. 
Joseph Shaw. 
James Westbay. 
John Gourle. 
Samuel Gourle. 
John Calhoun. 
John Lent. 
James Dorrough. 
■. Stephen Groves. 
John addams. 
John ha so. 
Charles Staret. 
rahart base. 
John Gothery Junier. 
John Gothery Senier 
A Dam Soot. 
Petter Soot. 
Y/ill'm Dickie. 
George Dickie. 
Moses Dickie. 
David Dickie. 
John Crigly. 
A_ndrew Mcintire. 
Patrick CcilaTi. 
Chas. Fru-r; n.u. 
Samuel Whitsitt. 
John Holmes. 
Joseph Winliee. 
Wm. Thorr'a^'. 
loseph CHMv,-ell. 




Tu the Houoial.ile John rcuvi Esquire Governor .t CoH-iniander 
in Chief in r.nd t;vcr the Proviuee of Pennsylvani:i anJ 
Couiities of New Ca;:.<.le i;oni avi<l Sussex upon Delaware. 
The PetiUon of the Ii;i;a!»ilanls of Weriunorehand county 
IlunrMy SheweU. 

That there is great .Ueasun to fear that Ihis Part of ibe 
Couuiy win seou he InvolvtJ in an Indian AVar That the 
coniiequences wiil moirt prohably be striking as the countr\ is 
in ti defenceless; Stale wilhout any PJar^es of SLrtngtli Stock 
of amunitioii or necesh-ary Siorcs, 

total Ruin to grera. nuu^beri v,-ho are now in an ea?y Situation 
but almost distracted with the Apprehensions- of Seeing their 
Helpless Infants fall a Sacrifice to Savage Cruelty and tliis 
will most Certainly be the Event unless they meet with some 

In these CircurnKtances jiext to the Aimighty they look up 
to your Eonour and Hoiie ;:ou will take their Case into con- 
sideration and afford theni .•^ucli PLelief as to your Honour 
shall seem meet 

And your Petitioners a-, i;. duiy bound Shall ever Pray— 

■\Vendel Ourff. 
Christopher Truby. 
Frantz Raupp. Scneiier. 
John Laffertv. 
John Beudear:/. 
Jo Hanes Sprenf^eles. 
Conred houck. 
Jams water ens. 
John Redick. 
Adam gorge. 

Nicholas Allimang. 
Adam Trich. 

Stufei Uhrich. 

John Golden. 

Potter Tjbrig. 

Mart Scliuetz. 

Michal koneL 

hendrich Kleyn. 

Co;u-ud Shitler. 

Hanes Gunckel. 

Fetter Rasner. 

Pet'er Rbor. 




Lch smit. 


3 Smitt. 


ij ninel. 



Adam Rreiser. 


r Wanneraacher 


p Glingelschiet. 


r klenel Smite. 


V altman. 

Audoui altman. 




ni.z Reiss. 

I'.altzcr :>lGeyer. 


b hanser. 


r Altman. 


stian Bam. 

Cor J 

r Beier. 


r Roth. 


f Kciss. 


;n ■^:if':er 


Thcuia^ v,'illiams. Conrat Lcict. 

Michael. Shotz. I'^vedrioli ilaisliall. 

Gorge (illegible). hanres breynig. 

William liamson. Uobevt MickGiidorf. 

^Villi?.m Altmaii. Jacob Schveber. 

Marx breinig. Danil Matiiss. 

Scliau bveiuig. henrich Kclirall. 

Samuel Lewes. Peter sheilbaramtr. 

Archy Sluarwt. Jac-ob Megylyu. 

Antbony 'U'aitrey. Davit :\Iicklin. 

Jacob welcker. heiiriok busliewer. 

Nicolas Funt. Luiwig oterman. 

Mibel kaim. James hvl. 

Jacob Matys. Jacob Stross. 

Dalit marsbak rhri.-tofel berolt. 

Henry Sil. Gerbai't Thomas, 
l^charcl Avchbold. 

Fort Allen Kcmr-neld Township Between AVencle 
C ii r i s t o p h c r T r u Ij e e .